I'll settle for you, chapter 9

Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Warnings; Language, Yaoi, some het this chapter, strange stuff.

Notes; Weirdness, insanity, humor (at least I think some of it's funny, anyway), some MAJOR OOC, WAFFY, sap and silliness in places, AU, THIS IS BASED ON THE ANIME. I guess this takes place when Bra is like, 16, Goten and Trunks are like, 27 and 28 respectively, and Pan is about 14. You'll have to excuse me if I make a few mistakes with plot and characters, I've only seen DBZ up until the cell saga. In this fic, Goku and the dragon never left. Life just went back to normal after Gt. Kay?

Rating; NC-17.

Pairing; Piccolo + Vegeta, Gohan + Videl, Goku + Juunanigou.

Description; What's Vegeta up to in the jewelry shop? And a major case of sibling rivalry?

Disclaimer; Don't own 'em, not makin' any money.

Notes; Thanks to Lara for the suggestions and beta-ing, and Sara, Zab and everyone else that hounded me, sporked me, hummed at me, etc!

"Denotes speaking"

*Denotes thoughts*

"Hey!" Goku cried as he Vegeta Piccolo and Vegeta Jr. appeared in the living room. Chella, who had been dozing off in Juu's arms, woke with a start and began to cry. "Aw...hey sorry sweetheart.." Goku crooned as he walked over and gently picked up the whimpering baby. "Hey..relax. It's okay. I didn't mean to scare you honey." He said softly as he rocked her back and forth. "Hey hon." He smiled down at his lover. Juu stood and wrapped his arms around Goku, his eyes filling with tears as he realized he finally had the old Goku back. *It took a hell of a lot to snap him out of it.* He shivered.

"Thank you for the lift to Capsule Corp Kakarott." Vegeta said, looking at him solemnly.

"Anytime Vegeta." Goku smiled at him.

"Kawot!!!" Chella cried, her face split into a wide grin as she lurched forward in Goku's arms and kissed his cheek sloppily, making everyone burst out laughing.

"Everything's okay then I guess. Good to see you're alright Vegeta." Juunanigou said with a smile as he clapped a hand on Vegeta's shoulder. "So this is the new addition to the family is it?" He looked over at the swathed bundle in Piccolo's arms that was moving as a high pitched growl came from it. "Wow, this one's a little more aggressive than Chella. I assume he's a boy?" He smirked.

"Yes, this is our son." Vegeta said proudly. "Vegeta Daimou Jr." The baby in question fought his way free of the blankets and chortled at the sound of his name. His reddish brown tail slunk out from the blanket and curled around Piccolo's wrist tightly. "He does that out of instinct." Vegeta said, smiling as he reached out and stroked the appendage gently. "He's seeking reassurance." As soon as Vegeta touched him, Vegeta Jr.'s tail let go of Piccolo's wrist and snapped around his mother's instead.

Piccolo chuckled and handed the boy to Vegeta. He walked over and stood beside Goku, brushing his finger against Chella's cheek. "I can't wait to see yours." Piccolo smiled at Goku.

"Neither can I!" Goku grinned back enthusiastically. "Girl or boy I don't care. I just want to hold it." He lifted Chella and kissed her cheek before handing her to Piccolo.

"Thanks a lot both of you." Piccolo said quietly. "We appreciate everything you've done today."

"Hey, it's alright Piccolo!" Goku beamed as he strode over to Vegeta. "That's what friends are for!" He reached out his hands to hold Vegeta Jr.

The half Saiyan half Namek took one look at Goku and scowled, his tail tightening on Vegeta's wrist. "I don't think he's ready for you just yet Kakarott." Vegeta said softly, running his fingers through the baby's spiky hair reassuringly. "Saiyan babies aren't exactly eager to go to strangers. Hell they're usually not this affectionate with their own parents!" He snickered.

"Aww...it's okay Vegeta." Goku said, but the other Saiyan saw the slight pout on Goku's lips. He gently pulled Vegeta Jr.'s tail from his wrist and after several unsuccessful attempts, managed to get the baby to wrap it around Goku's wrist. The baby looked up at Goku as the large Saiyan's strong arms cradled him gently. Vegeta smiled as his son began to relax in Goku's embrace.

