'Ey mister can we 'ave our ball back?
Micky Beside Himself

One day BT decided to make a robot that looked, sounded and acted like Micky (we do get right to the point don't we?).
Anyway, she had perfected him and she even made him feel real except that his hair was slightly weird. But that didn't phase her. She did this in her secret playroom where Al really knew where it was but was too scared to lay a foot.
Al was eating some cereal when in came BT with her Micky robot. She had switched him on.
"Hey, Al, look, Micky likes me!" she said grinning from ear to ear.
Al dropped her fork and dove for the robot. "NOMICKYYOUDUNNOWHATYOUAREGETTINGYOURSELFINTO!"
BT snickered and giggled in a cute silly manner.
"Silly Al!" she said dumbly.
Al helped the robot up and then felt his hair.

"Hey, this isn't Micky!" she said, staring oddly at BT. "Where did you get him?"
"I MADE him!" announced BT proudly.
"Ohhh no no no you can't keep him it'll be way too confusing! And I bet you screwed him up somehow.. I mean he's WAY too perfect for you. Even overlooking the hair...." said Al.
BT grinned evilly. "No he's mine! He even SOUNDS like Micky! Talk!"
Micky robot grinned stupidly and said, "Hi I'm BT."
"NO NO NO!" said BT kicking him in the shin.
"Don't do that." said the robot.
BT sneered. "No no no no no!" she said.
"Stop saying no." said the robot.
"WHAT?!" said BT.
"I said stop saying no." repeated the robot.
"WHAT!?" said BT.
"No.. oh dear. Never mind. How do I get out of this place!?" said the robot.
Al was laughing too hard. "B..blue p..p...portal BWAHAHA" she snickered.
BT turned bright red and made a face and popped out after the robot.

"Mickyyyy come back!" she cried.
"I am not Micky...I am BT you fooper," the robot said mechanically, & went to the kitchen & opened the cupboard, where Micky was curled up hiding.
"WHA???!!!!" he yelled. "You're MEEEEEEE," he said, & started freaking out inside the cupboard.
"I made a robot of you!!" BT announced proudly. "And he's a'spose'ta love me but it doesn't work properly," she said, walking up to the robot & kicking.
"Don't do that," it said, & grabbing Micky, removed him unceremoniously from the cupboard.
"I LOVE YOU MICKY," it said loudly & tried to cling on his leg.
"OMIGOSH, WHAT IN THE...GET IT OFF NOW BT!! HELP HELP MMIIIIIIIIIIKE" Micky shouted & flailed around. BT immediately clung to the robot's leg & pulled frantically, but the leg came off.
"Oops," she said, & poofed it back on. Then she made a weird face. "Hey, what am I thinking?" Just as Mike came in & started for the robot's leg, BT poofed the robot across the room, & Mike wound up pulling Micky's leg.
"Don't do that," Micky said & shook him off.
"Sorry, I thought you were ... hey..." Mike said.
"I made a clone of Micky..." BT started.
"And he's supposed to love her but it doesn't work," Micky finished. BT kicked him much as she had the robot. "Don't steal my dialogue."

Then the Micky robot came back in.
"I LOOOOOOVE YOU MICKY!" it announced loudly & BT poofed it out on the beach this time.
"Man, what'm I gonna do, it's gonna keep coming BACK!"
"Is it worse than meeeeeeeee Micky darling?" BT said & jumped up into his arms.
Micky shuddered. "I do NOT want to see, hear, touch, or be touched by you you fowl entity!" he said angrily.
BT giggled and played with the W. "You mean "foul" right?" said BT.
"Hey how did you.. ergh GET OFF!" shouted Micky and stormed upstairs to find Davy.
BT sulked and in came Micky but BT the robot.
"Hi where's Micky I want to cling!" said the robot happily.
"Um, that way." said Mike, still not getting used to the uncanny resemblence... except for the odd mop on top of its head.
Micky-but-BT the robot skipped upstairs and into the back bedroom. All they heard was loud Davy laughter and even louder Micky shrieking.
A whole mess of people and robot fell down the stairs.
"Man, if people don't stop falling on ME!" shouted Davy who was underneath, regardless of whether he was short or not.
Micky staggered up under the weight of the robot and poofed into Peter's mind.

Al looked up from her book "How to fix whacked out robots" and adjusted her glasses smartly.
"Hey you look smart!" said Davy who had poofed in shortly after Micky.
"I know." said Al and continued reading. Davy shrugged and made some sandwiches. Micky stood staring at Al helplessly.
"Okay okay.. hmmm." said Al. "BT..."
"Yes?" said the robot.
"NO, not you!" said Al.
"Yes?" said BT.
"What did you do to make this Micky robot thing?"
"Well, I had to teach it everything I knew about Micky." said BT.
"And to do that you did what?" coaxed Al.
"Well, I just gave it all my memories of Micky and stuff." said BT proudly for having thought up such an intricate thing as that.
"No, no no no, you see, you gave it your memories alright. You're memories of LIKING Micky." said Al matter-of-factly.
Micky groaned. "Now there's a Me twin that is really BT QARGHAHRHAGRAHGRAH!"
"Ooooh a Me that is Micky! He/she can love her own self!" said BT.
"Ewww.." said Al, Micky and Davy.
"Her her her her her," said Micky/BT clone thing.

