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NOTE: I have tried to find and/or take images from the actual concert that I went to.


3 Doors Down (Rock)
3 Inches of Blood (Trad. Metal w/ aggressive vox)

5 Minutes Hate (2x) (Metalcore)
A Dozen Furies (Metalcore)
A Life Once Lost (Metalcore)
All That Remains (3x) (Melodic Death)
American Head Charge (nu-metal)
American Pearl (Rock)
Arch Enemy (2x) (Melodic Death Metal)
As I Lay Dying (2x) (Metalcore)
Behemoth (Black Metal/Death Metal)
Between the Buried and Me (2x) (Metalcore)
Beyond the Embrace (Melodic Death Metal)
Beyond the Sixth Seal (Melodic Death Metal)
Bleeding Through (2x) (Metalcore)
Bongzilla (Sludge/Doom Metal)
Brand New Sin (Trad./Hard Rock)
Burnt by the Sun (Grind/Metalcore)
Bury Your Dead (2x) (Metalcore)
Byzantine (Death/Metalcore)
Children of Bodom (Power Metal)
Chimaira (2x) (Nu-metal)
Creed (Rock)
Crematorium (Death Metal)
Cryptopsy (Death Metal/Grind)

Dark Tranquillity (Melodic Death/Gothenburg)
Darkest Hour (Melodic Death Metal)
Demiricous (Thrash Metal)
Diecast (2x) (Metalcore)
Dio (Traditional Metal)
Drowning (Hardcore)
Eighteen Visions (Metalcore)
Enforsaken (Melodic Death Metal)
Evergreen Terrace (2x) (Metalcore)
Every Time I Die (Metalcore)
Exodus (Thrash Metal)
Fall to Ashes (Hardcore)
Fireball Ministry (Hard Rock/Trad. Metal)
Goatwhore (Death Metal)
God Forbid (2x) (Metalcore/Melodic Death)
Hara Kiri (Death Metal)
Hate Eternal (Death Metal)
Howling Syn (Goth Metal)

Human Decline (Metalcore)
Hypocrisy (Death Metal)
Ice Pick (Nu-Metal/Hardcore)

Iced Earth (Thrash/Power Metal)
Inner Visions (2x) (Reggae)
Internal Bleeding (Death Metal)
Iron Maiden (Traditional Metal)
It Dies Today (Metalcore)
Kataklysm (2x) (Death Metal)
Killswitch Engage (2x) (Metalcore)
King Diamond (Trad. Metal)
Lacuna Coil (Goth Metal)
Lamb of God (Groove/Metalcore)
Locked in a Vacancy (Metalcore)
Machine Head (Post-Thrash/Nu-Metal)
Mastodon (2x) (Death Metal/Metalcore)
Misery Index (Death Metal)
Megadeth (Thrash Metal)
Nevermore (2x) (Power/Thrash/Trad Metal)
Nile (Death Metal)

Noctuary (2x) (Black Metal)
November's Doom (Death/Doom Metal)
Obituary (Death Metal)

Opeth (2x) (Death/Goth Metal)
Pillory (Grind)
Premonitions of War (2x) (Metalcore/Grind)
Psyopis (Metalcore/Grind)
Reflux (Metalcore)
Shadows Fall (2x) (Metalcore/Thrash Metal)
Skinless (Death Metal)
Slayer (Thrash Metal)
Speed Kill Hate (Thrash Metal)
Soilent Green (Death/Grind/Sludge Metal)
Soilwork (Gothenburg)
Sonata Arctica (Power Metal)
Strapping Young Lad (2x) (Death Metal)
Suffocation (Death Metal)
The Apostacy (Melodic Death Metal)
The Black Dahlia Murder (2x) (Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal)
The Haunted (2x) (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
The Red Chord (2x) (Death/Grind)
Throwdown (2x) (Hardcore)
Trivium (Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal)
Twelve Tribes (Metalcore)

Uphill Battle (Death/Grind)
Unearth (Metalcore)

Violence Sequence (Progressive Doom Metal)
Walls of Jericho (Hardcore)
Zao (Metalcore/Death/Grind)


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