Micky and BabyFace-d MT
Thanks to Gina, who gave us the idea for the plot.

Once upon a time, MT was playing outside with a rubber ball, because that was what kids did in those days. They had rubber balls to play with in hundred-degree weather & snow, and that was good enough for them. And they had to walk uphill both ways to...never mind.

Then because he was foopy his rubber ball ran out in the street & he stopped and looked both ways, because he was a Good Little Boy. However, a big long black car immediately ran over it before he could get it.
"WAAAAAAAHHH!!" MT started shrieking immediately. Then the car stopped & a guy stepped out of it.
"Hi Micky! Why do you have a car that runs over running balls and I thought you were in the pad playing checkers with a box of turnips??" MT greeted him.
The guy stared at him. "You're not Micky Dolenz, are you?"
"NUH-UH! I'm MT and you ran over my thingie with your stuff, can I have it back puh-lease? Ooh hey mister do you have lemmyade pops? And how come you look like Micky & meeee?" said MT hopping around dumbly.
"I'll give you uh...the pop things if you go find Micky & tell him he needs to come outside, but don't tell him I'm here, okay kiddo?" said the Micky lookalike person thing.
"OKEY-DOKEY!!" said MT & ran off toward the pad, screaming, "MOMMY, BT, MICKY, THERE'S A FUNNY MAN OUT FRONT WHAT LOOKS LIKE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AND MICKY THING!!!!" he screeched.

BT then poofed in from Peter's mind to the front yard & was surprised at a big car hearse like thing being there.
"Mickyyyy what're you doing with a hearse & why are you dressed like that & have I told you lately that I love you," she said & attached herself to the guy's leg.
"I'M NOT MICKY, GET OFF ME!" he yelled.
"Awww you're so cute when you're all loud & obnoxious," BT cooed. Then MT came running outside with Al & Micky in tow...literally. He had them both by the ankles. He held Micky up.
"I found him, Mister Man," MT said happily.
"Uh-oh, there's THREE!" said BT in alarm, hastily jumping off the guy & standing back. "Which one of you is Micky?"
"Not meee!" they chorused.
"Oh you're no fun anymore," said BT & went off to hide.
Micky looked scared. "Uh.. BabyFace?" he said.
"The one and only.." said BabyFace, striking an evil pose.
"OMIGOSH EVIL POSE!" shouted MT and began runnning around sillily.
BT looked happy but she couldn't decide who to cling to, so she just stared at all three. "One more and I'll be in heaven!" said BT, and was about to poof one up when Al kicked her so hard she popped into the next story.
She came back in about 5 minutes. "Hey Al! There's this thing and Micky and it goes and things happen and he dies and then..."
"Stuff it, BT, I'm trying to concentrate on THIS story!" said Al and shoved a dirty gym sock into BT's mouth.
"OASIRHIAUHFDIAHNS!" said BT and ran away to get stringent mouth wash.

Al looked at BabyFace, Micky and MT. They were easy to tell apart really. Micky looked dumb, MT looked silly, and BabyFace looked evilly confident.
"Micky, stop being dumb. It doesn't suit you well." said Al, mulling over the situation some more.
"But but.. him.. me.. Crrruuusshhh die killl maaaiimmeee!" Micky whined.
"Nah, I won't let him do that!" said Al.
"HA! A little girly thing you have protecting you huh?" said BabyFace, smashing Al into the ground.
"Ooofffff, maybe not Mick..." said Al and promptly wilted.
"Hey I didn't know she was a flower!" said Peter.
"Where's Daaavvvyyy!?" said Al.
"Wilted flower mommy talks!" said MT.
Davy walked in. "Man, what's this weed doing here by the three Mickys and a Peter?"
He plucked Al out of the ground and Al turned back to normal. "MY HERO!" she shrieked and Davy was so shocked her dropped her.
"Ah ah, don't go being all dead again.." said Al.
"BUT YOU SHOCKEEED ME!" shouted Davy fritzing miserably
. "MY story!" shouted BabyFace and grabbed Micky.
"OH oh oh.. wh-what do you w-want, BabyFace??" said Micky.
"You are going to help me pull a heist man!" said BabyFace, most despicably.

