Waking dreams 4

This is a response to ran_chan's challenge.

Pairings; G/V, G/CC, G/Gh.

Rating. R. Definitely an R.

Notes. Extreme OOC, nasty Goku, sappy Vegeta, TWT, AU slightly.

Warnings; DARK. RAPE. Yaoi. Lemon.

Thanks to Lara for betaing for me.

//indicates dreams//



Vegeta's doorstep........

"Come on Vegeta. Dende wants to have a few words with you before you run off and do something stupid." Piccolo growled as he turned and took off into the air.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" He demanded angrily.

"It means we know you're about to take a shuttle and go find Goku. But you'll never catch him with that instant transmission technique of his. You had that problem once before remember?" Piccolo smirked as Vegeta hung his head.

"Come on Vegeta. Dende wants to see if you have what it takes to catch him."

Vegeta scowled up at him for a moment, wondering what the young guardian could possibly do to help. "Oh hell. I suppose it won't cost me that much time to hear him out. He might just be useful after all." He muttered before streaking into the sky after the Namek.

Son residence..........

Chi-Chi marched inside after she and Juu-chan had made sure to put out the fire, standing over the remains of the mattress for several minutes to make sure it had stopped smoldering. "Well....that's that." The haggard looking woman said, her voice raw with pent up rage and sadness. "He's gone, and he's never going to set foot in this house ever again as long as I live." She whispered hoarsely.

"Chi-Chi..." Krillin began, getting up off the couch and walking toward her.

"How could he do this. To Gohan...touching his own son like that!" She cried, trembling with anger. "Men are not supposed to touch each other that way! Husbands and wives are supposed to be together, not men with men!!" She shouted. "And a man is not supposed to touch a woman like that either....not supposed to take her like that...it's wrong." She said, her voice quavering. "He did that to me, and he forced himself on me...he..hurt me.." She began to sob quietly, sagging to her knees.

Gohan was beside her in an instant, his arms around her as he helped her over to the couch. "It's okay mom...we'll figure this all out." He sighed. "We know now some of what caused this, now maybe we can fix it."

Chi-Chi's angry dark eyes flashed, and locked onto his. "I don't want this figured out or fixed....do you hear me?!" She hissed, getting to her feet. "I don't ever want to see that bastard in this house ever again! That will be fixed enough for me!!" She stormed up the stairs.

"Mom wait, you heard the conversation earlier, Dad didn't mean it, he has a problem..." Gohan began, running up the stairs after her. "Please Mom listen. You have to understand what's happening to Dad..Uhn!!" Gohan grunted as his mother's fist connected with his jaw, sending him careening down the stairs.

"No Gohan. You have to understand. If you're on his side, you're against me." She glared at him, her eyes hard as granite. "And if that's the case, you can just get out."

"Mom.." Gohan got to his feet, a bruise welling up on his chin. "Please.."

"NO!" She shouted, powering up and running down the stairs toward him, fist raised.

"Now just a damn minute Chi-Chi! You leave him alone!" Krillin cried, getting between them. He grunted in pain as Chi-Chi's foot connected with his ribs, sending him across the room.

"Hey!" Juuhachigou cried, racing to her husband's side. "That's it. Gohan, pack your things." She growled. "We're leaving, and you're coming home with us. We're not leaving you with this psycho. Shit all we did was try to help and this is the thanks we get? Not likely." She picked up her husband, and walked out the door.

"But I...can't just..." Gohan gasped as his mother slapped him across the face.

"Get out...now." She hissed angrily, brandishing her fists at him.

Gohan hung his head, tears welling in his eyes as he slowly turned and followed them out.

"Come on Gohan. Let's go. You can stay with us for a while." Juuhachigou smiled wanly at him.

"No..I should go stay with my brother, see how he's doing." Gohan whispered.

"Okay." She said, shifting Krillin in her arms. "Just don't bring him back here. He's practically a carbon copy of Goku. If she turned on you like that, imagine what she would do to him." She said before taking to the air.

"Oh Kami..." Gohan breathed as he pictured the way his brother could potentially set off his now unstable mother. "Oh Mom...I wish I could help you, but I don't know how." He began to sob quietly as he ran into the forest, not caring where he was going, just needing some distance.

Dende's lookout.....