"Uh, I don't think its aware that it is BT inside Micky..." said Davy, poking it with a poin-ted stick. "Oooh its squishy for a robot!" he said, giggling.
"Don't do that!" said the robot.
"I like it!" said BT, grinning.
"You would!" said Mike, who had just appeared.
BT grimaced. "Well, let's call it MT! Ehehehehehe!"
Everyone shrugged but no one dismissed the idea. BT ran around crazily clapping her hands. The Micky clone followed.
"Oh my gosh there are TWO BTS!" shouted everyone, panicking.
"I LOVE MICKY!" they both shouted, pounced for Micky, got in each other's way and fell over backwards.
"NONO MICKY IS MINE! You are your own Micky, MT!" said BT huffily.
MT looked at BT with an odd face. "No no I'm BT!" it shouted.
"NO NO NO NO YOU ARE NOT BT!!" BT shouted.
"She's right, you know," said Peter, who had popped up out of nowhere.
"PETER!!" Micky shouted & ran to hide behind him. Peter looked confused as always.
"Micky Micky...I mean Mike...I mean PETER! Yes, Peter tell this robot I made who looks like Micky but thinks it's me who I am!"
"Huh?" said Peter.
BT rolled her eyes & clung on Micky's leg.
"Get off," said the robot.
"OOH ACK CRAP YOU'RE THE ROBOT," BT said confusedly & went to cling on Micky again.
"Get off," he said.
"Oh, no you're the robot...hmmm," said BT & played with his hair. "Ooooppp no you're Micky!!" she said & hugged him tightly.
Mike reached out & pulled her off.
"Get off," he said.
"'Kay," said BT.

Micky the robot looked at BT oddly, shrugged, & tried to cling on Micky.
"Eeeekkk you are freaking me out, man, it's weird, 'cause you're MEE, and get offfff!!" Micky said shaking his leg frantically.
"I'll get rid of him..." BT said evilly.
"But you have to promise something," BT said evilly.
Micky thought for a minute & then looked very frightened. "Never mind..." he said, & shoved MT off him.
Al in the meantime had been trying to find a mirror, but couldn't.
"SHEESH Peter don't we have any mirrors around here?" she whinged.
"Poof one up, you boofer," Davy said simply.
"Oh," Al said, & did so. "Hey Micky...I mean MT, come here," she said. "Nuh-uh, I want Micky!!" MT said & pouted.
"Oohhhhhhhh isn't he CUUUUUUTE," BT said & tried to climb up in MT's lap.
"Uh-uh, you boofer, stop being ME," MT said & shoved her off.
"I'm confused, I can't tell who's who!!" said BT.
Al shoved the mirror in MT's face.
"OOH IT'S MICKY!!!!" MT shouted, grabbing the mirror & kissing it.
"Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww," said everyone (including BT).

Davy giggled.
"What?" said Mike.
"I d'know..." Davy said & kept giggling. "I want some pound cake!"
"Huh?" said Micky.
"I mean until MT goes away!! I mean, I don't know what I mean oh dear," BT said confusedly. "Anyway, I'll get rid of him if you promise to like meeeee," she said evilly again.
"NO," Micky said emphatically.
"Just for a day?" pleaded BT.
"UH-UH," Micky said & looked very annoyed.
"Okay - in that case he stays here forever," BT said & stalked off to sit in the corner.

Meanwhile Al was trying to find MT's off switch.
"I know he has one. She used one of my old "Make your own person" robot kits. But I can't find it. She must have it somewhere stupid." said Al. Davy started to look too, and then Mike.
"Ahahahahahha!" said MT giggling and fidgeting. "That tickles!"
Everyone looked disgusted and stopped.
"Look, MT, you are Micky. So ACT like Micky!" said Micky.
MT looked confused. "What?" he said.
"YOU are ME so ACT like ME!" said Micky again.
MT looked even more confused. Al held up the mirror again. MT scrunched up his face and did some weird stuff.
"OHMYGOSH!" he shouted and fell over and hit his head.
"Oh dear, we killed BT's robot!' said Peter.
"No Peter." said Mike, helping MT up.