BT wandered in with a barrel full of the strongest mouthwash they sell to 14 year olds. "PUT HIM DOWN!" she shrieked and jumped on Micky.
"No.. no... I'm Micky, THAT'S BabyFace!" said Micky painfully.
"No, I'M Micky!" said BabyFace but then he was disgusted and flung BT orff.
"Get orff you stupid gymsock breathed girl thing!"
"OH MICKY!" shouted BT and jumped on Babyface and began to pound the lights out of him.
And indeed she did. She go three coloured Christmas strings, 5 white, and 3 GE light bulbs that were buy one get one free at participating dealerships.
"Hey!" said BabyFace, trying to gather up his lights.
"AHAHAHAHA WHat's a crime lord doing with lights?!" shouted Al, Davy, Micky, and BT.
"SHut up the lot of you! I'm gonna tear you apppaaarrrttt!" said BabyFace.
"No, that's MY line!" said Davy. "GIMME!"
"Ugh you people are asking for it!" shouted BabyFace and took out a gun.
"Uh.... uh.. WHAT!?" said Mike stumbling in because one of the authors went behind the set and made Mike get out of bed.
"MIIKE! We'RE SAVED!" shouted everyone.
"No man, I don't want to BE in these things anymore with the guns and the lights and the poundcake and the Davys......"
"Hey man!" said Davy.
"Sorry Babe, but I'm going to bed. Night!"
"Hold it right there!" said BabyFace. Mike turned around slowly and had a gun up his nose.
"PRIVACY!" he shouted.
"Sorry." said BabyFace and took it out from Mike's nose and placed it right up against his nose. "Better?"
"Yeh.. go on."
"Anyway,... uh...."
"Hold it right there?" said Peter helpfully.
"Oh, yeh.. HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" said BabyFace. "You ain't going NOWHERE until you help me with this heist!"

Suddenly Sassip broke through the front door, and ran right into BabyFace to get to Davy.
"ARE YOU A GHOST AGAIN?!" she shouted and punted him 5 miles away.
"Ooops......." she said and giggled dumbly. She grabbed all the Micky look-alikes and shoved them into her pouch.
"OH NO! Sassip! Now we can't tell who's who!" said Peter.
"I can." said Al.
"Not if they act you can't." said Mike.
"Oh.." said Al. "But I can always tell my MT snookums baby!"
Everyone made gross faces at her. "Is it just me or is she getting too much like BT lately?" asked Davy, who was dreading the moment when Al started clinging to him all the time.
"Well maybe a little but oh well," said Mike, and kicked Davy. "How did you get back so fast?!"
"Ow man! I took a cab yeesh!" said Davy hopping up and down.
"A cabyeesh?" said BT in a perplexed tone.
"SHADDAP!!" BabyFace yelled & pointed the gun at BT, who snorted.
"I'm a FIGMENT chickie Micky freak thing you moron, that won't hurt meeee," she said in a disgusted tone & turned the gun into pound cake.
"OH YUM!" said Davy & Micky & started fighting over it until Al broke it into equal portions & they each scoffed some.

"What the?!" BabyFace said in disbelief.
Al gave BT the Worst look. "BT..." she said.
"Oops, I'm not asposeta tell people, huh," BT said.
"OH MY GOSH!! SHE'S SUCH AN IDIOT!!" said Micky & started rolling around laughing.
"You goin' to a chicken fry party, Mick?" asked Mike.
"Nope, just rolling," said Micky. "Oh, okay," said Mike & rolled off to bed before anyone could stop him. "I WANNA ROLL!" said Sassip.
"NNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" shrieked Al.
"Why not?"
"OH NO! AL IS HORRORRR," Sassip cried & proceeded to bounce around. Muffled sounds of pain came from her pouch.
"LET THEM OUUUT," BT yelped & zapped Sassip.
"Nooo just Micky & MT," said Peter.
"Okay," said Sassip & released two Mickys.

