A Life In The Day of A Feylower

On a day I finding bookies and the writings of them were had by me!! I gotting pencils with them. And Beeteeeee said doooomicilellee was a word and I said it weren'ty and she told me it wasing and I hasing flashbacks... UHOH!!!! Oh then Mommy said I could not write in the bookyookyookyooky and I told her I was writing in it and she said no no you canningt and I said I WILL CAN! and I mades her veggibles and cannnnnned her for the wintertimes when there is coldies and they make icicles on Micky daddy thing's antylerlerlers and people stared at me when I writing whying they stare?! Pita yells at my conninunity about its badness and incommerce. He says incommerence innit wordings but I cannot be saying things nicely for him because he is meanie at me. BT says I am too childish. I won'ty writing things saying by people I do not like for them. Mommy says she making me givvy back the bookingooking but I said NO and she yelled at me and I hid in the pouch and it was dark and I counint write and Pita said HOW HOW and I said Link was cute because Micky messings the conninninuity and Pita yelled at him and BT asked Link for marries and Link said Pita messing the conninuity and BT said no no and I put BT in a box until she told me not to.

Davy said I using paragraphs now for clearity!

I will using at them cannot writings of the pencil it BROKE uh-oh.

I findy out it takes not .7 leads but .5 and the .7s dinnit fit in and I tried fufty of them and they broke all over the floor and it is leady and mommy says I get foot poisonings.

Mikey wrote a bookings with his pottery in it and I will put pottery in mine because I made some!
Now I hasing the pottery... uhoh... it wenty from my heady mind!
ACCKRRK MY FOILAGE HEADIES GO WILTING WILTING I HAVE TO ASK MOMMY FOR WOODERS! Mommy says WAAAHTER funny she says wooder and not waaahter and Micky says waaaahter and Mike says waaaaahter and BeeTeee says waaaaahter and uhoh I go wilty.
Oh no no I had watery in my flowerowerowerower
Now I will make my pottery that I think is potry. Potry says Pita it is potry I will making it now
I had five Sassips
Then there were four
I had four Sassips
Now I have more
There are many
In my pockets
There are more
In my hat.

THAT WAS MY POTERY I wrote it on me pageing books

So then I wenty into the kitchings and saw Micky Daddy thingy playing with his bottles of lickys and I said "GIMME SOME HASING!" and he looked at me and saidy that my speechings go bye byes and that I talked better when I wasn't not here before now.
So Pita came in and said "MT, stop writing this horsible storee!"
And I said "I's not writing anything!"
And Pita stared and Micky laughing at him and said "He's right!" and Pita stared at us and we walked away.
No, I walked away. Micky stayed wis Pita and played wis his bottles.
Anyway, I wenty to the bathroom and ate some foodies that were there and Micky came in and said "MT GET OUT OF MY OREOS!" and ate them all so'm I couldn't has any and I stared at him cause he felt sick and turned chartruse and Pita says "HOW DID YOU SPELL THAT?!" and I says I dunno.
So I went downstairs and BT was there and she said "Time for MT to be being MY kid!" and I LAUGHED at her and said "I's not a kidding of BT silly." and walked away and she stared at me. And she offered me yummies for me to be her kidding and I said NOOOOOO I's Mommy's kidding and Pita said I forgot the little thingies that thing the thing into the thing in the sentence speechings.

Then I saw Davy and Sassip and they were doing things and Sassip was all wet because her mouthy water was coming out and Davy was trying to get her to stopping.
And Sassip said "MT come into my pouch!" and I did and was tricked because there was nothing in there but fur.
And then Mike came in and he said "Hi MT wanna use my pogo stick?" and I did and then Micky said "MIKE DIDN"T SAY THAT!" and he didn't because I imagined it all because I was bored.
And then Micky said "WHY IS YOUR SPEECHINGS BETTER NOW?!?!?!" because it was better than it was when I was thingy earlier.
Then Mommy came in and said "MT, its time for breffast serals!" and I said "OKAY!" and Micky said "NO NO NO THAT IS NOT WHAT SHE SAID AT ALL!" and it wasn't because I was bored again. So I put away my breffast serals and Mommy said time for POPS so I ate some pops and then made Pita gimme some chocolit pooding and I ate it alllll up!
Then I runned out of thingies at my writing so I said END!

Oh Pita telled me it wasn't longynuff so I writing more at the things. Only I had nothing to write so I made a song about Mike.

