A hazy shade of green

By Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Piccolo goes into heat, throwing the entire Z gang into emotional and sexual chaos.

Pairings: Piccolo x everybody (almost *LOL*).

Notes: Het, yaoi, lemon, extreme OOC, AU, late DBZ, humor, weirdness. Just for those who seem to have a problem with inconsistencies with my fic and the anime, that's why I put AU on it. Hello? Does the phrase ALTERNATE UNIVERSE mean anything to you? *snickers*

Rating: R for really lemony. *LOL*

This fic is a multi pairing gratuitous lemon request fic for Larania Drake, my 2000thvisitor. Will be at least a 2 parter. (that's what I figure on so far)

Piccolo sat cross-legged in the air, meditating in front of his favorite waterfall. *It's been so quiet since the Buu incident.* He heaved a sigh. *Damn, I'm bored.* He floated down to the ground and paced back and forth along the river bed. *I wonder what the others are doing...* He mused, smirking as he tried to imagine Goku and Vegeta dealing with constant peace. "Probably beating the shit out of each other for lack of an real enemy to smack around." He chuckled. *I suppose I should go and keep track of how much everybody's improved.* The Namek smirked as he flew off.

Just as Piccolo was approaching Goku's place, sharp stabbing pain radiated from his abdomen. His vision and hearing were suddenly fuzzy, like he was trapped under water trying to hear and see everything above the surface. "Ahh! Kami!" He cried, quickly lowering himself to the ground. He doubled over in pain as soon as his feet touched the ground, hand clutching his stomach. "What's...happening to me?" He rasped as he fell over onto his side and curled into a ball. "It hurts...." He whimpered as wet popping and shifting sounds came from inside him. Piccolo gasped as tearing sounds reached his ears, and he rolled over onto his back, legs apart as strange sensations spread from his groin. "What...what's wrong with me.." He groaned.

After several moments, the sounds finally stopped. "Thank Kami it's over..." Piccolo panted, still holding his stomach as the pain finally began to subside. Slowly, he managed to sit up. "What the hell was that all about?" He growled, shifting uncomfortably as his groin still tingled. The Namek's brow furrowed as he realized that he couldn't seem to slow his breathing, or his heart rate. Sweat ran down his face as his body temperature rose so high it would have killed an average human. Without thinking, Piccolo pushed off his turban and dropped his cape to the ground, breathing a quiet sigh of relief as the cool breeze hit his burning flesh. After a few moments he stripped off his gi shirt as well, and wandered off to find the lake he knew was not far away. *What was it, four miles west of Goku's place? Can't think straight...* He shook his head, trying to clear the fog from his brain as he slowly, cautiously took to the air.

Gohan, who was sitting on the beach enjoying the warm sunshine, paused in his reading as he felt his old mentor approaching. *Hmm...I wonder what he's up to?* The demi Saiyan mused. *He stopped for a while, and now he's traveling so slowly..I wonder if anything's wrong? I should check it out.* He snapped his book shut and took to the air.

Piccolo growled. Every time he tried to fly a little faster, his body would scream in protest, pain lancing through him. And he still had that wretched tingling sensation in his groin, almost like an itch deep inside him that would not be scratched. "What the hell's wrong with me?" He muttered angrily. He growled as he felt Gohan approaching from the direction of the lake. "Well...at least he can fly faster than I can at the moment," he said with a scowl. "He can get me to that blasted lake a little quicker."

Gohan grinned as he saw Piccolo, but the grin quickly faded as he saw the look of pain on the Namek's features, and noticed he was wearing nothing more than his gi pants and shoes. "Piccolo!" He cried, speeding up. "What's wrong? You look awful!" He said anxiously as he came closer.

"I...just need to get to the lake to...cool off." Piccolo panted, sweat still running down his face. He smiled wanly as his former pupil stopped in front of him, and began sniffing the air, a strange gleam in his eyes. "I'll be fine once I get cooled down. And I don't smell that bad!" He snapped, joking about his sniffing.

"Piccolo..." Gohan breathed as he stared at his former teacher with hooded eyes, blood rushing to his groin as Piccolo's scent nullified his ability to think rationally. "You..." He drifted forward slowly, his arm extended.

Piccolo's eyes widened as Gohan's fingers splayed across his chest, and the demi-Saiyan began stroking the firm green skin teasingly. "Gohan..." He said sternly, backing away. "What are you doing?" A wave of unease washed over Piccolo as Gohan's eyes narrowed and he began to power up. The Namek quickly tried to power up and escape, but the pain he'd been feeling earlier came back, hampering his escape. "No! Gohan! Stop it!" Piccolo shouted as he was tackled from behind and Gohan sent them both hurtling toward the ground. The now very frightened Namek cried out in shock as Gohan pinned him to the ground and went SSJ2, growling and glaring down at him.