"Vegeta!" The young guardian came forward with a smile. "Thank you for coming." He reached out to shake his hand, smiling as the prince reluctantly did so out of a begrudging respect. "Piccolo and I knew you would probably go into space after Goku, and I admire that you would go to such great lengths to bring him back to us."

"I'm not doing it for you or anyone else!" Vegeta snapped. "Kakarott did something terrible, and it's only right he come back here, apologize, and try to make amends..not run away like a coward!"

"I agree." Dende said, putting a hand on the Saiyan's shoulder. "Goku needs to come back and face what he did. It will weigh heavily on him until he at least tries to make amends."

"Hnn...so we agree on something at last." Piccolo growled. "Now we'd better get this started. The sooner you give it to him, the sooner he can leave and bring Goku home."

"Huh? Give me what?" Vegeta looked back and forth between the two Nameks. "Vegeta I have the ability now to teach you the instant transmission. Once you learn it, I can help you locate Goku and you can go after him. He won't be able to run from you because you will be able to follow him wherever he goes in an instant." Dende smiled at him.

Vegeta stared at him, face pale. Suddenly he laughed harshly. "So. I will have Kakarott's precious technique. Wonderful!" He grinned. "Well, let's have it!"

"Hold your horses Vegeta." Piccolo smirked. "It took Goku several months to learn that technique. This isn't going to be easy."

"Of course it will! Anything that baka can do I can as well! And he was level one SSJ when he learned it! I'm level two!" Vegeta bellowed. "I can learn it in half the time he did!"

"You'll have to learn it faster than that Vegeta. I can only leave Piccolo in charge for an hour or so." Dende said.

"An hour?" Vegeta gaped. "I..."

"Don't worry Vegeta. Let's go into the hyperbolic chamber for an hour or so, which will equal a month of time in there and you should have it by the time we come out." The young guardian smiled. "You're right. You are very strong. You should pick it up in no time."

Vegeta eyed the young Namek suspiciously for a moment, before nodding. "Very well, let's get to it."

"Oh..poor Dende..I hope Vegeta doesn't hurt him." Mr. Popo said worriedly.

Piccolo growled as he walked to the edge of the lookout and looked down, trying to see the Son house. "I still say he should have taught me the technique and I could have taught Vegeta." He didn't notice Popo clapping his hands over his mouth to stifle his snickering.

*Oh sure Piccolo.* Popo thought. *You and Vegeta would have killed each other after a day in there alone.* He chuckled as he walked off to tend his flowers.

The woods a short distance from the Son residence.......

Gohan wept quietly as he walked through the woods. "Damn it!" He sobbed. "Why Dad?! Why didn't you do something?!" He cried. He started to run blindly through the woods, and cried out in surprise as he ran into a large, scaly animal. "Huh?" He landed on his butt hard, and stared up at the large shadow in front of him. "Hiya Dragon!" He cried happily, jumping onto the dragon's back. "Boy am I glad to see you!" The dragon made loud happy sounds as he bounced and ran around eagerly. "Let's go buddy! I could use some serious down time with a friend." He said softly as they took to the sky.

Half an hour later in the hyperbolic time chamber......

"Come on Vegeta, over here. Concentrate. I know you can do it." Dende called out encouragement to the Saiyan prince. As Vegeta placed two fingers to his forehead and vanished, Dende grinned. He jumped slightly as the man's hand clapped onto his shoulder. *He's got it!* He thought excitedly. *Another week and I think he'll be ready to go after Goku!*

"I did it!" Vegeta cried, forgetting himself for a moment and sweeping the young Namek into a bear hug, making the guardian laugh.

Piccolo stood outside at the edge of the lookout, and smiled softly as he watched Gohan soaring through the air on Hiya Dragon's back. "Well. It's about time someone managed to cheer him up." He muttered. "Poor kid. Damn it!" He growled. "Why did things have to be this way? Why couldn't this have been looked after sooner? Now Chi-Chi's totally screwed up, maybe for good, and Gohan too." He sighed. "Ah well. I'm sure Vegeta and Dende are doing fine. I hope so." He sat down cross legged at the edge to wait. "The sooner his training is complete, the sooner he can bring Goku back and maybe resolve some of this."

