Happy fishies swimmy swimmy tralalala
Can We Keep Her?!

Yet another day, Davy and Mike tra-la-la-ed down to the beach and decided to catch some fish for dinner. They set up the rod and waited half the day.
Eventually BT and Al and Peter and Micky came out to see what they were up to.
"Wow, looks like you got something!" said Micky.
"Oh yeh! Finally!" said Davy.
"Ah, hmm, its BIG!" said Mike, tugging hard.
"C'mon Mike! Pull that sucker in!" said Davy.
"I AM!"
They both began struggling with the rod.
"Don't lose it! I'm starved!" said Micky, helping too.
"Man, you're always starved!" said Peter, chipping in a bit.
Al and BT shrugged and pitched in too.

They had just about reeled in the catch when MT came sauntering out of the pad.
"MOOOMMMYYY!!!' he called and ran over and attached himself to her leg.
"OW NO MT GET ORFF!" BT screeched angrily and toppled over.
This threw everyone off and Al went flying backwards.
Davy got hooked with the line and was flung out to sea somehow.
"YARGH!" he shrieked, then landed on something in the middle of the water.
"What the..." said everyone.
"Ah, saved by this giant squishy rock.." said Davy.
BT looked disgusted. "DAY-vee. That's not a rock."
"It's not???" said everyone in shock.
"No! It's quite plainly a hamburger."
"WHAT?" said everyone in Unison.
"Ooh, Unison, heheehe," said BT. "Oops did I say hamburger? I didn't mean hamburger, I meant...uh..."
"MOMMYYYYYYYY," cried MT & hugged her. She whimpered & cowered on the ground & dug in the sand & hid.

"It's a big squishy rock, heehee, you can jump on it!!" Davy said sillily, and did so. But then he fell off in the water, 'cause it moved & raised its head.
"OOOO itsaseamonster," said Peter scaredly.
"Awwww, isn't it cute!!" said BT. Everyone looked at her funny except for MT who looked at her adoringly.
"No," said Mike emphatically.
"Can I keep it, Al, please can I can I?" Davy said, & sat on the sea monster's head.
"Where're we gonna PUT the thing?" said Mike.
"Welllllll, there's an ocean in the menagerie in Peter's mind," said Al.
"But there's SHARKS in it!!" BT said & hid behind Micky, who threw sand on her until she went away.
"We can move the sharks," Al said irritably.
"OOOOO I get to keep the seeeea monster I get to keep the seeeea monster," said Davy until everyone threw sand on him, and he stopped.
"Hey, I caught it too," Mike grumbled.
"Ooh, yeah, that's right!" Davy said, & helped Mike up onto the sea monster's head. Then they hopped around in circles changing "We get to keep the seeeea monster we get to" etc until Al dropped a piano on their heads and they stopped.
"Oo, heehee," said BT & dropped a piano on MT but he/she/it wasn't fazed. BT whispered something to MT, & it instantly ran over and clung to Micky.
"MICKYYYY I loooooove yooou!!! Give us a kiss," said MT.
"NNOOOOOOOOOO," said Micky revoltedly & shoved him off.
"That is QUITE enough of THAT," said Al, putting MT, Micky & BT all in separate cages.
"Mine has air conditioning, does yours have air conditioning?" said BT.
"WHO CARES?! Let's put the sea monster in the ocean thingie," said Davy.

To make a long story short...they did.

"Happy sea monster go swimmy swimmy," said Micky dreamily.
"WHAT?!" said everyone.
"Uuhhhhhhhhh I dunno," said Micky & poofed out of his cage, since they were in Peter's mind & he could. BT did so as well & stared at the sea monster inquisitively. MT just sort of flopped around since he/she/whatever didn't know how to poof around & such.
"Wwwaaaaahhhh, Mommy let me out!" MT whinged.
"No. You're a bad boy & you have to stay there," said BT, putting an extra lock on the cage.
"Let him out!" said Al, & poofed the cage away.
"Thank you Grandma!!" MT said & happily clung away on BT...and then, remembering he liked Micky too, clung to BT's leg with his ankles & Micky's with his arms.
"GRANDMA?!" Al said incredulously, & considered putting him back in the cage, but that was more of a BT thing so she didn't.

