5 year itch.

Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh and Sniffleslover.

This is a little something that happened when Annakit introduced my to the joys of rpg. I copied this from the message history, flushed it out a little and am posting it here with her as co-author.

Rating; NC-17.

Pairing; T/P.

Warnings; yaoi, lemon, language, angst. Trunks starts out a minor in this fic, and there's some very, VERY lite scenes with them when he's young, but I promise you Piccolo is NOT going to have sex with a 13 year old Trunks kay?

Notes; TWT, OOC, AU kinda.

*denotes thoughts*

"denotes speaking"

Five years later.............

In the forest behind the Son house....

As Trunks trained with Goten, his thoughts kept drifting back to a familiar green face that he hasn't seen for five years.

Several miles east......

Piccolo sat by his usual waterfall, trying to meditate and thinking of a certain lavender haired demi-Saiyan whom he told to come back and see him in five years to talk about love.

"Aww...shit!" He cried as he stopped sparring suddenly.. "Who am I kidding? I have to go back. He said five years...." He sighed and said goodbye to Goten, telling the youngest Son that he had an appointment to keep.

Piccolo's eyes snapped open as he sensed a familiar, yet different ki approaching. "Damn....he came. He actually came."

Trunks flew into the clearing and stopped several feet away, looking at Piccolo and taking a deep breath to steady himself.

Piccolo watched Trunks warily. "You came."

Trunks nodded, wiping his hands on his jeans nervously. "Yeah.. I..." He laughed a bit. "You haven't changed...still straightforward as usual."

"No. You sure have though." Piccolo smiled softly at him.

Trunks ran a hand through his hair. "Yeah well..." He shrugged. "Time will do that I suppose. So.. uh..." He took one step closer, then another. "Still meditating I see."

"Yeah...still best friends with Goten I see." He floated down to the ground and stood before him silently.

"Well, yeah. best friends actually." He smiled. "I uh.. just finished sparring with him. We ... still train together."

"Hnn....I still train with Gohan occasionally." Piccolo said, trying to see what kind of reaction that would bring.

Trunks nodded and looked down, shoving his hands into his pockets. "I thought.. you would. Go back to Gohan...training I mean."

"I missed training with you though." Piccolo said softly.

Trunks shrugged. "You didn't miss much I imagine. Gohan's the better fighter." He said softly. "He's really.... great."

"Yeah, Gohan's a good fighter." He agreed, then sighed and turned away. "But I missed you." Piccolo said quietly.

"Did you?" Trunks rocked back on his heels and looked up, studying Piccolo's expression. "Like one misses a friend?"

Piccolo smiled. "No. I missed that warm feeling I got right here.." He turned and put a hand on his stomach. "When I was around you."

Trunks' heart missed a beat, his face turning pale. "P....Piccolo?"

"I meant what I said back then Trunks. You were too young five years ago for me to even consider returning your feelings. But now...." He took a step closer. "Now it's different."

Trunks stepped back quickly. "You made my life hell you know. All those years of waiting, wanting the one person I wanted, and could never have." He said it almost conversationally. "I wasn't too young. You were."

"I'm sorry Trunks." Piccolo growled angrily. "But you...you were thirteen! I...you hadn't even had your first kiss yet, your first date...I....I felt like I was about to destroy something innocent and precious when I thought about touching you..."

Trunks smiled bitterly. "Others didn't feel the same. Did you even listen to me Piccolo? You could have... you could have just -been- there. I didn't want anything from you! Just... I just.. all I ever wanted was to be held." He turned and leaned up against a tree, the arm supporting him shaking badly.

Piccolo sighed sadly. "I'm sorry I didn't listen to you....I...guess I was just doing what I thought was best." He turned to stare at Trunks. "What do you mean others didn't feel the same?

"It doesn't matter now, does it? What's past is past." He shrugged, turning away to stare at the waterfall.

"Trunks..." Piccolo put a hand on his shoulder. "Tell me what happened..please?"

"Life happened." He turned his head to look at Piccolo. "As it is bound to do... so where do we go from here Piccolo?"

"I...don't know...we.." He avoided Trunks' gaze. "Good question."

