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Warnings; Language, Yaoi, Yuri, lemon, light bondage, angst, references to NCS and child abuse. (Nothing too graphic though)

Notes; humor, silliness, sap, OOC, TWT,, basically every warning or note.

Pairings; Almost everybody gets involved eventually.

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"Denotes speaking"

*denotes thoughts*

Back at the island........

Goku and Vegeta flew to the clearing they had used for sparring when they had first landed on the island, and warmed up for what promised to be an intense match. Both men were determined to win, Vegeta to keep his dominance over his partner, Goku to finally make his Prince give in to him. *I will win, I have to win, then I can finally show him that he doesn't always have to dominate everyone else, that someone else can be in control, and he could actually enjoy it.* Goku thought. He remembered the flash of images that had burst from Vegeta's mind that morning when Goku had made his remark about wanting to be on top, and rage had welled up within him as he had realized that the images he was seeing were Vegeta's memories of Frieza's monstrous attempts to break the young Prince's mind and spirit. And he had understood at that moment why any intimacy the Prince shared with anyone had to be on Vegeta's terms, with Vegeta being the dominating force. Goku thought, *I'm going to win, and then I'm going to show you that you can submit to the right person, without being weak, or being hurt.* as he powered up to Super Saiyan.

Vegeta also exploded into Super Saiyan mode, thinking, *I can't let him win, I can't let him have control over me. I won't let anyone have control over me!* Vegeta shuddered, * Idiot, why did I open my big mouth back in that kitchen! How could I let my guard down like that! I have :never: submitted to anyone, and I never will! * he thought angrily.

Goku saw the shudder pass through Vegeta, saw the conviction in the Prince's eyes, and knew this was going to be one of the most intense sparring matches they would ever have. Goku's face showed his grim determination to win.

Vegeta's face contorted with rage and he screamed, powering up to SS2, as he flew at Goku, directing a volley of kicks and punches at his head. Goku dodged the attack, but just barely. He jumped to SS2 as well, and initiated a vicious counter-attack, using all his best moves. Energy blasts flew everywhere, and the two Saiyans disappeared and reappeared in different spots around the clearing, moving impossibly fast. Grunts of surprise and pain could be heard as one of the two got in a solid hit.

The battle raged for hours, leaving craters in the earth, and clouds of dust and smoke so thick that it seemed to be dusk, rather than late afternoon. The two warriors were rapidly wearing down, both from firing around so much energy, and from taking so many hits. They flew at each other and attacked one more time, fists and feet flying, but slower now as their energy levels began to drop. They flew back and landed several meters apart, panting and sweating heavily. Goku went down on one knee, and Vegeta swayed but managed to stay on his feet. Both Goku's orange gi and Vegeta's blue Saiyan garb were torn and dirty. As Goku tore what was left of his orange and blue gi shirts from his body, he thought *Oh, man, I hate to do this. It's a dirty trick to win with, but I've got no choice. Vegeta's not gonna stop fighting until one of us is unconscious.* He placed a fingertip in the center of his forehead and concentrated. Using instant transmission, he appeared several feet up in the air behind Vegeta, the sun directly behind him. Vegeta sensed Goku's ki rising behind him, and spun around to defend himself. Unfortunately for Vegeta, he looked up at Goku at just the wrong moment.

"SOLAR FLARE!!" Goku shouted, and Vegeta was instantly blinded by the brilliant light, realizing too late that he'd been tricked.

"KAKAROTT!! YOU BASTARD!!" Vegeta screamed and he felt Goku's body pressed up against his back, as an arm locked itself around his neck.

Goku quickly half-dragged/half-carried the enraged and fortunately for Goku still blind Vegeta kicking and screaming off their impromptu battlefield, and into the shade of a grove of trees which, Goku noticed thankfully, had been miraculously spared.