"How can these babies be so aware?" Juunanigou asked as he stared at the two children in awe. "The knowledge I have of babies indicates they don't have this level of awareness for several weeks, and Chella should not be walking yet."

"Chella's WALKING?!" Vegeta and Piccolo turned to him in amazement. "Since when?" Vegeta demanded.

"Well, after you three disappeared, I brought her inside with me and started cleaning the living room." He smiled as Goku pulled him close, whispering an apology in his ear. "I had left out several platters of food, all Goku's favorite meals and desserts. When I brought in the dirty dishes, she had climbed out of her car seat and was standing at the counter reaching up for the cheesecake." Juu smiled as he walked over to Piccolo and reached out his arms.

"Nagooo!" Chella shrieked as she grabbed his hair in her chubby fists and pulled hard, making him wince.

Goku grinned, then had a thought. "Hey you guys, she hasn't met her little brother yet!"

"Kakarott..." Vegeta quickly walked over and took Chella from the cyborg. "Don't do this too quickly. Let's take it nice and slow and keep them out of arm's reach for the first little while." Vegeta said eyeing the two children warily.

"Aw Vegeta come on! What could happen?" Goku said grinning like an idiot as he brought Vegeta Jr. over to his sister. Juun handed Chella her favorite pink rattle, and felt his chest constrict at the sweet smile he received in return.

Vegeta Jr. turned his head and caught site of the baby being held in his mother's arms. He growled and bared his teeth at her as his tail unwound from Goku's wrist and lashed back and forth. "Kakarott, back off." Vegeta snapped as he stepped back with Chella, who bared her own canines in return and hissed at her baby brother.

"Goku!" Juunani and Piccolo cried in unison, Piccolo reaching for his son as Juun wrapped his arms around his mate. "They're not quite ready I don't think koi." He said softly. His eyes widened as a fierce growl issued from Goku's stomach.

"Gosh...I'm starving! You got some of that food left koi?" Goku looked down at him hopefully.

"I've got all but the piece of cheesecake I gave to Chella." The cyborg looked up at him in amazement. "You're going to eat?"

"Well of course I'm going to eat!" He laughed as he quickly walked to the kitchen. "Hey! You guys want some of this?" He called as he piled a massive amount of food onto a plate and put it in the microwave.

"You'd better go now Vegeta." Piccolo chuckled, handing Vegeta Jr. to Juun and taking Chella. Vegeta's eyes widened as he was handed to yet another stranger, and his chin began to tremble as his mother walked away and his father cradled the other baby.

"It's alright little one." Juun said softly to him as he stroked Vegeta Jr.'s tail with his fingertips. The baby looked up at him for a moment with tears in his eyes, then slowly wound his surprisingly strong tail around the cyborg's wrist. "Shh...that's right. I'm not going to hurt you. I promise you." Juunanigou whispered as he sat down on the couch.

Piccolo sat on the other end of the couch, bouncing a laughing Chella gently on his knee as he watched the cyborg with his son. *Here's someone created for the sole purpose of destroying everything and everyone in sight, and yet a baby can bring him to his knees.* Piccolo though as he watched Juun soothing the infant.

"Naaagoo..." Chella looked over and squealed angrily as she saw Juun lean down and kiss Vegeta Jr.'s cheek. She began to squirm in Piccolo's grasp, growling and hissing.

"Hold on I'm coming!" Vegeta called from the kitchen as he heard Chella's angry noises.

"It's alright Vegeta." Piccolo called back. "Chella's jealous because Vegeta's with Juun."

"Oh.." Vegeta laughed as he pulled his own platter of food from the microwave and walked out with Goku. As Goku sat in the easy chair, wincing around his swollen stomach, Vegeta sat on the couch between Piccolo and Juun. Both babies immediately began to make noises, wanting to be held by him. "No way." Vegeta chuckled. "I'm going to eat, then I'll take one of you. We really have to get you two better acquainted." He sighed, then dug into his food with an enthusiasm that rivaled Goku's.

After several minutes Vegeta and Goku sat back, simultaneously letting out loud belches.

"Here Vegeta, you take him and I'll clean up." Juun got up quickly and went into the kitchen. Goku stood up and went to help, picking up his and Vegeta's plates and taking them with him.

Piccolo looked over at Vegeta. "They're so domestic." He smirked.

"Yeah.." Vegeta sighed. "Worse than us." He grinned as Piccolo slid over to him and leaned down for a kiss.