MT staggered to his feet and looked around. "So I'm YOU.... but you're you! So who am I?!" said MT.
This just confused everyone and they all sat around and furrowed their brows.
"Well, man, I pity you, made by BT. She wanted you to like her." said Micky.
"Wow she did that for me?" said MT.
"No, she did that for herself." said Davy with a mouth full of sandwich.
"Oh, well that was nice of her anyway." said MT. He went off to find her.
"HIIII BTT!" he said.
"Ack not you!" said BT and ran away. "BUT I LOOOVVEEE YOU! MOMMY!" shouted MT.
BT looked disgusted.
"NONONONO I am NOT your mommy! You freak!" she shouted.
Micky punched her. "Play niiiiccee nowwww" he said.
BT sneered at Micky. "BUTIDUNWANNABEHISMOMMY!" she shouted.
"Well you are and you have to feed and water him! AND clean up after him!" said Al in a no nonsense voice.
"WAHHH!" whinged BT. She went for the off-switch.
"Ah ah ah...." said everyone, wagging their fingers.
"You made him, you take care of him!" said Al strictly.
BT huffed off with MT and decided to at least try to fix his wacky hair.

"Okay...MT," she said, while spritzing gel-y stuff all over his hair, "you're Micky...right?"
"Wrong," he said, fidgeting.
"Hold still," said BT & combed his hair out. "Now then...I made you, right?"
"Uh-huh! You're my mommy!"
"Uhh...nope...but you're Micky, right?"
"Do you want me to be Micky, mommy?"
"Um....yes...uhh...yeah, whatever," BT said, giving up on his hair.
"I'm Micky!" announced MT happily.
"And Micky likes BT a lot right??" BT said anxiously.
"Sure I like you!!" MT said & attached himself to her leg.
"OMIGOSH HE LIKES HE LIKES ME!!!" BT shrieked, which made everyone come in & stare at them.

"HE LIKES MEEEEEEE," she yelled & fell over because MT was on her leg & he was heavy.
"'Course I like you, Mommy, I love you!" MT said happily & looked devotedly at her.
BT looked as if she might cry. "I AM NOT YOUR MOMMY!!!!!!" she shouted.
"Oh ewwwwww ew ew ew!!" Al said suddenly.
"What?" said Peter & Mike at the same time.
"Don't do that," said Davy.
"That's my line," said MT.
"Sorry," said Micky.
"You didn't do anything," said MT.
"If BT's his mother-"
"I'M NOT!!!"
"-that makes me his GRANDmother ew ew ew ewewwwwww," Al said hopping around.

"Now look," BT explained patiently. "You are Micky. And you like me very much but you are not my mommy."
"Of course I'm not!! Silly mommy."
"NO NO I mean I'm not your mommy."
MT looked confused.
"Oh, HONESTLY," said everyone.

MT made the Worst sad puppy face. "Mommy doesn't love me?"
"Awwww it's okay," Al said & picked him up & rocked him back & forth until he fell asleep.
"Oouiiiwrrgghhh," Micky said, at having to see "himself" in all this.
"Aww, you jealous of your little brother?" Al said, & picked Micky up & rocked him back & forth.
Micky smiled a stupid little kid smile & closed his eyes & then suddenly jumped up. "NO NO NO GET OFF ME LEAVE ME ALONE DON'T DO THAAAAT," he said & ran around in circles.
BT was still sitting in the corner sniffing. "He thinks I'm his Mommyyyyyy WAAAAAAHHHHAHAHHHH!!!"
"Oh, SHUT UP," Micky said & kicked her, which only made her cry more.
Peter picked her up & rocked her back & forth until she went to sleep. Mike was inspired & picked Davy up & did the same. Then they all put Davy & BT & MT in giant bassinets & tucked them in.

"Now then," said Al.
Everyone looked at each other and shrugged.
"I guess this is the end of the story huh?" said Al.
"Hmmm, yep.. looks like..." said Mike.
"Why did you put Davy to sleep, Mike?" asked Peter.
"Uh, I dunno." said Mike.
"Oh, okay Mike!" said Peter.
"Yeh..." said Al.
"Sooo.." said Mike.
"Hmmm..." said Peter.
"Well...." said Al.
"Yeh?" said Peter.
"No, I wasn't asking a question." said Al.
"No, Peter thought you were going to say something.." said Mike.
"Oh." said Al.

"I know!" said Peter.
"WHAT!?" said Mike and Al.
"There are.. 7 of us now?" said Peter.
"I don't know." said Micky.
"MIIIICCKKYY!!" said Mike, Al and Peter.
"What?" asked Micky.
"I uh.." said Al.
"Yeh..." said Mike.
"EEP!" said Peter.
"WHAT!?" said Micky.
They all looked at Micky funnily and walked off to explore, with Micky following them, asking them quizzically, "WHAT!??!?!"


Next Issue: Davy and Mike go to the beach and catch a sea monster which Babbit won't let them keep.

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