Al Misplaced Her Brain And Panicked Not
Part Of The Al And BT Chronicles Story

So one time Micky ditched BT in a pond of cold water and walked off to find some iced tea and BT got mad and assaulted him and Micky called the cops but BT poofed out and Micky tried to tell the cops about Al and BT but they were not there and the cops thought he was on something so they dragged him away and put him in a psych ward and Micky always acts dumb and foopy so they thought he really was nuts and BT came to visit and he said YOU COPS THERE SHE IS THERE SHE IS but BT was gone and Al came by and they arrested Al and Al couldn't pop out or they would arrest Peter and so Al had to stay in jail with Micky and she whooped Micky's ass at night when everyone was gone and Micky cried and cried and whined and Al got tired of it and so she stopped with the can of whoop ass and put it away and I wish I could ramble like this only NICELY in front of class but anyway, Al sat nicely by the window and made herself look small and helpless and Micky tried to get her in trouble but he only got himself in trouble like a lil kid who tries to get his lil sis in trouble and BT came in dressed like a nun and Al grabbed her by the collar and doinked her noise painfully and BT said OOOOWWWWW ALLLLLLLLLLL

and Al told the guards it was BT who opened up a can of whoopass on Micky and they believed her so BT was in jail with Al and Micky now and BT kept kissing Micky and Micky kept throwing Al out the window and Al whined and said "THROW BT OUT THE WINDOW!" but Micky was mad cause Al kept opening up cans of whoop ass on him so he kept throwing Al out the window and then BT kissed Al by accident and Al got mad and kicked BT out the window and BT never came back again but then she stuck her hand in the cell and tried to pull Micky out but he wouldn't go cause he wasn't a figment and the bars were on the window and Al got mad and opened up a can of whoopass on BT and BT ran away shrieking and Micky said "That was mean AL" so Al opened up another can of whoopass and Micky curled up into a ball and said "NO PLEASE!" and Al sighed and put it away and then Micky laughed evilly and grabbed the can and opened it on Al and Al shrieked and shrieked til the cops came and they arrested Micky but then they remembered he already was arrested so they pretened to arrest him and read him his rights again and Al was crying or so it seemed but she was reallyt laughing and Micky kicked her hard in the knee and Al fell over and whined and then Davy came by with some files of the court case and they said "Hey, what's this then?" and Davy said "I dunno, sorry guys" and took the files away in their manilla folders and they were bored cause they had no reading material for the can. Then, the next morning Al poofed up some money and got them released and BT popped out of Peter's mind and smacked Al for no reason and Al got mad and beat up BT but BT had a waffle iron so she turned Al into a waffle and Micky ate Al and Al got mad and gave Micky a tummy ache so Micky regurgitated Al and Al was all gross and opened up a huge can of whoop ass on BT and Micky and they both were lying there when Davy walked in and kicked Al for no reason and walked out and then Mike came in and kicked Peter who didn't do anything the whole story and he said "I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING THE WHOLE STORY!" and Davy said "YEH!" and Mike kicked Davy and Davy said "Don't do that" and Peter said "Don't do that" and everyone looked at Peter and he turned red and then Peter kicked BT cause it was the newest trend and Davy kicked Al and Al kicked Micky and Micky kicked Davy and BT kicked Mike and Peter kicked everyone and everyone got mad and kicked Peter and Peter started crying and they gave him BT frozen over icecream and he was having a nice time and then BT unfroze herself and Peter was mad and kicked her and then Al the author got upset as she has a speech tomorrow and CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING TO SAY!

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