As the kiss deepened, Chella squirmed free of Piccolo's grasp and crawled across her parent's legs until she was face to face with her new sibling. Vegeta and Piccolo broke apart quickly and looked down as Vegeta Jr. began to growl softly.

Chella blinked at him, then bared her teeth and smacked her brother's cheek with her rattle. "Baka!" She squeaked. Vegeta Jr.'s eyes widened and his tail instinctively lashed out and snapped across her cheek. Both babies stared at each other, then started to wail. Piccolo grabbed Chella and examined the angry welt that spread across the green skin, and Vegeta surveyed the bump on Vegeta Jr.'s cheekbone.

"Shit!" Vegeta hissed, getting up and walking into the kitchen to get some ice. Chella stared after her father, a small whimper escaping her.

Piccolo looked down and sighed. "Shit." He said. "I think we're about to have a major case of sibling rivalry on our hands." He made a note to phone Bulma as soon as they got home.

One hour later......

"Now cut it out!" Vegeta growled softly as he held both babies. Piccolo opened the door and carried in the car seat and diaper bag. "We've got to get the other car seat ready." Vegeta reminded Piccolo. "Would you take her for a sec?" Vegeta snapped as Vegeta Jr. snapped his tail at his sibling's face, barely missing her but catching his mother's forearm. "Ouch!" He bellowed, making both children jump and start to cry.

"Take it easy.." Piccolo soothed as he paused, then grabbed Vegeta Jr. "Chella's jealous already Vegeta. We're going to have a problem for the next little while until they get used to each other."

"Yes, a big problem." Vegeta sighed as he followed Piccolo into the nursery.

After they changed and fed both babies, Vegeta set Chella in her crib, Piccolo tucking Vegeta Jr. in. "Think these two will actually get some sleep?" Piccolo asked.

"Hmm..I doubt it. They'll probably spend the next hour hissing and growling at each other." Vegeta chuckled as they walked to the living room.

Both men jumped as a loud bang came from the nursery. Then Vegeta Jr. let out an enraged scream. They burst into the nursery to find Chella tossing her toys at her brother's crib.

"That's enough!" Piccolo cried as he scooped up Chella, and Vegeta ran to their son. "What the hell are we gonna do?" He turned to Vegeta, who was holding a growling Vegeta Jr.

"Hmm...let me think. We'll keep Chella in here, and move the other crib to the living room maybe. If we keep them apart for a while, maybe they'll settle down." Vegeta scowled. "Damn. Both of them had to have bad tempers."

Capsule Corp.....one week later.

Trunks jumped as Goten leapt out from behind the door, a classic Son grin brightening his usually serious features. "Goten!" He cried, then grinned and hugged the other demi-Saiyan tightly. "How ya doin?"

"I'm good man, good. So..Vegeta had the baby huh? That's cool." He beamed. "Dad just phoned me and told me everything. Vegeta Daimou..." They clutched each other and sank to the floor, sitting side by side as they giggled. "Damn. This is bizarre." Goten said after a moment. "My Dad is having a baby, your Dad just gave birth....Trunks we're half Saiyan. Do you think..." Goten suddenly looked at Trunks, his eyes wide. "You don't think WE could get knocked up do you?"

Trunks gasped and grabbed Goten's hand, pulling him to his feet and dragging him to the med lab. "Damn I hope so.." He muttered under his breath.

"What's that?" Goten asked as he heard Trunks' voice, but it was too low for him to make out the words. He looked around warily as Trunks led him into the maternity room Bulma had set up. "Trunks? What's going on?" Goten asked as he was led to a table.

"Don't worry Goten. You sit there, I'll sit on this table, and the computer will run the scan." He said quietly as he quickly programmed the computer. "It won't hurt a bit." He said as he came over and pulled up Goten's shirt. Goten gasped as Trunks rubbed some ice cold gel onto his abdomen and pushed him down until he was on his back. "Now just don't move." Trunks said as he walked over and hopped onto his own table.

"What are you scanning for Trunks?" Goten asked, tensing as a mechanical arm suddenly popped to life and slowly advanced on him. He closed his eyes and began to giggle as the arm rubbed what looked like a light bulb that had been flattened at the top against his abdomen, pausing here and there.