"MICKYYYY," BT shrieked in relief & clung to one.
"You idiot, that's BABYFACE, can't you tell from what he's wearing?" Al said in disgust.
"Uh-uh! I'm MT, g'off me Bee-teeeee," he said & giggled.
"Well who's that one?" said Mike, pointing at the other one.
"I'm Micky," he said.
"How do we KNOW?" said Peter.
"What's your favorite food?" BT said accusingly.
"I like pound cake & BPFLs," he said.
"OHHH MICKY!!!!!" she shrieked & jumped around in a circle. Micky promptly started rolling around giggling. "OH MY GOSH, SHE'S SO DUMB!!"
"You already did that!!!" Sassip said & punted Micky. Unfortunately the zipper on her pouch broke & BabyFace jumped out.
"NOBODY MOVE!" he said pulling a gun.
"OH NO!!" said everyone except BT & Peter, and hid in various places.
"Peter, why aren't we hiding?" said BT.
"I don't know...you wanna get some fat-free yogurt?" asked Peter.
"Come on!! It's a stickup type thing!!" said BabyFace.
BT shrugged.
"Aren'tcha gonna HIDE?!" he said in exasperation.
BT shook her head.
"WELL I WILL THEN!!" he said, totally flipping & went to hide.
"Oh fun!" said Peter and hid.
BT then hid.

Everyone was hiding, but then Al, Micky & Mike got sick of their hiding places so they did a three-way switch.
Al was wandering around looking for a better place to hide because Micky's hiding place was dumb and Mike took her good one.
"Micky, hiding under a blanket behind your drums is the STUPIDEST hiding spot ever!" she shouted and ran right into BabyFace.
"AH! You're IT! Must.. Get.. Away..... COUNT DARNIT!" shouted Al and made him count to 70 before he realized he wasn't It.
"Come back you brat I'm not it!" he shouted.
Al peeked up from somewhere and giggled. "Yeah right buddy! I'm not as dumb as Mike looks!" and popped off again.
BabyFace looked horribly confused. Mike popped up.
"I HEARD THAT!" he bellowed. Then he saw Babyface.
"Micky! I thought you were hiding behind the drums man! Hey what's with the gun!? This is Hide and Seek, not Cowboys and Indians!" said Mike, promptly taking BabyFace's gun and breaking it in half.

"Wait a minute.. you aren't.... IT?!" said Mike in horror and ran off to hide somewhere.
"WHAT IS WITH YOU PEOPLE?!" shouted BabyFace. He began to look scared. Sassip appeared from out of nowhere and ranover BabyFace.
"MIKE IS HORRORRR I HEARD HIM HE IS HORROR!" she shrieked and exited through the large hole she made earlier in the front door.
BT tiptoed in and grabbed BabyFace. "YOU'RE IT! No.. no wait.. I wasn't it.. you must have already BEEN It! NOOOOOOOOOOO!" and she ran around screeching stupidly.
"I'M it!" said Micky poutily.
"No you're not!" said Peter. "I think Davy is!"
"He's too short to be IT! I am!" said Al.
"Nah you're shorter." said Davy.
"BT is it! She said so first!" said Mike.
"I think you're IT cause you're the tallest!" said Al.
"Yeh," said Peter. "I agree."
"Aw man, how come we always get these stupid characters that think they own the story? Like that Hat. He was evil!" said Al.
"SHUT UP SHUT UP OR I SHOOT YOU!" said BabyFace, spazzing all over the floor.
"That can't be healthy." said Mike.
"BabyFace bad bad!" said MT giggling.
"OMIGOSH! MT IS IT!" shouted everyone and scattered. MT was left standing around stupidly not knowing what to do. So he wandered off to find Lemonade pops, leaving just BabyFace who had as of late recently stopped spazzing, but on the verge of another attack.