"Mine..." Gohan whispered as he leaned down to kiss Piccolo fiercely.

Piccolo tried to fight it, he really did. But sex hormones long dormant inside his body were being released, throwing the Namek into his first heat. Instead of pushing the demi-Saiyan away, Piccolo's strong arms wound around his neck and pulled him closer as he opened his mouth to Gohan's questing tongue. Piccolo and Gohan moaned in unison as Gohan explored Piccolo's mouth gently, his hands exploring the textured skin of his lover's chest and stomach.

"Gohan please..." The eager Namek groaned as the tingling in his groin built to an ache. "I need...." He raised his hips rhythmically, rubbing himself against the straining arousal he felt through Gohan's swim trunks and his own gi pants.

"Yes...I know.." Gohan whispered, rolling off Piccolo and working his pants off. He gasped as he saw the male genitalia. He grasped his lover's thick erection and leaned forward to take the organ into his mouth, but Piccolo's fingers in his golden hair stopped him.

"Lower." The Namek whispered. "Touch me lower...."

Gohan glanced up at him before moving his hand down under his lover's testicles. He gasped softly as he encountered the wet folds there. "You're both?" He asked, shocked. Piccolo merely bucked his hips and whimpered softly. "Easy now..." Gohan whispered, flicking his thumb over the Namek's clit, making him tremble. He thrust two fingers into him, and smirked as Piccolo groaned in response. He moved his fingers in and out, his thumb still stroking the small nub of nerves, until he had the Namek nearly sobbing with need.

Finally Piccolo could stand it no longer. He grasped Gohan's shoulders and flipped him onto his back, reaching down to tear off his swim trunks. Gohan gasped, then groaned as Piccolo straddled him, letting the demi-Saiyan's shaft brush his entrance. His eyes widened at the predatory look the Namek gave him, and he let out a loud moan as Piccolo thrust his hips down, impaling himself on Gohan's length.

Piccolo threw back his head and cried out sharply at the brief flash of pain that radiated from between his legs as something gave way inside him. He froze, trying to adjust to the sensation of fullness, before long buried instincts took over and he began rocking his hips, slowly at first, then picking up the pace as pleasure quickly replaced pain.

Gohan growled as Piccolo began to move on top of him, his hands shooting up to grasp the Namek's hips tightly as he bucked his hips up to meet him stroke for stroke. Sweat beaded on his tan skin as their pace became more frantic, both of them panting harshly as they arched and pushed against each other seeking release. He snarled and flipped them over, hitching Piccolo's legs over his shoulders as he lifted his lover's hips off the ground. His slitted green eyes locked onto Piccolo's dark ones for a few seconds before he began slamming himself into his lover, Piccolo writhing in his grip. Sweat ran down Gohan's face and throat as he panted raggedly, watching his lover intently as he felt his climax fast approaching.

Piccolo arched his back, throwing his head back and screaming as he shuddered violently. His muscles clamped down on Gohan's length, sending the demi-Saiyan over the edge with a hoarse shout. Gohan slowly relinquished his hold on Piccolo's legs, letting his hips down gently before slumping on top of the Namek, chest heaving, heart pounding.

Suddenly, the fog lifted from Piccolo's brain, leaving him with crystal clear memories of what had just transpired. "Oh no..." He whispered. "Gohan..I.." He gently pried the lethargic man off him and lowered him to the ground. "How could this happen?" He asked himself. "How could you...how could I let this happen?" He clenched his fists, tears shimmering in his eyes as guilt and betrayal waged a war inside him. He swore softly to himself before scrambling back into his pants and taking off into the air, streaking back the way he'd come.

After retrieving his clothing and spending several minutes arguing with himself, Piccolo decided he needed to talk to someone. "Dammit...why?" He berated himself yet again as he flew in the direction of Goku and Vegeta's usual sparring grounds.

"Wha..?" Gohan blinked several times, trying to clear his head. He had no memory of anything that had happened during the last half hour. He sat up, blushing as he realized his shorts were lying several feet away. He quickly scrambled over and retrieved them. "What the hell just happened?" The half Saiyan yelped as he held up the tattered material. "Shit!" He cried, his whole face a deep red. "Oh well, at least I've still got a towel." He sighed. "I'll go borrow some pants from Dad and say I lost mine. I just hope I can get around Mom." He winced, knowing that even though he was now almost 30 she would still ream him out royally as if he was a little boy. "Ah well." He said, grinning. "I should be able to sneak inside, Mom and Videl will probably be busy with Pan, so I shouldn't have too much of a problem." He chuckled, slipping on his sandals and making his way back to the house.