Gohan laughed as the dragon did somersaults and barrel rolls in the air, the wind blowing his hair all over as he held tight. He felt the weight of the last few days slowly lifting from his shoulders, as he pushed the worries from his mind and just concentrated on the moment. *Krillin's right.* He thought. *Vegeta won't let my Dad go for long. Sooner or later he'll have to go after him, just like before. And I know this time he won't quit until he finds him.* He smiled as the Dragon plummeted to the ground, leveling out just inches from the ground, and zoomed back up, skimming the treetops as he swerved from side to side. After flying several miles, they landed in a small clearing. "I wonder...hey..yeah! We're not far from Yamcha's place. Gosh. He was really upset tonight. I hope he's okay." Gohan said softly. "Well, it wouldn't hurt anything just to take a look." He whispered, motioning for the dragon to stay put as he sprinted through the forest.

Piccolo's head turned as Popo rushed to open the door for Dende and Vegeta. "Well?" Popo asked hopefully. "How did he do?"

Vegeta scowled at him as he stalked out, glaring at Piccolo as well. "I see the planet wasn't thrown into chaos while we were gone." He sneered.

Piccolo smirked back. "So Dende, did the arrogant little prick have what it took to learn Goku's trick?" He chuckled at the indignant noises that came from the outraged Saiyan.

"Oh yes!" Dende affirmed. "He did wonderfully! All I have to do now is help him get to King Kai, and from there King Kai will direct him to the planet Goku is hiding on." The young Namek closed his eyes and concentrated, reaching out with his mind to focus on King Kai's location. After several moments of silence, his eyes snapped open. "Got him." He reached out and placed a finger on Vegeta's forehead.

"What..." Vegeta's eyes closed as Dende's mind connected with his, feeding him the information he needed to get to King Kai. "Ah..." He said with a smile.

"Go now Vegeta, and I imagine King Kai will have a few words of advice, and want to share a few jokes and maybe a meal with you too." Dende said.

"I don't have time for all that!" He cried.

"Make time if you want King Kai's help Vegeta. Piss him off and he won't help you at all." Piccolo said sternly. "Be nice Vegeta. Or at least try to treat him like royalty. With courtesy. You should be able to understand that."

Vegeta heaved an annoyed sigh. "Fine. I'll listen to his silly jokes, eat and listen to his advice for a little while. Happy?" He snapped.

"Very." Piccolo gave him possibly the most infuriating smile Vegeta had ever received in his life. He threw back his head and laughed as Vegeta growled at him.

"Go on Vegeta, you're wasting time."

Vegeta placed two fingers to his forehead and vanished.

"Well. He's on his way. I estimate an hour or two with King Kai, and then he should be with Goku." Dende sighed.

"Yeah. And another two weeks of Goku running away from Vegeta using his instant transmission. Then another week of Vegeta wearing him down until he agrees to come home." Piccolo snickered.

"You think it will take that long Piccolo?" Popo asked worriedly.

"I think it will take some time, yeah." The Namek said quietly. "But anyway, they'll be back when they get this far. Now I have to go."

"Yes, go watch over Gohan." Dende smiled up at his friend.

Piccolo clapped a hand on Dende's shoulder briefly before flying over the edge and streaking back toward earth.

Yamcha's house...................

Yamcha sat on the blanket Tien had spread on the ground. He smiled softly as Tien pulled him back against him, the three eyed man's strong arms winding around him and holding him tight. He leaned his head back against Tien's shoulder and stared at the stars silently for several minutes. He sighed softly and turned to regard his lover.

"You okay?" Tien asked softly, rubbing his hands up and down Yamcha's arms.

"I am now." Yamcha whispered as he reached up and cupped Tien's cheek, pulling the other man down for a kiss.

Tien moaned softly against his lover's lips, reaching around to run his hands up and down Yamcha's back as he kissed him tenderly. He hooked his fingers in the hem of Yamcha's shirt and gently pulled it up. They pulled apart just long enough to pull of each other's shirts, then they shifted until they were laying side by side on the blanket, hands roaming over chests and arms as they kissed hungrily. Tien rolled on top of his lover, pushing Yamcha's legs apart and pinning his hands over his head as he leaned down to run his tongue over Yamcha's chest in slow, sensual circles.

"Tien...please.." Yamcha moaned as his lover's hand slipped inside his pants to caress his arousal. He arched and twisted as the larger man teased him.

