Waking dreams. Part 1

This is a response to ran_chan's challenge.

Pairings; G/V, G/CC, G/Gh.

Rating. R. Definitely an R.

Notes. Extreme OOC, nasty Goku, sappy Vegeta, TWT, AU slightly.

Warnings; DARK. RAPE. INCEST. Yaoi. Lemon.

Thanks to Jari, Larania, Kya and Tayam for cheering me up while I wrote this. I needed it.

//indicates dreams//



"This is great Dad, I'm glad mom finally let us get out for this trip." Gohan turned and smiled at his father, who was bundled up in a sleeping bag identical to his own.

"Yeah, me too son." Goku said softly before he yawned and turned onto his side, facing his son.

"So what are we gonna do tomorrow?" The younger man asked, a hint of childlike excitement in his voice.

Goku yawned, louder and longer this time. "I don't know son, we'll worry about that tomorrow." He said as his eyes drifted shut.

Gohan smiled, turned onto his back and drifted off as well.

Out in the woods, about 200 yards away, Piccolo meditated hovering in the air by a small stream. "Those two just had to come here didn't they?" He grumbled to himself.

// "Whew! Now that was a workout eh Vegeta?" Goku asks as he wipes the sweat from his brow, grinning amiably at the dour prince.

"Ba! You call that a workout! You would, third class scum!" Vegeta sneers at him.

"Vegeta..." Goku begins, feeling the familiar rage building within him, and with it the horrible urges he has tried so long to suppress. "Why do you always do this? Why are you always insulting me? True I was born a third class Saiyan, but you and I are pretty much equal! Why can't we just set aside petty things like class?" Goku pleads, his body throbbing with arousal as he stares at Vegeta stripping off his tight blue outfit.

Vegeta spins and walks over to Goku, levitating until their eyes are level. "Let's get one thing straight, now and forever you moron." He hisses at him, and Goku recoils from the venom in his voice. "You are nothing but a low class piece of shit that hit his head and got lucky. You and I will never be equal! Never!!!" He screams into the younger Saiyan's face.//

Gohan rolled over in his sleeping bag, looking at his sleeping father, who had begun to whimper in his sleep.

"Dad?" He whispered, reaching out a hand to touch his face. He gasped as that hand was seized in a crushing grip as his father went SSJ. Gohan cried out as Goku suddenly ripped free of his sleeping bag, raising himself to his knees as he loomed over the demi-Saiyan. Gohan cried out in fear as he looked into his father's eyes. Into his father's cold, dead eyes.

// "Vegeta...." Goku pleads as Vegeta's tirade continues.

"No! You will never, ever be my equal! I am a prince, and you are a low class baka that is not even fit to lick my boots!" he yells.

Goku tries desperately to push down the rage that threatens to overwhelm him, but with a bellow, it all breaks through. Vegeta turns and gasps as he feels the other Saiyans power level spiking. He steps back as Goku's hair flashes gold, and his eyes turn aquamarine.

"No....no Vegeta you're wrong!" Goku yells, advancing on the startled prince. "You and I are equals, and we are the only two full blooded Saiyans left. As far as I'm concerned, you and I belong together." He says quietly as he lunges, pushing Vegeta to the floor.

Vegeta shouts in outrage and his own hair flashes gold as he struggles violently, kicking his legs and throwing punches at the younger Saiyan's face. Goku merely sneers down at him as he grabs his wrists and pins them over Vegeta's head with one hand as his other hooks the waistband of Vegeta's pants and rips them off.//

"Dad no stop!! DAD WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!!" Gohan screamed as his father pinned his wrists over his head and ripped away his sleeping bag, pajama bottoms and boxers with one vicious pull.

Piccolo's eyes snapped open as he heard Gohan's scream. "What the fuck's goin' on?" He growled as he flew over to investigate.

//Vegeta thrashes beneath Goku, trying desperately to throw off the larger man. He screams in anger as he watches Goku go SSJ2. "No...No damn you!" He cries. "You can't do this! I am your prince! Stop it! You can't do this to me!" Vegeta grunts in pain as Goku roughly shoves two fingers into his anus, probing for his prostate and rubbing it until Vegeta's cock hardens, despite his protests.//

Gohan wailed as his father's fingers penetrated him, finding something inside him that made his body jerk. He whimpered and fought harder as he felt himself getting hard. "NO!" He screamed. *You sick fuck!* Gohan berated himself. *This is your own father touching you and you're getting hard, you perverted BASTARD!* His eyes widened in terror as his father ripped away his own clothing and forced his legs apart. "NO DAD STOP IT!!!! PLEASE!!" He shrieked.

