Blood Donors Can Change Your Life!
Or your mind.

One day Davy was running around the pad like an imbecile (we ain't used that word yet have we?) and Sassip was running around in circles in the middle of the pad because Davy told her not to follow lest she knock over things and break them.
Al got in his way and she fell on him.
"Ey! How come I didn't fall on YOU!? I was running! Not you!" said Davy.
"I dunno." said Al, rubbing off her arm. "Oh ouch you cut me you imbecile!"
"They already used that word! And I cut me too!" said Davy.
"Oh ick blood is everywhere!" said BT walking in.
"Hey isn't this supposed to be a FAMILY story?" asked Mike.
"Right right well we got big boo-boos and they are all bloody and gory and into each other." said Al.
"WHAT!?" said MT.
"Uh, we got big boo-boos." said Al.
"Gah I got Al blood in me!" said Davy trying to rub it off.
"So what!? I got Davy blood! I'll be short!" said Al.
"You already ARE short!" said Davy, towering over her.
"Oh, right. King of the Midgets." said Al absent-mindedly.
"Well, we'd better clean up this mess huh?" said Peter. He bumped into Davy by accident and Davy disappeared.

"WHAT!? WHERE DID HE GO?!" shrieked Micky who was too apalled by the content of blood and gore in the story thus far to speak yet.
Peter staggered a bit and fell over.
BT caught him and then realized she couldn't hold him and fell over with him on top.
"See, now if that was me it'd be ME on the bottom regardless of whether I caught him or not because..." started Davy.
"BE QUIET!" said everyone.
"Where's Davy and what's up with Peter?" Mike asked.
"I dunno." said Al, shrugging.
Just then, Davy poofed back in, and looked a little weird. "How.. did I get in there!?" he said oddly.
"Huh, what's up babe?" said Micky.
"I dunno, I was sitting here cleaning up the blood and then Peter bumped into me and the next thing I know I'm standing up to my waist in birdseed and pistachio nuts!"
"OMIGOSH!" shrieked Al.
"WHAT!?" shrieked everyone.
"Davy... try making a milkwaterfall."
"Cause.. no wait you already can do... try making um.. try making a moo cow!"
Davy poofed up a moo cow.

Al nodded happily. "I KNEW IT!"
Davy looked at her oddly.
Suddenly BT looked as if she had a brain. "OMIGOSH NO NO AL NO!" she said panickedly.
"Oh yes!" said Al, then frowned.
"OMIGOSH HE'S GONNA KILL YOU!" said BT snickering.
"Well its not MY fault! Who's the boofer who was running around the pad like an imbecile!?"
"Well you see you are a figment cause you got some of Al's blood and it was like and then and you and then Peter bumped you and you went into his mind and hhahaa" said BT.
Davy looked like he was about to be sick, and Al looked rather thoughtful.
"That's a first," BT snickered.
"What is?" said Mike, looking up.
"Why were you looking down?...oh well, I meant Al looking thoughtful," BT snickered again. Nobody understood her because she was a weird foopy boofer.
"So Davy is a PETER FIGMENT?!" Micky said incredulously.
"For a foopy boofer, you sure say a lot of stuff incredulously," said Davy irritably.
"I'M not the foopy boofer, SHE'S the foopy boofer," Micky said pointing at BT, who made a terrible face.
"Yup," Al said, and looked thoughtful again.
"Don't fall into Deep Thought again," Peter warned her.
"I know," Al snapped.
" I'!" Davy suddenly got really panicky. "I can't be an Al figment this isn't I mean a Peter figment, I mean, OH just think what would've happened had I bumped into BT, or Micky or Peter or oh wait I did bump into Peter but I mean but HOW?! HOWWW??!!!" Davy said, ending this very Micky-reminiscent freakout in uncontrollable giggles.

"Well, I better go water the spark plug from #33," Mike said, exiting. Everyone looked after him strangely for a bit, & then went back to what they were doing.
"Hey where's MT?" Peter said suddenly.
"SSSSHHHHHHHHHHH he's sleeping in your MIND," BT hissed. "Don't wake him UP."
"'Ey, if I'm Peter's come, uh, come...oh, darn, I forgot the question," Davy said.
"Isn't that DUMB?" Micky remarked.
"OH!" cried BT as if she'd suddenly remembered something, & affixed herself to Micky's right leg.
"Haven't done that since a few stories back," she explained. Micky rolled his eyes.
"OH I remembered!" exclaimed Davy. "Does that mean..."
"YES?!" cried Al & BT.
BT looked absolutely disgusted & punched him in the nose.
"DON'T do that," Al reprimanded her. "Yesss you can make pound cake whenever you want it."
Davy looked pleased and began poofing up several plates of pound cake. Al looked at him funnily.
"Only make as much as you can EAT!" she said.
Davy looked at her as if to say "Stupid imbecile" and crammed about 6 caked into his mouth at once.

