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Vewy Good

Communic - Conspiracy in Mind
Through the Eyes of the Dead - Bloodlust
Arthemis - Back From the Heat
Roadrunner United - The All-Star Sessions
Deceased - Luck of the Corpse
Sunna - One Minute Silence
311 - Music
Trivium - Ascendancy


Total Number of Albums Reviewed: 136

Band Country Genre Reviewed
311 USA Pop Rock 1
A New Found Glory USA Pop Punk/Pop Rock 1
Accept Germany Traditional Metal 1
Agent Steel USA Speed Metal/Thrash Metal/Power Metal 1
Akela Hungary Thrash Metal/Traditional Metal 1
All Out War USA Hardcore/Crossover/Death Metal 1
Annihilator USA Thrash Metal 1
Apocalyptica Finland Symphonic (Cellos) Metal 1
Arch Enemy Sweden Melodic Death Metal/Gothenburg 2
Arthemis Italy Power Metal 1
Artillery Denmark Thrash Metal 1
Atomkraft UK Traditional/Speed Metal 1
Atreyu USA Emocore/Metalcore 1
Ayreon The Netherlands Progressive Metal 3
Bal-Sagoth UK Melodic Black Metal/Symphonic Metal 1
Behemoth Poland Black Metal (early), Black/Death Metal 1
Black Candle Luxembourg Black Metal 1
Black Sabbath UK Doom/Traditional Metal 1
Bleeding Through USA Metalcore 2
Blood Red Throne Norway Death Metal 2
Body Count USA Neo-Thrash/Hardcore/Rap Metal 1
Bolt Thrower UK Death Metal 1
Cannibal Corpse USA Death Metal 1
Cathedral UK Doom Metal 1
Children of Bodom Finland Power Metal 1
Communic Norway Progressive Metal 1
Coroner Switzerland Technical Thrash Metal 1
Cradle of Filth UK Death Metal (early), Gothic Metal 1
Cryptopsy Canada Death Metal/Grind 1
D.R.I. USA Crossover (Punk/Hardcore into Thrash Metal) 1
Dark Angel USA Thrash Metal 1
Death Angel USA Thrash Metal 1
Deceased USA Death Metal/Thrash Metal 1
Destruction Germany Thrash Metal 3
Dimmu Borgir Norway Melodic Black Metal/Symphonic Metal 1
Dismember Sweden Death Metal (w/ melodic tendencies) 1
Down USA Sludgy Southern Traditional Metal 1
Dream Theater USA Progressive Metal 1
Dreamaker Spain Power Metal 1
Einherjer Norway Viking Metal 1
Elvira Madigan Sweden Goth Metal/Black Metal/Atmospheric 1
End of All USA Death Metal 1
Ensiferum Finland Folk/Viking Metal 1
Evanescence USA Goth Rock 1
Exorcist USA Thrash/Speed Metal 1
Extol Norway Death Metal/Thrash Metal/Avant Garde 1
Exumer Germany Speed Metal/Thrash Metal 1
Falconer Sweden Power Metal 1
Fifth Angel USA Power Metal (first album), Traditional Metal 2
Firewind Greece Power Metal/Speed Metal 1
Flotsam and Jetsam USA Thrash Metal/Heavy Metal 1
Freedom Call Germany Power Metal 1
God Forbid USA Metalcore 1
Grimfist Norway Death/Thrash/Black Metal 1
Gwen Stefani USA Synth Pop, Retro Pop 1
Hammerfall Sweden Power Metal/Traditional Metal 2
Hatebreed USA Hardcore 1
Heathen USA Thrash/Speed Metal 1
Heavenly France Power Metal 1
Hibria Brazil Traditional Metal 1
Iced Earth USA Power Metal/Thrash Metal 1
Incubus (US) USA Rock 1
Inquisitor The Netherlands Death Metal 1
Iron Maiden UK Traditional Metal/NWOBHM 3
Johansson Sweden Progressive Metal/Power Metal 1
Judas Priest UK Traditional Metal 1
Korn USA Nu-Metal 1
Kreator Germany Thrash Metal 1
Laaz Rockit USA Thrash Metal 1
Lamb of God USA Groove Metal 1
Lullacry Finland Melodic Metal/Melodic Hard Rock 1
Mandator The Netherlands Thrash Metal 1
Mayhem Norway Black Metal 1
Melvins USA Doom/Sludge Metal 1
Moonspell Portugal Goth Metal/Folk Metal 1
Morbid Angel USA Death Metal 1
Mortification Australia Christian Death Metal 1
Motley Crue USA Traditional Metal/Glam Rock 1
Motorhead UK Traditional Metal/Speed Metal 1
Nargaroth Germany Black Metal 1
Nocturnal Breed Norway Thrash Metal/Black Metal 1
Onward USA Progressive/Power Metal 1
Ordinary Boys, The UK Indie Rock, The Clash revival 1
Pantera USA Glam/Traditional (early) Thrash/Groove Metal 3
Passenger Sweden Nu-Metal/Electronica/Hard Rock 1
Persuader Sweden Power Metal 1
Royal Hunt The Netherlands Progressive Metal 4
Roadrunner United USA Assorted Metal 1
Running Wild Germany Traditional/Speed Metal 1
Russell Allen USA Bluesy Hard Rock/Metal 1
Samson UK Traditional Metal/NWOBHM 1
Satan's Host USA U.S. Power Metal (early), Death/Black Metal 1
Scorpions Germany Traditional Metal/Hard Rock 1
Sepultura Brazil Thrash Metal/Post-Thrash/Nu-Metal 1
Sevendust USA Hard Rock/Nu-Metal 1
Sikth UK Avant Garde 1
Skid Row USA Glam Rock/Traditional 80's Metal 1
Sodom Germany Thrash Metal 1
Soilwork Sweden Gothenburg 1
Sonata Arctica Finland Power Metal 1
Staind USA Nu-Metal/Hard Rock 1
Sunna UK Atmospheric Rock 1
Tankard Germany Thrash Metal 1
The Police UK New Wave/Reggae/Rock 1
Therion Sweden Death Metal (early), Symphonic Metal 2
Through the Eyes of the Dead USA Metalcore 1
Toxik USA Thrash Metal 1
Trans-Siberian Orchestra USA Orchestral Rock/Metal (w/ assorted other genres) 1
Trivium USA Metalcore/Melodic Neo-Thrash 1
Unida USA Stoner Metal/Sludge Metal/Hard Rock 1
Vader Poland Death Metal 1
Viperine Sweden Power Metal/Trad. Metal 1
White Zombie USA Groove Metal/Post-Thrash/Industrial 1
Wolfsheim Germany Synth Pop/Gothic Electronica 1
Wolverine Sweden Progressive Metal 1
Wumpscut Germany Industrial/Gothic Electronica 1
Zandelle USA Power Metal/Traditional Metal 1


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