Mind Control: May Cause Drowsiness

Okay so once Al was sitting in the mind pad, reading a book, & as was often the case Micky was reading over her shoulder.
"No no that does not say bat, it says bath," said Micky.
"What?!" said Al confusedly.
"I said-"
"No no I know what you said, stop reading my mind it's so irritating and why am I reading a book with bats & baths in it?" she said disgustedly & poofed out to get morning poundcake ready, because it was getting to be that time. Micky followed.

"Are you gonna make BPFL poundcake?" he said.
"NOOOOO ugh that's so nasty," said Al.
"No, fish poundcake is nasty," said Micky.
"NOOOO I LOVE IT MORE THAN BEANS!" said Sassip, stuffing Micky in her pouch.
"Beans?!" said Davy confusedly from atop Sassip's head.
"I, uh...the strangest thing just came over me...maybe I'm catching BT's voice problem," said Sassip & sniffed indifferently.
"Great, an indifferent sea beastie," said Davy.
"Lll yggn pnnkk nnnnnn?" said Micky from the pouch but nobody could understand him.
"Ugh I wish I was out of the evil squooshing pouch," thought Micky & tried to read Al's mind to see how much poundcake she was going to make and if he could have half of it, when he suddenly was out of the pouch.
"OOH! That was neat," he said & helped himself to poundcake as everyone was munching happily.

"Why don't we have evening poundcake, or midnight poundcake, or stuff?" said BT.
"Bee-caaause we have CHICKEN FRY PARTIES!" said Mike & adjusted his hat.
"Oh dear dear dear," said Sassip & punted Mike.
"I think that boy is getting a tad addicted to those wild chicken fries," said Al raising an eyebrow.
"They're fun, I went to one once," said Peter.
"You mustn't go they are evil foopy things!!" said BT.
"How do you know?" said Al.
"'Cause I went to three or four," said BT.
"UGH you are all foopers," said Micky.
"FOOOOOOOOOP," shrieked BT. "Oh ugh the voice is back it's making me talk ugh ugh!!!" she said & rolled around.
Micky giggled and thought it would be funny if Peter's hair turned into a fish & then it did.

"AGHGHHH, HUH?!" said Peter & stumbled around confusedly.
Al had a dreamy sort of not-quite-there look about her.
"AL MAKE MY HAIR GO BACK LIKE IT WAS!!" Peter cried in distress.
"Mmmmm," said Al & just sat there.
"Aaalllllll??" said BT & waved hands in front of Al face. "Hmm, Al goed byebye."
"Ugh," said Micky & BT disappeared.
"WHAAT?" said MT & proceeded to try & stuff breffast serals down Micky's throat.
"OH UGH NO NO NO DON'T DO THAT EWWWWW," shouted Micky & MT quit & Al by this time had curled up for a nap, it seemed.
"Icky, it made me stop," said MT confusedly.
"Huh?! I'm confused!! My hair is a fish and MT actually quit with breffast serals and BT is nowhere and my head hurts," said Peter.
Micky looked innocent and began to scoff various poundcakes from out of other people's noses.
"Micky... my poundcake tastes EXACTLY the same as yours!" shouted Davy.
"Mmmmph no no its better.. mmmmm," said Micky.

By that time Al had woken up and wandered groggily into the room. "Ugh I feel horrid..." she said and plopped down and picked at some poundcake.
Micky eyed her curiously and decided to try something.
Suddenly Mike was a giant chicken.
"B'GACCKK!" he shouted and pecked at the floor before stopped and looking bewildered. "Hey... what the.. Ack! I'm a chicken!"
Micky giggled. "Hey it's those Chicken fry parties man! They've bewitched you!"
"ALLL TURN ME BACK! Cluck cluck.." said Mike. "Al? AL!? YOOOO ALLLL!??!?"
Al was standing there staring at Mike oddly. "Oooh chicken fry.." she said and tried to grab him.
"NOOOO! I am NOT a clucking chicken fry chicken!" shouted Mike and flew around the pad.
BT in the meantime had come back and looked horridly fooped up.
"UGHHGHGG," she said. Then she noticed Al looking vacantly at Mike who was spazzing out.
"Where did that giant chicken come from Al? Al!?" said BT waving her hands in front of Al's face again.
"Hehe Beeteeee!" said Al dumbly and yawned in her face and curled up on BT to take a nap.
"EEEPPP NOOO!" shouted BT and ran around screeching. Micky giggled.
"It's NOT funny!" said BT right in Micky's ear loudly. Micky grimaced and decided something bad would happen to her later.