As Goku set Vegeta down on his feet again near the base of the biggest tree, he spun Vegeta around to face him as he grabbed his wrists and pinned Vegeta's arms behind his back. Vegeta struggled violently against his captor, his legs striking out blindly, until one of his feet managed to connect solidly with Goku's shin. Goku let out a yelp of pain, before deciding he needed to further restrain his lover. He swept Vegeta's feet out from under him and gently lowered him to the grass, keeping a firm grip on Vegeta's arms as he straddled the smaller man's thighs, putting just enough weight on them to keep the Prince still. Vegeta's power level was low due to his earlier exertion, and he was no longer able to stay Super Saiyan. As Goku watched his hair and eyes go back to their usual color, he powered down as well, reaching down and unfastening the armor on Vegeta's torso. He tossed the armor aside, and an audible thunk was heard as it hit the ground. He brought Vegeta's arms around to cross them over his stomach, then moved his hips up until he was straddling Vegeta's chest, effectively pinning the smaller Saiyan's arms to his sides. Then he hooked his fingers into the neckline of Vegeta's blue body suit and slowly began pulling the stretchy material down to his shoulders. Suddenly Vegeta began to thrash violently beneath him.

"No!! Not like this!" Vegeta almost shrieked, and Goku heard in Vegeta's voice something he never, ever would have expected from him.....Panic.

'Shh...It's okay, it's me Vegeta, just me." Goku soothed his lover, lowering his head to kiss him gently.

"I....I can't see." Vegeta said quietly, his whole body shaking.

Goku reached out with his mind, sensing his lover's thoughts. He felt the helpless rage, as long buried memories forced their way to the surface. Goku scrambled off Vegeta as he felt the awful fear and humiliation that was still sharp in Vegeta's mind as the memories played out in both of their minds simultaneously. Memories of a small boy in a dark room, unable to see anything, lying on the floor gasping in pain from yet another beating, as the high, rasping voice of his unseen tormentor spat curses and threats at him. Then came the feeling of the cold, dry hands that felt like a snake slithering over one's skin as they grabbed the boy and turned him over, one hand grasping his wrists and pinning them over his head, as the other tore away his clothing. The boy was angry, hurting, and he knew he wouldn't win against his larger and stronger captor, but he still refused to submit. Goku broke contact with Vegeta's mind at that point,

"Oh Vegeta, I'm sorry, I didn't know blinding you with a solar flare would do....would bring it back...I..." he pulled the smaller Saiyan onto his lap, holding him gently.

"Stop it Vegeta." Goku whispered, as Vegeta began to tremble slightly. "Stop thinking about it, you're not that little boy any more, and Frieza's dead, remember? You're son killed him. You're here, with me, Goku. Kakarott."

"K..Kakarott?" Vegeta said softly, almost a whimper. In all the years they'd known each other, Vegeta had never heard Goku speak his own Saiyan name out loud so naturally, and without scorn.

"That's right Vegeta," Goku soothed, "it's me, I'm not going to hurt you. Remember this morning, and last night? Come on, remember me, remember the present, not the past. You have to realize by now after everything we did last night and earlier today that I would never, ever hurt you."

"Can't.....can't see, can't stop... I...n..no!" Vegeta stammered, starting to struggle again. "Can't let go." he choked back a sob as his sightless eyes started to shine with tears before he clenched them shut and turned his head away from Goku.

"Vegeta," Goku said softly, nuzzling his lover's ear, "I trust you, I couldn't have done the things we did last night and today with you if I didn't." Vegeta cocked his head to one side, seeming to consider this. Encouraged, Goku pressed on, "I trust you, now it's time for you to let go of the past and trust me."

Goku tightened his arms around his lover, *He'll be more relaxed once he can see me.* Goku thought as he lay down on his back, holding Vegeta on top of him and waiting for the effects of the solar flare to wear off. Goku smiled as Vegeta relaxed against his chest, no longer trembling, slowly bringing his arms up to wrap them around Goku's neck.

"Kakarott." Vegeta said softly.

*I knew you trusted me.* Goku thought as he nuzzled Vegeta's hair, running his hands up and down Vegeta's back in a gentle caress. He looked down curiously as Vegeta sat up, straddling his stomach. He smiled as Vegeta's ebony eyes locked onto his own.

