And you thought she was difficult as a figment...
Feline Fever

The next day, BT and Al were visiting (they only really go home anymore when they wanna sleep or eat something decent), Al was taking a bath and singing loudly.
A lone bubble escaped the tub and floated down to BT. Unfortunately said bubble had a bit of Al's power trapped in it, as Al had created the bath with her ability to mess with reality.
BT, not thinking, popped the bubble. Now you might be thinking Al is a pervert taking a bath with the door open, but she did, in fact, have all her clothes on. (Even her shoes!)
BT poked at the bubble and a loud explosion followed.
"HOLY FOOPERS!" cried Al, leaping out of the tub. She slid on the steps, ran over Micky, got Davy all soapy and the three of them fell in a soapy bruised mess on the bottom of the steps.

"Mew." said BT.
"Wow, ain't BT usually a lil bigger?" asked Mike.
"Yeh, and she usually dun talk cat," said Al.
"Oooh pretty kitty!" said Peter. He had walked in just as BT turned entirely into a cat, right before Mike and Al and Davy and Micky's eyes.
"Peter.. that's BT!" said Davy.
"Nah, she's a person not a cat!" said Peter, picking up the fuzzy lil kitty and scratching her between the ears. BT began to purr happily and batted lightly at Peter's hand.
"Awwwwww, what a nice kitty!!" Peter said happily. Everybody rolled their eyes.

"You can turn her back now, Al," Davy said.
"Umm....nope...nope I can't," Al said.
"Ack, why not?"
"I dunno!!! I just can't!"
Suddenly, BT jumped out of Peter's grasp & went over & banged her head against Micky's leg.
"MAN, even when she's a cat she's like this!!!" Micky said, and brushed her out of the way with his foot. BT quickly scratched him. "YOWCH!!"
Peter picked BT up & scolded her. "Don't do that!"
"Mrrrowwwwrrr!" she said emphatically.
"Uh-uh. Uh-uh," Al said.
"What'd she say, what'd she say?" Davy wanted to know.
"I don't know, but knowing her it can't have been anything reasonable," Al replied.
Al took BT who though wasn't especially affectionate, wasn't mean. She just held her. Everyone looked at them.

"Well I dunno what to do! I didn't do it and I can't turn her back!" said Al. BT didn't seem to mind.
As BT looked hungry, Al popped her a sandwich of her favorite kind. Except BT batted all the other stuff out and just ate the fish. Al rolled her eyes.
Davy took Al in his arms. "No Davy, I'm not a cat." said Al.
"Oh, yeh." said Davy, dropping Al.
"OUCH. Don't do that!" Al grimaced.
BT, who was finished her sandwich, jumped up onto Davy's head. Davy, being near Micky, was the perfect perch for BT the cat.

"Mreow!" said BT at Micky. Micky tried to back away but BT nonchalantly grabbed some of Micky's hair in her claws and wouldn't let go.
"YEOWCH!" Micky shouted and ran off. He had a cat attached to his hair.
BT finally fell off, managing to rip off a small chunk of hair.
"OWOWOWOWOWW!" Micky cried and receded up stairs. Unfortunately the steps were still soap and he landed on his back.
BT went over to him, walked onto his chest, circled around 4 or 5 times and promtply fell asleep.
Micky stared at the cat on him & looked as if he might do one of the freaky screaming 40,000 words at unprecedented speed bits.
"SSHHHHH, Micky, dun say anything!!" Al warned him.
Micky looked at Al helplessly, & made the most distressed face.
"WhatdoIdooooooooo?!" he whispered loudly & frantically.
"Just stay there," Al said. "Peter, try & .... Peter?" But Peter had gone off to somewhere else that nobody knew where he was.

"Sigh," Mike said out loud. "Cats sleep for 48 hours every day, this could take years," he complained.
BT opened one eye & glared at Micky irritably, then whacked him in the nose with her tail & curled it up around her.
Micky wrinkled his nose a lot, as that tickled, & finally stood up, boofing BT off of him.
BT hissed, & stuck her tail straight up in the air & poofed it out.

"Uh-oh," Peter said solemnly. "You've angered her."
"Where were you?!" Davy said.
"Where was I? I was right here."
"You were not!!"
"Oh...I wasn't? Oops."
"Oops indeed," Davy muttered.
Micky froze, totally motionless, & kept glancing at Al for help.
"Don't look at me - you angered her, she's YOUR problem," Al said.
Since she was awake, irritable BT did the thing that irritable BT always did.... Attach herself to Micky's leg. Except this time she had CLAWS.
Micky froze, and then a look of pain came over his face.
"YEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he screeched at the top of his lungs, kicking out. BT went flying, but not without shredding his pants to pieces.
"MREOW!" she shrieked and launched herself at Micky's face, but Al stepped in the way with a cat carrier, thus locking her in.

BT hissed and tried scratching Al, but Al had anticipated it and made only teeny weeny little holes just enough so BT could breathe and not enough for her to get a good paw length out.
BT glared angrily through the cage.
"Fine, well, you do that and I'll have you turn into a fly!" said Al, making faces back at the cat.
BT's face crossed into horror for a sec, and then into a sulky sorta cat face, and she dropped out of sight.
"Good BT." said Al.
"Hey, I thought you said you couldn't understand her!" said Mike.
"I lied." said Al, grinning.
Davy smacked her upside the head.
"OWERRHE, my hair, you muffed it!" said Al.

