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Inquisitor - Walpurgis - Sabbath of Lust (1996) Reviewed on 8/14/04

Vewy Good

Nation: The Netherlands

Album Genre: Death Metal

Pros: Superior musicianship, constant blast beats that actually work for the sound (in addition to overall drumming that is very superior), and some OUTRAGEOUS high pitched vocals unlike any other, make up this only album Inquisitor put out before reforming under the name Centurian. This is, I think, an overlooked album because it is so far in the underground. All that can be said is, if you are a death metal fan, you MUST listen to this album for an original sound during a decade that was filled to the brim with shitty wanna-be death metal acts. These guys truly stood out, and is truly a diamond in the rough. My favorite track is probably "Jehovas Downfall."

Cons: None


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