Waking dreams. Part 3.

This is a response to ran_chan's challenge.

Pairings; G/V, G/CC, G/Gh, Gh/P.

Rating. R. Definitely an R.

Notes. Extreme OOC, nasty Goku, sappy Vegeta, TWT, AU slightly.

Warnings; DARK. RAPE. Yaoi. Lemon.

Thanks to Lara for betaing for me.

//indicates dreams//



He stopped in the front yard, and turned at Gohan's shout. He locked eyes with his son and waved briefly before disappearing. *I'm sorry Gohan, and tell your mother I'm sorry too. I have to leave now. I'm going to go away so I can't hurt any of you ever again* He transmitted to his eldest son.

"Dad WAIT!!! NO!!" Gohan ran into the yard, but was too late. "Kami...no....... Dad don't go. It was just as much my fault as yours...I know now you didn't tell Vegeta...but I never told Mom what happed three days ago either." He whispered, blinded by his own tears. He sat down heavily on the lawn, and began to sob.

Capsule Corp. ..........

Vegeta kicked and punched the air, sweat beading on his smooth skin as he panted from exertion. He would never admit it, but he was grateful to the woman. He had given her the children she had wanted for so long, and in return she had given him a place to live, food, a gravity chamber that was always kept in good repair, and maybe, just maybe, taught him there were things besides fighting. Not that he would ever admit to that either. Suddenly the Saiyan prince froze as something on the edge of his consciousness rippled. It was as if something that had always been there had suddenly vanished, leaving a gaping hole in it's wake that couldn't be filled. His eyes widened as he realized what was wrong. "Kakarott?" He whispered uncertainly, then with more conviction. "Kakarott! Where did you take off to this time you baka! What's going on now?" Vegeta grumbled, shutting down the gravity chamber and slipping out into the cool night air. Vegeta crept quietly into the kitchen and grabbed two chickens, a carton of milk, some cheese, half a dozen pears, and a bottle of apple juice and sat down, munching happily. As he polished off the last pear and swallowed the last mouthful of juice, his ears picked up the woman's voice from her room upstairs. Her voice sounded concerned, and disbelieving. Vegeta closed his eyes and strained to hear what was going on.

"Oh Gohan no!" Bulma cried softly. "Kami..." Her voice cracked as her eyes filled with tears. "What the hell happened? What could make Goku do something like this?" She asked.

Vegeta stood up at the mention of the other Saiyan's earth name and made his way quickly and quietly to Bulma's door. He knocked softly, then opened it.

Bulma looked at him in surprise for a moment, wondering what was the matter, then made a shushing gesture as she continued talking. "Yes...of course! I'll be right over!" Bulma promised before hanging up. "Turn around." She ordered.

Vegeta complied, hearing the rustling of fabric as she quickly got dressed. "What's going on?" He asked quietly.

"We have to go to Chi-Chi's." Bulma murmured sadly. "She needs all the support she can get, and I want you there with me. I don't know what's gotten into Goku, but I know I'm not going to feel safe there by myself." She growled.

Vegeta's brows furrowed in confusion. "I thought you two had been friends since he was a child." Vegeta said, trying to fathom what could have changed her feelings toward the childlike Saiyan. "What happened to make you mistrust him?"

Bulma sighed. "That was Gohan on the phone, asking me to come over there and give his mother some emotional support. Goku raped her. Sodomized her would be more precise."

Vegeta's face drained of color, his heart lurching in his chest. He spun and stared at her in shock a moment before sagging into a chair. "Sodomy....rape? Ka....Kakarott...." Vegeta rasped. "NO!" He bellowed, shooting up out of the chair and waving his fists in the air, dark eyes snapping with rage. "I don't....I will not believe this....it's lies...all lies.." He hissed.

"Vegeta.." Bulma stepped forward and touched his shoulder gently. "I had a hard time believing it too. But hearing Chi-Chi in the background...Kami Vegeta she's hysterical. Not to mention the other Z senshi, they're extremely upset and angry. I think Gohan's telling the truth. Why would he lie about something like this..."

Vegeta heaved a sigh. "Yes...if it were anyone else that told me...I wouldn't believe it, but him....Oh Kami ...why Kakarott?" Vegeta turned and put his fist through the wall.

Son house......