Meanwhile Mike the Chicken flopped over at BT.
"HEEELLLPPP MEEE!" he clucked. "Ugh I just asked BT for help. Oh sigh."
BT eyed him curiously. "MIKE!?" she said.
Davy had finished with the poundcake and suddenly realized things were not right. "Hey.. there's a chicken... and.. Al is alseep on BT's head.." he pointed out.
"Duh. Where've you been snookums bunny?" asked Sassip drolly.
"I was.. I.. hmm I dunno. Is that MIKE!?" said Davy.
"What gave it away?" asked Mike rather annoyedly, adjusting his hat.
"OMIGOSH HE STILL HAS HIS HAT! BWAHAHHAA" said BT and began to roll around. Davy stared. Micky grimaced again. Al was boofed off and woke up. MT was disturbed. Sassip was annoyed and punted her.

"Man I swear these things ALWAYS happen to me I get wings I get to be a giant chicken HELLOOO!?!?!?" said Mike irritably before he let loose a large crow to announce the hour. He hastily covered his beak with his wing.
Micky snickered.
"WHAT is so funny!?" asked Mike irritably.
"Um.. nothing," said Micky.
"Ugh man my head hurts.." said Al. She staggered in and sat down and stared at Mike. "What the... did BT do that? I should..erghkk...??" said Al before getting a rather vacant look again.
"What's with her man? She keeps sleeping and looking like *cuckoo* and then she's all back to looking spacey!" said Davy, snapping fingers in front of her face.
"Hehe snappy fingerssssss!" said Al, trying to grab them.
"Ugh," said Davy, having his fingers grabbed.
"OOH! Fun!" said BT & grabbed fingers on Davy's other hand.
"STOP MOLESTING DAVYYYYYYYYY," screeched Sassip & stuffed Davy in her pouch to protect him. "Thanks sweetums," said Davy cutely.
"UGH," said BT & tried to fix Pita's hair. "WHAT?! The...the fish, I can't get it to go away!" said BT looking at Al suspiciously. She just had the same vacant look on her face.
"YOU are doing something to everybody except Davy I bet bee-cause you loooove him 'cause you turned Mike into a chicken and Peter has fish hair and...MICKY!!!!!" BT cried suddenly & flung her arms about him until she got bounced off. She kept flinging until Micky got annoyed & made her mute.
She started walking around banging things & shouting things that nobody could hear because her mouth would move but no sound would come out & she got frustrated & went to Pita's mind to take a nap.
"Peter, please," said Pita.
"Oh, alright," said the author.

Micky waited until BT had left & then fixed Peter's fish hair, & wondered exactly how he was able to do this. Then he decided it was Davy's turn, and he made Davy two feet tall.
"OH!!!!!!! AL IS SOOOOOOO EVIL!!!" Sassip cried & nuzzled tiny Davy & slapped Al with flippers but she just had the happiest dumbest vacant look about her. Then her expression got a little miffed & she said "Uhoh, hurts owieeee," & went to sleep.
Then BT poofed in angrily & set upon Micky immediately.
"I'VE FIGURED IT OUT, AND *YOU* ARE DOING THIS, NOT AL!!! YOU ARE SOOOO EVIL," she said & proceeded to pummel the force field.
"How come you can talk?!" he said & muted her again. BT poofed big words up in the air that said, "I KNOW it's you and you made Mike a chicken and you made me not talk and I HATE YOOOUUU UGH and never mind how I can talk or how I know things."
"But how?! HOW?!" said Davy & giggled and his voice was shriller because he was so small. BT turned green & refused to tell and they couldn't get anything else out of her & they all decided she was nuts. She sat in the corner and sulked with a horrible expression. Then Peter turned into a goat.

