The Intuitive Universes

According to Joseph_Sixpack

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Chapter  1)  A Modest Forward

Chapter  2)  All about Joseph Sixpack 

Chapter  3)  Here is Gravity 101

Chapter  4)  The Snot Standard Model

Chapter  5)  The Podding factor

Chapter  6)  Meditations on the Mystical Graviton

Chapter  7)  The Particle Physics of the Magnetar

Chapter  8)  The Universe+ according to Joe Sixpack

Chapter  9)  Big Bubbles in Space

Chapter 10)  A little bit about Gravity Waves

Chapter 11)  Black Energy Holes in Space

Chapter 12)  The Celestial Firecrackers E-Stars in space

Chapter 13)  Binary Black Hole Radiation Pumps

Chapter 14)  A little bit about Quasars

Chapter 15)  A little bit about nasty Clusters

Chapter 16)  Just what is a Singularity anyhow?

Chapter 17)  God's 4th Dimensional Theoretically Perfect Justice.

Chapter 18)  The roll of our Mens Rea

Chapter 19)  Towards a possible Theory of Everything

Chapter 20)  The Secret Addenda

Chapter 21)  Dark Matter

Chapter 22)  Negative Energy?

Chapter 23)  Entropy

Chapter 24)  Time Travel 101

Chapter 25)  The Twilight Zone

Chapter 26)  Post Accretion Velocity

Chapter 27)  The Neutrino = Photon + Electrino

Chapter 28)  The One Particle Universe 

Chapter 29)  Our Exploding Sun

Chapter 30)  Galactic Formation in the Early Universe

Chapter 31)  The Last Book of GW-Basic

Chapter 32)  Odds and Ends

Chapter 33)  What is Mass

Chapter 34)  An alternate hypothesis of Galactic Formation

Chapter 35)  The Invisible Nova

Chapter 36)  In the matter of Gravitational Collapse

Chapter 37)  Meditations on the Power of Darkness

Chapter 38)  A relook at the cubic compression  model

Chapter 39)  The journey up, or the journey down country?

Chapter 40)  Fahrenheit 136 ...

Chapter 41)  More on Sunspots and the Maunder Minimum

Chapter 42)  Hypotheses concerning Heat Regulation in Nature

Chapter 43)  Is there AntiGravity?

Chapter 44)  Just who is a Scientist anyhow?

Chapter 45)  Who paints the spots on Jupiter?

Chapter 46)  More Post Accretion Velocity

Chapter 47)  A few words about Heat

Chapter 48)  Cosmic Background Radiation and the Doppler Effect

Chapter 49)  The strange case of Dirt and SuperDirt

Chapter 50)  Meditations on the goofy Photon

Chapter 51)  Meditations on the missing Ether 

Chapter 52)  Joe takes another shot at understanding Time

Chapter 53)  Can Mass travel faster than Light?

Chapter 54)  A hypothesis concerning the Viscosity of space

Chapter 55)  A few sentences about Topology and the Cosmos

Chapter 56)  Revisiting Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Chapter 57)  Meditations on the existence of Parallel worlds.

Chapter 58)  A few notes on the search for the Holy Grail.

Chapter 59)  In the matter of Galaxy 3C438

Chapter 60)  A few notes on SN2006gy and W49b

Chapter 61)  Geomagnetic reversal during Maunder Maximum in 3000 A.D.

Chapter 62)  Atmospheric causation of Venus winds.

Chapter 63)  Possible reasons for Geomagnetic & Gravitational anomalies.

Chapter 64)  Mediations on the Yogi 'chant' word OM

Chapter 65)  So, the Kingdom of Heaven dwells within you, does it?

Chapter 66)  A few sentences on the Latin Mass controversy

Chapter 67)  Four Letters from home.

Chapter 68)  Meditations on the 50 greatest mysteries
             in the Universe       

Chapter 69)  Time Dilation in Galatic Clusters

Chapter 70)  Another look at the Cubic Compression Model
             theory in the Snot Standard Model in chapter 4.

Chapter 71)  A few sentences about Gamma Ray Bursts

Chapter 72)  Looking at Time as conventional field theory 

Chapter 73)  More TIME field insights.

Chapter 74)  Big Bang & Time  & Dilation.

Chapter 75)  Have some more Æther

Chapter 76)  A look at Galactic rotation and missing mass.

Chapter 77)  Yet another peek at Gamma Ray Bursts

Chapter 78)  Kicking around Time Dilation & Radiation

Chapter 79)  A couple of sentences about  protons & the Higgs

Chapter 80)  The realities of congressional Economic Stimulus Packages

Chapter 81)  What happens to Protons, Particles, Fields, Energy when TIME stops?

Chapter 82)  Mass under extreme dilation conditions

Chapter 83)  Taking a Census of the dimples

Chapter 84)  Are all protons created equal?

Chapter 85)  How did the solar system form anyhow?

Chapter 86)  How to make a Jupiter
             (or other gas planets) in your spare time.

Chapter 87)  Looking at SuperNova sn1987a

Chapter 88)  A few sentences on Fine Arts

Chapter 89)  A short story about a Carpet

Chapter 90)  Atmospheric equilibriums and Breathing Lessons

Chapter 91)  The Theoretical Subquantum Legotrino and the Standard Model

Chapter 92)  A few sentences on Mini-BlackHoles

Chapter 93)  a monumental essay on Low Temperature Fusion

Chapter 94)  The seas of Mars

Chapter 95)  A few sentences on the Field nature of Reality

Chapter 96)  Is the universe accelerating in its expansion?

Chapter 97)  The Cosmos and the Bose-Einstein Condensate

Chapter 98)  The prospect of under-ocean calderas

Chapter 99)  A few more sentences about solar temperature variation

Chapter 100) A few thoughts on creating Mass from Radiation

Chapter 101) The Æther, Lightwaves & Invisibility

Chapter 102) The Class

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