"Shit!" Goku hissed as he hit the ground yet again. *Man, he's getting better.* Goku thought to himself, chuckling as he got to his feet. "Five minute break Vegeta?" He called to the Saiyan prince, who stood a short distance away panting and sweating, much like Goku himself.

"Yes Kakarott, if you really need that much time to recover from a simple kick." Vegeta sneered, stalking over to a tree stump and sitting down.

"Hey..I...that's Piccolo?" Goku asked as he sensed the Namek's ki approaching. "But he feels..different."

Vegeta cocked his head to the side, trying to figure out exactly what was wrong. *Hmm...he's right.* Vegeta thought, brows furrowing. *Something is off here.* He stayed seated as Goku walked to the edge of the clearing to intercept their visitor.

"Hey Piccolo!" Goku called, smiling. The Saiyan gasped and rushed over to his longtime friend as Piccolo slowly made his way toward him, breathing labored and sweat pouring down his face. "What's wrong?!" Goku cried, helping the staggering Namek over to the base of a large tree and sitting him down in the shade. "What the hell's wrong with you Namek?" Vegeta snapped, staying where he was.

"Kami no..." Piccolo rasped, falling over onto his side as heat and a now familiar tingling radiated from his groin once more. "Not again!" He growled, unaware of the blast of powerful phermones his body had just released.

It did not however go unnoticed by the Saiyan bending over him.

"Piccolo.." Goku breathed, leaning down to nuzzle the Namek's throat. "You smell great." Something snapped inside Goku, long buried Saiyan instincts that had never been called out suddenly taking control.

"No!" Piccolo shouted as he tried to fight his own hormones again.

Vegeta leaned forward, watching in surprise as Goku suddenly pinned the Namek's arms over his head and leaned down. "From here it looks like he's kissing the big green bean." Vegeta snickered, before getting up and walking over. "So, what's the mat...Oh Kami what the hell are you DOING!" Vegeta shouted as he saw that Goku was, in fact, kissing Piccolo. Vegeta watched in stunned silence for a moment until Piccolo sank his fangs into Goku's lower lip, which told the Saiyan prince that Piccolo was not happy about what was going on. His lips twisted into a disgusted snarl as the Namek twisted and tried to pull away. "Enough!" He snapped, powering up to SSJ2, grabbing the other Saiyan by the hair and throwing Goku halfway across the clearing.

Goku let loose a bestial roar and leapt to his feet, only to be sent back to the ground by Vegeta's fist connecting with the side of his face.

"I said that's enough!" Vegeta yelled, leaning over him and glaring down at the larger man. "I believe he said no did he not? What the hell's gotten into you Kakarott?" Vegeta asked, completely baffled by the Saiyan's strange behavior.

Goku's head whipped up and he stared at Vegeta. His nostrils flared as another scent replaced Piccolo's. The scent of another Saiyan. His arms snapped around Vegeta's hips as he nuzzled the prince's stomach.

"Kakarott!" Vegeta jerked, blushing furiously as Goku's face moved lower. "Let go of me!" He shouted, his voice quavering as Goku's hair turned gold and fell past his waist. "No..no stop it!" Vegeta cried as Goku stood up and began to pry off his armor.

Piccolo sat up and blinked, shaking his head to clear it just in time to see a SSJ3 Goku throw Vegeta to the ground and pull down his body suit. "Damn.." He muttered. "This is my fault. I don't know what's going on but I must be having a similar effect on Goku to the one I had on Gohan." His eyes widened. "But Gohan had no one else to fixate on besides me. If there had been another Saiyan around he would have gone after them. But Goku has Vegeta here." Piccolo heaved a sigh. "If I don't do something that sex-crazed baka's going to rape Vegeta." Vegeta's scream snapped the Namek into action. He jumped to his feet and made his way over to the struggling warriors. "Hey Goku." He said, voice husky as the scent of the two Saiyans hit him. He swayed on his feet briefly as a wave of need washed over him. "It's me you want." He murmured as he held his arm under Goku's nose.

The Saiyan turned his head as Piccolo's phermones once again overwhelmed him. His nostrils flared as he inhaled sharply before licking the green skin, his hair and eyes returning to their normal color.

