Alone Again. Chapter 4, the hunt.

Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh.

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language, some almost non-con.

Notes; AU, weird, TWT, OOC, maybe some mild angst.

Rating; NC-17.

Pairing; Vegeta X Gohan, Vegeta X Goku, Gohan X Piccolo.

Thanks to Ran-Chan for beta-ing it for me. *glomps Ran*

Synopses; Gohan and Vegeta are left to their own devices after Goku is dead yet again.

"Shit! I've got to hide...Oh no! How long is this farce going to last anyway?" Vegeta muttered to himself as he dashed out of the cave and looked around for a suitable place to hide.

"Hey! Vegeta!" Goku called. "See the mountains behind you? When the sun sets, it'll go behind them. If you can avoid me until the sun drops level with the peak of the highest mountain, I lose."

"Oh right Kakarott!" Vegeta shouted. "But we still have to fight, so I suppose then that even if I win the chase, you'll do your best to beat me, and then I'll still ::belong:: to you, right?" He snorted.

"No!" Goku yelled, frustration in his voice. *How could he think I would be so unfair? Dammit! Doesn't he know me at all?* Goku cringed. "If you elude me until the sun drops, then you've won the first round. If you win the fight as well, then you decide whether or not we mate at all. And if you decide you want me, it well be on your terms, with you as the dominant partner. But if I win the fight, we have to have a tie breaker, understand?"

"Yes." Vegeta sighed, "So you aren't going to use instantaneous movement, correct?" He smirked. *I think I can outrun him for....* He looked up at the sky, *about two hours, this should be easy.*

"That's right Vegeta. If I forget, or lose control and cheat by using that technique, the hunt is forfeit." Goku winced, hoping he could keep from using it. He had come to rely on it somewhat, and knew Vegeta was always incredibly fast. *I guess we'll find out how much self control I've got.* Goku thought to himself.

"Okay Vegeta, fifteen minutes, starting now!"

Vegeta dashed into the woods, staying near the stream that ran through them and running across and up through the water occasionally to cover his tracks. He tried to be as quiet as possible and suppress his ki at the same time.

*There, I think my fifteen minutes are up now. I've put a fair bit of distance between us, not as much as I could have if I had used my ki to assist me, but he won't have been able to track me this way. Heh, I know I can beat him in this.* The Saiyan prince chuckled to himself as he gracefully wove between the trees and plants, careful not to disturb anything and leave an obvious trail.

Every so often he sensed Goku flying over head, and he would instantly freeze, hiding below a tree or some shrubbery and taking extra care to shield himself from Goku's senses.

Finally, after about an hour and a half, he heard a frustrated scream from the other Saiyan, immediately followed by the sound of trees being uprooted as Goku plowed through the forest like a rabid grizzly.

*Well, looks like he's had it. Now one of two things is going to happen. One, he loses it and uses instant transmission, or two, he rampages through the woods for the next half hour, and I elude him easily. Either way, this match is mine.* Vegeta smirked, trying to stifle a laugh so as not to alert the crazed Saiyan to his whereabouts.

"I'm going to get you Vegeta!" Goku shouted, swinging his arms wildly and knocking down trees like they were nothing. "YOU ARE MINE!! MINE DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!?! MIIIINE!!!!!" He screamed.

Vegeta's body tingled at Goku's words, and he shivered as he briefly considered what it would be like to just let the third class baka have his way with him. *What the hell and I thinking! No fucking way!! I am the Prince of all Saiyans. I submit to no one, and I will never just give up and purposely lose a battle, no matter what.* He jumped as he heard Goku starting to move in his direction. *Oh shit! Where am I going to go. If I run, he might see me, and if I fly, he will definitely sense me. Oh no! Where....* Vegeta smiled as he looked to his right and saw a large tree, similar to a pine tree, with many thick, low hanging branches. It's branches and needles were very dense, perfect for concealment. *That's exactly what I need. I don't have to use any ki flying up to the top, the branches are close enough together that I won't even break a sweat trying to climb it.* He smirked, creeping over to the tree and quietly making his way up the branches.