"You can see." Goku said quietly.

"Yes." Vegeta said softly, gripping Goku's shoulders, and tugging gently.

"What is it?" Goku asked, his brow furrowing.

"Sit up." Vegeta whispered. Goku did as he was asked, wrapping his arms around his lover, as Vegeta sat on Goku's lap, wrapping his legs around him.

Goku's eyebrows shot up as Vegeta pulled his blue uniform down over his shoulders and pushed it down to his waist, then reached down and undid the sash at Goku's waist. Goku cocked his head to one side, watching Vegeta as he wrapped an end of Goku's sash around each hand several times, and his eyes widened as Vegeta held the sash up in front of his face and snapped it in two.

"What are you doing?" Goku stared at Vegeta, wondering what he was going to do next, *Is he mad at me? Or maybe he wants to ....He wouldn't, would he?* Goku thought as an image of Vegeta gagging, blindfolding and tying him up flashed through his mind *Hmm.....That might not be so bad...* a hentai grin spread across his face at that thought. Goku's expression quickly changed from smiling to stunned, as Vegeta handed him the smaller piece of the torn sash, lowered his head and closed his eyes in what could only be interpreted as a gesture of complete surrender.

"Vegeta...I...you...are you sure?" Goku asked uncertainly. He stared at his lover in amazement, "I don't want to hurt you." he said *Or frighten you again* he thought.

Vegeta's eyes snapped open, and he stared into Goku's eyes intensely, "Just do it Kakarott, before I change my mind and tie you up instead."

"You know," Goku smirked at him, "I think I would enjoy that."

Vegeta laughed, then closed his eyes again. Goku kissed Vegeta tenderly, then pulled back and slowly, gently wound the makeshift blindfold around Vegeta's head, tying it loosely at the back. Vegeta found the second piece of the sash, pushed it to Goku's chest.

"What is it?" Goku whispered. Vegeta said nothing, but slid his arms behind him to cross his wrists at the small of his back. Goku stared at him, shocked.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" Goku said, as an uncomfortable feeling built in the pit of his stomach. Suddenly he shook his head. "No! I can't do this Vegeta, you don't have to go this far to prove you trust me."

"I'm not doing this to prove something to you, Kakarott, I'm doing it to prove something to myself." Vegeta said quietly.

Goku gently cupped the sides of Vegeta's face, a little scared of Vegeta's sudden submissiveness. "Vegeta, I don't understand." He said, frustrated. "What could this possibly prove?"

"That as you said, Frieza's gone, and I'm no longer that little boy. That my memories are just that, bad memories, and they can't hurt me anymore. Besides, you and I both know how easily I can snap that sash if I want to, so the binding will be more symbolic than anything else." he said, before leaning forward, seeking Goku's lips. "Just do it, Kakarott, I need to overcome this, and the only way I can do that is to trust someone, and if there's anyone in this world I can trust, it's you."

"Thank you Vegeta." Goku said as he kissed him gently, reaching around Vegeta to wrap the strip of material around his wrists, binding him loosely. Vegeta leaned forward and rested his head on Goku's shoulder, and Goku could feel the other Saiyan struggling to stay calm.

Goku gently stroked Vegeta's back, whispering constant reassurances in his ear, until at last he felt Vegeta's body relax.

"You O.K.?" Goku whispered.

"Yes, I'm fine, keep going." Vegeta answered softly.

Goku slowly lowered Vegeta to the ground, laying him down on his back, and asked again if he was alright. Vegeta didn't answer, he merely shifted so his arms, still bound behind him, were more comfortable. Goku positioned himself over Vegeta's prone form on his hands and knees, careful not to touch Vegeta so that he wouldn't feel boxed in. He slowly lowered his head, brushing his lips against Vegeta's in a gentle kiss.

Vegeta raised his head, deepening the kiss, before gently sucking and nibbling on Goku's lower lip. Goku moaned softly as he gently reached one hand down to stroke Vegeta's chest, tracing intricate patterns over the pale, smooth skin, stopping to trace the few battle scars that graced his chest and arms, before reaching lower to stroke Vegeta's arousal through his blue uniform. Vegeta broke the kiss and gasped, arching his hips to press himself against Goku's hand.

