Mind Games

The next day Al and MT were running around doing stupid things. Actually Al was doing things and MT was pretending to do things.
Peter scratched his hair. "What are they doing?"
"I think Al is doing things and MT is following her pretending to do things." said Mike.
"Well I got that.. but .. why!?" asked Peter.
"Cause Al is MT's mommy and he likes to try and help her.. even though he's not really.." said Micky.
"Yeh, MT's messing up everything Al just did!" said Davy, watching the two.
"Just like you'n me!" said Sassip, sampling Davy's hair.
"Don't do that!" said Davy and got a towel.
"Sorry!" said Sassip and ran around in a circle, forcing Davy to move away quickly.
"PUNT PUNT PUNT!" said Sassip frantically.
Everyone looked at Sassip oddly.
"WHAT!?" said everyone.
"Oh, did I say that out loud?" said Sassip looking confused.
"YES!" said everyone shying away quickly.
"Oh.. well uh, that's NOT what I was thinking at all!" said Sassip, trying to look innocent.
Davy threw poundcake at her. "Bad sea monster!" he said.
Sassip began to cry. Suddenly Al fell over and began rolling around on the floor laughing her head off.
"WHAT?!" said Micky, staring.
"MOMMMYY!" said MT and tried to pick Al up but she was holding her head funnily and laughing too much.
Finally she stopped and took a deep breath and stood up and staggered over to the couch.

"Whew.." she said relieved.
"What was THAT?!" said Davy.
"I dunno, but something tickled my brain!" said Al stupidly.
"Oh, well, everything does, so there's nothing new there." said Sassip.
"Oh.. oh.. I.. can't.. hold up my.. head.. UGH." said Al, falling over sideways. She tried to get up but her head was stuck in one spot.
"WHAAA?" said Micky and tried to pick up her head but it was heavier than a bowling ball. "What's up with this!?" he shrieked.
"Sorry.." said Micky. "What's the matter with you?"
Suddenly BT popped in and Al sat up really fast. "OUCH!" she said.
"HIIII!" said BT happily.
"Why are YOU so happy? I thought you were whining?" said Mike.
"I was but I found a new home!" said BT stupidly. Everyone suddenly noticed the area around the couch was no longer occupied with junk. "I can't seem to find my record collection though.." she commented.
"Oh well, ah, um.. BT, where did you move into?" said Al.
"Oh, well uh.. some remote place of Peter's mind you dunno about gotta go bye!" said BT and popped out.
"OOP!" said Al and promptly fell head first into the couch again.
"I think maybe she moved into your head, Al! Cause whenever you guys leave my head feels extra light!" saiPeter.
"It would!" said Sassip sleepily.
"Huh?" asked Peter.
"Davy can I munch on you?" said Sassip.
"NOOO!" said Davy running away.
"I'll take care of her!" said Micky and tried to pick up Al to hit Sassip with.
"Man you REALLY have to do something about your head!" he said, trying again to lift it.
"Micky you're gonna pull a muscle if you don't stop that!" said Davy, walking up and picking up Al and flinging her at Sassip. Al hit Sassip head first and Sassip shrieked as a huge bruise appeared.

"YOOOUUU!" she shrieked and swallowed Davy and Al. Then she spit out Al and Davy came with.
"HELP!" said Al writhing around on the floor.
"Right! I'm going in!" said Mike.
"YOU!?" said everyone in shock.
"YES me! Who else better to tackle BT than me? She won't listen to Micky, she'd just coo over Peter, and Micky, and Davy, and not me I am immune!"
said Mike.
"No you're not!" said Davy.
"No, I'm not. But I'm better with kicking her around." said Mike.
"Okay then. But I wanna see Al's mind too!" said Micky and popped up.
"Oh fine Micky you can come...." said Mike and they both poofed out.
"OHHHHH my gosh," Mike whispered in awe. Al's mind was an absolute mess. There were crayons & little statues of lemmings and banana trees and all sorts of stuff all over the place. Then Mike turned to Micky.
"Don't say ANYTHING. If BT finds out you're here she'll go ballistic & I won't be able to make her pay any attention...she has the attention span of a two-year-old as it is."
Micky nodded meekly & started walking around poking at things because Al's mind was so incredibly weird.
"HEY BT!!!" Mike shouted.
"Ooh yeah what? OOH hi Mikey-poo!!" BT said, bouncing in cheerfully.
"Mikey-poo?" said Mike & started stumbling around. "Mikeypoo. Mikeypoo?!!! MIKEYpoo!!! She called me MIKEY-POO!!" Then a big brick fell & hit Mike on the head & he suddenly returned to his senses.