"To see if either of us has the equipment to have kids. What's so funny?" Trunks smiled at him.

"That tickles..." Goten laughed and tried to stay still.

After another minute, the arms pulled away and went still. Trunks jumped off the table and strode to a computer console across the room. "Please...please...let one of us be able to..." He whispered. He drummed his fingers impatiently on the desktop as the computer slowly brought up the results of his own scan. "Negative...no.." He whimpered softly.

"Trunks? What's wrong?" Goten rose to his feet and cautiously approached his best friend. "Who's scan was that?"

"Mine. I don't have the stuff Goten. I can't bear children." Trunks said.

"Can I?" Goten moved to stand beside him, wrapping an arm around his friend's shoulders. *I didn't think he wanted to give birth.* Goten thought. *But I do know Bulma and Vegeta both have been pestering him to settle down and start a family.* He sighed. "So, what does it say?" He asked as he noticed Trunks had gone still and silent.

"Goten...." Trunks breathed. "You...you can. You can have kids!" Trunks turned and gaped at him. "Kami...you could bear children!"

"I ..can..." Goten said, his chest tightening. *There's only one person I want to have kids with though!* He thought.

"Goten...Goten I..need to talk to you, there's something I need to say to you." Trunks said nervously as he guided his lifelong friend to sit back on the examining table and knelt in front of him. "I ...I've liked you for a long time..now don't interrupt!" He placed a finger on Goten's lips. "I like you as more that just a friend. And I always had my suspicions you liked me too." He smiled as Goten nodded eagerly. "But I've never acted on it until now for two reasons. Mom and Dad." He shuddered. "They have been pressuring me for years to settle down and have kids, and I knew that if I announced to them that I wanted you, all hell would break loose." He sighed and forced himself to continue. "But now I can do both. I can have you as my mate...and have a family too....oh Kami Goten what's wrong? I...I'm sorry!" Trunks leaned up and wrapped his arms around Goten as he saw the tears streaming down the other demi-Saiyan's face. "I'm upsetting you.." He sighed.

"No it's alright Trunks." Goten said shakily. "Go on."

"Well..." He began, his voice quavering. "I want you Goten...I..I love you and I want you to be my mate. For life. Forever." He blushed and looked up just as Goten leaned down and kissed him fervently.

They broke apart blushing furiously as Vegeta pushed the door open with a bang. "So this is the reason you haven't found anyone to settle down with." Vegeta sneered at him. "You're making time with Kakarott's brat."

"No Dad it's okay look!" Trunks jumped up and ran to the computer, hurriedly printing out the computer's findings.

"Let me guess." Vegeta smirked. "He has the necessary equipment for bearing children."

"Yeah, you knew?" Trunks gaped at him.

"I suspected he might." Vegeta looked at Goten thoughtfully. "Kid looked like a Saiyan. Just like his father right from the start. His Saiyan genes were very prevalent. I figured he might have enough dominant Saiyan genes to give him the reproductive system." He sighed. "Well good then. Now you have the mate you wanted, and you will carry on the line with more half Saiyans, at least the warrior blood won't get anymore diluted with you two." He smiled as he walked out of the room. He smirked as he stopped just out of sight and listened to them.

Goten gaped at Trunks. "Whoa...this is all going a little too fast..." He shook his head to clear it. "Let me get this straight. First of all, I can get pregnant. Second of all, you love me.." Goten smiled at him, running his fingers through Trunks' soft lavender hair. "I love you too koi...I just...I didn't ever think you would want to be with me." He said softly.

"I always did, since we were teenagers. But even then Mom and Dad were always after me to date, and always making a big fuss over all the girls that chased me. I..." Trunks hung his head. "I wanted to be with you, but I knew my family expected me to carry on the Briefs name, and Dad's bloodline." He sighed, the brightened. "But like Dad said, now I can do both!"

Goten chuckled and stared down at him. "This is rather sudden isn't it? Going from best friends to having kids?"

"Sudden!" Trunks cried incredulously. "I've wanted to get into your pants since I was fourteen!" His eyes narrowed as Goten threw back his head and laughed. He growled softly and lunged, pushing the other man down on his back as Trunks straddled his waist.

Goten moaned softly as Trunks leaned down and kissed him, his hands slipping inside his shirt to tease his hardening nipples. "Mmm...Trunks.." He groaned. "You'd better stop unless you want our first kid to be conceived right here in the lab.."