"Can we name the sea monster?" said Davy hopping up and down cutely.
"Stop being cutely," said Peter.
"Okay," said Davy agreeably.
"NO!" said Al, slapping Peter lightly.
"But its annoooyyyiinnngg!!" Peter whined cutely.
"HA! SEE! You did it too!" said Davy with a satisfied grin.
"Oh.. I guess you can't help it then." said Peter and pouted, poofing out.
"ANYWAY,..." said Al but MT had begun clinging on her too.
"GRAANNDDDMMAAA!" he said and stared at her.
"Call me Al you boofer and get off and go cling on BT your Mommy!" Al said.
"Aaaallllll??" said MT, rolling the word around as if he'd never heard it before in his life.
"Yes! Al! I am Al. No more Grandma. I'm only 20 you know!" said Al, shaking him off.
"I AM BT!" said MT and began clinging to Micky.
"BT! What did you tell him now!?" said Al.
BT shrugged but then realized what he was doing and knocked him off. "NO! MINE!" said BT.
Micky poofed himself bac into the cage.
"YEESH!" he said.

Meanwhile, Davy and Mike were fighting over names.
"I like Tulip!" said Davy.
"No, Sassafrass!" said Mike.
"TULIP!" said Davy.
"Sassip." said Al.
"Oooh.." said Mike and Davy.
"Good, its called Sassip. And. We go now!" she said, poofing them all back to the pad where Mr. Babbit was shaking Peter hard and yelling at him.

"WAKE UP YOU MISCREANT AND.. OOOH.. where did you all come from!?" he shouted.
"We, uh, we uh were like uh having a party and we just all uh came in here....really fast," Mike said quickly.
Babbit frowned & looked as if he might be thinking (*GASP* can it be??). "Who are these three, and why does HE look just like you?" he said to Micky, indicating Al BT, & MT.
"Uhh...this is Al-" Davy started.
"Alllllexandra," Micky finished hastily.
"And this is Micky's twin, we call him Micky Two, MT for short," Davy explained.
"HI! Do you sell popsicles?" said MT cheerfully. Luckily, he was ignored.
"And I'm...uh... Micky's girlfriend," BT said on a whim.
"WHAT?! I'm n-" Micky shouted, but received a sharp kick in the shins from Mike, who laughed nervously.
"Oh...well...do you know you haven't paid the rent in seven months?" Babbit yelled.
"Yes, now can you run along? We have some important business to attend to," Davy said, shoving Babbit out the door, but he walked right back in.

"Hey mister man?" BT said, walking up to him & poking him.
"BT," said Al warningly.
"Can you please go awaaaaay?" BT whinged at Babbit, & jumped into Micky's arms. He made the Worst face but quickly changed it into a nervous glance he shot Babbit's way.
"BT..." Al said in the tone that meant "I'll lock you in the room you haven't figured how to get out of & you'll never see Micky again, & I'll put MT in it with you".
"Uhhh, Al," Peter said, tugging on her shirt sleeve.
"Not now, Peter...BT DOWN NOW!"
"But Allllll!" Peter said frantically.
"WHAT?!" Al shouted in exasperation, & turned around. There was Sassip.
"OH!! Uhhh listen, Mr. Babbit," Micky said dropping BT on the floor hastily,"you gotta leave NOW, but uh uh we'll find the rent or something & uhhh we'll just um seeya and BYE go away NOW please, ahaha."
"Whaaaa?" said BT, & tried to poof Sassip out. "Al...it won't go away..."
"I KNOW THAT!!" shouted Al.

"I demand to know what is going on here!! What is that...that...THING?!" said Babbit incredulously, waving a hand at Sassip.
"It's Micky's girlfriend," Mike said, because he could, & walked off to the corner in a fit of hilarious laughter.
Al shrugged. She looked at Sassip in a way that meant "if you don't go back to Peter's mind RIGHT now I'll lock you in a meat room with all your fun little friends."
Sassip got the hint but didn't take it. She sidled up to Davy and licked him.
"Ehehehe I like her!" he said.
Babbit just stared at her. Sassip reared up to full height and looked down at Babbit.
"LOOK!" said Al. "You make these poor boys pay rent and there is vermin about!"
Babbit looked scared. "I'm getting help! If that thing is yours you can kiss it goodbye!"
He took one last look at Sassip and made a beeline for the authorities.