"We were friends once..." He smiled. "We may as well start with being friends again."

Piccolo stepped forward and clasped his hand. "Sure."

Trunks tugged on the hand a little. "Have you learned more about love since then?"

The tall Namek stepped closer. "Yeah..I think I have..."

Trunks suddenly looked a bit shy. "Piccolo... did you even... think about me?"

Piccolo gaped at him. "Of course I did! I..felt bad for a long time after you left here that day. I waited here every day for about a month after, but you never came back.." He looked away sadly.

"I was embarrassed." He said softly. "I .. I shouldn't have kissed you... you didn't want me to and I.. was upset because I thought .. you were..." He shook his head. "Oh... It doesn't matter."

Piccolo grabbed his shoulders and shook him gently. "Yes! It does matter! Tell me....and just for the record, I kissed you remember?" He smirked.

Trunks shook his head. "You thought I was just a kid... You didn't believe I was in love with you... did you? And then I kissed you... You didn't feel anything and Kami.. that hurt, because it meant so much to me...." His voice cracked as he tried not to break down in tears.

"No...You're wrong Trunks! I...." Piccolo blushed. "I knew you loved me..and I ....I loved you too. But I felt you were too young for me to express my love for you physically. That's why I pushed you away that day. And why I said come back in five years..I meant....I couldn't show you how I loved you until you were old enough.....and I did feel something when you kissed me, I felt a lot."

"All I wanted was to have my first kiss with you..have you love me...." He lifted his chin and straightened his shoulders. "You're right. You did the right thing. The honorable thing."

Piccolo sighed. "But for you it will always be the wrong thing." He turned away sadly.

"I cried myself to sleep every night... for five years!" Trunks cried. "I thought... maybe if I met someone else... maybe if I gave myself to someone else I'll feel better..." He choked back a sob. "But I never did.... I..."

Piccolo covered his face with his hands.

Trunks wrapped his arms around himself. "I'm sorry... I..."

"Kami....Trunks you were so damn beautiful...do you have any idea what I wanted to do to you back then?" Piccolo rasped.

Trunks' eyes widened. "Wh-what? You..."

"I loved you but at the same time I felt like I should just send a ki blast through my own heart for even thinking about touching something so precious and wonderful like that." He shook his head.

Trunks blushed. "You thought I was ... beautiful?" He groaned, dragging his hands down his face.

"I was afraid I would dirty you, corrupt you with my touch at such a young age." The Namek murmured.

"Oh Piccolo..." He grabbed Piccolo's hands and squeezed. "You could -never- dirty anyone."

Piccolo hung his head. "But you were so young. I know you thought you were an adult, but trust me...there was so much for you to do, and be before giving yourself to someone! I just didn't want to take anything from you I didn't think you were ready to give to me."

Trunks frowned a little. "I was ready to give you everything... I would have sold my soul to make you happy. But I have learnt a lot in these last five years. A lot I might not have learned if you had claimed me as yours." He said thoughtfully.

"Exactly." Piccolo cupped his chin. "Now do you understand?"

"I learnt how to take what I want." He smirked as he leaned forward and kissed Piccolo hard.

Piccolo gasped, his lips parting.

Trunks proceeded to show Piccolo just how -much- he learned, parting the Namek's lips and sweeping his tongue inside, then nipping at Piccolo's lips gently.

He grabbed Piccolo's hips and pulled until they were pressed tightly together, teasing Piccolo's lips with his tongue.

Piccolo gripped Trunks' waist tightly as he slowly rocked against him. "Mmm..." He nipped at Trunks' tongue gently with his sharp teeth.

Trunks pulled away after a moment, panting softly. "Do you want this?"

Piccolo growled. "Yeah...I've been wanting this for five years..." He pulled the young demi-Saiyan into a hungry kiss.

Trunks chuckle and thrust his tongue eagerly into Piccolo's mouth as his hands began a gentle exploration of Piccolo's body.

Piccolo moaned as his tongue dueled with Trunks' and he slid his hands down to cup Trunks' rear and pull him forcefully against his growing arousal.

Trunks groaned into Piccolo's mouth, then pulled away the Namek's blue sash and slid his hands up under Piccolo's shirt.