La la la
Mike has a pogo stick
La la la
And that is it and you said it fifty times while there is musics! Only there is no musics I have for it because nobody teached me at me and BeeTeeeeeeeee lied to me and told you I playing basses and... oops no things I said had factual value said Pita. And I thought daddy Micky and mommy Al thing should be engaging so I made things that were plans and they said NO NO and I said whyyyyy and Micky said he wanted a longer veil and Davy sat on things and I said OH WHY WHY and that was that because he had no answers for me.
Then I thought I should have haircuttings but I cut my heady feeylower off and SHRIEEEEEKED a lot and BT went deaf for a week and Pita went deaf for five days and Micky was impervious because he screeched and he screeched at me about my shriekies and BT was deaf for a month and Pita was deaf for two weeks and nobody else was effected and people complained at my grammers and spollings that effect was affect and I said NO NO THERE IS NO I! and Sassip sat on me axnd I said there is a Saaaaassips and I there pointing at her it and she said NO for you! and ate Link and made eggies and I have to go sit on it now oh wait no Micky does it for me.
And I made tiny Sassip and put her in a baggings and Davy yelled at me and Sassip squirmed a lot and was punting at the sides of the baggingythingyingying and I wore a fez and people stared and asked me why and I said "Cause I can have more heady feeylowers that waaaaayyayaya," and and and I wrote.
I like crayons
Mike likes glue
I like crayons
Mike likes glue
I likes crayon
Mikes like glues
And that is my new pottery
I wenty to the kitching and drinkied the Cokings and Micky stared and yelled and took my book away and wondered how I still had writings and then he turned into a puffin and Al mommy told me that never happened and BT said she lied and Micky was a puffing and Davy said he was a penguin and Mike was a penguin and everyones were penguings.
So then I played Nintendos and everyone yelled and says there was no Nintendos yet so I blushed alot and made it go away and people said that's better and I found Micky Daddy in the kitching and he had all his empty coking bottles that I dranky all the lickings from and he had the water and pouring it into the bottles and they was all making differnt noisies and BT came in and said "WHATCHA DOIN' MICKY!??!" and Micky made a face and locked the kitching to her even though there was no walls or door and BT said "HUH!?" and went and got Al cause the kitching is public property and BT smilked evilly and Mike said "SMILKING MINE!" and ahered alot and flew around and I snigged at his wingyflutters and then we talked about paste soup for a few hours and I like paste raw but Mike likes his paste with a bernaise sauce and I said EWWWWWWW and Mike got mad and pogoed on my heady flower and Al said "HEY HEY DON"T POGO ON MY BABY" and I said "I AM NOT A BAAAYYBEE MOMMY" and Al said "WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME AL!?" and I said I dunno and tralalaed away.
And Micky moved his coking bottles into the bathroom and locked the door and then Davy had to go to the bathrooms and Micky wouldn't let him in so he got Mommy and Mommy made Micky go away because the bathroom was public property.
And then Micky said Davy was going into the bathroom to steal his secret stashies of cookies but he forgotted that they was all eated by Micky so there was no cookies for anybody.
And then Linky came along and zapped me and everyone because he said we was being stupid but I dun think we was because we was just being us but he said we's always being stupid hey hey with a stick and a stone and I said WHAT!? and BT said "Are you SURE you don't want to be my kidding?" and Mommy said WHAT!? and kicked her and she whined and whined and whined and Mike said "I like wine" and tried to drink her but she wasn't a licky and then BT got mad and said "WHAT'S A LICKY!??!!" and I said its a thing that is like water and runny and went. And she said "THAT"S LIQUID STUPID!" and stalked off because there was a mouse and she was hungry.
But Pita said that never happened and I was so sad my feyyylower wilted and Mommy said "NO NO NO" and poured the cold water on it and I said "YEEEEHHHHH!!!" and fell over and BT said "OH SO CUTE!" but she thought it was Micky and then Micky said EWWWWWWWWWW and then BT said EWWWWWWWWWWW and then somebody chewed on Micky's antlers and it wasn't me.
So Micky made his bottles with the licky in it play things that were pingy and Pita got mad cause he's the pingy mogul and then Micky took over the pingy business and Pita kicked at him alot and BT snigged and Mommy tsked and Linky laughed loudly I dunno why and Davy ate poundcakeys and Sassip ate Davys and Davy was soaked with Sassip water mouth water and BT was appalled because she was standing in some and Micky was appalled because she filled up all his licky bottles and they all made the same pingy noise and Davy was appalled cause he was soaked and Mike was appalled because his wings were not covered in sticky glue and Link was appalled cause he said the thingies were stupid.
I was not appalled I was laughing at the things. And I sprouted more heady feylowers but they were weeds and Mommy pulled them out and I said OUCHY why you pull them out!? and Mommy said Because and then she walked away and ate figs.
But she said she never ate figs in her life so it was soemthing else I dunno what. And BT ate diamonds and Mike ate paste and Pita ate something discreeeeeeeet and Micky ate the cokings and the oreos and Linky ate the turkey and Mike ate the chicken fry that Davy had and Davy had the poundcake and Sassip ate sleefish.
And now I's stopping the writings because I just remembered I dunno how to write! EHEHE.

Next Issue: MT decides to be a Continuity Mogul but no one can understand a letter he scribbles.

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