Al & BT Shorts

One day BT said something dumb and Mike said whatdjasay that for and BT said I dunno and Al kicked her & BT turned into an ice cube & melted all over micky who grabbed a wad of paper towels & mopped her off his shirt & Davy whined because he was short but then Peter came in and stepped on Davy which mad everyone fall on him and he got mad. the end.

one day Davy decided to share his pants with Peter. But Peter politely declined. Then Davy asked Micky if he'd like to sample his pants. Micky said he'd rather kiss BT. Davy felt very very insulted & asked Mike if he'd like to try his pants. Mike got scared and jumped into Peter's arms. Then Davy went over to Al, who hit him over the head with BT, who said "But I wanted to sample his pants!" THE END

One day it was raining and Al went over to Micky and asked to borrow a drum stick and Micky said okay and BT got jealous and stuck the drumstick in her eye and Al said "OW MY EYE MY EYE THERE'S A DRUMSTICK IN MY EYE" and she punched out BT and BT fell on Micky and Micky shrieked and threw BT into Mike and Mike fell over into Davy ad Davy shouted "WHY ME" and then fell into Peter who made a silly face and bounced off the wall and hit the stairs and fell up them and then fell asleep and Davy tried to go upstairs but he tripped and Mike said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" abd Al walked over and hit Micky in the head with the drumstick in her eye and Micky sneered and tried to find BT and he did and he threw her at Al and Al was still screaming "THERE'S A DRUMSTICK IN MY EYE" and BT said "SO?" and picked herself off the floor and flung herself at Davy just for spite but the Railing to the stairs was in the way and BT got her head stuck in the rungs and Al laughed but then her eye hurt because the drumstick was sticking out of it and BT laughed at Al and Al laughed at BT and BT laughed at Al and Al laughed at BT but then they bothed stopped cause it was really painful and then Davy took Al to the courthouse to get a restraining order but Al was crying pitifully because the drumstick in her eye and Micky looked at her funny and no one knows how he got there but he was and then Davy punched him out because he tried to staple Al to Davy and Micky got mad that Davy punched him out and he threw Davy at the judge who got mad and tried to pick up Al but Al was still semi conscious and saw him coming and moved and the judge tripped and sampled Davy's pants but Davy didn't mind and Micky did and dragged Davy away scolding him and then Al decided to sample Davy's pants but didn't think they were all that they were cracked up to be abd told Davy so and Davy was highly hurt and punched Al in the drumstick and hurt his hand and Al lau8ghed because Davy hurt his hand but then he pushed on the drumstick too so she was in alkot of pain and then BT and Peter appeared and BT slobbered on Micky and Micky said "Ew that's gross BT" and went to get a water fountain and he came back and Davy looked at him funny and said "'Ey man you're supposed to leave them ON the wall!" and Micky went "WHaaa?" and put it back with glue and gum and then Peter decided he wanted a popsicle and tried to grab Al in the drumstick but she moved and punched him out and BT laughed and Al grimaced and BT melted in fear and Micky walked in her and got BT all over his shoe and whined and Al laughed and BT whined and Mike walked in and everyone else disappeared and he was by himself and he was happy and then everyone reappeared and he was annoyed and said "GO AWAY" because he was playing backgammon with himself and then Davy went up to Mike and tapped him on the shoulder and Mike turned around and didn't see anyopne and Davy said "DOWN HERE" and then Mike looked down and got scared and ran away from lil old Davy and Davy knew what was coming and Micky and Mike and Peter and Al and BT knew what was coming and as it was supposed to be Davy got falled on again and everyone sampled his pants but they sucked cause it was the wrong ones and he forgot and so they all went to bed and Davy tried to find his good pants but he couldn't so he started whining and Al told him to shut up and he pulled the drumstick from her eye and beat her to death with it and Al came back to life and went HURRAH! cause it was out of her eye and she said "I CAN SEE AGAIN!" and danced about and fell on Davy because he was short and he said "Sample my pants" but she didn't and she ran away from scary Davy and his sample pants and found Micky with BT still on his shoe and he picked up Micky and threw him out the window and started playing his drums badly and Micky came back in and sat on Al and turned her into a whoopie cushion and Al made silly noises and then BT went to sample Davy's pants but Davy was asleep and she didn't want to wake him up so she just stole his pants and Davy woke up and had not pants for others to sample. The end.

One day BT took Davy's hair and Davy got mad cause he was bald and BT put Davy's hair on Fuzzy Micky and threw fuzzy Micky hair out the window and Micky didn't mind Davy hair but Davy wanted his hair back and Micky said BT would bite his pants just cause and BT accepted the offer and Davy came over and beat BT to a creamy pulp and served her for dinner but she gave everyone terrible heart burn and Al sighed and turned her back and then BT gave Davy a wig that looked like his hair and Davy would have none of it so BT reluctantly gave Davy back his hair and Micky was bald and BT was scared because she threw out his old hair and Micky beat BT to a creamy pulp and served her for lunch but no one ate her and she was highly offended and then she gave Micky a mohawk and hit in Peter's mind til it grew back. THE END

