Pound Cake Keeps Falling On My Head

Today. Not One Day, but Today. Today BT decided that she would knock Al on the head to make her a little kid, because she wanted Al to be a little kid, because she was an evil evil foopy boofer figment type chickie girl stupid insane thing. Yeah.
"HI!! Davy?" said BT.
"Yeah what? Are you gonna gimme some pound cake?"
"Nooo...uhh can I borrow you?"
"Can you what?"
"THANKS!" said BT, & seized Davy. Then she went & found Al, & hit her on the head with Davy.
"OOOOWWWW!!!" they both yelled. "BT what did you do that forrrr?" said Al.
"Well crumb," said BT & conked Al on the head with an anvil she found under Peter's feet.
"Hel-lo Mommy!! Davy go sleepy?"
"Nope," said BT slapping him lightly on the cheek.
"Don't do that," Davy said.
"It's okay, just give me pound cake."
"OH ALRIGHT!!!!!" said BT irritably & made it rain pound cake on him wherever he went. And the mess it made was beyond belief.
"Mommyyyy gimme foodies," said Al cheerfully.
"Foodies," repeated BT.
"Uh-huh, foodies. You put 'em in your mouf & chew em all up and-"
"Yeah I know Al...hey go find MT & bring him in here okay sweetie honey figment thing," BT said grossing herself out.
"O-KAY! I bet you're gonna do sumfin evil," said Al & scampered off to find MT.
"I bet you're gonna do somethin' evil," said Sassip.
"Al already said that," said BT painfully.
"OH! BT is painfully," said Sassip gleefully. "OH! I'm gleefully!"
"KNOOOOCK IIIIT OOOOOF!" said Micky & swatted her with a newspaper. So Sassip put him in her pouch for 'safekeeping'.
"Attagirl Sassip, have some pound cake," said Davy, walking over to her.
"Ew it's raining foodies on me," she said with distaste.

"Hel-lo Bee-teeeeee!!" said MT.
"HI MOMMY!" said Al & poofed up a popsicle.
"I didn't know you could do that Mommy!!!" said MT.
"Yes you did," said BT in a duh-like voice.
"Mommy gimme Lemmypops," said MT.
Al & BT stood there looking at MT.
"Mommy! Gimme Lemmypops!!" said MT at Al.
"I'm not your mommy silly!!" giggled Al. "I'm your...SISSER!! I'm your sisser, I'm your sisser, I'm your sisser," said Al singsongily & started hopping around in a circle.
"You're my sisser, you're my sisser..." MT started singing & they hopped around the pad until Micky shrieked at them & Mike got all foopy scared insane looking as if his head might pop & Sassip threatened to put them in her pouch with Micky. That got them.
"NOOO we dun wanna go in pouch Sassip with Micky thing shrieky Daddy!!" said Al.
"Mmmmfffffff," said Micky grouchily.
"Aw let 'im out, Sassip, he's CUUUUTE," said BT.
"MMFFBFRRGGHHH!!!!" Micky shouted. BT giggled which irritated everyone and so they all stepped on her.
"Why is everyone stepping on meeee lately since the last story?!" she whinged.
"It's the new trend," explained Peter.
"PITA!" said MT determinedly.

"Hey MT honey cookie...how 'bout since Al's your sisser now I can be your mommy huh sweet thing?" said BT coaxingly.
MT made a horrible face and clung onto Al.
"NOOO! MOMMMY HELP!" he said.
Al looked at him funnily. "Ack Mmmmttteee! You're squishing meeeeee!" she shrieked and then she giggled and MT let go and they both looked at each other and started to giggle.
"IT RHYMES!" they said and began to chant "MT you're squishing me" over and over and over again. BT put her head in her hands. "WHYYY?!" she shrieked.
"No, Mommy, that doesn't rhyme!" said Al.
"Yeh, Beeeteee!" said MT and they began dancing around again for no reason.
BT suddenly felt really evil towards Al even though she never did anything.
She tried to whonk Al with a big brick but MT started crying loudly.
"ARGH!" said BT and devised on plans in which to hurt Al badly.
Meanwhile MT went over to Daddy who was extricating himself from the pouch of horror.
"Who's horror!?!?" said Sassip in horror. "OMIGOSH ITS MEEEEEEEE!" she shouted and rolled around on the floor smooshing everyone.
"SASSIP CALM DOWN!" shouted Davy. "Its all right, we have POUNDCAKE!"
Sassip made a face at him, but shrugged and ate him. Unfortunately it rained poundcake in her stomach and she was forced to spit him out because she got way too full too fast.
"Uh, BT, maybe you should turn off that poundcake rain.." said Mike.
"NO!" shouted BT and huffed around.
Davy glared at Mike. "I LIKE it!" he shouted, but everyone was knee deep in poundcake.
"Eat faster!" Micky shouted.
"Eat slower you'll get a cramp!" said Peter.
"I eat MT!" said Al, because she saw Sassip eat Davy.
"NOOO! No eat MT!" said Micky.
"Why not Daddy?" asked Al.
"I wanna be eaten!" said MT and started to salt and pepper himself.