Trunks chuckled then pulled back. "No..I want to do this right. Come on. We've got some errands to run." He grinned and pulled his lover to his feet.

"What? Where?" Goten looked at his love, brow furrowed in confusion.

"Just come on!" He led Goten out into the hall and bellowed for his sister. "There's something I need to get before we can make our announcement at dinner tonight."

"Wait...you wanna announce this tonight...but you're Mom has the big barbeque planned..." Goten said nervously.

"Right!" Trunks grinned. "We will announce it in front of our families and friends."

"Oh..uh...heh heh..okay..I guess." Goten chewed his lip nervously. Neither of them noticed Vegeta streak down the hall and sneak back outside.

"What do you want?" Bra said, rolling her eyes in exasperation at her brother.

"Wanna come shopping with us?" Trunks grinned slyly.

"Shopping?!" Bra cried, running over. "Hey...wait a minute." She glared at him. "What's the catch? You never want to take me shopping."

"No catch just gotta get some stuff, and wanted to know if you'd like to come along." Trunks asked, eyes wide and innocent.

"Hmm..." Bra crossed her arms and regarded the two suspiciously for a moment, then gave in. "Okay. Let's go!" She grabbed each of them by the arm and half dragged them out to the car. She stopped long enough to ask Pan if she wanted to come, but the other girl refused saying she wanted to see the babies. "Suit yourself!" Bra shrugged as she moved the men on.

"Psst...koi.." Vegeta whispered to Piccolo, pulling him away from Gohan and the now showing Videl.

"Hmm..?" Piccolo leaned down and planted a kiss on the Saiyan's forehead. "What's up?" He cradled Vegeta Jr, stroking the still surly baby's cheek as his reddish brown tail constricted and released Piccolo's wrist. Juunanigou and Goku sat at a picnic table in the back yard, cooing and giggling over Chella.

"Trunks and Goten just found out that Goten can conceive. Trunks has asked him to be his mate. I think.." He looked around to make sure no one could overhear them. "He intends to take Kakarott's brat out and buy him a ring or some foolish thing and seal their union." Vegeta snorted.

"What's so funny about that?" Piccolo asked softly. "Juu has been asking Bulma a few questions about marriage and such. I think he intends to do the same thing." Piccolo looked over at them.

Vegeta looked at Piccolo intently for a few moments, then realization flashed in his eyes. A sly grin crossed his face briefly before he continued. "Whatever! I think they intend to make their announcement in front of everyone tonight at the barbeque."

"Hmm...well, at least this way the two of them get to be together. Everyone had their suspicions that the reason Trunks never settled down was because he was smitten with Goten." Piccolo smirked.

"Yes..." Vegeta thought for a moment, then levitated to kiss Piccolo's cheek. "Would you mind if I went with them? I haven't spent anytime with Trunks and Bra in quite a while."

"No..no go on. I think between the five couples here I should have more than enough people to fuss and coo over these two if I need a break." Piccolo chuckled, then smiled as Vegeta leaned down and kissed his son tenderly. Vegeta lifted off the ground to give Piccolo a longer kiss, running his tongue over Piccolo's lower lip teasingly.

"Talk to Bulma about birth control again koi. I want to start having quality time with you again.." Vegeta purred.

"You know it." Piccolo replied, raining kisses down the side of Vegeta's throat.

"Now..hentai.." The Saiyan chuckled as he walked over to give his daughter a kiss.

"Let's go!" Bra whined impatiently. "I wanna get there and have some time to shop before we have to be back for supper."

"Bra.." Trunks glared at her. "We have.." he looked at his watch. "Four hours yet. Plenty of time." He ushered Bra into the back seat and he and Goten climbed in the front.

"Hey!" Vegeta yelled, stalking toward them. "I'm coming with you."

All three facevaulted. "You...coming shopping..willingly..for yourself?" Trunks gasped dramatically, making the others giggle.

"Oh be quiet!" Vegeta snapped. "Just drive." He said after shooing Goten into the back and climbing into the passenger seat.

"So." Piccolo said as he sat beside them. "You two are getting lots of practice in." He smiled as Goku began to gently tickle Chella, making her squirm and squeal.