Piccolo shivered as the nimble fingers danced across his hypersensitive skin.

Trunks slipped one hand into the band of Piccolo's pants. "Piccolo.." He pulled away from the kiss and started raining kisses down Piccolo's throat.

Piccolo growled as Trunk's hand brushed his erection, his head falling back to give the young Saiyan better access to his tender skin.

Trunks kissed his way down Piccolo's neck and licked and nipped at his collarbone. His hand gently circled Piccolo's erection and began series of slow strokes.

A rasping cry escaped Piccolo as he cupped the back of Trunks' head with one hand as the other slid up the demi-Saiyan's shirt, returning Trunks earlier caresses.

"Take off your shirt." Trunks growled.

Piccolo snarled as he nearly tore off his shirt, grabbing the hem of Trunks' t-shirt and pulling it off as well.

Trunks licked and kissed his way across Piccolo's broad well muscled chest, pausing only to assist Piccolo in removing his shirt, then his lips fastened onto one of the Namek's nipples, tearing a low groan from the large warrior.

"Trunks...." Piccolo moaned, sliding his hands up and down the silky skin of the younger man's back. "Pants...off..now."

Trunks chuckled as he grabbed his pants and pulled them off with one smooth move. "Your turn."

Piccolo hooked his hands in waistband of his own pants and tried to pull them off, but lost his balance and ended up on the ground.

Trunks blinked at him, then started to laugh. "Piccolo!"

The Namek chuckled at his predicament, then swept Trunks' feet out from under him.

Trunks landed with a soft thump, then rolled onto Piccolo. "You're gonna pay for that you brat." He smirked.

"Who are you calling a brat! I'm...let's see.....15 years older than you!"

"Yes, but you're the one who's falling all over himself like an oversexed teenager....." He began teasing Piccolo's nipples with his lips as he thrusts his arousal against Piccolo's, making the Namek moan and arch against him instinctively.

"Hnn....Trunks...please...I.." Piccolo murmured.

"You're the elder here, remember?" Trunks murmured as he grabbed Piccolo's hips to hold the older man down. "Take what you want Piccolo. Don't ask. Don't beg."

Piccolo snarled as he flipped them over, pinning Trunks beneath him.

Trunks grinned and arched his hips up immediately. "Go on..." He lifted his head to lick Piccolo's chest.

Piccolo paused, unsure what to do. "Trunks...I don't know what..."

Trunks rolled his eyes. "Good thing I did learn a few things these past five years. He sighed and grabbed Piccolo's hand, leading it down his body. "Your fingers. Just loosen me up a bit. I don't think we need lubricant. What's a little pain between friends ne?" He smirked up at him.

*Lubricant....Pain?!* "No I don't want to hurt you Trunks..." Piccolo tried to think of something they could use. "There's got to be something..."

"I know.." He said as he stuck two fingers into his mouth and coated them with saliva. "This ought to do it." He watched Trunks carefully for signs of discomfort as he slowly pushed a finger into him,

Trunks moaned and lifted his hips to give Piccolo easier access.

Piccolo stared down at him, nervous but encouraged by his moans. He pushed the second finger in and stretched him gently before beginning to slide the thick digits in and out.

Trunks bit his lip, trying not to cry out at the pleasure. "That's it..." He panted.

"Feel good? Then why are you trying to be so quiet?" Piccolo asked, staring down at him.

"Well.. I.." He gasped. "Just don't like to be.." Trunks blushed. "Noisy..."

"This is my first time, it's with the person I've dreamed of having for five years..." Piccolo groaned as he removed his fingers and positioned himself at Trunks' entrance. "and you're holding back?"

"Sorry Piccolo-san." Trunks reached up to touch Piccolo's face.

Piccolo leaned down to claim his lover's lips in a fiery kiss. "I want it all Trunks. Every moan, every scream, every shiver, all of it. Don't you dare hold anything back from me." He growled into Trunks' ear.

Trunks moaned and tilted his head back. "I promise..." He whispered.

"Good.." Piccolo purred before he pushed the head of his cock past the tight ring of muscle and thrust hard, burying himself all the way inside his lover.

