Fusion. Chapter 18.

Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Warnings; Language, Yaoi, Yuri, lemon, bondage, angst, weirdness, possibly squicky in places for some, light references to NCS and child abuse. (Nothing too graphic though.)

Notes; humor, silliness, sap, OOC, TWT,, basically every warning or note

Rating; NC-17.

Pairings; Almost everyone gets involved eventually.

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"Denotes speaking"

*denotes thoughts*

Back at the Son residence..........

"Oh Trunks!" Gohan wailed as he lay face down on his bed, his lover stroking his hair reassuringly. "What are we going to do? Dad knows what we've been doing, and you just know Vegeta's going to find out...." Gohan shivered as he spoke Trunks' father's name, imagining the Saiyan prince's reaction to the news.

"It's alright Gohan." Trunks soothed him. "Whatever our father's reactions, we'll face them together." He lay down beside the teen and pulled him into a gentle embrace.

"Really? You promise?" Gohan sniffed.

"Yes koibito. I won't let anyone hurt you." He nuzzled the back of his lover's neck. "Ai shiteru Gohan." He whispered.

Gohan twisted around and curled against Trunks, slight tremors wracking his slender frame. "Ai shiteru." Came the teen's choked response.

Back at the island............

Goku sat down heavily beside Vegeta, watching Yamcha as the still nude human made his way to the bathroom for another quick shower. He smirked as he remembered Yamcha's earlier comment about how copiously Saiyans sweat during sex, and face he pulled as he had wiped at his skin with a towel.

Vegeta stared at the warrior's retreating form, a mischievous gleam in his dark eyes. "If he wants to stay clean, maybe we should show him how much fun sex can be in the shower." Vegeta purred, slowly getting to his feet. He gasped in surprise as Goku pulled him back down and rolled on top of him.

"Or maybe we could get all hot and sweaty again, then go join him." Goku said, leaning down to steal a kiss.

Vegeta smirked as he playfully batted at Goku's shoulders before wrapping his legs around the larger Saiyan's waist. "I like that idea much better." He agreed.

"Um...Vegeta.." Goku began shyly, his face growing serious as he looked away. "There's some things you should know before we go home tomorrow."

Vegeta stared up at Goku, his face settling into his usual scowl. "What?" He snapped.

"Now wait Vegeta, it's not about us, well I mean it is...but it won't affect us, the three of us..." He gestured toward the bathroom. "Not unless you let it affect us....I think a lot of it works out pretty well actually...." He looked down at his lover worriedly.

"Kakarott, what the hell are you babbling about?!" Vegeta cried, his frustration evident.

"Uh...well...you see...Vegeta, Bulma and Chi-Chi have started sleeping together." He said quickly.

Vegeta heaved a sigh. "So. The onna finally took me up on the offer did she? Well it's about damn time. I'm sick and tired of her whining about me not paying her enough attention."

Goku's eyes widened. "Wait a minute! You told her to sleep with my wife? Why?"

Vegeta glared at him in exasperation. "Because Kakarott! I was sick and tired of hearing the same two things over and over again. I didn't try to be intimate with her often enough, and I was always too rough when I did touch her. So I told her she should look somewhere else." Vegeta scowled. "When she said she would I told her that if I ever caught her with another man I'd kill him, slowly and painfully right in front of her. She then turned to me and asked who said anything about another man." He looked up into Goku's face, and smiled at the realization dawning in his dark eyes. "That was when I suggested your mate. I figured the two of you would be having similar problems."

Goku chewed his lip thoughtfully, "Yeah, you were right. It's always been pretty much the same thing with me and Chi-Chi." he said quietly.

"Now, enough about that, let's get hot and sweaty.." Vegeta purred.

"Oh wait! There was a couple of other things too." Goku pulled back slightly, and braced himself.

"What is it now?" Vegeta asked, starting to get annoyed.

"Well...umm....they're not alone." Goku whispered.

Vegeta's eyes hardened, his scowl turning into snarl. "Who?" He hissed.