Mike looked utterly disgusted. "NO NO NO!" he shouted. "BT TURN THAT OFF NOOOWWW! MT YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BE EATEN AND AL YOU'RE NOT EATING ANYTHING BUT THIS POUNDCAKE!!! AND NOW EVERYONE BEHAVE!" and he huffed out the door after waiting to see that everyone was following his orders to the letter.
MT and Al didn't care and started scoffing poundcake with Davy and Micky.
Peter had some but he couldn't stand it for very long and Sassip was bloated with the poundcake rain in her gut and she took a long nap.
BT wouldn't touch the stuff.
"LOOK! You're MY kid okay MT? Stupid Al is just a stupid kid too and you can't have a kid to be your mother so come back to ME!" said BT grabbing MT by the arm.
Micky snorted poundcake from out his nose and Davy laughed at him and snorted poundcake too and made a mean face at Micky who made him snort poundcake and then Peter laughed but he'd stopped eating poundcake so he didn't snort anything out of his nose.
"Eugh that's gross." said Davy going to blow his nose.
Micky just kept on scoffing poundcake and then decided to scold BT.

"BT let MT go! You're making him cry! He's obviously got some sense into his little head and has decided to desert you so just stop bugging him and MAYBE if you be nice he'll come back," said Micky and then went back to his scoffing.
Davy came back and looked at Micky oddly. "Wow that's the smartest think you've ever said!"
"Shut upppp!" whined Micky. "Hey, Davy, I can see why you're always scrumming up the poundcake!"
"I TOLD YOU!' Davy proclaimed happily and began to scoff it with Micky.
BT tried to tempt him with a BPFL, but Micky was so intent on scoffing the mountains of poundcake he just grabbed it and and ate it without even realizing.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted BT and hit Davy for no reason at all.
"OOOUUUCCHH! BT!" said Davy.
"You made Micky foopy!" she shrieked and then pointed at MT and Al. "Why are they happy without MEEE!? ARGH!"
"Hey, BT, man, chill!" said Peter and picked her up and gave her a hug and then put her down and walked away.
BT looked swoony. "Maybe I DON'T like Micky anymore!" she pouted.
"GOOD!" said everyone, especially Micky.
"NOO I WAS JUST KIDDING!" said BT flinging herself at Micky who put his forcefield up and bouncing her away.
"Well....you...you...you're...YOU'RE ALMOST AS FOOPY AS ME SO THERE!!" BT said at him & stalked away to find Pita because he gave her a hug and made her swoony.
"Bee-teeeeeeee wuvs Piiiiita??" said MT.
"Uh-uh," said BT staring after him & then she changed her direction to face MT.

"MT if I didn't ask you to be my kid again for 7 years and then I asked would you be my kid again sweetie thing?" she said.
MT looked at her with a puzzled kiddie face. "UH-OH!!! Aaaaallllll? Beee-teeeee gone whonky nuts."
"Whonky nuts? Is that a food??" said Micky.
"NO! YOU *SUCK*!!" BT yelled.
"Well, thanks, we like you too," he said sarcastically.
"Oh hey...if there were BPFL flavored pound cake..." Micky started.
"OH YUCK! Don't spoil it for me man," said Davy scoffing away.
"But I coulda sworn there was some in here..." Micky said in a perplexed tone.
BT made a terrible face & flooped down on the couch because she was an exasperated fooper.
"MT, maybe you should go back and be her kid so she'll move back into Pita...oh dang...PETER'S mind because she CAN'T live HERE, man," said Mike.
"Why can't sheeeee?" said MT in another puzzled kiddie voice.
"Because," Mike said drily, "we want to keep our drummer."
"OH heeheee, Bee-tee wuvs Micky an' Pita!!" said Al cheerfully.
"NNOOOOOOOOO," said everyone disgustedly.
"BEE-teeeeee not wuv things?" said Al.
"Bee-tee wuvs POUCH TIME," Sassip announced & then shoved Davy in her pouch.
"'EY man!! I was scoffing!" he said as BT zipped him up.
"Yes, we know," said Sassip. "Ugh. Hey, know what? I think it's time for some History Of Me," she said & put everyone in her pouch & swam out to an island, then let everyone out of her pouch.