"Uhh...Kami!" Trunks cried, arching his back and grabbing Piccolo's shoulders

"Trunks...ohh.." Piccolo groaned as he began to move, his thrusts slow and deep.

Trunks gasped and panted, raising his hips to meet Piccolo's thrusts.

Piccolo growled deep in his throat as he began to quicken his movements, slipping his hand down to wrap Trunks' legs around his waist.

"Ohh...Piccolo..." Trunks whimpered.

"Trunks....." Piccolo panted as he slammed into the tight heat, "Scream for me" he whispered as he wrapped a hand around Trunks' neglected erection and stroked him in time with his thrusts.

"Hnn....P..Piccolo..." Trunks moaned, gripping Piccolo's shoulders tightly. Seconds later, he reached his orgasm with a scream, his seed splashing onto Piccolo's stomach.

"Oh Kami...Trunks.....yes....Unn!! Piccolo cried, then screamed as he reached his own climax.

Trunks lay beneath Piccolo in a boneless heap, his eyes closed, a goofy smile on his face.

Piccolo collapsed on top of him, gasping for breath. "And what are you smiling about? Hmm?" He chuckled.

Trunks wrapped his arms around Piccolo. "I've never been so happy... that's all..."

Piccolo smiled and hugged him tightly. "Yeah..I know how you feel koi." He kissed him lovingly. "Thank you for coming back."

Trunks kissed Piccolo's cheek. "Do you... do you love me?"

Piccolo rolled them over so Trunks is sprawled on top of him. "Yes koibito. Ai shiteru"

Trunks grinned. "Thank you." He straddled Piccolo's hips and lay his head against his lovers chest.

As Piccolo wrapped his arms around his lover and began to doze off, Trunks lay with his eyes open stroking Piccolo's arm absently. "What's wrong?" He asked softly.

Trunks shook his head. "It's no big deal...."

"No, no secrets trunks... What's the matter?"

"I just wish..." He sighed and slid his hand down to link with Piccolo's. "I just wish you could have been my first..."

"I'm sorry Trunks...but if it's any consolation, you're my first, and only." He cupped his chin and kissed him. He grinned up at him. "I'll be on the bottom next time if you want, it'll be my first time for that too."

"You're so beautiful." Trunks whispered as he stroked Piccolo's cheek. "I don't see how you could ever think... that you could..." He shook his head and leaned down to kiss Piccolo.

Piccolo ran his tongue across Trunks lower lip and gazed at him adoringly. "Ever think I could what koi?"

Trunks smiled. "I'm sorry..."

"For what?" He brushed hair out of his eyes. "You're holding back again...Talk to me Trunks.."

"Piccolo.." He bit his lip, tears rising in his eyes before he buried his face in the crook of Piccolo's neck.

Piccolo rubbed his back reassuringly. "Just tell me Trunks... it's alright koi.."

"Goten and I.... Goten and I.... I.. I didn't think you cared and he...I needed...." He started to cry.

Piccolo looked up at him, surprised. He frowned as he thought of what was coming next. "Goten was your first? Or is he your current?" Piccolo asked, his voice deceptively soft.

Trunks tried to stop his tears. "My first... my first..." He clenched his hand into a fist. "Not enough... I wasn't enough for him... either...and he wasn't enough for me."

Piccolo wrapped his arms around Trunks, confused. "What do you mean Trunks? I don' t understand..."

"We only had one night... he was kind but... but he didn't want me. Not like that."

"Didn't..didn't' want you like that? then why did he sleep with you? I...I'm not getting this.."

Trunks shook his head and bit his lip. "Doesn't matter....it doesn't matter...."

Piccolo grabbed his arms and shook him gently. "Yes it does matter! It matters to me! Trunks.....I love you...I want to make you happy. But if something in the past is hurting you, I need you to tell me! now please..."

"Everything in my past hurts me... " He looked up with tear-filled eyes. "Everyone I try to love... is it just me? Why do they..." He stopped abruptly, shaking his head. "Oh Piccolo why couldn't I have waited, and come back to you sooner. Stupid pride just like father's! I gave myself to someone else, when all I wanted was you...I'm sorry." He sobbed quietly. "I wish I had waited for you."

