Al's Story About BT's Pants

One day BT's pants got up and walked on their own accord.
"OH! No!' said BT and ran around trying to catch them.
But it was to no avail so she hunkered down ito Davy's.
"Get outta my pants!" screeched Davy in horror.
"But but but....." said BT.
"Micky wears the skorts in this family." said Peter amiably.
"WHAT!??!" shouted Micky and washed Peter's mouth out with soap. "No figment of mine says I wear skorts!"
"But what is that you're wearing then?" asked Mike.
"OH! Its.. its.. *SKORTS!*" shouted Micky and ran off on the verge of tears.
"WHY is BT wearing my pants!?" shouted Davy.
"But she's not WEARING them, she's all stuffed into one leg see?" said Al and crawled into the other leg.
"Oh, oh get your own midget pants!" shouted BT and smacked Al about the head and face.
"Ouch!" shouted Al and fell over, taking the pants and BT with her.
They rolled around on the floor hissed and scratched and bit and elbowed until Davy's pants decided to put to rest this manner and got out Wonder Belt.

"Oh you FOOOL!" hissed Al, as BT had parked herself in Pants McCloy and they were in for it now.
Davy looked with starry eyes at his super hero pants and never begrudged a minute that their gabardine wonderness was on him.
"Ewww." said Peter pointedly.
"Don't do that." said Micky with a mouth full of Oreos and birdseed.
"WERE YOU IN MY MINDPAD AGAIN!?" demanded Peter.
"Uh..... maybe... not..." said Micky and looked agape.
"I HAVE WINGS!" said Mike stupidly off to the side, since no one was paying him anymind.
"Yes yes and I have a tail and Micky has an antler and Peter is a figment blah blah I want Pants McCloy back!" said Davy.
"OH! He's right! I've begun to molt again!" shouted Micky and looked around for his other antler, as one antler is unstylish.
The other antler was naturally planted on BT's head.
"HEHEHEE" she said and made to smack Al in the face but Al grabbed her antennae and squeezed.
"OW OW OW OW OOOOOWIEOUCHIE!" shouted BT, but Pants would have none of that, for he was a Thingypants of great means and demanded to be tugged accordingly.

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