"Damn you Son! How could you so something like this! You were supposed to take care of this!" Piccolo fumed. Even the gentler personality of the mighty Kami was subjugated in the face of Piccolo's white hot rage. "Gohan warned you that you could hurt someone, and sure enough you did. You chickenshit bastard!" Piccolo muttered angrily. "Why didn't you just tell Vegeta?" Piccolo asked the absent Goku. "I doubt Vegeta's reaction would have been as bad as you thought..." He murmured, remembering all the times he had caught Vegeta staring at Goku on the battlefield, or when they were sparring, or just hanging around. Vegeta's eyes always seemed to be on Goku's body when he thought no one else was watching.

"I don't get this at all." Yamcha paced nervously, his eyes shining with tears as he tried to make sense of the wailing woman in the living room, the bloody mattress upstairs, and a nervous Gohan and scared Goten. "Goku....why would he...how could he...." He stopped and covered his face with his hands. He leaned gratefully against Tien as the three eyed man draped an arm across his shoulders and hugged him. "Why Tien?" He asked softly. Tien merely shook his head and glanced at Krillin, who stood in a corner with Gohan, trying to get an explanation from the nervous looking demi-Saiyan.

All of them paused as they felt Vegeta's ki streaking toward them. Bulma strode into the house a second later, followed by an angry looking Vegeta. They made their way into the living room, to where Chi-Chi sat on the couch. Videl, Juuhachigou and the Ox King were trying to soothe her as best they could.

"Chi-Chi honey...." Bulma trailed off, unsure of what to say.

At the sound of Bulma's voice, Chi-Chi stopped crying. Her head snapped up and she glared at Bulma murderously. "Where's Vegeta." She growled.

"I'm right here." Vegeta snapped, striding into the room. "What do you want?" He demanded.

"I want REVENGE!" She shrieked, coming up off the couch and running across the room to Vegeta, teeth bared and fists raised. Vegeta stepped back, surprised and confused. He reached out and caught her fists and held her still with ease, dragging her over to the couch and flinging her down beside Juuhachigou. "What is wrong with you!" Vegeta demanded. "What the hell did I have to do with this?" "Everything!" Chi-Chi hissed. "You're the reason Goku attacked me." She growled, looking around the room at everyone. She became enraged at the looks of disbelief on everyone's faces. "It's true!" She shouted, advancing on Vegeta again. "Let go of me!" She shrieked as Gohan grabbed her this time, keeping her a safe distance from Vegeta.

"Mom stop it please! It's not Vegeta's fault." Gohan said as he carried her back to the couch. Juuhachigou grabbed hold of her and forced her to remain seated.

"Yes it is! It's all his fault!! He's sleeping with Goku, and that's what made this happen!" She cried.

Vegeta stared at her in shock for a moment, then recovered his voice. "ARE YOU INSANE!" He bellowed, making everyone in the room wince. "I am NOT sleeping with Kakarott, I am Vegeta, prince of the Saiyans! He is nothing but a third class dog!" Vegeta snarled.

"Stop it both of you. What happened tonight isn't Vegeta's fault, at least not unless you think Dad being attracted to him is Vegeta's fault." Everyone turned to stare at Gohan as he pulled out his psychology textbook and began to recant his father's graphic dreams, and explain Goku's obsession with the Saiyan prince. Vegeta's eyes got progressively wider until he collapsed onto an easy chair, trembling. As Gohan told the story about what had happened on their camping trip, shocked gasps and muttered curses were heard, followed by the sound of Chi-Chi weeping.

"Gohan why didn't you tell us?" Bulma asked as the demi-Saiyan went to kneel in front of his mother.

"I'm sorry mom..." Gohan choked out, beginning to cry. "I asked Dad to talk to Vegeta about how he felt, I see now he didn't. But I should have told you what happened on the trip. Maybe if I had, this wouldn't have happened. If you want to blame someone, blame me." He stared up at her nervously.

Chi-Chi stopped crying, her eyes icy as she looked down at her son. "No...no I don't blame you Gohan. Your father was having these dreams and problems for a year. Yet he never tried to get help. He never told Vegeta how he felt, he never told me he had a problem, no. This is his fault. He knew something was wrong, but he didn't do anything about it." She grinned, and everyone in the room, even Vegeta, recoiled from the borderline madness on her face. "I'm glad he's gone." "Mom.." Gohan rasped. "You..you don't mean that, do you?" He whispered.