"Okay. Now, you're making Al's head all heavy, which is bad, so you gotta move out."
"What'ya mean? I figured I couldn't live in Micky's mind since I already tried that...and probably not Davy's or yours, and I wouldn't wanna live in Sassip's, and I don't think it's possible for me to live in MT's...or I dun wanna anyway...so I thought since I'm Al's figment anyway, it wouldn't create any problems!" BT said in confusion.
Mike blinked a lot & stared at her. "Uhhh...okay...could you repeat that?"
"No, no I couldn't."
"Oh...well, ah, then...so anyway, you should move out. Why don't you live in Peter's mind again?" Mike suggested.
"HEEHEE Mike has a funny cute voice when he's all coaxingly like that," BT thought out loud.
"What?!" said Mike.
"Oops, did I say that out loud? Eehehee...I mean...NO," said BT defiantly.

Back in the pad, Sassip was shrieking "OH NO!! COAXINGLY COAXINGLY" and flopping around like a pancake.

"But BT...you have to," Mike said finally.
"Mikeypoo? Uh-uh," said BT & flounced out of the room.
Mike sighed & strode over, picked her up under his arm & poofed out.
"What? Huh? Yeah," said Micky & followed him confusedly, as he had been hit on the head with about six bricks. One of which was gold.
"NO NO NO NO!!" BT shrieked. Mike cast a triumphant glance around the room & put BT down.
"D'AAH!" Micky yelled. "Man warn me before you're gonna let her loose," he complained.
"OOH!!! I can move my head," Al said happily & started jerking it around. "Ooh, that hurts."
"Well, it WOULD," said Davy matter-of-factly. "Watch, it hurts when I do it," he said and did.
Then Sassip started doing it, and pretty soon everyone but MT & BT were jerking their heads around dumbly.
"STOP IIIIIIIIIT!! My eyes are all rollyround!" said MT cutely & so everyone stopped.
"Ohh...don't mention eyes rolling around..." Davy groaned, recalling his stint as a paperweight.

"BT is going to move back into Peter's mind like a good girl," Mike said & snatched BT again because she looked as if she might make a break for it. "Aren't you BT?"
"Nope," said BT calmly & bit Mike's hand.
"OWOOWWWWWW!!" Mike screamed. "Why'd you do that?!"
"Because you were being obnoxious," said BT, & scurried over to Peter, shimmied up him & sat on his head.
"Oh," Peter said in a mix of alarm & distress.
"Why can't I just stay here and live with YOU GUYS!!" BT yelled.
Micky looked absolutely horrified.
"OH!!!! Micky is horror!" Sassip shrieked & giggled her head off but then Davy put it back on with some tacky glue.
"Oh...she...but...attach...can't...not...BAD..." Micky stuttered, pointing at BT & backing away.
"I'll be nice," said BT angelically.
"No you WON'T," said Davy.
"Uuuhhhhhh," said Peter nervously.
"HUDDLE!!" said Mike, & Peter, Micky & Davy walked over & leaned in.