Piccolo stroked Trunks' hair, his own eyes filling with tears as he wondered if he had done the right thing after all. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! If only we could....." He trailed off as an idea struck him.

"I'm sorry Piccolo... I'm all right.." Trunks murmured.

"No, you're not. But you will be. Just relax. I'll take care of everything...."

Trunks frowned. "What? Piccolo..."

"Never mind. I said I will take care of it...and I will...you'll see...you'll never be hurt again..never have to worry if someone's going to leave you..." He kissed him passionately.

Trunks shuddered as his eyes slid shut. "Thank you."

Piccolo rubbed his back gently. "Trunks-kun? I've got something I need to do, do you want to come with me?"

Trunks shook his head. "Is it all right if I... just wait here?"

"Are you sure? I don't want you to think I'm running off and leaving you....you can come with me, but promise not to interfere if you do..."

Trunks regarded him curiously for a moment, then shook his head again. "No.. no it's all right. I think I'll just wait here for you."

Piccolo kissed his cheek. "I promise Trunks, I will never leave you, and I'll never let anyone ever hurt you again." He gazed at him longingly before taking to the sky.

Trunks watched Piccolo leave, then sat down at the base of their favorite tree to wait.

Piccolo sent a thought to Trunks. *I love you koi, I always have and I always will* as he headed to Capsule corp for the dragon radar.

After sneaking in and snatching the radar from an unsuspecting Bulma's desk he flew off to gather the dragonballs. Within two hours he had them all, and summoned the mighty dragon.

"What is your first wish?" Shenlong rumbled.

"I wish to be brought back in time five minutes before Trunks and I separated 5 years ago!"

Shenlong watched him for a moment. "What is your second wish?"

Piccolo glared up at him. "I wish to retain all my memories from the last 5 years."

"Very well" The dragon growled. "Your wishes have been granted." He vanished, and Piccolo was surrounded by bright white light.

"We don't chose who holds the other half of our soul Piccolo-san." Trunks pressed a fist against Piccolo's chest, right over his heart. "You're the other half of mine."

Piccolo gasped. *It worked! * He realized.

Trunks smiled up at Piccolo. "Piccolo-san?"

"Trunks....I know how you feel about me..." Piccolo said, before pulling the young teen into a fierce hug. "And I love you too."

Trunks turned bright pink. "You... you do?!"

"Yes...I do....I..I love you..but.... You're only thirteen and there's still a lot of stuff you have to do, have to be before we could even discuss being more than friends. I can't be anything more than a friend to you right now...but in a few years..maybe.I ..would feel comfortable expressing my feelings for you..If you still want me that is.."

Trunks' eyes widened, and a huge smile appeared on his face. He glomped Piccolo and started to laugh. "Okay Piccolo-san!! I love you too!"

Piccolo breathed a quiet sigh of relief that things finally went right this time. "I'm glad that's settled" He growled and affectionately and ruffled his hair before sitting down and pulling the boy into his lap.

Trunks cuddled Piccolo, smiling from ear to ear. "You really love me? But I thought you didn't know what love is." He said, noticing the sudden change in Piccolo.

"Let's just say that you've taught me a heck of a lot in the last little while. You're a very good teacher." Piccolo chuckled.

"I am?" He grinned up at Piccolo. "Yeah I am!" He looked up at Piccolo solemnly. "I'm happy to just be friends Piccolo-san...for now." He gave Piccolo an evil smirk that rivaled Vegeta on his best day.

Piccolo shuddered at that smirk, wondering how he's going to endure reliving the next five years after what happened in the future.

Five years later.............

Everyone showed up for Trunks' eighteenth birthday. Gifts abounded, and even Vegeta was somewhat sociable, nodding to people and sitting down with Bra on his knee.

Piccolo made a brief appearance, giving Bulma his gift for Trunks and acknowledging the Z fighters. He locked eyes with Trunks and smiled before leaving as quickly as he had come.