"Yes I mean it!" She yelled. "That bastard almost raped my son, his own flesh and blood, and he raped me. Not just raped, he touched me in a way a man is just not supposed to touch a woman!" She cried before throwing herself at Juuhachigou and bursting into tears again.

Vegeta leapt up out of the chair and stalked out of the house. "Are you coming or staying?" He yelled to Bulma from the front step.

"Umm....I'll stay Vegeta...I'll find a ride home later." Bulma called to him, knowing he needed some time alone right now.

"Suit yourself." He murmured before taking to the air and flying home.

Several hours later......

Bulma said she would take Goten to Capsule Corp for a few days, and they piled into Ox King's car. Juuhachigou, Krillin and Gohan would stay at the house. Piccolo strode out and vanished into the night, but Gohan could sense the mysterious Namek staying close by to watch over them. As everyone else left, Gohan reluctantly closed the door.

"Well!" Chi-Chi clapped her hands, startling everyone. "Juu-chan, do you mind helping me with that mattress upstairs? I want to take in out an burn it..." She said softly.

"Uh..sure." The cyborg said slowly. They went upstairs, and shuffling and banging was heard as the two women struggled to pull the mattress of the bed without getting any blood on themselves. *Kami!* Juuhachigou thought to herself with amazement. *It's a wonder she didn't just bleed to death while he was forcing himself on her.* She stared with undisguised disgust at the stain that covered almost half the mattress. *Why?* She thought to herself angrily. *You were always the savior, the hero. Why...* She hung her head, logic kicking in. *Of course.....you always were the hero.. but there was no one there to save you. Or so you thought.* She shook her head. *You must have thought you had to be strong, never let us know you could have problems, just like the rest of us....Goku...* She heaved a sigh as they dragged the mattress down the stairs and out the front door.

Krillin and Gohan sat on the couch together, and both men felt bile rising in their throats at the sight of the blood soaked mattress. "Kami....Gohan...why didn't Goku tell anyone he was having these kinds of problems...." Krillin whispered as soon as the women were out of earshot. They both jumped as they felt saw and heard Juu's ki blast, then relaxed as they realized what she was doing. "I mean shit if he was worried about us being upset about him being attracted to a guy..I got no problem with that. Look at Yamcha and Tien! He practically carried Yamcha back to his place tonight. It's no big deal."

"Yeah, but Dad's married. He wouldn't willingly break his promise to mom. That probably played a major role in this. The other thing is that it wasn't just any guy he was attracted to, it was Vegeta. I think he might have figured on you being mad at him for that." Gohan sighed.

"Well, you have to admit Vegeta's always been a nasty son of a bitch, and I can't see what Goku finds so attractive about him, other than the fact that Vegeta is the only other full blooded Saiyan left as far as we know." Krillin said softly.

"I think that may be part of it. Maybe it's some Saiyan instinct we don't understand, the drive to seek out one of your own kind to mate with." Gohan said speculatively.

"You could be right Gohan. In which case maybe it's better Chi-Chi doesn't want him back."

"What do you mean?" Gohan asked sharply.

"Well, I mean if he doesn't have to stay married to her anymore, he is free to pursue Vegeta, right? That might be the best thing considering what these instincts are driving him to do. I mean come on Gohan, after what he did to you and your mom, don't you want to make sure he doesn't have the urge to hurt someone else like this?' Krillin stared at him intently.

"You're right...you're absolutely right." Gohan leaned forward and covered his face with his hands. "But how do we even know Vegeta would go for this. I don't think he would, you heard him earlier."

"Now don't listen to that Gohan. I've caught Vegeta staring at your Dad with hunger in his eyes and a bulge in his pants more times than I can count." Krillin chuckled. "If you don't believe me ask Piccolo. Vegeta is almost as badly obsessed with your Dad, he just channels it into other things, like sparring and training. But your Dad, he didn't know how to handle feelings like this. And I guess he took all of Vegeta's insults seriously too." Krillin watched the women outside standing somberly beside the burning mattress.

"So what do we do now?" Gohan whispered.

"We wait." Krillin said simply.

"Wait? For what?" Gohan asked angrily. "We can't just sit here while..." He was silenced by the former monk's hand slapping over his mouth.

