Alone Again.

Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh.

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language, some almost non-con.

Notes; AU, weird, TWT, OOC, maybe some mild angst.

Rating; NC-17.

Pairing; Vegeta X Gohan, ?x?.

Special thanks go out to lara and all the ppl in the chat room on Sunday, April 22 between, oh...11pm and 2 am for the great ideas, and the vote for who would be seme. Thanks also to Ran-Chan for beta-ing it for me. *glomps Ran*

Synopses; Gohan and Vegeta are left to their own devices after Goku is dead yet again.

"Come on brat!" Vegeta shouted, a sneer twisting his features. "You can do better than that!"

"Vegeta, stop this! I've had enough!" Gohan pleaded, his eyes wide, almost panicked.

"Well that's just too damned bad!! I haven't!" Vegeta screamed, powering up to super Saiyan 2, and charging Gohan like a raging bull.

Gohan dodged the vicious blows aimed at his head, letting out a cry, as he powered up to super Saiyan 2 as well. He knew full well that he was still stronger than the Saiyan prince, but Vegeta was rapidly closing the gap, just as he always had with Goku.

Goku.......That was the only reason Vegeta came to spar with him. Goku had died (again) two years ago, and Gohan was the only one left who could give Vegeta a good run for his money. He still remembered the way Vegeta had come to the door, about a month after his father's death, looking proud and indifferent to everyone else, but Gohan had seen the vulnerability beneath the mask. It was then that he realized the reason behind his father's secret obsession with the Saiyan prince, the one he'd managed to hide so well from everyone but his eldest son.

Bulma and Chi-Chi had been killed in a car accident just 3 months after Goku had left, leaving Gohan with 7 year-old Goten to care for, and Vegeta with 8 year-old Trunks. Videl and Gohan had split up shortly after, he had fallen into a deep depression and she had given up trying to pull him out of it. He didn't know what he would have done without Krillin and Juuhachi-gou's help.

Vegeta had fallen into a black pit of despair as well. He had told Bulma's parents to take care of Trunks for him, and tried to take off into space. But Dr. and Mrs. Briefs would have none of it. They had been adamant about Vegeta staying with them and being there for his son, and Gohan had managed to rouse himself in time to appear on the scene and wrestle Vegeta from his spaceship and destroy it, forcing the distraught prince to stay and face his problems.

Vegeta had carefully avoided Gohan for about a month after the incident, just trying to deal with his own grief and bond with his son, Gohan supposed. But, as before, one day Vegeta had just shown up at the door, telling Gohan he wished to resume their bi-weekly sparring matches.

As Gohan had gazed into Vegeta's eyes, he had seen again the haunting sadness, and yes, even loneliness hidden within the obsidian eyes that glared back at him. The urge to wrap his arms around the smaller man had swept over him, but Gohan had been certain Vegeta would not have a favorable reaction to him pulling such a stunt.

He was brought out of his reverie rather harshly as Vegeta's right fist connected with his left cheek, sending him a few dozen feet across the clearing.

"Dammit brat! What's wrong with you! You're not even paying attention!" Vegeta snarled, powering down before stalking over and grabbing the front of Gohan's orange gi, worn in memory of Goku.

Gohan glared up at Vegeta, "What's wrong with me? What's wrong with YOU!" he shouted. "I told you I'd had enough. That's it for today, come on Vegeta! Lay off! We've been going at it all day!" He yelled as he got up and strode away from Vegeta angrily, his hair returning to it's usual dark color.

"You can't quit!" Vegeta shouted, "You....Uh! You are such a...a wimp!" he cried in frustration.

"I'm not a wimp Vegeta." Gohan sighed. "You and I both know I'm stronger than you, and if I lost control, I could really hurt you, and I don't want to do that." he said quietly.

"Yes, I know, you're sentimental fool just like you're father!" Vegeta spat.

"Watch it Vegeta." Gohan whispered, his eyes narrowing dangerously as he stopped, his back still to Vegeta.

"Watch what?" Vegeta asked, as he began to prance around, doing limp wristed waves and talking in a sarcastic, sing-song voice. "Oh my name's Goku, and I don't want to hurt you, I'll just stand here letting you beat on my for hours before I get mad enough to do anything about it. I believe you can solve any problem with a bunch of sappy words and a big stupid grin. Sure! I'll throw my life away for a mudball planet who's inhabitants will forget everything I've done for them before I'm even cold in the grave, because I'm Goku, the third class bak.."