Vegeta was still pinned under the larger Saiyan, so he was also forcibly exposed to Piccolo's potent scent. "No.." He rasped as he felt himself becoming aroused. "I want no part of.." His weak protest was cut off as Piccolo lowered his arm and brushed the back of his hand over Vegeta's lips. Vegeta growled and shoved at Goku, trying unsuccessfully to dislodge the larger Saiyan, Piccolo's phermones throwing both Saiyans into a kind of heat of their own.

Goku's eyes snapped back down to Vegeta, the smaller man's struggles arousing him further. He leaned down and claimed Vegeta's lips in a bruising kiss, hands running over his bare chest and stomach. The Saiyan growled softly as Piccolo undid his sash and pulled at his blue and orange gi shirts. He sat back and helped the Namek remove his clothing.

Vegeta whimpered, shifting restlessly under Goku as the larger Saiyan leaned forward and kissed Piccolo. He stilled as Piccolo's hand slid over his chest, fingers toying with the prince's hardened nipples making the small Saiyan arch and growl.

Piccolo smirked as Goku and Vegeta began to run their hands over him, both Saiyans staring at him with passion glazed eyes. "For some reason I don't think either of you would agree to waiting your turn..so..." He stood, shaking off the groping hands that sought to pull him back. He clenched his fists and powered up, snarling as he split himself in two. "Now then." Both copies of Piccolo said in unison. "Which one of us goes where?" They both pulled off their capes, tossed away their turbans and stripped off their sashes and shirts.

Goku growled and launched himself at the copy on the left, tackling the Namek and pinning him to the ground. Piccolo's eyes slid closed as Goku gently pulled off the purple gi pants, pausing to slide his own pants down past his hips. "Piccolo..." He whispered, cupping the back of Piccolo's head and pulling him forward for a kiss.

Piccolo groaned as Goku's hand brushed his erection, then wrapped around it. He let out a strangled cry as the Saiyan started to stroke him. "No!" He reached down and gripped Goku's wrist. "Underneath.." He whispered, his tongue darting out to lick Goku's bottom lip as the Saiyan's fingers slid beneath his male genitalia. He moaned as the Saiyan's head came down, tongue thrusting into his mouth while Goku pushed two fingers into him. "Goku.." He groaned against his lover's lips. "I want you.."

Goku growled as Piccolo's legs snapped around his waist. He nipped gently at Piccolo's lower lip, hands snaking around his lover's waist before he positioned himself at Piccolo's entrance.

Both of them cried out as Goku thrust into the slick passage, burying himself to the hilt inside him. Goku buried his face in the crook of Piccolo's neck, slamming into his lover as Piccolo arched and moaned beneath him.

The other copy of Piccolo busied himself with the task of pulling off Vegeta's skin tight body suit. "Damn spandex." The Namek muttered as finally he managed to remove the offending garment. He eyed the Saiyan prince's rock hard member hungrily for a moment before darting his head forward and wrapping his lips around it, pulling a ragged shout of surprise and pleasure from the smaller man. Piccolo pulled away as he felt Vegeta shiver beneath him and moved up to straddle the Saiyan's waist, swallowing Vegeta's groan of disappointment in a deep kiss. He shifted his hips until the head of Vegeta's cock teased his entrance and slammed himself down, shuddering at the hoarse cry he wrenched from the Saiyan pinned beneath him.

Vegeta began to pant and tremble as Piccolo's muscles gripped him. He reached up and dug his fingers into the Namek's hips, bracing his legs and thrusting up into the Namek.

Suddenly both Piccolos froze. The part of Piccolo's mind that was still functioning rationally realized that if Goku and Vegeta woke up naked and feeling strange, they would both agree something weird had happened. They would definitely back each other up and work together to find out what had happened. *Well then, I'd best give them a good answer to what happened here.* He grinned evilly as the copy of himself that was beneath Goku flipped both of them over. He grinned down at Goku as both he and his copy began moving in tandem. The two Piccolos locked eyes and nodded before sticking two fingers into their mouths and coating them with saliva.

Goku's eyes widened as Piccolo thrust a finger into him, probing and stretching gently for a few moments before pushing in a second finger. He tensed briefly at the invasion, then gasped as the Namek's fingers found his prostate.

Vegeta grunted and jerked as the other copy of Piccolo pushed a finger into him as well, the large digit slowly thrusting in and out before being joined by another. The Saiyan arched and whimpered as Piccolo's fingers found his prostate and rubbed it.

Both Saiyans climaxed simultaneously, Goku throwing his head back and shouting as Vegeta bit back a scream, both of them shuddering violently as they came inside him. Both copies of Piccolo arched almost painfully, heads thrown back, sharp teeth bared as they cried out in pleasure.