"Piccolo....now wait Vegeta!" Goku cried as Vegeta started to struggle violently beneath him. "Piccolo's not a male in our sense of the word, he...um...he doesn 't have male genitals! Vegeta no!" Goku yelled, forcing Vegeta to stay on his back beneath him.

Vegeta struggled for several minutes, until Goku's words sunk in. "He doesn't?" Vegeta panted, ceasing his struggles.

"No. So technically she's not with another man." Goku grinned down at the less than amused prince.

"Very well." Vegeta sighed, then growled low in his throat. "You said there was one more thing, what is it?"

"Oh right. Mirai Trunks and Gohan are sleeping together too." Goku winced at the enraged roar that was torn from the other Saiyan's throat, and he yelped and redoubled his efforts to hold Vegeta still as the Saiyan's hair began to turn gold.

"Holy shit what the hell's goin on?!" Yamcha shouted as he ran out of the bathroom clutching a towel to his waist.

"I just told Vegeta that Piccolo Chi-Chi and Bulma were sleeping together." Goku said.

"What! Aw fuck! Goku, couldn't you have told him a little more tactfully?" Yamcha rolled his eyes.

"Well, that's not what upset him." Goku grunted as he tried to hold down a now SSJ2 Vegeta. "What set him off was when I told him that Trunks and Gohan were lovers."

"No shit?" Yamcha whistled, trying to assimilate that last piece of information. "Future Trunks and Gohan. Wow! Who'd have thought?"

"Calm down Vegeta!" Goku shouted in his face. "There's no point flying off the handle over this, alright?"

"Yeah Vegeta." Yamcha said, dropping his towel and moving toward the bed sensuously. "After all, who are you to talk about their sexual preferences when..." The human smirked as he ran his fingertips down Vegeta's chest. He leaned down and nuzzled Goku's hair softly as his fingers drifted down between the two Saiyan's bodies, brushing against two stirring arousals. "What do you say..." he breathed as he kissed Goku's temple, "we give Vegeta something else to think about.." He leered down at Vegeta, and grinned at the small smile he managed to coax from the angry prince.

"I think that's an excellent idea.." Goku purred, rocking his hips against the smaller Saiyan as he lifted his head and brushed his lips against Yamcha's.

Yamcha groaned softly as Goku ravished his mouth, the younger Saiyan nibbling on his bottom lip gently before slipping his tongue inside, tasting and exploring.

Finally Vegeta calmed down enough that his hair returned to it's usual color and he peered up at his lovers, dark eyes gleaming as he watched them kiss. He reached up and threaded his hands in Yamcha's long hair and tugged hard. The human uttered a small cry of pain as he was pulled away from Goku. The cry quickly turned to a soft moan as Vegeta kissed him hungrily, fingers still clutching his hair.

Goku growled softly as he rocked his hips, brushing his arousal against Vegeta's. A strangled groan escaped him as the small Saiyan thrust his hips up to meet him, the increased friction nearly driving Goku over the edge. "Vegeta..." he croaked as he tried to pull away, only to have the prince's legs snap around his waist as Yamcha slid his arm around him to help hold him in place. "No.." he moaned. "Let me go...I want..." The large Saiyan pulled away forcefully, earning surprised looks from his lovers as he rose shakily to stand beside the bed. "Vegeta and I were just planning to get all sweaty again Yamcha." Goku purred, "then we're going to join you for another shower." He reached over and picked up the oil from the night stand. "Come here." Goku said quietly, crooking a finger at Yamcha.

The human warrior grinned wolfishly as he stood before the tall Saiyan, eyes raking up and down the smooth, muscular body eagerly. His brow furrowed in confusion as Goku leaned over and scooped up Vegeta, setting the surprised Saiyan on his feet in front of Yamcha.

Goku held out Vegeta's hand and slapped the bottle of oil into it. "Lube him up good Vegeta, wouldn't want him to hurt you..." Goku purred into his ear.