Once Davy couldn't find his pants, and and and so he put this dress on, and went around asking if people wanted to sample his dress, & Mike said "GET AWAY FROM MEEEEEE" and started eating his hat & Peter said "Can I sample your hat?" and Mike thought about that for a minute and said "No but would you like to sample my shirt cuff? Here," and Peter did, but he didn't like it. Then BT tried to sample Micky's pants and he threw her and she hit a wall and broke into a bout four pieces and Al came inwith a dustpan and swept her up into it & then she poured her in the trashcan and BT protested loudly and repeatedly but Davy was asking everybody if anyone wanted to sample his dress and Micky said OKAY and he hated it but then Peter liked it but then Davy's dress broke and so he had to go find overalls and Davy came back in overalls and everyone said WHY'RE YOU WEARIN THOSE and Davy suddenly turned into a chicken & BT said 'OOH OOH let's COOK him!' and Peter said "OOH I wanna sample the feathers!!" and Mike said "Yum...chicken" but then Micky stepped on Davy chicke nand he starte squawking a lot and then BT turned him into a horse & Micky got stepped on a lot by Davy horse and then Mike sampled Davy's mane and Al said "NOBODY ELSE IS TO SAMPLE ANYTHING" and BT said but I wanna sample Micky's hair and Micky said "WHAAAAA" and Davy horse said "you must be joking" and so Al turned him into davy davy again and Peter went to find some food THE END

One day Mike fell out the window because he was being a klutz & Peter saw his hand hanging onto the ledge & grabbed it but fell out the window too & then Micky came & grabbed Peter & fell down out the window & Davy came in and saw a foot on the windowsill & so he shoved it off & they all fell down and Al came and said DAVY WHY DID YOU DO THAT and BT said ooh look a pile of Monkees eehehe and Al & Davy both hit her with a big stick & the remaining Monkees were in traction for weeks, the end

One day Micky got a huge crush on Al and Al was like EWW NO GET AWAY and BT got mad and tried to kill Micky but Micky just shoved her orff and it made her MAD and then Davy started to have a crush on BT and BT liked it and got married the end.

One Day Al realized she did like Davy after all and killed BT and got married to Davy but Davy hated her and used her a s a clothesline and BT came back and decided to like Mike the end.

One day Peter got a terrific crush on Al who was very scared and hid under the couch and BT laughed and pointed and laughed until Mike liked her and then she got scared because she had decided liking Mike was no fun and so she whined at Micky who giggled and pointed and laughed at her foopy plight and Davy said "Hmmm" and ate pound cake and didn't really pay much attention to the whole thing THE END

One day Davy liked Al again for the 239847312947239 time but Al didn't anymore and Davy cried and Peter consoled him and then Peter realized he liked Al too and he took away Davy's poundcake which made Davy mad and Davy got Micky to make Peter give him back the cake because he was too short to do it himself and he decided liking Al was stupid and Al was offended and she didn't like anyone and BT liked Peter who was like her grandad and Peter was grossed out and Al was mad and Al made BT write "I am not soap" 200 times on the blackboard next to Peter's subconscious control room.
The end.

Once upon a time Micky hated BT but BT had begun to grow on his leg from constant waterings and so he had her removed and thrown out in the trash
then everyone was happy and BT was growing on the side of a tree. The end.

One day BT decided to stop growing on things as it was a digustingly parasitic habit & she went & smooched Micky just to gross Al out & then Micky picked her up by the hair & flung her at Mike who said, "Who's up for a game of keep away," and Peter got in the middle & they all played keepaway with BT and then Davy wound up in the middle and stayed there for eight hours because he was so short and it only ended because BT accidentally gave him a concussion and then she said Oops and smooched Micky who just gave up & beat her to death with an arm belonging to nobody knew who THE END

One day Micky flung BT by the hair and her hair came orff and never grew back and she never kissed Micky EVER again. The End.

Once upon a time, there was a little midget percussionist and his three giant friends. The little midget liked to wander around on a daily basis, looking for chicks. His name was Davy. One day the Midget Davy found two figments. They were Figment Midgets. So the midget took the figment midgets back to the three giant friends and introduced them.
"Hey, they are my midget figments!" said Giant Peter.
"Wow, they look stupid," Said Midget Micky.
"Hey I'm not a midget!" said Giant Micky.
"That's better," said Giant Mike.
"So what do we do with the midget and his two midget figments?" asked Giant Peter.
Giant Mike had no clue. "This is confusing," he said.
"Yeh, it is." said Midget Davy and tralalaed off to find some food because he was hungry.
Giant Mike also went. He liked to look for chicks too, but of the battered and fried type. Midget Davy liked these types of chicks too. One might say he was a stickler for Chicks.
"Hey, you people suck!" said Strange Sassip.
"Get out of here, you were not asked here yet." said Giant Mike.
Strange Sassip made a face and retreated into the gloomy haze that is the side-of-the-story-that-is-not-lit-up-by-the-narrative-yet. "HMPH!" she sniffed and practiced punting.
So they all ran around and eventually discovered Strange Sassip and all was well.
"Well, that was a dumb story." said Giant Mike.
"I don't liek being called Giant!" said Giant Peter.
"Yeh that author is messing with us on purpose!" said Midget Davy.
"Hey don't look at me!" said Midget Figment Al and shrugged.
Midget Figment BT fidgeted in figmental strife.
"What's the matter with you?" asked someone dumb.
"This story is uncomfy," said Figment Midget BT. And thus it ended.

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