"Ready to move on I see." Goku smirked.

Vegeta heard the smirk in his voice and growled, "Just get this damn thing off me!" he wriggled his hips, indicating his uniform.

"Really Vegeta," Goku said as he bent his head to nuzzle and kiss Vegeta's throat, "you have to learn to have more patience." he purred, moving down to rake his teeth lightly across Vegeta's collarbone.

"Fuck patience!" Vegeta spat, "just take these damned clothes off!" he writhed beneath Goku, arching his back as Goku's mouth made it's way down to his already hard nipples.

"Kakarott..." He groaned as Goku's mouth made it's way down his stomach with agonizing slowness.

"Hmm?" Goku grinned before dipping his tongue into Vegeta's navel, earning a soft startled sound from the Prince, before sitting up and moving to kneel beside Vegeta.

"What are you doing?" Vegeta asked softly as he felt Goku moving away.

"Doing what you asked of course." Goku said with a smirk as he gently began to pull down Vegeta's blue outfit.

As Vegeta's erection sprang free, Goku wrapped a hand around it and began to stroke Vegeta gently, as his other hand continued to work the uniform down Vegeta's legs.

"Take your boots off Vegeta." he whispered softly. Vegeta immediately toed off the white boots, kicking them away. Goku let go of Vegeta's length, and snarled in frustration as he tried not to rip the almost skin tight uniform from his lover's body.

"This thing takes forever to get off!" Goku growled, then sighed with relief as the offending garment was finally removed. Vegeta laughed as he heard Goku scramble to his feet, literally tear away his pants and boxers, and throw his boots aside.

"Now who's ready to move on?" Vegeta smirked. Goku knelt between Vegeta's legs and gently gripped his waist, pulling the smaller Saiyan onto his lap once more. Goku gently cupped Vegeta's chin with his fingertips, and ran his tongue over his lover's lips teasingly. Vegeta's tongue immediately darted out to meet his, and they teased each other, their tongues touching, sliding against each other, before Goku claimed Vegeta's lips in a fiery, possessive kiss. Vegeta moaned as Goku's hands slipped down to cup his ass and pull Vegeta firmly against him, both men gasping as their erections rubbed together.

"Kakarott..." There was urgency in Vegeta's voice.

"Just a sec." Goku clasped Vegeta to him as he leaned back, reaching out a hand to search the ground for the massage oil he had planted earlier at the base of the tree they were sitting under.

"What are you doing?" Vegeta asked, his voice impatient, as he began to rock his hips against Goku. Goku captured Vegeta's lips once more as he squeezed some of the oil onto his fingers. He broke the kiss to nuzzle Vegeta's ear.

"Are you ready?" He asked softly.

"Yes, just do it!" Vegeta pleaded, rocking his hips again, "You have no idea how turned on I am." he said, his voice slightly hoarse.

Goku reached down to stroke his erection, "Oh, I think I've got a pretty good idea how hot this is making you." he smirked.

"Kakarott!" Vegeta shouted, squirming on his lap.

"Hmm, now let's see," Goku said, his voice maddeningly calm, "what was it you said this morning?" He continued to pump Vegeta's cock, reaching around with his other hand to tease Vegeta's entrance, then he slid a well oiled finger into the tight heat. Vegeta gasped, his head arching back. Goku's head darted forward and he began to nip and kiss Vegeta's throat. A low moan came from Vegeta, and he began to rock his hips back against Goku's hand as a second finger was inserted into him. "I can't quite seem to remember your exact words," Goku said slyly. He pushed a third finger into Vegeta, and began to gently probe for his lover's prostate. A sharp cry escaped Vegeta as Goku found his sweet spot, and he began to writhe on Goku's lap, bucking his hips as Goku rubbed his prostate and stroked his arousal firmly.

"Damn, this looks so familiar, now what in the world did you say to me? Oh I remember now." Goku couldn't keep the amusement from his voice as he mercilessly teased Vegeta.

