Oh Goody, More Regression

One day BT decided she wanted to try & read Al's mind and so she tried. And she couldn't. She tried again & still couldn't. But then she could. "Look look look!! IT's PASTA!!" MT shrieked.
"MT why did you shriek 'look it's pasta'?!" said Peter.
"Um dunno, gimme pops," said MT & so they gave him pops.
"I knew you were going to do that," said BT at Al.
"Well duh," said Al & didn't care.
"I knew you were gonna say that."
"That, too."
"And that."
Al took a deep breath & said, "Creamed corn is like prunes with no cheese. Did you know I was gonna say THAT?!"
"Yes," said BT.
"I don't believe you," said Al & went to look for her socks.
"They're in your sock drawer, idiot," said BT.
"Stop that," said Al & then a big thing fell on her head & she thought she was a kid. But since BT had established a mind link with her she thought she was a kid too.
"OOOH hi MT my pwaymate fwiend! C'n I have one of those?" said Al, pointing at the lemmyade pops.
"Okay," MT said agreeably & gave her a rather sticky lemmyade pop.

Then Micky & Peter & Davy came in carrying a Christmas tree. Well, Micky & Peter were...Davy was riding on it but nobody noticed that because he was so teeny weeny.
"What you got that for, it's only August," said Mike.
Davy shrugged, hopped down, & went to look for Sassip.
"You're silly," said Al. "It's not Twimmas, is summew."
"Well, we have one anyway," said Peter & put it down.
"Eep," said BT & hid behind MT.
"BT OKAY?!" shouted Al & hit BT on the head.
"Eeeeeeek," said BT & curled up & hid behind MT. Al poked her with a stick.
"I'm not your mommyyyy I'm only four," said BT & stuck her fingers in her mouth.
"Aawwwww," said Peter.
BT hid behind MT again, & he moved.
"EEEEK," shrieked BT.
"Stop that!" said Al & poked her with the stick again.
"Don't do vat," said BT.
"Eeehee mommy can't tawk wight," said Al.
"You can't eivew," said BT. "And I'm not youw mommy, I'm a wittwe giww."
"Hey, uh, quit typing with the Ws, 'cause it's fooping up the story," Micky pointed out at the authors. "Thanks."
"Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," said BT.
"Whaaattt?" said MT. "How come Mommy got little?"
"He's cute," said BT pointing at Micky & then she hid under the couch because she was stupid.
Micky made the worst face, since it hadn't made an appearance in a few stories, & propped the Christmas tree up because it was about to fall on Davy.
"Everything falls on Davy," said Peter unnecessarily.
"I KNOW," shouted Davy.

Micky decided BT was safe since she was only 4 and seemed to be abnormally shy (for BT) so he walked over to her & said, "Hey you know what? MT looks just like me, so he's cute too and he's your age so why don't you like him?! HUHHH?!! PLEASE?!"
BT glanced over at MT & then hid behind Micky.
"She's hopeless," said Mike & ate a croissant.
"Where'd you get that? I want one," said Davy.
"Noooo you want pound cake," said Al indignantly.
"Oh, yeah!" said Davy, brightening up. Then he zapped Micky just because he could.
Micky giggled and BT tried to rub his tush for him but he pushed her away irritably.
BT sulked back to Al and MT and tried to rub their tushes.
"You ooo!!!" said Al and punched BT.
"AHAHAH!" said MT and rolled around so that she couldn't rub his even if she wanted to now.
BT gripped her arm and made a scowl at everybody and then plopped down on the floor and refused to move. This, however, was pointless cause she was teensy weensy so they just picked her up and put her in the fridge.
Al ran around with MT and made everything sticky and BT whinged from the fridge until Micky decided he wanted a Coke.
"ARGH ITS A BT IN A BOX!" he shouted as BT leaped out at him and spilled his Coke everywhere. BT ran around.
"MT!" she cried and bit Micky on the leg.
"OUCH! Why did you do that BT?" said Micky rubbing his leg irritably.
BT looked confused. "Did what?" she asked stupidly.
"OH NEVER MIND!" shouted Micky, cleaning up the Coke and stalking away angrily.