The four of them collapsed to the ground, sweating, spent and panting heavily.

After several minutes some of the fog cleared from Piccolo's mind, but the heat was nowhere near gone, in fact it seemed to have taken over his personality even more.

"Well, I've got to go you two." Piccolo chuckled, slowly getting to his feet and reforming himself into one. "Have fun." He smirked as he pulled Goku and Vegeta closer and wrapped their arms and legs around each other. "You shouldn't have all that many questions when you wake up. At least, none that can't be answered by taking a quick look around." He laughed as he scooped up his clothes and flew off.

Vegeta groaned as he slowly regained consciousness. "What the hell just happened?" He stiffened as he realized there was an arm and leg sprawled over him. "Huh?" He quickly sat up and blushed wildly when he saw a sleepy, smiling and very naked Goku looking up at him blearily. Vegeta gasped as a dull ache radiated from his backside.

"What's wrong 'Geta?" Goku yawned loudly, rolling onto his back and stretching, wincing as he felt an ache similar to Vegeta's. "Hey..that hurts." He said softly, rolling onto his side and curling up.

"You hurt as well." Vegeta said thoughtfully, then smirked. "Well I might not remember it but at least I got my turn on top."

Goku gasped and jumped to his feet as Vegeta's words sank in. "You mean you..and me..we?" He shook his head violently. "No way Vegeta..no!"

"Baka!" Vegeta spat. "Look around you! Number one, we wake up naked, number two, we're wrapped around each other in a nice cuddly position. Number three, we're sore in areas you don't usually hurt in a spar!" He barely suppressed a chuckle as he said the last of it.

"Oh Kami..what have we done?" Goku whimpered. "I'm gonna have to tell Chi-Chi, and she'll probably kick me out! And Bulma would most likely kick you out too when you tell her."

"What?!" Vegeta laughed harshly. "Why do we have to tell them anything?" He demanded. "Why can't we just pretend nothing happened?"

Goku turned away, trying to hide the pain Vegeta's words had caused. "Oh...I see." He said, trying to keep his voice steady.

Vegeta heard the change in his voice and spun around. "Kakarott I didn't mean it the way you think." He snapped, scowling at the other Saiyan before grabbing him by the arm and whirling him around. "What I mean is why can't we just keep this between ourselves?" He whispered, pulling Goku down for a kiss.

"Vegeta I can't lie about this. I'm married and I...I cheated." Goku whispered.

"Well I didn't." Vegeta said softly. "Bulma and I have been sharing a house, but not a bed since Bra was born."

"Really?" Goku gaped at him. "I had no idea!"

"Yes well, it might be better this way. At least if your onna does kick you out, we can stay with my family for a while. Your brats are around there so much it's like you live there now." Vegeta said, making them both chuckle. "Come on, let's go to Capsule Corp. and get cleaned up, then I'll come with you and help you do your precious right thing." Vegeta sighed.

Goku swept Vegeta up in a bear hug, kissing him on the lips with a loud smacking noise. "I've got a better idea." Goku growled, powering up to SSJ2 and gently lowering Vegeta to the ground and laying down on top of him. "Let's do it again, and make sure we remember this time!" He leered down at him.

Vegeta laughed and wrapped his arms around Goku's neck. "Sounds like a plan.." He murmured before darting forward and sealing his lips to his mate's. The Saiyan prince moaned softly as Goku's fingers slid down his chest, pausing to lightly pinch his hardened nipples before moving down to his washboard stomach.

"Kakarott..." He whispered as his own fingers clawed at Goku's shoulders.

Goku broke the kiss to trail his lips down Vegeta's throat, lapping at the salty skin. He growled softly as he opened his mouth further to scrape his teeth across the prince's collarbone, smirking when Vegeta threw back his head to give him better access to the silky skin.

Vegeta gasped, fingers tightening in Goku's unruly hair as his lover gently raked his teeth over a pebbled nipple. The prince arched his back, groaning as the other Saiyan's tongue traced swirls across his chest before lapping at his other nipple.

"Stop teasing me!" Vegeta hissed, thrusting up into Goku's hand as it wrapped around Vegeta's length and stroked him slowly. "Kakarott.." He hissed as Goku's hand sped up, sliding up and down his member rapidly.

Goku shivered at Vegeta's responsiveness. "What do you want Vegeta..." He groaned, laying his cheek on the prince's hard stomach. "Top or bottom?"