"WHAT?!" he said with alarm.
"Why would Al do this? She likes meeee," whinged tiny Davy.
"Hey you know now you really are a midget," said Micky. Davy kicked him but Micky barely noticed.
Mike came in and thought Davy was a worm and tried to eat him.
"EEEKKKK ALLLLL!" shouted Davy and ran around with Mike close at his heels.
"Stay still little wormy! I just wanna peck you up!" said Mike and then he lost his hat and had to retrieve it. He just *HAD* to.
Micky looked amused.
"You wouldn't LET him eat Cute Davy!?" BT wrote on a chalkboard.
Micky sighed and turned BT into a newt.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted BT, because she wasn't mute anymore.
"Oh a mute newt!" said Peter the Goat.
"No I'm not mute." said BT, "Anyway, Micky is making Al do things."
"But HOW!?" said Cute Davy and was laughing hysterically in no time.
"I dunno but he IS. Except when she's asleep he can't."
"But wasn't she asleep when you turned into a newt?"
"No I think she woke up ugh," said BT and crawled over to Al who was laughing at nothing in particular.
"Ooooh! Newt thingy!" said Al and turned her into a frilled lizard cause they were prettier.

"Oh well I'm bigger now!" said BT and flung herself at Micky's face.
"Well apparently she can do stuff herself too." said Davy.
"HUH?!" said Mike.
"Well uh.. I dunno. But I don't think Micky wanted BT to be a frilled lizard..."
"Oh. Well. Uh. Sure I did," said Micky.
"HA! HE DIDN'T!" said BT who just landed on his face and stuck there.
"MMMPPHHH!" said Micky and bounced her orff.
Peter went over to Al.
"Ooooh purty goat!" she said and brushed his surprisingly silky smooth fur.
"Hey Al, do you remember Peter?" asked Peter.
"Pita!" said Al happily.
"Can you turn me into Peter?" asked Peter.
Al looked blankly at Peter. "Turn goat into Pita?"
"Yes! Please?" Peter said pleadingly.
"KAY!" said Al and turned Peter back into Peter.
"OH! Turn me into BT!" said BT.
Al grabbed BT and hugged her tightly. "Slimy!" she said stupidly.
"NOOO I wanna be BT!" whined BT.
"BT where?" said Al and looked around dumbly.

"HAHA Everytime Al has something happen to her she turns into a stupid moron!" said Mike.
"So? You always turn into a winged thing!" said Micky and giggled evilly.
"MICKY! Come on enough with the pranks!" said Davy and sampled pants.
"Davy not nooowwww you gotta help!" said BT who was still being hugged by Al.
"HOW?! HOOOOWWW??!!!!" said Davy & giggled himself sick.
"I dunno!!!!" said BT.
"Speaking of how, how do you even know it's Micky? That doesn't make any sense," said Mike.
"It, uh, it uh, I just, mmm I just DO," said BT.
"I think you're just trying to get Al in trouble," said Mike. "Wait that's not remotely logical, if I were trying to get AL in trouble I would say it was HER but it's NOT it's MICKY," said BT.
"Prove it," said Mike.
BT changed colors and fidgeted. "Caaaan't."
"Well then how do you KNOW?!" said Mike.
"Mmmmmmmmmmmm," said BT. "I sorta went in Micky's mind & looked at stuff & messed with things because I do that a lot when I'm bored & I sa-"
"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" shrieked Micky & made her a beetle.
"Ooh! Great idea," said Micky & made Sassip horror.
"OOOOOOOOOOOH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," screamed Sassip & bounced directly through the walls of the pad & out to the ocean.