"Okay. She can't live here," said Mike.
"But she can't live in anyone else's mind," said Davy.
"And she won't live in mine," said Peter somewhat gratefully.
"But she CAN'T live here," said Micky shakily.
"Oh, I dunno...why not?" said Davy.
"Hmm...do you all fancy being a trio?" said Micky.
"No, but hey...she can make food," said Davy.
"Mm, true...pound caaaaake," said Micky & then snapped back to his senses.
"Uh-uh," said Mike.
"So what're we goin' to do?" said Davy.
"OO my head feels all light hee-heeeee," said Peter & broke away, spinning around & singing something unrecognizable.
"Al, c'mere," said Micky & so she did.
"Can you, like, MAKE her move back in Pit...Peter's mind?" said Mike.
Al looked funny. "Huh wha? I likes Shades of Gray!" she said somewhat incoherently and told Peter to sing it.
"NOOO that's MY part!" said Davy.
"Sorry." said Peter and began to sing something stupid no one knew what.

"Oh, so what were you saying Mike?" said Al.
"Uh... make her move back in with you!" said Mike.
"Oh, uh.. Come on BT!" said Al and grabbed BT by the hair and dragged her away.
Peter stood up and became normal again.
Suddenly though Al poofed in running around in a circle on the floor with her head squarely planted in one place.
"It didn't WORK!" shouted Al.
Micky sighed. "I'll go." and he poofed into Al's mind. Al made a shocked face and went to sleep. "Oh good!" said Sassip who's eyes were going round and round.
"NOOOO!" said Davy and didn't look at Sassip for 5 weeks.

Inside Micky rooted around.
"BT!?" he inquired.
"MICKY!" said BT popping out and strangling him with a hug. "YOU CAME TO VISIT MY HUMBLE ABODE!"
"Uh..... yeh, listen you can't live here.. Al is acting scary!" said Micky.
"Oh pish posh!" said BT and cleaned up a bit.
"Uh...... did you do this to her mind?" said Micky.
"Just some of it. That big statue of Davy was already there...." said BT, polishing it.
"Oh, that's scary.. ANYWAY, BT you HAVE to come back!" said Micky.
"NEVER!" said BT and looked around. "Where did I put that blue crayon?"
BT perked up. "Oh?" she said.
"LISTEN TO MEEE!" whined Micky.
"OH HE WHINED!" said BT.
"DO YOU WANT ME BACK?!" shouted BT.
"Um.. Well.. um.. lemme think about it for a while!" said BT and she found her blue crayon and began to color Micky blue.
"BT!!" he whinged.
"What, its a lovely color for you!" said BT happily.
MIcky grabbed the crayon. "LOOK! At least get out of Al's mind can you huh?" said Micky.
"Weeeellllll.................. I dunno..." said BT.
"If you don't I'll conk Al and make her Kiddie Al and all you'll see is stupid baby toys and you'll NEVER get any peace at all because toys will come out of nowhere and hit you!" said Micky.
"ACCKK NOO!" said BT and clung to Micky who grimaced and grit his teeth. "So.. are you .. COMING?" he inquired with as much patience as he could muster.
"OKAY OKAY but I dun wanna move into Peter's mind again!" said BT.
Micky sighed and shrugged. "It's a fair cop." he said and helped BT move out back into the pad.