"THESE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!" he shouted and spazzed some more.
"Thank you!" said Peter, coming out of hiding & doing a little dance of joy.
"Oh boy is that dumb," said Sassip who had a terrible hiding place since she was so large, & punted him.
"THAT'S NOT NICE!!" shrieked BT, leaping out of Micky's bass drum.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING NEAR MY DRUM SET??!!" Micky screeched, spazzing & crawling out of Mike's hat.
"I like my hiding place it's warm and comfy," said Davy from Sassip's pouch.
"Okay mister man, you can go away now," said MT cheerfully.
"NNOOO!" said BabyFace, picking Micky up under one arm & making off with him.
"WHAT?! NOOOOOOO!!!!" said Al.
"Alllll...that's not MT, it's MICKY," said BT. "Oh! It's Micky! MICKYYYYYY!!! NNOOOOOOOOOOO THEY CAN'T TAKE YOU NOOO WAAHAHA PLEASE NOOO," she shrieked & collapsed on the floor in a whimpering mass of incoherence.
"Is the sentient pound cake still around?" said Davy, popping his head out of Sassip's pouch.
"Uh-oh Micky go bye-bye," said MT cheerfully.
"STOP CHEERFULLYING!" said BT & immediately donned a black funeral veil as Sassip had in the last story.
"Save it for the next story," muttered Mike but nobody heard him except a sheep in Dorset.
"Uhoh," said Sassip.
"What?" said Peter & Al.
"I think...I THINK THE SHEEP ARE HORROR!!! OH MY GOSH!!" said Sassip & went berserk, flailing around & breaking furniture & making holes in the walls & squashing people until Al managed to poof her outside.

"Aaalll we have to get Micky back!" BT said whinily.
"Well, we could always find another drummer," Davy said carelessly.
"WHAT?!" said BT & made it rain onions on Davy.
"OH GUH!" said Davy.
"Guh??? Guh. GUH!! Ggguuuhhh??" said Al walking around in a confused stupor.
"Micky!! Micky!!" BT shrieked uselessly.
"Who?" said Mike.
"MICKY!!" said BT.
"Careful, don't be you know what," warned Al.
"What, horror?" said BT & Sassip freaked out again until Al dropped a piano on her head.
"That was a priceless Steinway!" Peter said in a shocked tone.
Al turned & looked at Peter. "Not anymore," she said coolly.
"Please no Pink Panther takeoffs!" said Davy pleadingly.
"OOohhhhh he's pleadingly," Al said & got swoony until BT zapped her lightly.
"Don't do that," she said.
"Look who's talking! You swoon 24-7, man!! Micky this Micky that Micky Micky OH I LOVE your cute hair oh you're so cute cling cling!!!" Al started rambling.
"OH I KNOW!!! He's so great," said BT and started rambling.
"No more rambling," said Peter loudly.
"Ooh. Peter has spoken," said Al & BT and quickly shut their noise.
"We have to find Micky," said Sassip pointlessly, waking up.
"Aw, you're awake," said Davy.
"Gee, thanks for bringing it to my attention, Sherlock," Sassip said sarcastically.
"OH alliteration!" said Mike.
"Okay, we have to look for Micky now..." BT said impatiently.
"Hush! Can't you see the author is busy with pointless dialogue?! There ARE more important things than the PLOT, you know," said Mike. "Where are you manners?"
"Sorry," muttered BT.
Al wandered around listlessly trying to think up a plan, whilst BT beat her with a stick to make it go in faster.
"BT that doesn't help!" said Al irritably.
"I know but it sure it fun!" said BT.

"Aw, you guys, man, all you have.. oh sheesh.." said Mike. He walked out, there was some loud clamour and in walked Mike carrying Micky under his arm.
BabyFace ran in quickly.
"GIVE HIM BACK! HE IS VITAL FOR MY OPERATION!" he shouted, tearing out his hair.
"OH NO NO PRETTY HAIR!" shouted BT but then checked herself as it was BabyFace.
Finally BabyFace gave up after trying 7 more times for Micky and 1 time for MT. He gave up on MT because vengeful mothers with mucho powers are bad to mess with.
The end.

P.S. Al was it from the start.
P.S.S. No she wasn't Peter was!
P.S.S.S. No, it was BT, obviously.
P.S.S.S.S.S. BT, shut your whining you git!
P.S.S.S.S.S.S. It was Micky I know it was man!
P.S.S.S.S.S.S.S. Shut up and talk to your poundcake, Davy.
P.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S. Okay...
P.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S. Okay, this is how it went. BabyFace WAS it and BT touched him stupidly thinking SHE was it and then she was it and no one knew it and then everyone thought MT was it but he wasn't and then he was confused and went to get a lemonade pop... got it?
P.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S. No, really, I was it!
P.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S. Shut up Mike.

Next Issue: A horriffic tale of love gorn astray when BT beats Micky mercifulleslly.. no.. what's that? OOOH she loves him to death OH THE HORROR UGHGHGHGHGHG *Warrrggghhhhh I got punted by Sassip!*

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