"VEGETA!!" Goku bellowed as he burst through the trees and stopped right where Vegeta had been standing moments before. He raised his head and sniffed the air. "I know you've come this way Vegeta! I can smell you!" He grinned.

*Shit! He could probably follow my scent right up here! I've got to do something!* Vegeta thought frantically. He turned his head to the side, and that was when he noticed the giant pine cones that were hanging on the branches. Each one was nearly the size of Vegeta's head, and he grinned slyly as an idea struck him.

"Veg...AHA!!" Goku shouted triumphantly as something rustled and thumped among the underbrush several hundred feet ahead. "I'm coming for you koibito.." Goku purred.

Vegeta fought not to burst out laughing at Goku's gullibility, slowly and quietly climbing back down the tree and running back through the forest. He followed the path of destruction Goku had left, shaking his head and chuckling softly. He burst out of the forest and stopped at the foot of the highest mountain. "'s just about there!" He heaved a sigh of relief.

"NOOOO!!!" Goku roared, turning toward the mountains and seeing the sun almost level with the highest peak. He had two minutes to capture Vegeta. He raced frantically through the forest, stretching his senses as far as they would go. Suddenly, he froze as he sensed Vegeta's ki in the one place he didn't expect. Back at the mouth of the cave. "Oh shit no! I'm not going to make it!" He cried, forgetting one important thing. The rules. He teleported to the base of the mountain and seized Vegeta from behind.

"I win Kakarott." Vegeta said softly. "No instantaneous movement, remember?"

Goku gasped, letting go of Vegeta and walking toward the cave, stunned. "Shit. I forgot. I guess you won this round!" He turned, classic Son smile plastering itself across his face. "But this battle's mine!" He crouched in a fighting stance.

"No instantaneous movement this round either Kakarott." Vegeta said. "Or this ends now."

"Alright Vegeta. You got it. I'll remember this time." Goku said as both of them chuckled.

Goku flew at Vegeta, launching a powerful kick, which Vegeta dodged easily. Vegeta let out a battle cry and powered up to SSJ. He swung his right fist and connected solidly with Goku's jaw, sending the large Saiyan sprawling in the dirt. Goku swore, and sprang to his feet, powering up to SSJ, then past it to SSJ2. Vegeta smirked, and immediately followed suit. The two second level super Saiyans became a blur of color and motion as they flew into the air exchanging blows at dizzying speed.

Goku threw a punch at Vegeta, but Vegeta dodged under it, going in close to deliver a brutal elbow to Goku's ribs, eliciting a grunt of pain from the younger Saiyan. The prince quickly followed the move with a graceful backflip, the tip of his boot clipping Goku's chin. Goku's eyes rolled back in his head as he sailed through the air, stunned. Vegeta swooped down and smashed his doubled up fists into Goku's chest, knocking the wind out of him and sending him hurtling down. Vegeta screamed and slowly powered up again as Goku slammed into the ground. As Vegeta's golden hair began to trail past his waist, the dust cleared to show Goku laying in the middle of a crater, slowly regaining his senses. Vegeta attained SSJ3, and streaked toward Goku.

Goku's eyes snapped open, but he wasn't fast enough to power up, or dodge the attack. Vegeta slammed down on top of him, knees on his chest and his fists pummeling Goku's face. Goku raised his arms, trying to ward off the blows. He tried to focus, tried to power up, but Vegeta had gotten the jump on him. *How could I be so stupid!! I saw him go level 3 in the clearing with Gohan!! How could I forget! Kami I am so dumb...* That was Goku's last thought before he sank into unconsciousness.