"Yeah!" Goku grinned back at him. "She's gorgeous Piccolo. And so's little 'Geta." The Saiyan reached over and touched Vegeta's arm, and his eyes widened as serious black eyes locked onto him. "Hey. Cool! He's not shy around me anymore." Goku smiled as Vegeta's tail immediately coiled around his wrist, and chubby arms reached out toward him. Juu held Chella away from her brother, and Goku wisely held Vegeta turned away from her as well.

"If you two don't mind I'm going to go talk to Bulma for a second." Piccolo said quietly, rising as both men smiled and nodded.

"So Bulma.." The woman jumped as Piccolo appeared silently behind her. "Can I ask you for some advice on sibling rivalry?"

"Ahh....Chella's jealous isn't she?" Bulma smiled ruefully. "Well, just give them time, and reassurance that you both love them equally. That's really all I can say." She smiled and patted his arm. "Really I think you and Vegeta are doing a great job. Hey...where is Vegeta anyway?"

"He went shopping with Bra Goten and Trunks." He smirked as Bulma facevaulted.

"Hey there's Krillin Juuhachi and Marron!" Yamcha grinned as he helped her up before going over to greet them.

"Who's that guy that followed them?" Piccolo glanced at the familiar looking young man who landed in the backyard slightly behind the family. The man grinned as Marron looked back at him and blushed wildly, and Krillin sent him a warning glare.

"Oh he's new at Capsule Corp., name's Ookami. He and Marron are infatuated with each other, but Krillin doesn't trust him one little bit. He thinks he's a playboy who will break his little girl's heart." Bulma grinned.

Piccolo stared at the young man, studying him carefully. He was fairly tall, about Yamcha's height, with broad shoulders large arms and long legs. His hair was a wild waist length mess, and black as midnight. He had piercing blue eyes that snapped with intelligence and an intense curiosity. *Why is he so familiar?* Piccolo wondered to himself, absolutely certain he had never laid eyes on him before. The answer came to him when Ookami turned to the side and laughed at something Marron said. His profile, his bright smile and his laugh were startlingly familiar. "Yamcha...." He whispered. "Kami! That's it!" He cried.

"What's it?" Bulma asked, staring at him with concern.

"I think you should do an analysis on that guy's DNA." Piccolo growled. "See how it matches up to Yamcha's." He said quietly.

"Yamcha.....?" Bulma stared at him, then turned to take a good look at the men in question. "Oh Kami Piccolo! You're right! I...I've never seen them together before, so it never dawned on me..but he...the resemblance is beyond coincidence! He looks just like Yamcha did at that age!" She whispered as her eyes moved back and forth between them, noting the similarities. Her eyes widened as she watched the suspected father and son introduce themselves, smiling and laughing as they joked with each other. "Oh no! Yamcha has no idea!" She frowned and felt a brief flash of jealousy, wondering who Ookami's mother was, and where she got off hiding Yamcha's own kid from him. "Excuse me Piccolo, I've got to go and get a hair sample from those two."

"Shouldn't be too hard, considering they both have waist length hair." Piccolo chuckled.

The Namek's shoulders shook as he tried to contain his laughter watching Bulma sneaking around the two men, discreetly snipping a lock of hair off each. His smile disappeared as Juuhachigou quickly made her way over to him.

"Hello Piccolo, how are you?" She asked.

Piccolo was taken aback by her making small talk, but quickly played along. "Just great thank you. How are you and your family?"

"Great. Your family is well?" Piccolo grinned as he saw the cyborg straining to observe some social pleasantries for her husband.

"Yeah. They're just fine thanks for asking." *No reason to make this easy.* He smirked.

"Care to tell me why Bulma just cut off a chunk of Yamcha and Ookami's hair?" She asked bluntly.

"She thinks Ookami is Yamcha's son." He answered just as bluntly.

Juuhachigou froze, her eyes widening. "His...son? No way!" She frowned. "Why didn't I notice the resemblance before! It's so obvious!" She tapped her foot, annoyed with herself for missing something so important.

"I never noticed it either. Until I saw him laugh. It became even more clear when I saw them standing side by side for the first time." Piccolo said quietly.

"First time? He doesn't know?" Juuhachigou whirled and stared at him.

"Not a clue. So don't mention it to anyone, not even Krillin until Bulma can run a DNA analysis alright?" Piccolo looked down at her intently.