"Beg me." Goku growled.

"Kakarott! Please!" Vegeta was nearly sobbing with need.

"Please?" Goku said, before lightly kissing his way down Vegeta's neck. "What do you want from me, Vegeta?" He asked as he wound one hand under Vegeta's thigh, wrapping the end of the sash binding his wrists around the other hand. He lifted Vegeta gently, positioning Vegeta's entrance over his length, and held him there.

"Do it!" Vegeta cried, throwing his head back, trembling with desire.

"Tell me what you want from me." Goku whispered, running his tongue up the smooth column of his lover's throat.

"I want..I want your cock inside me." Vegeta said, voice quavering.

Both men gasped as Goku slowly lowered Vegeta onto his straining arousal, Goku shivering as Vegeta's muscles squeezed him tightly. Vegeta groaned as Goku slid his full length into him, then held Vegeta still to give him time to adjust.

"I'm ready, Kakarott." Vegeta whispered.

"I'm not." Goku whimpered. *Oh my God, he's so tight!* Goku thought, trying to control himself. After a few moments, Vegeta began to wriggle his hips experimentally, enjoying the feeling of his lover buried inside him.

"Vegeta!" Goku nearly screamed as he grasped Vegeta's hips tightly, "If you move again, I'm gonna throw you down on the grass and drive my cock into you so hard you'll be lucky if you can walk by tomorrow!" To which Vegeta snapped the bindings around his wrists, gripped Goku's shoulders, and lifted his hips until only the head of Goku's cock was inside him. Then he slammed himself down, both of them crying out as Vegeta began impaling himself on Goku's shaft.

"Uhhh..Oh God...you...ohhh...That's it!" Goku shouted, and, as promised he pulled out of his lover and pushed Vegeta to the ground, pulling off the blindfold before stretching out on top of him, kissing him with almost bruising force. Vegeta wrapped his legs around Goku's waist, moaning as he pulled his lover to him, reaching up to wrap his arms around Goku's neck.

Goku stared down into Vegeta's eyes, his expression one of raw need.

"I warned you Vegeta." he rasped.

"Do it." Vegeta ground out, eyes narrowed, face flushed with passion. Both men shouted as Goku buried himself inside Vegeta, Goku curling one hand over Vegeta's shoulder, bracing the other on the ground above Vegeta's head as he pulled back and began slamming into Vegeta's tight heat. Vegeta cried out, arching beneath Goku as his hands raked down Goku's back, raising long welts as spots began to appear before his eyes. Goku growled low in his throat as pleasure coursed through his body, pressure building inside him. Goku slid a hand down to pump Vegeta's shaft as the pressure reached it's peak, and Vegeta began to thrash beneath him, hips bucking violently, fingers digging into Goku's shoulders. Vegeta let loose a long, piercing cry as his seed shot out to cover them both, and Goku answered the cry with a scream as he buried himself in Vegeta one last time and spilled his essence deep inside him. As Vegeta slumped beneath him, Goku rolled them over until Vegeta lay snuggled against his chest, wrapping his arms around Vegeta possessively as they lay there, panting, drenched in sweat.

After a few minutes, Vegeta raised himself up to cross his arms over Goku's chest, tilt his head to the side and look down at Goku smugly.

"I think you enjoyed that way too much, Kakarott." he smirked.

"Say what?!" Goku gaped at him, then smirked back, "I didn't hear you complaining."

"No, I thoroughly enjoyed myself." he admitted, "Now, let's go back to the house, I'm starving." Vegeta said, and they both chuckled as his stomach rumbled, seemingly on cue.

"And you called my stomach a bottomless pit!" Goku said, feigning offense at Vegeta's earlier comment, "But you're right, let's go get something to eat, and then we can do it again!" He raised his eyebrows at Vegeta, a suggestive smile on his face.

"Again!" Vegeta stared at him incredulously, "Already? And I thought I was a demanding lover!"

"Ahh, but who do you think I'm learning it from?" Goku smirked, before using instant transmission to transport both of them back to the capsule house.