Vegeta's eyes widened slightly. *I don't like the idea of being uke out here where we could be seen, but on the other hand I don't want to take him quickly.* He growled softly at the dilemma. *I want to take my time and enjoy it, not to mention torture him a bit..* Vegeta thought with a smirk. He scowled as he remembered the dull ache coming from his backside. *But I'll clobber him if he tries to get rough like that with me again.* He sighed. "I'll let you be on top this time, but first let's get under those trees. I don't want anyone to see us. And I'm not laying on the ground again." He snapped, wincing as he felt a rock beneath him. "I want our clothes under me."

Goku slowly got to his feet and swayed slightly as he powered down. "Man..my legs feel like rubber." He grinned as he reached down and tried to pick up Vegeta.

"Baka." The prince snorted and swatted Goku's hands away. "I can get up." He jumped to his feet and went after his clothing, taking great pains to hide the weakness in his own legs. "Get your things and come on." He said impatiently as he watched Goku making his way unsteadily across the clearing.

"I don't know Vegeta." The tall Saiyan chuckled. "Are you sure you want me to be on top? I'm not sure how well I'll do in this condition. I can barely walk!" He laughed and walked over to stand before Vegeta.

The Saiyan prince looked up at Goku with hooded eyes. "I'm sure you'll do fine Kakarott." He purred, waiting for Goku to spread out their clothing on the ground. As soon as it was Vegeta slowly, gracefully lay back on the fabric staring up at the large Saiyan hungrily.

Goku lowered himself until he hovered over Vegeta, weight braced on his hands and knees. *How the hell could I take him, or be taken by him, and not remember it?* He wondered silently, lowering his head to kiss his prince. *I've wanted to touch him for years, you'd think I would remember having a major fantasy like that come true.* He grinned as Vegeta's eyes fluttered shut, the Saiyan's lips parting in anticipation of the kiss.

Both Saiyans moaned when their lips met. Goku kissed his lover gently at first, then with more force, using his weight to push Vegeta down onto his back.

Soft sounds came from the prince as Goku's teeth raked down the side of his throat. "Please Vegeta.." Goku rasped, resting his forehead on Vegeta's shoulder panting softly.

"Yes koi." Vegeta whispered, shivering at the other Saiyan's hot breath tickling his skin. He chuckled as Goku immediately pushed two fingers against his lips.

Goku growled as Vegeta began to suck on his fingers, while the smaller Saiyan's legs slipped around his waist and squeezed. "Vegeta.." He groaned as the prince rocked his hips, rubbing their erections together. Goku pulled his fingers from Vegeta's mouth and moved his hand down between the other Saiyan's legs.

Vegeta gasped and tensed as Goku's finger pushed into him.

"Shh...easy. It'll get better." Goku whispered, kissing him as he gently stretched and probed the smaller Saiyan.

The Saiyan prince growled when a second finger was added, and he grunted and bucked his hips as the thick digits brushed his prostate. "Kakarott.." He ground out, arching his body for more contact. "Now..." Vegeta gasped as the other Saiyan shifted, and the head of Goku's shaft pushed against his entrance.

"You ready Vegeta?" Goku asked, voice hoarse. The Saiyan prince swallowed thickly and nodded. Goku whimpered as the head of his cock pushed past the tight ring of muscle. "V..Vegeta.." The Saiyan stuttered, struggling to keep himself under control.

Air hissed between Vegeta's teeth at the burning sensation that radiated from between his legs. "Shimatta.." He cursed softly as Goku's length pushed further inside.

Goku stared down at Vegeta, eyes wide. "I....I don't want to hurt you." He whispered. He began to pull away and blinked as Vegeta's legs constricted around his waist.

"Never mind hurting me, I'm going to hurt you if you don't continue..." Vegeta hissed, bucking his hips and driving Goku deeper inside of him. Goku gasped and shuddered at the sudden move. "Fuck me Kakarott." The Saiyan purred, rocking his hips slowly.

"Nnn...'Geta.." Goku moaned, his control being sorely tested by Vegeta's undulations, not to mention his words. "I..Kami...feels good.." He shivered. He buried his face in the crook of Vegeta's neck and rocked his hips, matching Vegeta's slow pace. "Mm..." He turned his head and licked the soft skin of his lover's throat. "I've wanted to make love to you for a long time Vegeta."

"I know." The prince said simply, smirking when Goku laughed. "I always imagined you were more the making love type rather than the rough and tumble sex type." Vegeta chuckled.

"Ah..so you fantasized about me too." Goku said smugly before trailing kisses along Vegeta's jaw.