// "NO! KAKAROTT!! DON'T DO THIS!! STOP IT!!!" Vegeta screams as he arches and twists in Goku's grip, tears of humiliation running down his face. "Please....please stop." The once proud prince whimpers.

Goku looks down at him through hooded, passion glazed eyes. "I will show you Vegeta, that you belong to me. You and I are all that's left. It's only right." He says softly as he positions himself at the Saiyan's entrance.//

Goku was snapped back to consciousness by Piccolo's foot connecting with the side of his head, sending him out of the tent and skidding across the clearing. He curled into a ball and cradled his head. Goku cried out in pain as Piccolo's fingers threaded in his hair and wrenched him to his feet.

"Unn...Piccolo!" He yelled. "What....what are you doing?" Goku opened his eyes and was shocked at the rage that twisted the Namek's features.

"You sick son of a bitch." Piccolo hissed. "Omae o korosu!" He snarled, then put his fingers under Goku's chin, preparing to shoot a special beam cannon attack right through the Saiyan's skull.

"Piccolo wait!" Gohan came running out of the tent, scraps of sleeping bag clutched around his waist. "Wait....I..don't hurt him!"

"After what he just tried to do to you?" Piccolo gaped at his friend.

"Wha....?" Goku looked at Piccolo, then his son, who was now devoid of the clothes he had gone to bed in, and then down at himself. He was surprised to see he was also without any clothes. "But...where....why aren't I wearing..." Goku gasped, his eyes widening as the dream came back to him in vivid detail "Oh Kami....no.. I....Gohan..." He turned pleading eyes toward his son, hoping against hope that he was wrong. "Please....Gohan...tell me I.....I didn't....Oh NO!" He shouted, tearing himself from Piccolo's grasp and running into the woods.

Gohan watched Piccolo take off after his father, his mind a whirl of emotions. He was scared, confused, and more than a little sickened by what had just happened. He turned and went back into the tent to get dressed and find his psychology textbook he had borrowed from the university library.

Goku tore through the forest, whimpering and crying out denials, snippets of his dream of Vegeta flashing through his mind. "Oh Kami NO!" He cried, falling to the ground and sobbing beside the stream Piccolo had come from. He looked up as Piccolo approached and struggled to rise. "Piccolo...I...I don't know...why....Kami I....fine..." He hung his head and stood in front of the Namek dejectedly. "Just do it then..." He said as tears ran down his face.

Piccolo growled softly as Gohan tore through the bush after them, intent on keeping his father alive long enough to find out what was going on.

"Wait!" Gohan cried. "Just wait." He stopped and stared at his father uncertainly, and Goku's heart wrenched to see it in his son's eyes. "Dad.....What happened Dad?" He whispered. He handed Goku a pair of gi pants he had thought to bring along.

Goku slid into the pants and heaved a defeated sigh. "I....I've been having these dreams lately...I guess they started...oh..about a year ago." He then proceeded to tell Piccolo and Gohan about all the dreams he'd had about Vegeta, describing in graphic detail the one that had led him to hurt Gohan.

"Wow." Gohan croaked, his eyes wide. Piccolo stood stock still, trying desperately to make some kind of sense of everything he'd heard.

Gohan began flipping through the psychology text in his hands, muttering to himself and gently dog-earing pages here and there. After several minutes he nodded and smiled grimly. "Well Dad, it looks like you're subconsciously obsessed with Vegeta."

"SAY WHAT?!?!" Goku yelled, as Piccolo stared down at them.

"Yup it's all right here." Gohan said, showing Goku a dizzying amount of text and trying to explain things. "You resent Vegeta for calling you third class and always saying he's better than you because he's a prince, and yet you do sort of see him as untouchable. You also see him as the last of your kind, which may well be true, and you subconsciously want to mate with one of your own kind, even though you are married to mom. Maybe she's not satisfying certain needs, and you see Vegeta as capable of fulfilling them."

"Vegeta...fill my needs....Oh man..." Goku blushed wildly as certain parts of the dream came back to him.

"Dad, you really need to go and talk to Vegeta. You need to tell him how you feel. Deal with this before someone really gets hurt, please Dad? I can forgive you for what happened to me, but please don't let this continue and hurt someone else because of it, okay?" Gohan pleaded.

Tears sprung to Goku's eyes at Gohan's assurance of forgiveness, and he leaned toward him. He sobbed quietly as his son grasped him in a crushing hug. "Thank you." He choked out.

"I love you Dad." Gohan whispered.

Oh don't think you're getting off that easy! I still have more chapters yet, and there's much more darkness and angst and pain to come!