"Uh oh guys, Sassip's in trouble now!" said Al.
Davy was still being licked and was giggling sillily. "Oh eh?" he said. "Come on! Why won't she go back into Peter's mind!??!" asked BT. MT was licking her. "NO NO NO EUGH!" she said shoving him away. "You are NOT a Sassip!"
MT looked hurt and went to lick Al. Al sighed and let him even though it was really really gross. "Don't do that okay MT honey dear kid Micky thing?" asked Al politely. MT looked confused and just hugged Al to death.
"OOGH.. BT get him ORFF!" said Al but BT was giggling silently and stayed away from his line of vision.
"Anyway..." Al gasped. "We have to find.. urgh.. a way to.. um... get ughghg Sassip back home!"
Micky ran over to Davy. "Stop playing with her man! We gotta get her OUT not give her reasons to STAY!"
Davy shrugged but he woved his wittle Sassip.
"Eww man that's gross!" Peter said making a face.
"Quiet you." said Davy and began petting Sassip again. Mike had since recovered and sighed. "Davy man, you and that sea creature! Really!"
"Well, she's like a big horse!" said Davy, patting her fondly.
"Riiighhhtt babe..." said Micky, trying to drag Davy away.
"Wild seamonsters couldn't drag him away!" announced Peter to no one in particular.
"Yeh, okay, well anyway...." said Al.
"DAVY STOP PLAYING WITH.. wait.. Davy! Poof into Peter's mind will ya?" said Al.
Davy did so and Sassip, after realizing he was gone, followed.

"Ahh, so there's the catch!" said BT, shoving MT orff her and trying to lunge for Micky.
He stepped to the side, all unknowing, & BT lodged herself in the ground. Micky pointed and laughed.
"Heehee, BT is stuck & did a dumb thing, heehee."
MT looked mad & hit Micky with a stick. "YOU BE NICE TO MY MOMMY!!!" He then proceeded to pull BT out of the ground. "Are you okay Mommy?"
"Yes I'm fine thank you and pleeeeease please please call me BT and not Mommy?"
"Okay, lady!" said MT agreeably.
"No no, call me BT."
"Okay, lady, I love you b'bye!" said MT & looked at Micky unsurely. "I don't know if I like you anymore. You hit my mommy."
"YES THAT'S THE SPIRIT KIDDO!!" BT shouted happily.
"BUT I STILL THINK YOU'RE CUUUUUUTE," MT said & clung to Micky's leg.
Micky & BT groaned, the latter poofing out to find Davy & Sassip. She did. They were in the ocean in the menagerie with Al & Mike & Peter.

"Man, what is UP with you?!" she asked Davy incredulously.
"Okay, pretend you're me," said Davy.
"No thank yooouu, you're a GUY," BT said & wrinkled her silly lil nose.
"No no pretend you're me...and Micky is Sassip. Does that make sense?" "Uh-uh," said BT & crawled into Peter's lap to sit.
"G'off me."
"Hey, can she pull waterskis?" Mike asked suddenly.
"OO yeah let's waterski!!" said Al.
"I don't wanna water ski, I just wanted to know if she COULD," Mike said painfully.
"Oh...well I want to anyway!!" said Al, & poofed up an attachment thingie for Sassip & went skiing around.
"Davy I'm confuuuuused how are you & Sassip like me and Mickyyyy?" BT whinged and crawled into Davy's lap to sit.
"Welll you like Micky insanely like a moron child person thing," said Davy.
"Yesss but Sassip LIKES yooouuuuuu."
"Oh..well...pretend that...hmm. Never mind," said Davy, & sat on Sassip's head while she waterskiied Al around.
"I WANNA BE A FISH NOW," Peter announced & made himself a fish & swam around. BT & Mike sat and watched the silly people in the water.

"I wonder where Micky is," said BT.
"I don't," said Mike.
"Well then I wonder where MT is," said BT.
"No you don't."
"You're right, I don't."
"Hhmmmmm. I wonder when they'll stop," said BT.
"You should be nicer to MT," said Mike.
"OOHH I DON'T LIKE YOU ANYMORE," BT shrieked in Mike's ear & stalked off to find Micky.
Mike poofed into fishing gear & caught Peter fish & Sassip.
"Don't do that!" they both said, giggled, and swam off.
"Hey, Sassip can talk!" said Mike.
"Course she can!" said Al, smiling broadly.
"Hey, what do you think they'll do to Peter's body when Babbit comes back?" asked Micky.
"MICKY!" shouted BT.
"Oh cripes!" said Micky and disappeared again. BT was surprised, and poofed out.