"Hurt me? Who said he was going to be on top?" Vegeta cried indignantly.

"I did." Goku grinned before shoving Vegeta into Yamcha's arms.

Yamcha grunted softly as he caught the small Saiyan. "Here, let me have that." He whispered, reaching for the oil.

Vegeta slapped Yamcha's hand away angrily and squeezed a generous amount of the oil into his palm, rubbing his hands together quickly to warm it. He smirked up at the human as he wrapped his hands around Yamcha's erection and began to slide his hands up and down in slow firm strokes which made the human tremble.

Yamcha panted softly as Vegeta's hands tortured and teased him, and he arched into the touch as Goku's hands danced across his chest and stomach.

Goku chuckled softly. "I think you'd better stop Vegeta, or else he'll be done before we've even had a chance to get started." He said as he pulled away from Yamcha. He moved to stand behind Vegeta, grabbing the shorter Saiyan by the shoulders and turning him around. "Looks like you're stuck in the middle again." He smirked at the prince.

Vegeta leered at him. "I don't mind, as long as you're on the bottom this time." He gasped sharply as a finger pushed it's way into his body without warning. "Hey....wh..hnn..." Vegeta's shout turned to a moan as an arm snapped around his waist and he was pulled back against Yamcha's chest, the aroused human probing and stretching Vegeta gently, as Goku caressed his erection. The small Saiyan cried out as Yamcha's fingers brushed his prostate, reducing the normally standoffish Saiyan to a quivering mass of need, begging for more. Goku and Yamcha smirked then leaned forward and kissed each other passionately, sandwiching a squirming, moaning Vegeta between them.

Goku knelt in front of Vegeta, his hands cupping his rear as Yamcha hooked his hands under the small Saiyan's thighs. They locked eyes and nodded, gently lifting the prince up and spreading his thighs until Yamcha's arousal was pressing against Vegeta's entrance, and the Saiyan's own throbbing erection brushed Goku's chin. They held the trembling man between them as Yamcha slid his well-oiled length into Vegeta, drawing a low rumbling growl from the Saiyan, which turned into a rasping cry as Goku's lips slid down to the base of Vegeta's cock. Vegeta snaked one arm up to cup the back of Yamcha's neck, while his other hand slid down and grabbed a fistful of Goku's ebony hair, gently urging him up and down.

"Uhh....yes...." Vegeta writhed in the grip of his lovers, urging them to move faster. "K...Kakarott.....Yamcha..nnn..."

Yamcha's eyes slid shut as his head fell back. He tried to keep his pace slow but it was difficult. Vegeta's body was tight and hot, the Saiyan's muscles were gripping and massaging his cock as he slid in and out, the pleasure intense. "Vegeta..." The human whimpered. "I....Oh God...it feels good....can't hold out.... much...." He shivered, his fingers beginning to dig into Vegeta's thighs as he clenched his jaw, fighting not to cum yet.

*Hold on Yamcha.* Goku's thoughts were heard by the struggling human, who nodded briefly.

The tall Saiyan slowly let go of Vegeta, making sure Yamcha could hold him before he quickly turned around and lay on the edge of the bed, knees touching the floor as he looked over his shoulder coyly at Vegeta. The Saiyan prince watched through slitted eyes as Goku rocked his hips against the bed. Vegeta moaned softly at the enticing display.

Yamcha was also watching Goku's performance. He nuzzled Vegeta's hair and brushed his lips against the Saiyan's ear. "You like that, huh Vegeta? Yeah I'll bet you do....Goku down there on his knees in front of you just waiting for you to slam your cock into him." Yamcha purred, smirking as Vegeta whimpered. "You want some of that Vegeta? Hmm?" He slowly moved Vegeta closer to Goku's prone body. He lowered the Saiyan to his feet reaching around to grip Vegeta's straining arousal with one hand as he ran his fingertips across Vegeta's lips. "Suck Vegeta." Yamcha whispered. Vegeta complied, liberally coating Yamcha's fingers with saliva.