Vegeta's performance ended abruptly as Gohan smashed his fist into Vegeta's cheek, sending him flying. He reeled, then grunted in pain as Gohan appeared in front of him once more and sent him careening the other way with a vicious backhand.

"Shut your mouth!" Gohan screamed, his hair flashing gold.

He screamed again, powering up to super Saiyan two. He flew in front of Vegeta once more, grabbing him by his spiky mane and swinging him around, brutally slamming him to the ground. "I told you to watch it." he hissed, straddling Vegeta's waist and leaning down into his face, his green eyes burning with rage.

Vegeta looked up at the half-Saiyan, slightly dazed. *Well,* he thought. *I suppose I asked for that.* he chuckled.

Gohan panted, tears streaming down his face before a red haze descended in front of his eyes. "Laugh at me will you? I'll teach you to make fun of my dad, you son-of-a-bitch!" A maniacal grin appeared on Gohan's face as the young demi-Saiyan lost control.

Vegeta's eyes widened as Gohan's hands slid around his throat, caressing the skin gently at first, then beginning to squeeze. *What the hell...." Vegeta began to buck his hips, trying to throw Gohan off. He reached up and frantically tried to tear Gohan's hands away from his neck. He struggled violently as he felt his air supply being cut off. *Kami.....this, he's really going to do it..." was the last coherent thought Vegeta had before he was overcome by white hot rage.

The red haze clouding Gohan's mind evaporated instantly as Vegeta's hair flashed gold, then went a shade lighter, an M appearing on his forehead. Gohan looked down in surprise as his hands were forcefully removed from Vegeta's neck. Gohan gasped as Vegeta locked eyes with him again, gripping his wrists with almost bone crushing force. Vegeta's power level was going through the roof, he was actually becoming stronger than Gohan. Vegeta kept screaming, the M on his forehead disappearing. Gohan was stunned to see Vegeta's golden hair suddenly trailing down past his waist, as his chin became more pronounced.

"No!" Gohan shouted as Vegeta's eyebrows basically disappeared, sharply defined ridges appearing above Vegeta's eyes, almost like Piccolo's.
Vegeta had just made super Saiyan level three.

Gohan's eyes widened and a startled cry escaped him as Vegeta growled fiercely and flipped them over so that Gohan was now pinned beneath him, his long blonde hair falling like a curtain over Gohan's face and chest. Vegeta let go of Gohan's wrists in favor of sliding his hands around the young man's throat.

"Now let's see how you like it." Vegeta purred, stroking the tender skin gently.

"No, Vegeta..Please!" Gohan cried. "I....I'm sorry I hurt you. I didn't mean it! I.. I just lost control. I'm sorry..." Gohan trailed off, his eyes shining with tears.

Vegeta looked down at Gohan for a moment, seemingly deep in thought. Then his lips twisted in an evil smirk. "Well...." Vegeta began, "You sound sincere," he chuckled as Gohan nodded quickly. "I think maybe I could give you a chance to make it up to me." his eyes green eyes flashed with mischief.

"Just tell me what I can do." Gohan said, looking up at Vegeta innocently.

*Oh Kami, this is just too easy!* Vegeta thought, breaking into a wide smile.

"Alright, let's start with a kiss." Vegeta murmured, leaning down to claim the young demi-Saiyan's lips.

*Oh Kami...... he....Vegeta....he's KISSING ME!* Gohan's eyes bugged, his heart beginning to pound. He inhaled sharply as Vegeta settled his weight on top of him, Vegeta's fingers gently caressing the sides of his throat. *We shouldn't be doing this, it's just....weird, he's a guy.* he thought, about to protest. His protest was quickly forgotten as Vegeta began to gently suck and nibble on his bottom lip, his hands sliding down to rub Gohan's chest. "Mmmm...." Gohan moaned softly.

Vegeta grunted in surprise as Gohan raised his head, parted his lips and thrust his tongue into Vegeta's mouth. *Didn't think he'd be this aggressive.* Vegeta thought as Gohan reached up and tangled the fingers of one hand in Vegeta's hair, grabbing Vegeta's ass with the other.

Vegeta gasped as Gohan flipped both of them over, roughly parting Vegeta's legs with his knee before settling between them. "Oh no you don't!" Vegeta snarled.

"Oh yes I do." Gohan smirked.

"Where do you get off thinking you're going to be on top?" Vegeta growled. "I submit to no one!"

"Yeah right Vegeta." Gohan chuckled. "If my dad was doing this to you, you'd be lying there on your back with your legs spread begging him to take you." his smile disappeared as Vegeta suddenly froze, eyes widening as he stared up at the sky. *Oh shit! I had to open my big mouth!* Gohan berated himself.