"We wait for Vegeta to make his move. Like I said, Vegeta is pretty badly obsessed with your Dad too. You don't think he could stand here, listening to all those dreams Goku had about him, and finding out Goku is hopelessly obsessed with him, and not do anything about it do you?" He grinned. "I have a feeling Vegeta will be taking off to find Goku in the next day or so."

"You think so?" Gohan asked hopefully.

"I know so." Krillin said confidently. "He did it once before remember?"

"Oh yeah!" Gohan's face brightened. "He took off into space once before looking for Dad!"

"And you just know that after everything he heard here tonight he's gonna do it again." Krillin smirked.

Capsule Corp ....

Vegeta paced restlessly in the living room of his house. *At least the onna respected my privacy enough to give me my own house.* He thought gratefully. He stripped off his shirt and pants, wandering into the bedroom naked. "Damn you Kakarott!" He hissed. "I expected you would bring it up if you felt this strongly about me. All those years insulting you, trying to hide it...." He sat on the edge of the bed and flopped onto his back miserably, flinging an arm across his eyes. "Baka..." He muttered. His eyes closed and images raced through his mind. Goku flying toward him, fist raised, a fierce battle cry torn from his throat. Goku grabbing a bottle of water and drinking some, then pouring the rest over his shirtless torso, the water beading on the smooth skin, tracing the well defined muscles like a lover's caress... "Kakarott! You bastard!" Vegeta cried in frustration as his member stirred. "Even millions of miles away in space you torment me..." He whimpered as his hands slowly caressed his abdomen. He shivered as his fingertips skimmed lower, brushing the thatch of dark hair between his legs. "Uhh.....Kakarott ..." He whispered, his hands wrapping around his erection and stroking slowly as he kept an image of Kakarott fixed firmly in his mind.

Light years away on a small uninhabited planet with an atmosphere and ecosystem similar to Chikyuu......

Goku lay on a bed of furs in the makeshift cabin he'd hurriedly thrown up for himself upon arrival. Images of Vegeta assailed him, the Saiyan prince back flipping through the air, bouncing off the wall and hurtling toward him, eyes gleaming with bloodlust, Vegeta stripping off his shirt and toweling off after a workout....the smooth tan skin gleaming with a fine sheen of sweat. Goku groaned as his hands slipped down the front of his pants. "Vegeta..." He whimpered softly as his hands slid up and down his aching member. "I...Vegeta.." He groaned, his hands moving faster as he turned onto his right side and curled up. His eyes slid closed as he imagined the Saiyan prince in bed beside him, the small Saiyan panting and groaning his name as he pleasured himself as well. "Bokuno ouji.... " he sighed as the image grew more vivid. Goku couldn't help himself. He continued to stroke himself as he reached a hand out to touch the vision beside him, and groaned as his fingertips tingled, but met nothing but oddly cold air. "Vegeta!" Goku cried as he shuddered violently and climaxed seconds later with a shout. Minutes later, he drifted off to sleep, firm in the conviction that he was completely losing his mind.

Vegeta's bedroom.......

"Kakarott..." Vegeta rasped as he curled onto his left side. He gasped as an unmistakable musky scent filled his nostrils, making his body throb with need. "You....no..how.." He whispered, his eyelids fluttering open briefly before sliding shut again. "Damn you...." He moaned. "Who's obsessed with who..." He shivered as a waft of icy air ran down his arm, like fingertips dancing across his skin. Vegeta panted harshly as his hands moved faster, his body arching and trembling as he neared release. "Hnn....Ka...Kakarott..." He whimpered before he threw his head back and cried out in pleasure. He lay on the bed, tremors wracking his body for several moments. Finally, he could stand it no longer. With a frustrated shout, he jumped off the bed, threw on his blue spandex outfit chest armor and boots, and ran out the door. He grunted as he ran into a very large chest.

"Where do you think you're going Vegeta?" Piccolo growled, glaring down at him.

"I'm going to make that third class baka come home and face the music! Not that it's any business of yours!" He shouted, brandishing his fist at the unimpressed Namek.

"Well, you might want to come with me then. Dende says he might be able to make your job a whole lot easier." Piccolo smirked down at him.

To be continued............

What will happen? What does Dende have in store for Vegeta? Will we ever get a happy ending?