"You talk to much Kakarott." Vegeta whispered, moving his hips faster. The Saiyan grinned at the strangled moan he wrenched from the larger man. "You like that huh? Hmm...maybe I was wrong about you." He unhooked his legs from Goku's waist, braced them on the ground and began moving faster.

"Vegeta! No!" Goku shouted, pushing himself to his hands and knees, pulling himself out of Vegeta in the process. "Stop it Vegeta.." He panted. "I wanna enjoy this."

Vegeta let out a frustrated scream and reached up, hands tangling in Goku's hair. "You can enjoy giving me what I want!" He spat, tugging viciously on the other man's hair in an attempt to bring him back down.

Goku cried out in pain, quickly lowering himself onto the smaller Saiyan and gripping his wrists tightly. "Alright...Vegeta." He whimpered. "Let go." Instantly the hands were gone from his hair. "Psych!" Goku grinned, pinning Vegeta's hands over his head.

"Kisama! Liar! You...you.. Kuso!" Vegeta shrieked as he twisted and writhed in Goku's grip.

"Now Vegeta.." Goku purred before nibbling on Vegeta's earlobe. "Don't be that way. Let's compromise..." He leered down at him, his arousal pressing against Vegeta once more.

"Compromise?" Vegeta stilled, looking up at him warily.

"Yeah." Goku whispered, kissing his way down Vegeta's throat. "You want it hard and fast, and I want it slow and easy."

"What kind of compromise?" Vegeta rasped. "Hn! N...ah! K..Kakarott!" He cried, back arching as Goku thrust into him roughly.

"This kind of compromise." Goku panted as he slowly pulled most of the way out, then slammed into his lover once more. He reveled in the cries he wrenched from his lover, his pace just fast enough to bring Vegeta to the edge, but not enough to let him reach completion.

"Damn you..." Vegeta whimpered, thrashing beneath him trying to get more stimulation.

"You want more?" Goku's voice was a guttural snarl in the other Saiyan's ear.

"H..hai.." The Saiyan prince groaned, voice hoarse.

"Fine." Goku growled, letting go of Vegeta's arms. He grabbed the prince's legs and hooked them over his shoulders before bracing his arms above Vegeta's head. "You asked for it." He said softly before he began slamming in and out of his lover rapidly.

Goku's eyes rolled back in his head, breath coming in ragged gasps as sweat ran down his face. The sound of flesh hitting flesh filled the air, mingling with Vegeta's ragged cries of pleasure. Goku slid Vegeta's legs off his shoulders and wrapped them around his waist once more before gripping Vegeta's cock and sliding his hand up and down in time with his thrusts.

Goku clenched his eyes shut and grunted as he shot his seed into his lover. Moments later Vegeta shouted out his own release as he came in Goku's hand, his seed shooting into the air and landing on his chest and stomach.

"Nn...Vegeta..." Goku whispered. "I don't see how we could not remember something like this." He said softly, lowering his head and running his tongue across Vegeta's stomach.

The Saiyan prince raised his head and stared at his lover, eyes narrowing as he watched Goku eagerly lapping at the sticky seed that had pooled around his navel. He reached down and stroked the Saiyan's spiky black hair once more. "No, I suppose you're right. It does seem strange." He said, frowning slightly. He shrugged, and went back to watching his lover, a satisfied smirk on his face.

An evil grin settled on the now completely out of control Namek's features as he sensed two power levels a few miles east. "Hmm...." He purred, veering off in that direction. "Goten and Trunks. Just what I need right now." He cackled as he landed a short distance way, dropping his turban and cape as he made his way toward them on foot.

"Awww Trunks.." Goten said, almost pouting. "Can't we stop for a while? I'm tired." He slumped to the ground and sprawled on his back.

"Come on chibi." Trunks smirked, standing over him. "Dad was pretty pissed off by our poor performance last time we sparred against him. We were Gotenks then and he still kicked our collective assess with ease. We've got to improve." Trunks said, hunching down beside his friend.

Both of them sat up and looked over at Piccolo as the grinning Namek stepped into the clearing.

"Uhh..hey Piccolo..how's it goin?" Goten asked, giving him a nervous smile.

"Great now that I've found you two." He said softly. Trunks and Goten exchanged a glance, eyebrows raised.

"You uh..you wanna spar with us?" Trunks asked, standing and taking a step toward him.

"Not exactly..." Piccolo smirked. "But I suppose that's as good a start as any." He advanced on the nervous looking Trunks and powered up to his maximum level.