Vegeta's eyes slowly lowered until they met Gohan's again. His lips twisted into a cruel sneer, "But you're not Kakarott." he said, and Gohan heard the underlying threat in the Saiyan's soft voice.

Gohan cried out in surprise as Vegeta threw him off and forced him to lay face down on the ground. He gasped in pain as rough hands bent his arms behind his back and held them there. "Vegeta!" he shouted, grunting as Vegeta suddenly sat on his lower back, pinning him. He felt Vegeta shifting around on top of him, and tried to turn his head to see what was going on. He didn't have to. A moment later, Vegeta flipped him over, pinning his hands over his head as the prince straddled his waist. He looked up, shocked to see that Vegeta had pulled down his black body suit. It was now bunched around his waist, barely covering the Saiyan's bulging erection.

Gohan's shock disappeared, to be replaced with anticipation as the prince reached down and untied the sash at his waist, pulling it off and yanking on Gohan's pants, trying to free the young man's stirring arousal. Gohan lifted his hips obligingly, making it easier for the older man to pull his pants and boxers down past his hips. Gohan groaned as the cool air hit his overheated skin, and he undulated sensuously beneath Vegeta.

"On your knees boy." Vegeta panted, letting go of Gohan's arms and getting off him. Gohan rolled over and got on his hands and knees. *This is a switch.* Gohan thought, moaning as Vegeta's hand snaked around to grip his swollen member and began stroking him slowly. This was Gohan's favorite position, but he had always been on the giving end.

Vegeta's body pulsed with lust as he looked at the young half Saiyan kneeling submissively before him. *Oh Kami...I can't believe he's letting me do this." he thought as he quickly sucked on two fingers, coating them liberally with saliva before pushing them into Gohan's body. He was not in the mood for foreplay.

Gohan's head snapped up, air hissing between his teeth at the sudden invasion. He wriggled his hips, trying to adjust, as Vegeta's fingers probed him.

"Come on.....come on! I know it's..." Vegeta rasped. "That's what I was after." He grinned as Gohan gasped, his hips bucking instinctively as Vegeta's fingers brushed his prostate. Vegeta's hands began to move faster, one sliding up and down Gohan's throbbing arousal, the other ruthlessly exploiting the younger man's sweet spot.

"Vegeta!" Gohan was nearly screaming with passion as Vegeta pleasured him with his hands. Suddenly his eyes widened and he cried out in surprise and pain as Vegeta pulled out his fingers and thrust his cock into Gohan's virgin entrance.

Vegeta threw back his head and shouted hoarsely as the tight heat surrounded him.

Neither of them moved for several moments, until Gohan shifted restlessly.

"Please Vegeta..." he moaned softly. "I.....more."

Vegeta pulled out and began a series of deep, slow thrusts, not wanting it to be over too soon. But Gohan had other ideas. He growled and began to thrust his hips back against Vegeta, almost knocking the smaller man over before he gave in to the young demi-Saiyan's demands. Vegeta let go of Gohan's erection, gripping the young man's hips tightly and slamming his length into the tight passage.

Pants gasps and moans filled the warm afternoon air as the two men arched and bucked against each other, their movements becoming more and more frantic as they approached completion.

Gohan groaned, his vision swimming as he wrapped a hand around his aching need, finding Vegeta's rhythm and stroking himself in time with the other man's thrusts.

Both men were so wrapped up in lust that even had they been able to, they probably wouldn't have noticed the tall, broad shouldered figure that stood amongst the trees at the edge of the clearing, arms crossed, scowling blackly as he took in the sight before him. His eyes narrowed to glittering slits as Gohan's head snapped back, a keening wail escaping him as his seed shot out onto the ground beneath him. An enraged snarl came from the mysterious figure as he watched Vegeta's head snap back, a ragged scream tearing from his throat as he buried himself one last time inside Gohan, shuddering violently as he came. The unknown watcher growled softly as Vegeta pulled out of Gohan, pushing the young man down onto his side before lying down to curl up against his young lover as both of them dropped out of super Saiyan mode. The observer stood motionless for several minutes, watching the tender moment as anger and jealousy welled up inside him. *He is MINE!* the figure thought angrily. *I know I've never told him outright, I never acted on it, but he should have figured that out by now. That's it, I'm going to put a stop to this, right now!* the figure thought decisively, before he turned away, strode into the forest and vanished.

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