"HI EVERYONE!! MICKY TALKED AT ME AND HE DIDN'T TURN HIS FORCE FIELD ON WHEN I CLINGED AT HIM!!" BT shrieked & proceeded to swoon all over Davy because he was the nearest thing.
"Ohhhh UGH," said Micky. Then he made the Worst face (YES!) at everyone & said, "well, I got her back. And I am never...EVER...doin' that again." Then he went to look for what he always looked for...pound cake.
"Oh...Al...by the way...why is there a big statue of Davy in your mind?" said BT, reviving since Davy shoved her off him.
"Umm..........." Al said turning slightly pink. "Why are there Micky posters all over the walls in YOUR mind?"v "BEE-CAUSE I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE HIM!!!" said BT. "DUH!!"
"So Aw wuvs Davy?" said MT. "OOHAHAHA! Uh-oh, my head go all rollyround."
"What?!" said Davy & hid in Sassip's pouch.
"NOOOOOOOOOOO," said Al disgustedly.
"Well why IS it there?" said Micky, walking back in & grinning evilly.
"Oohhhh he's all evilly," said BT & swooned all over Sassip who didn't notice because she was busy zipping her pouch up.
"Who knows," said Al & spun around the room singing Shades of Gray again.
"That's MY part!!" said Mike.
"But you dun sing on it," said Al.
"Oh...well...if I did that would be my part," huffed Mike & kicked BT.
"OW!! Why'd you do that?!" she yelped.
"Becasue you were being obnoxious," Mike said evilly & high-fived Micky.
"Awwww," said Peter & picked BT up & gave her a hug & then she swooned all over him & Micky & Davy came with big ice scrapers & scraped her off.

"That was dumb. So someone move her back in Peter's mind and all will be well," said Al.
"NOT GOIN'!!" said BT & clung firmly to Davy's leg.
"'Ey, what ya clingin' to me for?"
"It's 'cos you're short," said BT firmly.
"You already firmlied," Sassip informed her & stuffed Davy (along with BT) back in her pouch, wondering how he'd gotten out.
"Uh-oh. Night-night," said Peter & curled up on the couch & went go sleepy bye-byes.
"See?! He's suffering from lack of...lack of BT? Wait, that can't be right," said Mike.
"No, actually I'm just tired because I stayed up until 5 AM last night," said Peter.
"HAHA!" said BT triumphantly.
"Or maybe it is BT, I don't know," said Peter & fell asleep.
"OOHHHH PITA!!!!!!" said BT & poofed up a nice soft blanket & tucked him in & kissed him on the forehead because he was cute.
"That's SICK," said everyone except Sassip & MT.
"Awwwwwww Pita go night-night," said MT.
"HOW CUTE!!" shrieked Sassip & hammered BT into the floor with her chin.

"What was THAT all about?" said Micky who had been absent for the last bit.
"Oohhh you were...ABSENT..." said BT & swooned all over Mike, who stepped to the side & watched BT hit the floor.
Sassip ate BT and when she was finally spit out again, she set up her little place by the couch.
The next day Peter still wasn't up.
"But YOU gave MT my room!" said BT kicking Al.
"Well I moved him back out! So go!" said Al.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" said BT attempting to cling to Micky, but he used his shield cause he remembered and she went flying.
"PLEASE BT!?" said Al.
"I did not!" said Al. "Besides, he's more my kid than yours anyway!"
"NUH-UH!" said BT angrily.
"Well let's see, I made the robot kit you used to put him together, and I also made him into a real boy, and hmm, well see there's all that you see!" said Al.
"Well yeh, but if it were up to you he'd be scrap metal!" said Al.
BT huffed and puffed but couldn't blow Al over on account of the fact she was 23948789431 pound heavier than BT.
"I woulda loved and nurtured him anyway!" said BT.
"Nah, you woulda reprogrammed him til his brain exploded. BECAUSE you wanted a Micky clone!" said Al.
"Well, no, but when you make something you gotta let it carry on. I mean, I let YOU carry on!" said Al, snickering.
BT made the worst face and huffed off.

"Hmm..." said Al and watched Peter get sorta sick.
"OH FINE!" said BT. She made faces, poofed everything back into Peter's mind and then popped back out and made more faces.
"YOU ALL SUCK!" she shouted and poofed back into her Secret Playroom and ate some BPFL to cheer herself up.
So Peter perked up in about an hour and MT still wanted Al to be his mommy and Micky was laughing for 5 hours and Mike was trying to harvest his sparkplug and Davy escaped Sassip's pouch she didn't know how he did it and Al was going around the room doing things and MT was following her messing up her doings....

The End.

Next Issue: Micky goes whonky nuts!!! UH-OH!!!!!!

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