Vegeta stopped punching as soon as Goku's head slumped to the side, his hair returned to it's usual black, and his arms flopped to the ground. He smirked. "Hnn, guess I finally showed you, didn't I you third class BAKA!!" Vegeta crowed. He powered down, his hair going back to it's trademark upswept black flame. He frowned as he looked down at Goku. "Hmph. Well, I suppose I'm going to have to carry your sorry ass into that cave and get you a senzu bean, aren't I?" Vegeta grunted as he slung the unconscious Goku across his shoulders and staggered back to the cave.

A few minutes later, Goku began to regain consciousness, to find himself lying on the cot with Vegeta sitting beside him with a glass of water, a plate of food, and a senzu bean waiting for him. He took in the contents of the duffel bag which were now dumped onto the floor and sorted into piles.

"You're awake." Vegeta said softly. "Here, take this." He pressed the senzu bean to Goku's lips.

"Vegeta..." Goku tried to speak.

"Not now Kakarott. Take the bean, eat and then we'll talk." Vegeta pushed the bean against his lips, and he took it with noticeable reluctance.

After Goku was healed, and packed away three plates of food to Vegeta's two, he sat back and sighed heavily.

"So I guess that's it then." Goku said, voice quavering as he tried not to let his emotions show on his face.

"What are you babbling about?" Vegeta snapped, looking over at him.

"I....." Goku turned away, feeling tears building in the back of his throat. "I lost...not one, but both rounds. How could I lose?" He choked back a sob. "I suppose you're going back to Gohan now." He said, his voice raw with pain.

"Bakayaro!" Vegeta yelled, making him jump. "I am not going to your son. I want you. Damn you!! Don't you even realize why you lost? We were fighting for the same thing! To claim each other as a mate!" He gripped Goku's chin and forced the younger Saiyan to look into his eyes. "I want you."

Goku gasped softly, and Vegeta quickly scooted forward, pressing his lips against Goku's in a gentle, chaste kiss. "You want me? You beat me, and you want me?"

"Of course I want you baka!" Vegeta chuckled. "But I wanted to be the dominant one." he growled.

Goku cried out in surprise as Vegeta flipped him over onto his stomach and began tearing at his clothing. "Vegeta! Wait no!!" He yelped as his gi pants and shirt were ripped from his body.

"I noticed you manage to find me some clothes." Vegeta rasped as he tore away his own clothing. Goku nodded, swallowing nervously. "Good." He murmured. "You know Kakarott, I found another interesting thing in that bag." He chuckled. He held a tube of lubricating jelly up to Goku's face. The tall Saiyan gasped and blushed furiously. "Someone had high hopes, didn't they." Vegeta purred, leaning down to lick and nip lightly at Goku's bare back. Goku shivered at the contact. Vegeta ran a finger lightly down Goku's spine, then further down to his ass, sliding down the crack before teasing his entrance. Goku jerked and shuddered at the light, tickling touches, moaning softly.

"On the floor Kakarott. We'll destroy this thing if I take you on it." Vegeta murmured.

"Kay.." Goku sighed, getting to his feet unsteadily.

Vegeta grabbed the mattress and blankets and tossed them onto the floor of the cave, turning to look at his trembling lover. "I don't relish the thought of taking you on a cold stone floor." Goku smiled at him, the large Saiyan's eyes hooded with desire.

"I don't care where or how Vegeta." Goku whispered. "I just want you to take me."

Vegeta tackled Goku, knocking him down onto the mattress and forcing his legs apart. "Ohh Kakarott...." he breathed, leaning up to claim his lover's lips in a scorching kiss. "I've dreamed of doing this for years.." He trailed kissed down Goku's throat, drawing a deep groan from his lover, before moving down his chest to suck and nibble his peaked nipples. His hands slid down to grasp Goku's throbbing erection, sliding up and down in smooth slow strokes that made his lover squirm and pant beneath him.

"V....uhh...Vegeta.." Goku moaned, one hand gripping Vegeta's shoulder as the other buried itself in his spiky raven locks.