Vegeta growled as Yamcha pushed two fingers into Goku's entrance, eliciting a soft groan from the younger Saiyan. His body throbbed with desire as Yamcha found Goku's sweet spot, making Goku's hips snap up and begin thrusting back against Yamcha's hand as the tall Saiyan cried out in pleasure. The cries immediately turned to whimpers as the human quickly removed his fingers.

"Fuck him Vegeta." Yamcha purred. He positioned the head of Vegeta's penis at Goku's entrance and pulled his hips back until only the head of his own erection was inside Vegeta, and then slammed his hips forward with everything he had, driving himself all the way into Vegeta, and in turn burying Vegeta's cock to the hilt inside Goku. Both Saiyans shouted at the sudden move and cried out in pleasure as Yamcha set a blistering pace, gripping Goku's hips as he thrust himself into Vegeta roughly.

Vegeta slumped forward over Goku's broad back and groaned as the younger Saiyan's hips began to slam back against him. He jerked and grunted as Yamcha angled himself to hit Vegeta's prostate. Grunts soft curses, moans and the creaking of bedsprings filled the room as the three men rocked and pushed against each other. A high-pitched wail escaped Goku as he raised his hips one last time and slumped against the bed, panting heavily. Vegeta let out a hoarse cry as he collapsed onto Goku's back, and Yamcha screamed as he buried himself in Vegeta once more before settling on top of the small Saiyan.

After several minutes of trying to catch their breath, Vegeta began to squirm beneath Yamcha. "Damn you're one heavy ningen." The Saiyan prince muttered.

"What?!" Yamcha cried with mock outrage, raising himself to his knees and grabbing Vegeta around the waist. "So you want to see heavy huh?" He leered down at the captive prince, who was struggling to get free.

"Oh no, I don't think so Yamcha, Vegeta's had you both ways, and now it's my turn." Goku's voice came from directly behind Yamcha, and he spun around to see Goku slowly creeping toward him, staring at him intently. Gripping the human by the arms, Goku pulled Yamcha to his feet. "Let's go rinse off, and then I'll get my turn."

Back at the Son residence.........

Gohan moaned as Trunks settled between his spread legs, their erections brushing together. "Ooh....yes...Trunks please....do it...take me.." The young demi-Saiyan whimpered.

"Yes koibito...." Trunks groaned in reply, reaching for the tube of lubricant on the night stand. After slathering it onto his erection, Trunks lowered his hips until he brushed against his lover's entrance.

Gohan clapped his hands over his mouth to stifle his cries as Trunks pushed past the tight ring of muscle inside him, and began to slowly thrust into him. Soft cries and the sounds of the bed shifting with their gentle movements wafted across the room.

Both of the young men screamed and Trunks rolled Gohan behind him protectively as the door swung open. Bulma and Chi-Chi stood in the doorway, faces pale and mouths open as they took in the sight of their sons naked and in bed together.

"What the hell are you doing to my son you damn pervert!" Chi-Chi screeched, advancing toward them menacingly.

"Oh and aren't you one to call me a pervert after the things you and Piccolo have done to my mother!" Trunks screamed at her.

Chi-Chi and Bulma gasped and turned to gape at each other. "How did you know?" Bulma whispered.

"We've seen you." Trunks growled. "Now if you hypocrites are finished, we'd like to be left alone. Oh and you might want to know that Goku and Father already know all about you three, as well as both of us." He said slyly, turning to kiss Gohan tenderly.

"They......they know..all of it?" Chi-Chi gasped. Bulma grabbed her gently by the shoulders and led her downstairs, pausing to shut the door behind her.

"You two might want to lock this, you know..so.." Bulma tilted her head toward the younger boys' room.

"Sure Mom." Trunks said, jumping up and locking the door as soon as it was shut. "Now," he said, turning to grin at Gohan ferally. "Let's not waste our last evening before our Dads come home." Gohan gasped as he was pounced on by the gorgeous demi-Saiyan.

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