Fusion part one, the set up.

Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Warnings; Language, Yaoi, Yuri, lemon, light bondage, angst, references to NCS and child abuse. (Nothing too graphic though)

Notes; humor, silliness, sap, OOC, TWT,, basically every warning or note.

Pairings; Almost everybody gets involved eventually.

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"Denotes speaking"

*denotes thoughts*

"What an amazing sunrise!" Goku said with childlike awe as he stood in the window and watched the sky turning from black to purple, violet and pink to a beautiful bright blue. "Come on Vegeta, look!" He whirled and grabbed the surly Saiyan by the arm, pulling him away from the table, not to mention his coffee and breakfast, and firmly dragging him in front of the window.

Vegeta's lip curled into a snarl, and a cutting remark was on his tongue, as he was pulled over to stand beside the other. But just before reaching the window, Vegeta tripped on a chair leg, losing his balance and bumping his face into the taller Saiyan's broad chest.

"Whoops, sorry Vegeta," Goku smiled down at him and put one hand on his upper arm, and the wound the other around to Vegeta's back and turned him to face the window.

"Stop it! Get your hands off me! Kakarott, I'm warning you...." He clenched his fist, preparing to blast the source of his anger clear across the room, when a soft, high pitched yawn was heard from the doorway.

"Ah, hey, Goku! You're up early, want some breakfast too?" Bulma leaned on the doorframe, dressed in a short, almost see through negligee.

"For heaven's sake put some clothes on woman!" Vegeta shouted.

"Oh shut up!" Bulma snapped, "You'll wake Trunks, and what have I told you about firing energy blasts inside the house?"she glared at him angrily.

"Huh? Oh." Vegeta looked at his hand, which was glowing gold from the energy waiting to be used, and allowed it to disperse harmlessly. Goku turned from the window, leaned against the wall, and tried desperately to hold back from laughing at the look on Vegeta's face, which managed to be a mix of frustration, anger, sheepishness, and embarrassment all at the same time.

As Vegeta raised his eyes and met Goku's, he crossed his arms and turned to stare fixedly at the sunrise, his whole face turning a deep shade of crimson. "Well," Goku said slowly, "Chi-Chi made me a huge breakfast, and packed a great big care package for us to take with us, but since you're offering, .."

"Hey, no problemo!" she chirped. "Just let me get dressed," she looked pointedly at Vegeta, "and I'll get right on it. Oh, and I know how much Vegeta eats, so I guess I should make up a package for him too."

"Thanks Bulma" Goku cast a sidelong glance Vegeta's way, and smiled again.

*Wonderful, just great!* Vegeta thought, *Now I'm never going to hear the end of this. Instead of training, Kakarott will be teasing me incessantly about this whole episode!*

Goku studied Vegeta's profile, smirking at the pink patches that repeatedly spread across the other's cheeks, and contemplating all the ways he could tease him about this over the next couple of days, without getting Vegeta pissed off enough to try to kill him. *You're cute when you blush.* Goku thought, then started violently as he realized what had just gone through his head. *Oh my god! What am I thinking? I didn't actually...* he turned and gaped at Vegeta, face red, mouth open and eyes wide with shock, and was intensely grateful as he realized he hadn't spoken the thought aloud. *I wouldn't be surprised if he went Super Saiyan and did try to blast me into oblivion if he ever heard me say that!* Suddenly Vegeta whirled and grabbed the front of Goku's shirt, "And just what the hell are you staring at?! Huh?!" he all but screamed.

"Hey, hey take it easy Vegeta," Goku placed his hands on Vegeta's shoulders and squeezed gently. Feeling the smaller Saiyan jump and stiffen at the touch he thought, *Man, he's still so skittish when it comes to any kind of touching that doesn't involve beating the shit out of someone, I'm still amazed he and Bulma actually managed to have a child together.*

"Relax, and stop taking things so personally." he said.

"Well," Vegeta snarled, "stop laughing at me then!" he reached up and grabbed Goku's wrists and lifted his hands off his shoulders, holding and looking at them for a second and thought, *Why did it have to be him of all people? Every time he puts his hands on me, I just want to surrender to him * before spinning around and stalking back to the table to finish his breakfast.

"I wasn't laughing at you." Goku said quietly. A glance and a gruff "Hnn" was all he got as a response as Vegeta resumed finishing off the massive helpings of eggs, toast, bacon, pancakes, and home fries that were heaped in front of him.

As Goku turned his attention back to the sunrise, Vegeta watched him surreptitiously, *How is it that he manages to maintain that innocent, childlike quality about him?* Vegeta wondered. *With all the battles he's been in, the death and destruction he's witnessed, and yet he still stands there in awe looking at something as simple as a sunrise.* He watched the sunrise from the table, enjoying the silence. As his gaze fell to Goku's back, a slow-motion replay of his stumble flashed through his mind, he felt again the hard muscles of Goku's chest against his cheek, and the sound of his heart beating. Then those huge hands, one curled around his bicep, and the other sliding up between his shoulder blades, he could still feel a tingle there. He also felt warmth in his shoulders where Goku had laid his hands and squeezed. He mused *I wonder what it would feel like to have his hands on my....* And promptly sprayed his mouthful of coffee across the table and onto the floor as Goku spun around to look at him, as if he had read his mind. He quickly ducked his head and resumed eating with alarming speed, even for him.

Goku watched Vegeta, confusion plain on his face, *Why was he staring at me like that?* he asked himself *and why did he spit his coffee all over and blush like that when I looked at him? It's like he was thinking something he didn't want me to know about,* a thought hit him like a hammer blow, *Could it be that he..Nah, not Vegeta, I don't think he'd ever find another guy attractive.* a sharp pang of disappointment ran through him at this last thought, and he wondered how he was going to get through spending the next few days alone with Vegeta, without him finding out how he really felt about him. *Vegeta and I have a tenuous friendship as it is, what would happen if he knew I wanted to be more than just friends?*