Vegeta moved further down until he was eye level with Goku's arousal. He smirked before darting his tongue out to lick the underside of it from base to tip, wrenching a sharp cry from his lover as Goku buried both hands in Vegeta's hair. He swirled his tongue around the head of Goku's penis, before taking it in his mouth and sliding halfway down. Goku growled at the sudden pleasure, and Vegeta had to quickly grip his hips and hold him down as he started to buck his hips up, striving for more contact.

"Vegeta..please, I need...." Goku panted, sweat forming on his brow as he stared down at his lover.

"Yes koi." Vegeta whispered. "I've got what you need." He picked up the tube of lubricant and squeezed a generous amount onto his fingers, and gently pushed one into Goku's entrance.

Goku raised his head, air hissing between his teeth at the invasion. He dropped his head back and groaned as Vegeta began rubbing their erections together to distract him from the pain. He tensed slightly as a second finger was added, and then a third. Suddenly he gasped and spots appeared before his eyes as Vegeta's fingers rubbed against something. He began to arch and shudder beneath Vegeta's skilled touch as his lover exploited his sweet spot. "Uhh.....V..Vegeta...Now!" He cried. "I....I...uh..." He tossed his head from side to side, moaning softly. "" Goku whimpered.

"Hai koibito. Now." Vegeta purred as he removed his fingers and positioned himself at Goku's entrance. "Relax." He said softly, then began to push himself into his lover.

Goku began to undulate beneath Vegeta, reaching down to pull his hands off his hips so he could rock them, taking Vegeta further inside him. Vegeta growled at him, his eyes glittering slits as he began to pant raggedly.

"Dammit're tight." Vegeta gasped, pushing forward until he was all the way in.

Goku thrust his hips upward, gripping Vegeta's wrists tightly as the Prince began to set a frenzied pace, making both of them cry out with pleasure. Goku's hips shot up, matching Vegeta stroke for stroke as both of them began to shake, sweat beading on their smooth skin. Vegeta's hand wrapped around Goku's cock, gripping him tightly as he slid his hand up and down in time with his strokes. Choked sobs of pleasure escaped Goku as Vegeta pounded into him, a white haze filling his vision as he teetered on the edge of completion. Vegeta slammed into his lovers body, fine tremors running up and down his body as he approached his own climax. Goku's body bowed as a scream tore itself from his throat, his seed spraying into the air, landing on both of them. His internal muscles clamped down on Vegeta's cock, sending the other Saiyan over the edge with a howl of pleasure. Vegeta thrust once, twice more into Goku, and then cried out. He tried to hold himself up on his quivering arms, but they gave out, sending him sprawling on top of his still panting lover. They lay still for a while, chests heaving, sweat rolling off their bodies as they basked in the glow of what they both had finally allowed to happen.

Minutes passes, and the two finally got their breath back. Goku rolled them over and clutched Vegeta to him tightly.

"Thank you Vegeta." Goku whispered.

"No, thank you Kakarott." Vegeta chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Goku shifted to look at him.

"There was a moment when you were hunting me that I actually considered giving myself up, and letting you have your way with me." Vegeta said quietly.

Goku considered this carefully for a few moments. "Does that mean I can be seme next time?" He grinned down at his lover.

"We'll see. I'm the dominant partner, remember?" Vegeta asked with a yawn.

"I know," Goku said shyly, blushing. "But I wanna have you underneath me calling my name and screaming with pleasure." A tremor ran through both of them at the image.

"Well, I guess it would be O.K. to let you be on top once in a while." Vegeta smirked.

"Cool!" Goku grinned.

"But right now I want to sleep Kakarott. All this hunting and fighting and ahem....screwing," Both men laughed. "is very tiring. We'll discuss it when we wake up." he yawned again, snuggling up tightly against Goku's chest and draping an arm over his lover's waist. Goku smiled, and wrapped his arms possessively around Vegeta, nuzzling his spiky hair before dropping off to sleep.

TO BE CONTINUED............

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