BT ran around following the sticky mess to where Peter was. Peter was all sticky, so she poofed into his mind.
"I FOUNNNDDD YOU!" she shouted. She heard rabid giggling from the toy room. She popped in and found MT and Al fooping up her toys.
"NOOOO! MINE!" she shouted and beat them up.
But it wasn't very good beating ups cause she was little and dumb.
Al and MT giggled away cause it tickled and BT began to cry.
Al sighed and picked up a toy and threw it at BT's feet.
BT stopped crying and began to laugh happily and no one knew why she did it.
MT and Al went outside to look for pie and Davy tush.
No body knew why.
So then Mike came in and made a face. "What are you looking at Davy like that for?!"
Al and MT giggled and ran orff.
BT returned seconds later saying, "THEY ARE FOOPY THEY CAN'T BUIWD FINGS WIGHT!" and ran around in a circle for two hours & then curled up on the couch & went to sleep and nobody knew why.
Then MT came in and shrieked, "PIIIITAAAAAAAAAA!!"
Peter ran in and yelled "WHAT WHAT WHAT?!"
And MT sort of looked at him & wavered around and said, "Nuuuuffing."

Peter had a popsicle.
Mike had a ratchet screwdriver.
Davy had pound cake.
Sassip had Davy. By the hair.
Micky had Coke. In a bottle. Weehee.
BT had sleepiness.
MT had a lemmyade pop.
Al had Tinker Toys.
Everyone was happy.

Then Micky pointed at BT & said, "Aww isn't she cute," & then finished his Coke.
"Wasn't that DUMB?!" said Mike & hit Micky with the ratchet screwdriver & when he woke up they thought he thought he was five but he didn't which is good.
"Nah, THAT was dumb," said Davy & tried to extricate himself from Sassip with no success.
Suddenly BT sat up.
"I WANT MY KOALA!!" she sniffed.
"You want your WHAT?" said Davy.
"Koawa? You don't have a koawa," said Al.
"Yes I dooo, I want him!" said BT in foopy childish distress.
"Here's a koala," said Micky, picking Davy up & depositing him on BT.
"EEUUUGHGH!!" she shrieked & kicked him off. "He's not soft & cuddly. He's foopy & short."
"YES HE IS!" shouted Al & everyone stared at her.
"Ummmm...pwetty day?" she said & giggled.
"YOU'RE nice and cuddly," said BT & leaned on Micky, who rolled his eyes & picked BT up & put her on Al & walked away to find Coke.
"ICKY he's not cuddwy at AWW, he's aww foopy," said Al & made a terrible kiddie face at Micky.
"Well, THANKS," said Micky and then remembered that he wasn't there, and had walked away, so he left again real quickly.
"PIIIIIITA," said MT. "How come Mommy's tiiiiiiny?"
"I dunno," said Peter. Then he picked BT up, propped her up against a wall so she was standing on her head, & started singing Merry Go Round.
"PIIITA?! It's scawyyyy!" said Al hiding.
"Why does evewyone pick me up and make me do dumb fings?" said BT & fell over.

Al laughed hard and busted a gut and fell over and got punted by Sassip into the wall and then she died and BT was back to normal and MT thought it was the funniest thing and Micky was highly amused and Mike was watching his sparkplug and BT was back to normal and Micky was eating fudge and Peter was watching the Brady Bunch episode when Marcia gets hit with the football and Davy was feeding Sassip BT and Peter was eating popsicles and then Micky thought it would be fun to use Sassip as a lawn ornament and took her outside and ppl saw her and honked loudly and then Mike told him to get her back in there cause she swallowed Davy and he was screaming funnily and then he remembered that she didn't eat Davy but at BT and then they all wondered why BT was screaming liek Davy and Davy shrugged and went "I dunno. DOn't ask me!" and Sassip got heart burn and spit BT out and she started to fade cause Al died and Peter was like "NOOOO" and Al came back to life enough so that BT wouldn't fade and then BT poked Al so hard with a stick that Al popped up and chased after her with a bazooka and a pack of Tic Tacs and shot every last one up BT's nose until her brains became Tic Tacs and that's why she makes that funny rattling noise when she walks. The End.

Next Issue: MT decides Al is his mother.

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