Weird One-lined Type Story Stupid Things

One day Al punched BT and she died. The End

One day Micky killed Al for punching BT to death. The End

One Day Al turned Micky into a camel that spits. The end

One day BT woke up, turned Micky back into his cute self, & sat on Al. The End

One day Al pushed BT into the water and she couldn't swim the end

One day Micky resceud her & then went to sample Mike's pants. The End

Five days later Al said "This is stupid" and ate the remaining days. The end.

The following year, Peter stopped time by removing the batteries from the Watch Of Now. The End

One day Al sayid WTF are you on BT? The end.

One day BT said I'M ON MICKY! and proceeded to turn Micky into a trampoline & jump up and down on him. The End

One day Al turned Micky back and BT flew up into space and turned into a star. The End

One day Micky stared at BT all night until Peter reminded him that he didn't like BT and then they went & played three-way-checkers with Mr. Schneider & Davy. The End.

One day Davy didn't know where he was in this story so he erased Mike and Mike got mad and spit wads of bread at him. The end.

One day BT said, "Ewwww, breadwads. Gross," & Peter kicked her out the window, & she fell under the sand & went to sleep. THE END

One day day Al laughed stupidly and said "We should post this on the page." and proceeded to die. The End.

One day BT screeched, "I LOVE MICKYYYYYYYYY" & Peter flung more sand on her, then Mike said, "Yes you should. We should. Er...huhH???" The End.

One day Al screeched "DID YOU NOT HEAR ME"?" at BT and slapped her silly. The End.

One day BT cried. The End.

One day AL. The End

One day M End

One Day Al stole all the letters in the alphabet and patented them to her name so no one else could write anything and she cackled evilly. The End.

15-14-5 4-1-25 -1-12 19-21-3-11-5-4. 20-8-5 5-14-4

One day Al got mad and took away BT's calculator. The End.

15-14-5 4-1-25 2-20 4-9-4-14'20 14-5-54 1-3-1-12-3-21-12-1-20-18. 20-8-5 5-14-4

One Day Al got bored and didn't even fell like counting out which letters go to which numbers so she went to bed and never knew what BT typed. The End.

One day BT screeched" "NONOSTAY...hey, screw the patent, I'm sick of using my incredible alphanumeric memorization capabilities," and Micky said, "Whaaaaa???" The End

One day Al slapped BT and charged her 93292837492837489234713942 in gold because she infringed her patent. The End.

One day BT whinged at Mike and Mike said, "I'll handle this. How can she pay you money she doesn't have?" And Al turned green and screeched & then vanished in a puff of dry ice effects. The End

One Day Al didn't do that cause she doesn't DO green. The End.

One day BT forgot Al has purple blood. BT is green. BT is also a dumbass. The End

One Day Al strongly suggested that BT post this in the "Weird One-lined type story stupid things" page that BT is to create on the Page. the End.

One day BT said "But man, I'd have to go & put these back in order of where they were & alternate 'em & stuff 'cause I'm in split mode, and that'd suck : d" The End

One day Al said "You boofer they awlays come out in IRC mode in the chat thingies." and she said the end.

One day BT said "Not if you have ICQ999b, in which case everything is CRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPP." And then Micky melted on Davy's shoes, & Peter melted in BT's hair, because nobody else ever melted. And Davy changed his shoes, & BT washed her hair. The End

One day Al said BT was stupid because Al has ICQ '97 or WTF is it and can send the chat save buffery thingy " The end.

One day BT said "WELL YOU CAN'T DOWNLOAD IT ANYMORE and I WANT it but I can't get it," and Mike shot her. The End

One day Al said AGAIN that SHE has ICQ '97 thing and that SHE can send B

One day BT said, "Ooh I wasn't paying any attention." The End


One day BT hid. End


One day. Blargh. The End. Blargh

One The End.

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