"Whatever." She walked off with a wave of her hand.

Gingertown mall.......

"Okay I'm going this way! The shoe store is having a ninety percent off sale!" Bra waved and skipped off, leaving the three men to their own devices.

"Well, I'm taking Goten with me. I need some help with baby clothes." Vegeta said, making Goten nearly faint in surprise as he was dragged off. Vegeta turned and gave his son a knowing smirk as he dragged the demi Saiyan off, in the opposite direction of the jewelry store.

"Sneaky dad, very sneaky!" Trunks chuckled, realizing his Dad would be far better at keeping Goten distracted for a few minutes than Bra.

Fifteen minutes later, Vegeta had managed to load Goten up with clothes and toys. "That should just about do it." The Saiyan prince sighed. He turned, and spotted a very smug looking Trunks leaning against the wall just outside the store. The lavender haired man gave him a thumbs up and grinned happily. *Mission accomplished.* The prince smirked.

"Alright brat, you're free to go." Vegeta scowled as he found a shopping cart to load up.

"No Vegeta.." Goten protested, dumping everything into it and grabbing onto it. "You finish your shopping. I'll help you." He blushed. "I have a feeling I'll be spending time and money here soon enough."

"You certainly will." Vegeta chuckled as he looked around. His eyes stopped on a large teddy bear. "That...that's perfect." He smiled as he walked over to get it. He growled as a large, nasty looking woman with a hook nose, stringy long brown hair and what looked like 50 yards of pink polyester trying to pass as a dress was at his side, jostling him as she tried to get there first.

"Get outta my way shorty!" She hissed.

Vegeta's eyes narrowed dangerously. *Shorty huh? We'll just see about that fatso!* He growled low in his throat as he shot a ki blast at a nearby rack of maternity dressed, disintegrating the base and sending the whole thing down on her head. The woman struggled and whimpered as she was tangled up and weighed down by the 40 or so oversized dresses, still hanging on the heavy metal rack.

Vegeta laughed as he walked over and scooped up the bear, which was oddly enough the exact same color as Chella with big shiny black plastic eyes and a large, smiling mouth. He stopped and stared, stunned as he saw a peach colored bear that had been behind the green one. This bear didn't grin quite like the other one, there was a different smile on it's face. *I'd almost call that a smirk.* He chuckled.

"Perfect." He said as he fingered the black mop of fake fur that covered the top of its head.

"So, you think you got enough stuff to hold you for a week or so?" Trunks snickered as he and Goten loaded themselves up with bags, preparing to take them to the car.

"Yes yes very funny!" He snapped at them, shoving the bears at them. "Be extra careful with these."

"Yes father." Trunks sighed.

"Wait for me in the car. I'm going to get Bra so we can get the hell out of here." Vegeta growled. After the two half Saiyans had turned the corner, Vegeta sprinted back to the jewelry shop Trunks had gone into earlier hoping they would have something big enough.

One hour later.....

Vegeta paced impatiently, terrifying the employees by growling and glaring at them angrily. Finally the old jeweler came out. "Well?" He demanded. "Let's see them!"

The old man smiled at Vegeta patiently. "She must be an extraordinary woman to have you so worked up and needing these rings so fast young man, either that or you're gettin a head start on a family!" He said with a wink. "Pretty tall woman too! I had to modify the biggest thumb rings I had and make them three sizes bigger. That lady of yours must sure have strong hands!" He said as he held them up for inspection.

"Hmm..you can say that again." Vegeta chuckled. "Now where's mine?"

"Right here." The old man pulled out a small velvet box and gave it to him.

"Perfect." Vegeta said as he snapped the box shut. "You have a box for those ones?"

"Sure do. Good luck son." He beamed at the Saiyan.

"Thank you." Vegeta smiled at him, then paid for the rings and walked out, whistling to himself.

"DADDY!" Bra shrieked, making him wince. "Aren't you going to buy ANYTHING?"

"Oh...I've got everything I need already." He smirked, then laughed as he saw the half dozen mall employees who had gotten suckered into carrying his daughter's parcels for her. "Come on, let's not keep your mother waiting, you know how she is about everyone showing up for these get together's. She'll turn us into mincemeat if we're so much as one minute late." He chuckled.

To Be Continued......

Well, you like where this is goin? Huh huh? Do ya?