"WHERE IS HE!? HE'S NOT HERE HE'S NOT OUT THERE!" she whined. "OH! There he is!" she said.
"OOHHH NOOO!" shouted BT running the opposite way.
"Aw, come here!' said Al, cause she had gotten out of the water.
Al shot an evil glance at BT and hugged MT.
MT proceeded to smoosh her.
"Wow, easy there kiddo.. oof.." said Al.
"YES OOF get off please.. ERGH.. thank you!" said Al.
Mike looked evilly at BT who was hiding behind him. "See? You hurt his feelings!" he said, punching her hard.
"OUCH! Snot my fault he's screwed up!" said BT.
"Look, if you're going to bring a life into the world you should be..."
"HEY! I didn't! He's not ALIVE! He's a ROBOT!" said BT.
"Ha, just for that I'm making him real.. well, in the next story.." grinned Al evilly.

"Oh, will you Aaaaalllll?" said MT. "No, MT, call me Al, not Aaaaalll." said Al.
"Okay Aaaaalllll!" said MT.
"Al you WOULDN'T!" said BT eyeing her evilly.
"Well I am so there!" said Al.
"MMMIICKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY," screeched BT so loudly he could hear her from outside Peter's mind.
"WHAT?!" he shouted, poofing in.
"Mickyyyyyyy Al is gonna make MT REAL!!" BT cried.
Micky looked pale. "You are kidding."
"NOOOOO," BT wailed.
"YOU ARE KIDDING," Micky yelled & shook BT & then threw her.
"Wwwaaaaaaahhhhh he threw meeee!!" cried BT.
"Ohhh, GEEZ," Micky sighed.
"You hurt Mommy?!" MT said confusedly.
"Yes...no...uh, I uh, I didn't, uh..."
"Yes he hurt Mommy!!" BT sniffed.
MT gasped. "You're a BAD MAN!" he said & tried to hit Micky but Al held him back.
"Now now kiddo...Mommy was being an obnoxious whiny little brat, and Micky doesn't like her very much at all, nor does anyone in fact, of course no-one likes Micky either, but that's okay because he's a brat too. They're both brats so it's all okay and you don't need to hit anyone," she explained patiently.
"Oh... C'n I have some pudding?" said MT.
"You bet," Al said & poofed up a big bowl of chocolate pudding.

Meanwhile, BT was trying to kill Micky by hitting him, which didn't work very well she since was a little girl, and Davy was doing silly water play things with Sassip, & Peter was trying to make a rainbow colored popsicle, and Mike was looking at his watch.
"Guys! We have a gig in an hour."
"GOOD! MIKE, GET HER OFF MEEE," Micky yelled.
Mike ignored him. "Davy, you better stop, or Sassip isn't gonna let you leave."
"Huh?" said Davy.
"Man, didn't you hear what I just said?"
Davy thought for a minute. "No."
"Oh, sorry," said BT, & punched Micky quietly.
"Don't bang him up *too* bad, he has to play tonight. Peter?" Mike said, waving a hand in front of his face.
"Oops, I think he fell into Deep Thought," Al said, & snapped him out of it.
"Oh, thanks," said Peter, grinning.

Al thought a bit.
"I know. MT, do you wanna maybe look like Davy for a while?" asked Al.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted MT and threw a fit on the floor.
"You can play with Sassip!" said Al coaxingly.
MT looked up. "OOH! I get to play with big fishy thing!?" he asked happily.
"Yes, and you'll only be Davy for a little while."
"But he's SHORT!"
"Tsk tsk now, only for a few hours!"
"Ooookkaayyy! I can waterski!"
"Yes yes..." said Al, changing him to look like Davy. Davy freaked.
"Ha!" said Micky.
"Well, we'd better go!" said Mike, poofing out.
Sassip was fooled long enough for them to play their gig and come home, and pay Babbit and make him realize how "wrong" he was.
"Well, I've talked to Sassip and I think she'll stay here for now on." said Al.
"Yep," said Sassip, licking Davy.
"Oh, ey girl! I'll come visit you lots!" promised Davy, patting her fondly on the neck.
"And now, we must go prepare for our next story!" said Al.
"What are we gonna write about tomorrow night?" asked BT.
"The same thing we write about every night! Al and BT you boofer sheesh we do it every night and you would think you'd remember...." said Al rambling off into a fade as the story has ended!

Next Issue: Al makes MT a "REAL boy!" Yay!
Whaddaya mean, YAY?! BT & Micky are VERY dismayed about the whole thing...

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