Gohan jogged through the last line of trees, and stopped short as the scene before him. He gasped as he watched Yamcha twisting in Tien's grip, the three eyed man holding Yamcha's wrists over his head as he pushed his thighs apart with his knee, unknowingly mimicking what Goku had done to his son only days before. A sick feeling of helpless rage welled up inside Gohan as he relived the events, the feelings, smells and sounds coming back so strong he almost thought he was reliving it for a moment. He darted forward, intent on stopping them, and gasped as a hand gripped his shoulder.

"Leave them be Gohan." Piccolo whispered.

"But...I can't...Look what he's doing!" Gohan rasped, fighting weakly as his legs trembled. "He's..." He began to cry softly.

"It's alright Gohan. Come on let's get out of here." Piccolo said as he scooped the demi-Saiyan into his arms and strode away. After walking for several minutes, he set Gohan back on his feet.

"Piccolo..I..how can Yamcha...let him do that?" Gohan asked, tears streaming down his face.

Piccolo sighed and placed his hands on Gohan's shoulders. "I.." He thought carefully, trying to find the right words. "Yamcha and Tien, they.." He shook his head. "What your Dad did Gohan...that's not how it is. Yamcha and Tien are lovers...they...what's going on there is consensual. Know what I mean?"

"Yeah.." Gohan said weakly, nodding. "It's just...Dad scared me..and hurt me. I.." He shivered, and Piccolo wrapped his arms around him gently.

"It's okay Gohan. I know. I'm sorry." Piccolo whispered, not knowing what else to say.

Gohan looked up at Piccolo intently. "So..you don't think what Tien and Yamcha are doing is wrong? Even though they're both guys?" He asked.

Piccolo considered the question carefully for a moment, drawing on Kami's wisdom for an answer. "I think when two people love each other, race or gender shouldn't be an issue. The love is what matters, and the people they are inside. Not what's on the outside." He said softly.

"Yeah..I figured you'd say something like that." Gohan chuckled, wrapping his arms around Piccolo and hugging him tightly. "Piccolo..?" He asked softly after a moment.

"What?" Piccolo pulled back and looked down at him.

"I..just wanted to do this." He leapt up and wrapped his arms around the Namek's neck, pressing their lips together eagerly. Piccolo's eyes bugged, and he quickly tried to pull his former pupil off, but the demi-Saiyan only clung tighter. Piccolo powered up and forced Gohan away from him, panting from the effort.

"Stop it Gohan. You don't know what you're doing!" Piccolo said, glaring down at him.

"Yes I do. I..I want you Piccolo." Gohan said nervously.

"No. No you don't. You're confused. After what happened I can't blame you, but I won't take advantage of that confusion and vulnerability." Piccolo said sternly. "After your Dad and Vegeta come back, and things are settled, we can talk about this alright? Now please, no more." He held his hand out as he saw the young man about to lunge at him again.

"Piccolo please! I.." Gohan trailed off, tears in his eyes. "You're there for me, always watching over me, always there when I need you. I know you care for me!"

Piccolo sighed. "Yes Gohan...I do care. But as I said, I won't do this right now. I would feel like I was taking advantage of you."

"But," He cried.

"Later Gohan!" Piccolo snapped.

Gohan let out a frustrated whimper, before his hair flashed gold, his eyes turning aquamarine. He growled low in his throat, the only warning Piccolo had before Gohan smashed into his chest and knocked him to the ground. The now blonde demi-Saiyan leaned down and claimed Piccolo's lips in a bruising kiss as his hands tugged insistently at his purple gi shirt.

Piccolo's protests were swallowed by Gohan's lips. He reached up and grasped the young man's shoulders and tried to push him away, eyes widening as he found his arms pinned to the ground. "Gohan.." He rasped as soft lips left a trail of fire down the side of his throat.

"I need you..I always thought you turn away from me if you found out how I felt, but now I know you wouldn't." Gohan said between kisses.

The Namek shivered, his head turning to the side as Gohan's tongue lapped at the sensitive skin as he pushed off Piccolo's turban and tugged at his cape. Piccolo sat up obligingly to help him, and chuckled as his shirt and sash were quickly pulled away as well. "I'm still not sure this is the right thing to do right now Gohan." He said softly as hands clasped his shoulders and pushed him onto his back.