They all started complaining loudly until Mike blew his shiny cop whistle from the first story.
"Sassip...this is NOT a good time," he said.
"Anytime is a good time for me. Now, did I ever tell you about my blue & green striped starfish named Krimpet? She was the best pet I ever had. She could do cartwheels, & she grew sixteen arms, and-"
"No. No. Uh-uh," said BT & poofed everyone back to the pad.
"BT? Why don't you name your hamsters after snack cakes?" suggested Micky.
"Bee-cause they're named after YOOOOU sweetie," said BT.
"Ohhhh YUCK," he said emphatically & looked in the fridge for pound cake & Coke, his new snack staple.
"Micky eats staples?!" said Sassip in horror. "OH NO I'M HORROR AGAIN!! EEEEK," she cried, & fainted.
"Hey! Why don't you be my kid whenever Al is a kid?" said BT.
"Uh-uh," MT said & stuck his lower lip out poutily.
"ERRGGHHHMMMM," said BT & sidled over to Peter. "Piiita can I have another huuug pweeeeease?"
"Uhhh...okay I guess," said Peter who clearly had no idea what he was getting himself into. He picked her up & she immediately clung on him.
"PIITTAAA!! I wike yoou, you're nice to me," said BT decidedly.

Micky watched this display from a safe distance & burst out giggling his head off & snorting Coke out his nose.
"OOHHH MICKY SNORTED!! EEHEHEHEHE," said Al & poked MT & he poked her & they both giggled all cutely.
"Awww, they're cutely," said Davy & Sassip. "Let's play with 'em!" And so Davy & Sassip went & Al poofed up pound cake & they built a pound cake fort there in the middle of the pad.
"Um. Oh...thank you?" said Peter & looked distressed. He cast a very uncertain glance over at Micky, who just looked at him & giggled & pointed and laughed.
"Okay, you can get down now," he said & sort of pushed at BT, but she stuck like a magnet to a magnet.
"What kind of an analogy is THAT?" said Mike.
"That's not an analogy that's a metaphor," said Davy.
"I'm confused," said BT & hopped down off Peter.
"Oh thank you," said Peter & stood behind Micky because he was scared of her now.
"WHAAAA??!!" cried Micky. "I'm a her?"
"No no no, BT is the her. You're a him," said Peter.
"Oh, good," asid Micky & finished his Coke. Then he broke the bottle over BT's head & she didn't notice & that set him off giggling again.
"Oohhhhh you're all cute when you giggle," BT said dumbly & got all swoony.
"How disgusting," said Micky & went to the kitchen to throw the bottle away, returning shortly. He coughed. "Don't you mean Pita?"
"Oh.. yeh.. well.. FINE!" said BT and attached herself to Peter.
Peter sighed and walked away. Kinda.. it was hard with BT attached.
Micky shrugged and scoffed more poundcake. They were down to about ankle deep now.
"You're gonna get faaattt!" said Al.
"Yessss! Mommy's righhhhtttttt! Daaddddyyyyy be faaattt!" said MT and he grabbed Al's hands and they did a dumb ring around the rosie type whirly circle thing and flew off in opposite directions and giggled dumbly.
Finally MT got sleepy and went to sleep and Al got bored and crawled all over him and tickled him but he didn't wake up so she sighed and went over to Davy and helped him cram cakes into his mouth, but he didn't need help so she helped Micky who always needed help to cram food into his mouth.

Anyway, Micky and Al sat cramming food into his mouth and Davy was cramming food into his own mouth and Sassip was planning and plotting of who to shove into her pouch next and BT cried and whinged and never let go of Peter but she still liked Micky and Al got hit on the head by MT when he was playing with a crowbar. So Al went back to being MT's mommy and BT was bitter and rude and mean and cruel like usual and everything was hunky dory until the poundcake ran out and Davy and Micky threw fits of childish rage.

The End

Next Issue: BT gets so disgusted by Al & MT she tries to move out of Peter's mind & into Al's.

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