Micky sighed. He was bandaging his badly injured leg
. "Hey, it's just a few scratches, Micky." Peter said.
Davy walked over to the carrier. He peered inside (at a careful distance of course). BT was sound asleep, or at least it seemed.
He told the others. Quietly they went upstairs, after mopping up the soap. Entering the bedroom upstairs they shut the door.
"What we gonna do?!" asked Davy. "We can't have a deranged cat around! We can't have ANY pets! 'Specially if she has something out for Micky."
"Well, she doesn't mean it. I mean, how would you be if you just got turned into a cat by popping a bubble? She said she popped a bubble and that's when she turned into a cat." said Al.
"Yeh, well, my LEEEGGG!" whined Micky.
"Man, your leg isn't the half of it. If she stays this way you're really in for it. Us too!" Mike said.
Micky shuddered.

Al sighed. "Lucky she hasn't thought to pop out yet." said Al.
"Oh yeh... I'd hate to have HER in my mind!" Peter said.
"Man, you're mind is so empty it wouldn't matter!" said Davy.
"Hey!" Peter protested. "I don't look as dumb as I am!!"
Everyone thought about that last statement for a minute, & then gave up.
"What?" Peter said.
"Nothin'," Mike said, patting him on the shoulder.
Suddenly, a terrible grating noise came from downstairs.
Al opened the door, & glanced down over the balcony, to see BT scratching up the doorframe.
"BT YOU STOP THAT RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!" she shouted. "How did you get out of the carrier anyway?!"
BT darted under the couch & hid. "Myiiaaaoorwrrrrrrr!!"

Then the doorbell rang. By this time everybody was downstairs. Al quickly fixed the doorframe, & hissed, " have to stay right where you are, or we are in MAJOR trouble, and you can never ever ever ever see Micky again, so don't move." Then she ran upstairs & hid as Mike opened the door.
"Hel-lo, Mr. Babbit!! How are you?" he said cheerfully.
"Don't you how are you me!" Babbit said threateningly.
"What in the world does that mean?" Peter wondered.
"Where is it? I know it's in here somewhere," the irritating and ill-timed landlord barked, & started looking under pillows.
"Where's what?" Mike said innocently.
"The guinea pig. I KNOW you have one in here, don't you think you can get it past me!!!"
Mike looked totally and utterly confused. "What makes you think we have a guinea pig?!"
"What makes you think you can make me think you DON'T?! I'll catch you eventually," said Mr. Babbit, & he stalked out of the Pad.

"Wasn't that dumb?" Mike said, shutting the door.
"Yeah...that's probably the dumbest thing that ever happened," Peter said. "I don't think I can think of anything dumber."
"Where's BT?" Micky said cautiously, & started down the stairs.
Micky rushed back up the stairs two at a time, & slammed the bedroom door.
BT cried out soulfully and trotted up after Micky and scratched on the door.
"Hello?" said Micky, opening the door a crack. "YEEK!" he said an slammed it quickly.

"No, Peter, I think that's the dumbest thing I've ever seen." said Mike.
Davy sighed and sat down in a chair.
"BT? Where did that naughty cat go?" asked Peter.
Al & Mike pointed upstairs, to where BT was sitting in front of the bedroom door, swishing her tail back & forth patiently. After a bit, she stuck her paws under the door & started clawing at the inside.
"STOP IT!!" Micky shrieked terrifiedly (don't you love how we add -ly onto the end of words that end in -ed? Oh yeah).
Peter went upstairs & picked BT up. "He's right you know. You should stop that."
BT stared at Peter, quite plainly saying, "I'm SOOOOO much better than you, it's not even funny." Peter got annoyed & dropped her.

Suddenly, Davy felt evil. "Hey Mick!! You can come out now!" he cried, & then dove behind the sofa. Micky opened the door & stepped out, smiling with relief...until BT attached herself to his leg again. " CAT....nooooooo," he wailed, & fell over, clawing at the cat on his leg in agony.
Davy giggled, & wondered why he'd done that. Then he popped up & looked at Micky. He knew when he saw the ridiculous look on the silly drummer's face, & he started giggling. Mike tried to look stern, but he thought it was hilarious too, & pretty soon everyone but Al & Peter (but that is only Mike & Davy!) was giggling insanely.
"Well I didn't say it was safe..." Davy giggled.
"He's right you know!" Peter said.
"Oh.. you're evil!" said Micky, chucked BT off his leg again and stalked back into the room, locking the door behind him.
"Ye,h that was rotten, but EHEHEHE," said Al. She had caught BT and was petting her unconsciously.

"Lalalala LEMON!" said Al. "Wha.. why did you just say that?" asked Davy.
"Oh, I dunno... sporadic call I spose." said Al, blushing.
Davy was twinkling at her. "SHEEESH knock it off! You haven't done it for a while so don't start now!" said Al.
BT batted Al in the face. "WHAT!?" said Al.
"Meeeooowww," said BT.
"UGH! BT we don't HAVE a litterbox!" said Al. She was grossed out. Hurriedly she opened the door and chucked BT out. After a suitable time, BT clawed on the door and walked in. However, she was unaccustomed to digging in the dirt and was filthy.

"Ew, you need a bath!" said Peter, grabbing up BT before she could run away. She uttered a small "Mrrrr!" and Peter took her into the bathroom. All they heard was much angry meowing, hissing, Peter coaxing, pleading, yelling OUCH, eventually a SPLASH and then a loud BANG. Peter walked out of the bathroom quite dishevelled, and BT soon followed as herself, completely soapy and wet. She lunged for Peter, slipped got Peter all soapy and the two of the ricocheted down the stairs.

"WOW! I shoulda thought of that before! If the bubble turned you INTO a cat.. hmmm," said Al.
BT huffed angrily, stuck out her tongue at everyone laughing at her and popped off angrily.

Next Issue: Davy thinks he's a girl and develops a mad crush on Micky, much to BT's dismay.

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