"I am." Gohan whispered, straddling the Namek's broad chest and pulling his tee shirt over his head. "I've been in love with you for a long time Piccolo." He said softly, leaning down to kiss him. "And I know you share those feelings."

Piccolo sighed as he ran his fingers through the spiky golden hair. "Yeah. I do." He admitted. He groaned softly as the young man resumed kissing him as fingers danced teasingly over his chest and stomach.

Gohan gasped softly as Piccolo rolled them over and settled between his legs as his lips trailed across Gohan's collar bone. His eyes widened slightly as memories of his near assault came flooding back for a second time that night. He splayed his hand against Piccolo's chest, pushing back gently as he began to tremble. "Wait.." He croaked.

Piccolo pulled back quickly, his heart lurching as he saw the fear in the demi-Saiyan's wide eyes. "I'm sorry." He whispered as he stood, reaching down to help Gohan to his feet.

"No..I'm sorry." Gohan said, voice quavering as a tear slid down his cheek. His shoulders shook as Piccolo pulled him into an embrace. "I thought..I was ready."

"Told you so." Piccolo growled, chuckling as Gohan swatted at his chest. "Come on, let's get you home."

"Umm...no. I want to go to Capsule Corp. actually." Gohan said, before explaining what had happened at home as they flew off.

King Kai's place............

Vegeta shoveled more food into his mouth, wondering where the man had managed to scrape so much food up on such short notice as he polished off his sixth helping of dinner, which he had to admit was surprisingly good. "Well, I enjoyed that." He said, pushing away his bowl.

"Are you still hungry?" King Kai asked, getting up.

"No no! That's fine I'm full!" Vegeta held up his hands, his stomach feeling like it was about to burst. "Just give me this advice Dende said you had for me and direct me to Kakarott. Please." He scowled, trying to remember to be polite.

King Kai snickered at Vegeta's inner battle to be polite and respectful toward him. *Boy he must really want Goku back. I wonder....hmm* He grinned and sat down again. "Vegeta.." He began hesitantly. "Dende and Piccolo have told me all that's been going on lately, about Goku's dreams, and his feelings toward you." He sat back and regarded Vegeta critically as the Saiyan blushed at the mention of feelings. "Vegeta, let me say a few things here, without you getting mad, or butting in. Just listen for once." He chuckled as the prince bristled. "As far as I can see, Goku's obsession with you started during that first battle you two had. I think you sat up and took notice of him too did you not?" King Kai asked.

"I guess." Vegeta shrugged.

"I don't think either of you had met anyone that challenged you, infuriated you, and just downright fired your blood like that." He said seriously. "I noticed right from the first few minutes of your first battle that something in Goku changed. He hesitated, he observed you, studied you more than he had anyone else." He shifted in his seat. "He enjoyed the battle with you. And he knew you enjoyed it too."

"Yes." Vegeta whispered, crossing his arms defensively.

"He even spared your life because he hated the idea of watching you being destroyed. Something inside him told him you two would meet again, and he looked forward to it." King Kai said, his voice rising slightly. "Oh yes Vegeta. This obsession goes way back. You were the one that always challenged him, the only one capable of keeping up with him power-wise, and the last of his race. The Saiyan instincts deep inside him that even he doesn't even fully understand, have always been pushing him toward you."

Vegeta kept his eyes glued to the table.

"Vegeta." King Kai said softly. "Why do you want Goku back?"

The Saiyan's head shot up. "I don't have to tell you that!" He snapped.

"You do and you will if you want me to direct you to Goku!" The King snapped back. "I won't help you find him so you can insult him some more, and try to get him to fight you and help you finally achieve super Saiyan level 3. If that's all you want him back for, then you can just forget it!" He stomped into the kitchen angrily.

A few minutes later he heard Vegeta step into the doorway. "Well, that's part of it." He whispered.

"I figured that." King Kai smiled at him. "Now what's the other reason?" His smile turned sad as Vegeta turned his back to him and leaned against the doorframe, shoulders slumping. King Kai removed his glasses briefly, polishing them for a moment, then slipped them back on and reached out, laying a hand on Vegeta's shoulder. The Saiyan jerked and skittered away, careful to keep his face averted to hide the stinging tears that filled his eyes. King Kai sighed. "Who's obsessed with who Vegeta?" He said quietly. He saw the prince's back stiffen for a moment, then relax again. "Come on then, let's go find Goku." He said as he walked out into the yard.