Al sighed and walked over to Peter.
"Hmm, this won't do," she said.
"Why not?" asked Peter. He was on his back and looked around weirdly.
"Because, you have too MANY figments now! It's like when Micky had BT. Bad bad bad!" Al said.
Peter got up and staggered around and then ended up sitting down heavily.
"Yeh, I guess I don't feel so great!" said Peter, promptly laying down and going to sleep.
"Awwww he's SOOO cute!" said BT getting off Micky leg and moving toward Peter.
"HA! ESCAPE!" shouted Micky and ran off before BT realized. "Oh well. I have Peter poor Peter!' she said sulkily.
"Well I dunno.. Davy's using up an awful lot of power!" said Al, watching him cram down about 20 cakes in the last 5 minutes.

BT looked apalled and even Micky looked a bit sick.
"Oh dear!" shouted BT. "Davy's gone fooped up too!"
"Wow that was actually smart!" said Micky.
BT sneered at him.
"Don't be all sarcastic at MEEE" she shrieked. Micky hid.
"Well I like being all sarcastic at yooouuu," he said smally from behind the fridge.
BT would have huffed over to the fridge and pulled him out by the leg but Peter was sleeping and she wanted to watch him.
"Why?" said Davy, with about 2 cakes in his mouth.
BT shot him a look that said "Don't talk, cake face!" and went on looking at Peter.
Davy shrugged and poofed up 20 more cakes. Al made them disappear. Davy poofed more up. Al made them disappear.
"DAVY! Stop it!" said Al.
"MMMBBBFF!!" said Davy cramming 5 into his mouth before Al could move.

"Oh dear what are we going to do!?" said Micky.
"We gotta turn him back into a regular person! We need a blood donor!" said Al.
Mike, and Micky looked scared and backed away.
"Ah come on! If you don't, we can't use Peter and....... well he's going to kill Peter or something! I mean with all that cake he's scoffing he's certainly not going to fit in Peter's mind.. small enough as it is...
Micky and Mike looked at her weirdly as their pad was about 20 times bigger than the Monkees'.
"Well you should see some of the OTHER figments' pads!" whined BT.
Micky and Mike looked at BT oddly. "WHAT other figments!?" they said.
"Uh, well, that's for another story!" she snapped.
Micky and Mike were annoyed and gave up.
"Hey, um... " said Al, just as MT poofed in.

"AHAHA we can use HIM as a blood donor!" said Al.
MT looked at her oddly.
"STOP LOOKING AT PEOPLE ODDLY!" shouted Davy, scoffing more cake at the speed of figmental powers.
MT looked at Al slightly bemusedly.
"AAAALLLL!!! What are you talking about?! Mommy?!" he said confusedly.
"AND USE PROPER ENGLISH!" shouted Davy between cakes.
Al the author sniffed. "I dun wanna!" said she.
"MMBBRHRTTT!" said Davy and ignored it.
"MOMMMMMYY!!! What's blood!?" said MT stupidly.
"You know honey." said BT.
"Honey? Its honey? Why don't they just call it honey instead of blood?" said MT.
"NO. I was calling YOU Honey."
"I'm honey and blood is honey so I am honey?" said MT.
"No, MT, you are MT, honey is sweet sticky stuff bees make and blood is red stuff that is inside people. Why don't you know this?" asked Al.
MT looked guilty. "I was joking.." he giggled shyly.
"Oh dear." said Al.
"But why do I have to give my blood?!" he said.
"Uh, cause Davy's a figment like me and BT."
"Can I be a figment I wanna be a figment like Mommmmyyy," he whimpered.
"NO! Peter has enough figments. Davy is too much and he's teeny weeny."

"NO NO NO!" said BT.
"What!?" said MT and Al.
"No you can't use him he's MINE!" said BT.
"Well you really hate him though." said Micky.
"BLECK!" said everyone but MT.
"Watch him become like Davy somehow!!" said BT angrily.
"Nah, we'll make sure its intravenous." said Al.
"Well.. you'll hurt him!" said BT.
"Nah, it'll just be about a cup of blood, nothing big or major." said Mike.
"How did you know THAT?!" said Al.
"I guessed ehe." said Mike.
"Mommy mommy can I do the cup thing so Davy gets all happy well goodness?!" MT said hopping up and down eagerly.
BT patted him on his cute dumb little head & rolled her eyes. "Nnoooo because Davy is a big dumb cake face fooper."
"But what about Peter? You wanna help him don't you Mommy?" MT said innocently.
BT turned a shade of pink that did not remotely go with her hair & mumbled, "'Kay go 'head."

And so they did...but something went HORRIBLY wrong & MT gained Davy & Peter for figments. But then that got fixed and now Peter has Al & BT and no one else figments and MT has no figments and Davy isn't allowed any pound cake for a month and BT is off Micky for a little tiny while. The End.

Next Issue: Sassip turns into a princess by some weird accident.

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