JJ's Yaoi fics, page 3

Thanks to the brave soul that has volunteered her services to help me polish up some of the older DBZ stuff.  As they're touched up, they'll be reloaded in alphabetical order.

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Fusion. Fandom; Dragonball Z. Status; complete. My very first fanfic, a bit of everything. Warnings; Yaoi, yuri, hentai, lemon, language. OOC, AU, just general insanity. Rating; NC-21. Couples; Too many couples to list. Your basic multipart PWP. COMPLETE.

Acceptance. Fandom; DBZ. One shot collaberation between myself and a friend named Jari from SSML. Future Trunks finds comfort in the arms of someone unexpected. Warnings; Yaoi, lemon. OOC, AU. Rating; NC-21. Pairing; M.Trunks/Yamcha. COMPLETE. 

I'll Settle for you. DBZ. Warnings; Yaoi, het, lemon, language, OOC. AU. MALE PREGNANCY. Rating; NC-21. Pairings; Veg/Pic, G/17, Gh/Vid, Gt/T, and others. WIP.

Alone Again. DBZ. Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language. OOC, AU. Rating; NC-21. Pairings; Gh/V, Gh/Pic, V/G. Gohan and Vegeta turn to each other after Goku dies yet again. How will Goku react when he finds out about it? COMPLETE.

Pleasure so close to pain. DBZ. Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language, OOC, AU. Rating; NC-17. Pairings; G/V. PWP request for my 1000th visitor, Zab Jade. COMPLETE. 

Waking Dreams. DBZ. Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, dark, angst, violence, child abuse, rape themes, language, extreme OOC, AU. Rating; NC-21. Pairings, G/V, Gh/P. Goku has horrible nightmares and begins to act them out, starting a nasty chain reation. COMPLETE.

Five Year Itch. DBZ. Warnings; Yaoi, lemon part 2, OOC, AU. Rating; NC-21 . Pairing; C.Trunks/Piccolo. COMPLETE

To Tell the Truth. DBZ. Bulma asks Goku the age old question, with surprising results! First in a series of truth or dare fics.Warnings; Het, Yaoi lemon. OOC, AU. Rating; NC-21. COMPLETE.

A Hazy Shade of Green. DBZ. Piccolo goes into heat, with explosive results. Warnings; Yaoi, het lemon, OOC, AU. Rating; NC-17. MALE PREGNANCY. WIP.

Love's funny that way. DBZ. Warning; Yaoi, lime. OOC, AU, Comedy. Rating; PG-13. Pairing; Gh/P. Piccolo tries to surprise Gohan on his birthday...he surprises him alright. COMPLETE.