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Warnings; Language, Yaoi, Yuri, lemon, light bondage, angst, references to NCS and child abuse. (Nothing too graphic though)

Notes; humor, silliness, sap, OOC, TWT,, basically every warning or note.

Pairings; Almost everybody gets involved eventually.

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"Denotes speaking"

*denotes thoughts*

A few hours later at the Son house....

Bulma and Chi-Chi shooed Goten and Chibi Trunks off to bed amid much whining and protesting from the two. Gohan stumbled over to his own bed, collapsing and thinking, *Boy, Mirai Trunks can be a taskmaster sometimes, almost as bad as Piccolo* before falling asleep. Mirai Trunks smiled tiredly as he passed Gohan's room on the way to the guest bed, chuckling as he saw the young half-Saiyan fast asleep. *Man, nothing takes it outta you like spending the day with three hyperactive Saiyans.* as he too collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. Bulma and Chi-Chi crept quietly down the stairs holding hands. When they reached the bottom, Bulma pulled Chi-Chi in for a deep kiss, running her fingers through her lover's long dark hair.

"Where are we going to go?" Bulma whispered.

"How about the clearing where we had the picnic?" Chi-Chi suggested, leaning forward to rub noses gently. Bulma smiled at her.

"Hentai, you want to do it outside?" she teased.

"Mmm hmm," she purred seductively, nibbling on Bulma's earlobe, "just let me get a couple of things, and then we'll go." She ran lightly up the stairs, carefully avoiding any creaky spots that might wake the boys. A few of minutes later she slipped back down the stairs, carrying the same picnic basket they'd used earlier that day.

"What's in there?" Bulma asked as she grabbed one of the handles with one hand, and wrapped her free arm tightly around Chi-Chi's waist, leaning in to kiss and lick her throat.

"You'll find out." Chi-Chi murmured, reaching around to give Bulma a pinch on the behind. Bulma jumped, then laughed softly as she allowed herself to be led to the front door.

They made their way up the path with two flashlights Chi-Chi grabbed just before leaving, and Bulma stopped and stared in awe as they entered the clearing.

Hanging low in the sky, just above the treeline, the moon loomed, huge and gleaming white, casting a silvery sheen over everything. The forest that surrounded the two women seemed to glow in the soft light. Bulma turned to Chi-Chi.

"You look gorgeous in the moonlight." she whispered as she lightly stroked her cheek.

"You too, lover." Chi-Chi murmured as she slid her arms around Bulma's waist and kissed her tenderly. The two women slowly sank to their knees in the grass, hands beginning a slow, lazy exploration of each other. Chi-Chi pulled back suddenly, reaching over and flipping up the lid on the picnic basket.

"This might be a little more comfortable." she said as she pulled a blanket out of the basket and spread it onto the ground.

"Glad to see you came prepared." Bulma murmured as Chi-Chi pulled her into another kiss.

"Oh, you ain't seen nothin' yet" Chi-Chi purred as she reached into the basket again.

Bulma's eyes widened as Chi-Chi pulled everything out of the basket. There was a bottle of wine, two glasses, a large feather, a black silky gag, padded handcuffs, a vibrator, and a dildo that looked like two penises joined together with a single scrotum.

"You are such a hentai!" Bulma squealed, hugging Chi-Chi tightly.

"And you love it." Chi-Chi giggled as she pushed Bulma to the ground and stretched out on top of her, claiming her lips once again. They kissed and caressed each other, taking their time, slowly removing each other's clothes.

"How about some wine?" Chi-Chi asked.

"Mmm, no thanks, I've got what I want right here." Bulma whispered huskily as she gently pinched Chi-Chi's nipple.

"Hmm, I want wine, but you want attention, what am I going to do?" she mused.

"Oh I know..." she leered at Bulma, grabbing the wine bottle and popping the cork. "Nobody said I can't have both at the same time." She brought the bottle up to slide over Bulma's breasts, the other woman shivering as the chilled glass touched her bare skin. Chi-Chi laughed softly as Bulma's nipples tightened from the cold touch, her back arching, silently asking for more. "You like that hmmm?" she purred, as she lowered the bottle, pouring a small amount of wine into Bulma's navel. She gasped as the icy cold liquid hit her skin, then moaned as Chi-Chi's warm lips and tongue followed. Bulma moaned and arched her back as Chi-Chi nibbled and licked her stomach, her hands coming up to knead Bulma's breasts. Suddenly Chi-Chi pulled away. Bulma whimpered softly at the lost contact, and looked up in surprise as Chi-Chi reappeared to sit straddling her stomach.

"What are you doing?" Bulma asked as Chi-Chi grabbed her wrists and pinned them over her head. She didn't realize what her lover had in mind until it was too late.