"Hey wait!" Goten cried, running forward and grabbing Trunks' arm. "Don't you think we should fuse, wear him down a bit first? He's gotten pretty tough..." The demi Saiyan swallowed audibly.

"Hmm." Trunks cocked his head to the side. "Maybe. Alright let's do it."

The two young men took their positions and began the steps that would merge them into one. "FU...SION...HA!!"

A brilliant flash of light signaled their success. "You may have beaten Goten or Trunks separately but you will not defeat me!" Gotenks said, fists on hips as he stared at Piccolo with an arrogant smirk. The fused warrior clenched his fists and screamed, powering up to SSJ3.

"Who said anything about wanting to beat you?" Piccolo growled as he lunged forward, wrapping his arms around Gotenks and licking his lower lip. "I just want to fuck you."

Gotenks gasped against Piccolo's lips, unwittingly inhaling a large dose of phermones as he did so. He stiffened in the Namek's arms as they took effect. "Piccolo..?" He asked softly in his odd double voice.

"Shh. Trust me." The Namek whispered as he pressed against Gotenks, hands sliding down to stroke the demi-Saiyan's arousal through his pants.

Gotenks shivered as Piccolo trailed hot kisses up and down his throat. "Hey! What..?" The fused Saiyan gasped as Piccolo swept his feet out from under him and gently lowered him to the ground. Gotenks moaned and arched his back as Piccolo pushed open his vest and grazed sharp canines across his chest, pausing to suck on each of his nipples. "Piccolo.." He groaned, hips rocking against the Namek eagerly. "Please..?"

Piccolo wasted no more time. He sat back and quickly pulled Gotenks' pants to his knees, then undid his sash and stripped away his own pants. "You got it." He murmured, leaning down to kiss the demi-Saiyan as he positioned himself over Gotenk's straining erection.

Both warriors gasped as Piccolo thrust down, burying Gotenks' member inside him to the hilt. "Kami..Piccolo..you...Nnn ahh!" Gotenks shouted, thrashing beneath the Namek wildly. He felt his climax fast approaching as Piccolo moved rapidly on top of him.

Piccolo's breath came in ragged gasps as he felt himself nearing release as well. He threw back his head and shouted as he came, smiling when Gotenks let out a scream and climaxed seconds later. The Namek fell forward and collapsed on top of Gotenks, panting harshly as sweat rolled off his skin.

"Well, I think that's it." Piccolo said softly, kissing Gotenks one more time before getting to his feet. He retrieved his clothes and slowly stumbled away. When he was a safe distance from all the Saiyans he cautiously took to the air, trying to find somewhere to be alone.

Several minutes later, the still unconscious Gotenks split back into an unconscious Goten and Trunks. Moments later the two demi-Saiyans began to stir.

"Mm...what happened Trunks?" Goten asked, stretching and yawning. "How'd we wind up on the ground?"

"Baka." Trunks chuckled. "You were complaining you were tired, and decided to lie down. We both must have fallen asleep." He sighed. "Come on we've got to get back to training!" He grabbed Goten by the arm and hauled him to his feet.

"Aaachoo!" Yamcha nearly fell over with the force of his sneeze. "Stupid summer cold!" He cried angrily. Although he knew it was no ordinary cold. Such things rarely if ever bothered him. "No I had to go get that stupid super flu!" He muttered, stomping through his house.

"Man why me?" He asked no one in particular. "I wonder where the heck Puar is?" He stood at the living room window looking out at the lake. "Probably still at Master Roshi's." He smirked, making a mental note to tease Puar about Oolong as soon as she got home.

He turned to go to the kitchen and make himself a snack, and darted back to the window as he sensed a familiar ki coming from the forest. "Piccolo?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "If that's really Piccolo then something is seriously wrong!" He said, running out the door and taking to the air.

Piccolo collapsed under a large tree, rolling onto his back and gasping for air as sweat continued to run down his face. "What's wrong now?" He muttered, shucking his now tattered clothes once again as he became overheated. The Namek's eyes widened as he felt someone approaching from the air. "Yamcha.." He whispered, hormones and instincts beginning to kick in again.

"Hey Piccolo!" Yamcha called as he landed and ran over to him. "What's wrong?" He asked. The human gasped in shock as he noticed the Namek's dirty, torn clothing tossed around the forest floor. "Kami...what happened? Who did this to you?" He reached out and grasped one of Piccolo's massive arms, looping it over his shoulder and helping the Namek to his feet. "Come on.." He said, straining under Piccolo's weight. "My house isn't far, and I've got some senzu beans stashed away. We'll have you good as new in no time!" He said, slowly raising them into the air and flying back to his house.