Micky had Al fix the walls, & then called MT in.
"Hey MT thingy kiddo?" he said.
"YES, o lover of breffast serals?!" said MT in the stupidest voice possible.
This caught Micky off guard and he looked terribly confused for a fleeting second but then regained composure. "Okay, now just stand still and don't squirm," he said, & within seconds MT was a box of breffast serals.
"OH!!" MT said unhappily & fell over on the table.
"We have to make Micky quit being evil!" said Mike.
"Maybe we should drop a big thing on his head," suggested Davy.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! We *love* him," said BT.
"Ugh maybe YOU do," said Sassip, returning with crabs stuck all over her since she was horror & sucked up nasty things.
"YES I DOOOOO," said BT & in her idiotic excitement fell over on her little beetle back.
"OH NO, I can't get UP, I thought this only happened to sheep!" said BT in confusion & was momentarily a sheep.
"UGH now look this is NOT okay, when sheep fall over on their backs-" BT started but then she was muted.

"I think we drop a big thing on his head," said Davy.
"Where do we get a big thing?" said MT.
"AL IS A BIG THING!" said Peter.
"Not nearly big enough to quash such foopiness," said Sassip with an air of dignity despite her horror-ific-ness.
"Hmph you'd think the horror & Sassip herself would be big enough," muttered Davy.
"NOOO Not me... um.. you shouldn't use ME!" Sassip shrieked and attempted to run out of the room but Mike, Davy and .. well MT and BT couldn't really help. So they grabbed Sassip and somehow managed to roll her onto Micky who didn't think they could do it, personally.
"Hey.. guys, I was just... kidddiinnggaahhhhshkjfhkalsjsdf" said Micky being squished.
Suddenly Al gave a yelp and fell over on the ground.

"ALLL!?" shouted BT and tickled her nose.
"AAACHHHOOO!" said Al and threw BT into Peter hair.
"Oh its so soft and shiny.. mmmm.." said BT going to sleep. Peter looked distressed.
Sassip was highly annoyed and rolled off Micky. She approached Al who was horrified by Sassip.
"AHHH!" said Al.
"TURN ME BACK!" said Sassip.
Al did so happily.
"Turn me back! B'GAACKK!" clucked Mike. Al looked at him amusedly and did so. Then she turned Davy back just cause he was cuter bigger.
"Hey, how did you help Peter lift Sassip if you are only 2 feet tall?" asked BT who leaped off Peter's hair and begged Al to turn her back as well. Al sighed. "What's with all you people? Why can't you change youself back BT?" asked Al.
She turned MT back and waited for a good answer from BT.
"I can't! You turned me into one!" said BT.
"Huh?" said Al. "I'm sleepy."
"Micky was controlling you and he made you turn us into stuff!" said Peter.
"Oh.. really? I don't remember. Well I am off to bed!" said Al.
"WHAT ABOUT MEE!?" shrieked BT. "Oh right," sighed Al and turned BT back.
"No wait Al.. before you go to bed... don't we owe Micky a little something?" said Mike, making an evil face.
"NOOOOOOO!" shouted BT.
"Shut up!" said MT and stuffed breffast serals down her throat.
"OMIGOSH where did he learn that from!?" shouted Al.
"Who cares. Gimme a whonking stick Al!" shouted Mike, because Micky was starting to wake up from being sat on from Sassip.

Al shrugged and gave everyone a whonking stick and everyone beat up Micky but then they thought that's really violent so they stopped and just turned him into a cucumber and let him languish in the fridge for a week until he got freezer burn and started losing his crunchiness is when they turned him back.

The End.
Consequently Micky learned his lesson and only uses Al when he feels he needs revenge or something.

Next Issue: Mike turns into a chick by way of a hat with a thing on it.

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