"Hey, what the...?" Bulma cried out as she felt something soft, but solid close around her wrist. She looked up and watched, shocked, as Chi-Chi hooked the handcuffs through an exposed tree root, and secured her other wrist.

"Now the fun begins." Chi-Chi whispered menacingly, looking down at her with a dangerous gleam in her dark eyes.

"Chi-Chi," Bulma whined, pulling against the restraints, "let me go right now! Hey! Are you limmphh...." her protest was cut off as Chi-Chi placed the gag over her mouth and tied it.

"You're beautiful, and sexy as hell." Chi-Chi began, "But Vegeta's right, sometimes you do talk too much." She chuckled as Bulma glared up at her, angry noises coming from behind the gag. Bulma's muffled tirade stopped and her eyes grew wide as she watched Chi-Chi slowly reach over and pick up the feather with one hand, and the vibrator with the other.

"You're not going to bring the boys running with your screams this time." she purred seductively, stroking Bulma's cheek with the feather. Bulma's nostrils flared and her body arched as Chi-Chi began slowly running the feather around her breasts, then down to tickle her stomach. Chi-Chi kneeled between Bulma's thighs as she continued to tease her lover with the feather, smiling at the muffled moans she was coaxing from her. Bulma writhed on the blanket, breathing hard, eyes clenched shut. Her eyes snapped open when she heard a strange buzzing sound, and she raised her head to see what Chi-Chi was going to do. Bright streaks of color danced before her eyes and she cried out sharply as Chi-Chi pressed the vibrator against her, unerringly finding the small nub that suddenly became the center of Bulma's universe as white hot bolts of pleasure seared through her. Chi-Chi stroked the vibrator back and forth across the tiny bundle of nerves, placing a hand on Bulma's hip to stop her from bucking as she trembled violently beneath her. Bulma came with a muffled shout, back arching, breathing harshly, her eyes rolling back.

"Hmm, felt good, didn't it?" Chi-Chi murmured as she bent her head to take a nipple into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue before gently raking her teeth over it. Bulma groaned and arched her back again, pushing her breast up to Chi-Chi's mouth.

"Ready for more I see." Chi-Chi said softly as she moved away from Bulma once more. Bulma shivered slightly as the cool night air caressed her skin.

"Open your eyes." Chi-Chi commanded softly. Bulma did as she was told, and looked down to see Chi-Chi kneeling between her legs once more, holding the double ended dildo poised at her own entrance. Chi-Chi's eyes slid closed, her head falling back, air hissing between her teeth as she slid one end of it into herself. "Have you ever been fucked by a woman, Bulma?" She breathed softly, looking down at her, face flushed and dark eyes glittering with passion. Bulma's eyes were wide as she shook her head, chest rising and falling rapidly as she panted behind the gag, spreading her legs wider and wriggling her hips, begging silently. Chi-Chi positioned herself and then thrust into Bulma gently, slowly, groaning softly. Bulma moaned and rocked her hips upward, eager for more. Chi-Chi smiled down at her and began moving faster, gripping Bulma's hips and pulling her up to meet each stroke. Both women writhed and rocked against each other, their bodies glowing softly in the moonlight as a fine sheen of sweat covered them. Bulma arched sharply and cried out behind the gag, and Chi-Chi reached up to remove it, swallowing Bulma's scream of ecstasy in a deep kiss. A moment later, she buried her face in Bulma's neck to muffle her own scream as she gave one final thrust and collapsed atop her lover, both of them breathing raggedly, their hearts pounding wildly.

After a few quiet moments, Bulma whispered, "Chi-Chi.."

"Hmm?" Came the sleepy reply.

"Think you could take these cuffs off now?"

"Oh right. Sorry." Chi-Chi giggled as she slowly got up and went over to the basket, fishing out the key. After being released, Bulma sat up and rubbed her shoulders, wincing slightly.

"Are you alright?" Chi-Chi asked as she sat behind her lover, massaging her back and shoulders gently.

"I'm just fine, but next time I get to be on top." Bulma spun around and pushed Chi-Chi back onto the blanket, leaning over to kiss her. She pulled away and shivered as a cool breeze blew through the clearing.

"It's getting cold, what do you say we go home?" Chi-Chi murmured as she wrapped her arms around her lover.

As the two women pulled their dresses back on, packed up their things and slowly made their way back down the path, hand in hand, neither one of them noticed the tall green figure with the billowing white cloak that stood amongst the trees at the bottom of the path, hiding in the shadows. *Maybe I'd better stick around in the evenings, run interference in case those kids decide to get nosy* he thought to himself before turning away and taking off into the night sky.