Vegeta paced anxiously as King Kai stood hunched over slightly, his antennae twitching in the air as he searched for the other Saiyan. Finally, after several minutes of nerve wracking silence, he stood up straight.

"I've found him!" He exclaimed happily.

"Where?!" Vegeta demanded.

"Just put your hand on my back, and I'll show you something." King Kai said, hunching over again. "Do you feel that?"

"Yes...Kakarott!" The prince exclaimed.

"Exactly. Now you should be able to lock on to his position no matter where he goes. Dende's given you instant transmission, and I've given you the ability to lock onto his energy signal." King Kai said, straightening up again. "Now go get him!" Vegeta smirked, and placed two fingers to his forehead. "Oh, tell Dende to relay a message to the other Namek." He sneered at the mention of Piccolo. "Tell him Gohan can use my house behind Capsule Corp. until we get back, I imagine he needs some space right now."

King Kai's eyes widened as he processed the words, and before he could compliment Vegeta on his kind gesture, the Saiyan vanished. "Good luck Vegeta." He murmured.

Dende's lookout.........

"Yes of course King Kai, I'll relay the message right away!" Dende said, turning and walking to the edge of the lookout.

Piccolo's waterfall.....

Piccolo scowled as he listened to Dende relaying Vegeta's offer. "I don't like it." He growled. "Vegeta never does anything without an ulterior motive."

"What's wrong Piccolo?" Gohan asked, brows furrowed at the mention of Vegeta's name. Piccolo told Gohan what Dende had said, and cocked his head to the side, thinking. "Hm..Vegeta must not be very optimistic about his chances of bringing Dad back right away." He sighed. "Well, he's right, I could use a place away from the others right now."

"Guess it's settled then." Piccolo said as they took to the sky headed to Capsule Corp.

Light years away on the planet Goku had hidden himself on.......

Goku tossed and turned in his bed, another vivid dream playing out in his head.

//Goku stands in front of Vegeta, tears sliding down his face as Vegeta calls him every derogatory name he can think of.

"Vegeta.." He whimpers.

"No Kakarott! I don't care! I don't want to hear it!" The Prince of all Saiyans shouts. "You disgust me!" He hisses and walks over and slaps Goku across the face, sending the larger Saiyan crashing to the ground.

"Vegeta please.." Goku reaches out to him, his voice hoarse as he tries not to break down and sob. "I need you...." He cringes as his hand is slapped away.

"You need me? You want me? Really.." Vegeta smirks down at him. "Well. Maybe just this one time, I should indulge you." He grins evilly at the other Saiyan as he reaches down and tears away Goku's gi.

Goku pants softly at the rough touch, and he reaches up to wrap his arms around his prince. He grunts in pain as Vegeta's fist connects with his jaw, laying him out on his back. Then Vegeta is there, flipping him over, and spreading his legs. He hears the rustling of fabric and knows Vegeta is pulling his body suit down. "Vegeta.." He his voice is apprehensive as he feels Vegeta kneeling between his legs, then he knows nothing but pain as the Saiyan prince plunges his cock into Goku's unprepared entrance. He screams as his own blood lubricates the tight passage, and Vegeta begins to move frantically inside him. Tears of pain, betrayal and humiliation slide down his face as Vegeta grunts and pants on top of him.//

"VEGETA!!" Goku shouted, sitting bolt upright and gasping for air. "Huh...?" He reached up and ran a finger over the wet streaks on his cheeks, and gasped softly as he realized he had really been crying. "Man..that was different." He tried to smile, but it was more of a grimace. "Well, at least in this one he got his licks in too." A bitter laugh escaped him. He stood up and started to pace the room, wearing only his boxers. His eyes widened as he suddenly felt an all too familiar presence in the room with him. "Vegeta.." He rasped as he noticed a shadow in the corner. "How...what.." He backed away, and wound up falling onto his bed as he scrambled away from the other Saiyan.

"Hello Kakarott." Came the throaty purr as Vegeta stepped out of the shadows and slowly stalked over to the bed.

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