Later that evening, Piccolo sat meditating by his favorite waterfall. He smiled as he felt Trunks' ki approaching rapidly. He grunted in surprise as said 18 year old smashed into him like a meteor and knocked both of them to the ground.

"Piccolo-san....." Trunks cooed, grinning wickedly. "I suppose I won't be able to call you that anymore." He began insistently pulling at Piccolo's clothing, and in a few seconds they were both naked, with Trunks exploring Piccolo's smooth skin eagerly.

"Trunks....wha...wait.." Piccolo panted as the teen's hands found his rapidly hardening member.

"Piccolo...." Trunks purred, his hands moving up and down in torturously slow strokes. "You told me to come back in five years....It's been five years, and I've been good." He straddled Piccolo's waist and handed him a brand new tube of lubricant. "This was a present from Goten, who wished us good luck." He giggled. "You told GOTEN?" Piccolo cried, embarrassed.

"Yeah..." Trunks grinned down at him. "Now hurry up and give me my birthday present!" He demanded, rolling them so that Piccolo was on top.

Piccolo moaned as Trunks' legs wound tightly around his waist. "Wait..." He pleaded softly.

"No!" Trunks bellowed, making Piccolo wince. He slapped the lubricant into Piccolo's hand and leaned up to kiss him. "I've been waiting for five years...please Piccolo..." The demi-Saiyan begged.

Piccolo groaned as he leaned down and deepened the kiss, his tongue sweeping into the younger man's mouth. The Namek shivered as Trunks' fingers danced over his back and shoulders. He fumbled with the tube for a few minutes, until Trunks laughed and took it from him.

"Here..." He smirked, handing it back to the blushing Namek.

Piccolo looked at the tube for a few seconds, debating, then nodded as he reached his decision. He squeezed some of the gel onto his fingers and slowly stroked Trunks' length, drawing a ragged groan from the teen. He spread some more onto Trunks' fingers, and drew his lover's hand down.

"Are...are you sure?" Trunks asked, his eyes wide.

"Yeah...you be seme this time." Piccolo smirked at him.

"Uh..okay." Trunks said uncertainly, then smirked back. He gently pushed a finger into Piccolo, his eyes narrowing as Piccolo tensed up. "Relax...if you tense up it'll hurt more." Trunks whispered.

Piccolo's eyes snapped open and he looked down at Trunks. "And just how do you know that?"

"I read it in a magazine. Dad keeps a bunch of 'em hidden in the rec room downstairs. And last night Goku said that to Dad when they were down there."

Piccolo laughed. "So Goku's screwing your Dad. Yet another thing I really did not need to know."

Trunks teased Piccolo's entrance with a second finger before pushing it in. Piccolo's head fell back, air hissing between his teeth as he tried to relax.

"Easy...." Trunks whispered as he began to move his fingers in and out of Piccolo's body. After several moments he grinned evilly and began probing for the larger man's sweet spot. A sharp gasp followed by a low moan told him he had found it. He exploited the spot ruthlessly, until he had the large Namek panting and crying out in pleasure.

Piccolo growled suddenly, looking down at Trunks with passion glazed eyes as he shifted his hips until the head of Trunks' arousal touched his entrance. He closed his eyes and groaned as he pushed down, slowly impaling himself on Trunk's length.

Trunks let out a rasping cry, his back arching as he gripped Piccolo's hips tightly. "Ohh....Kami..." He moaned as Piccolo's muscles gripped him.

Piccolo braced his hands on either side of Trunks' head, and slowly lifted his hips until only the head of Trunks' arousal remained inside him, then plunged back down, wrenching a groan from the young demi-Saiyan. Trunks growled as Piccolo kept the pace deliberately slow, trying to buck his hips and make his lover go faster, but Piccolo merely moved one hand down and placed it on his hip, holding the now frustrated Saiyan down.

Trunks snarled and began to thrash beneath Piccolo, until Piccolo smirked and finally relented, rolling them over until Trunks was on top of him. Trunks growled as he hooked his arms behind Piccolo's knees and forced his legs wider apart before slamming himself into his lover with a hoarse cry.

Goku and Vegeta appeared in the forest, not far from Trunks and Piccolo.

"Why are we here Vegeta? I'm sure it's nothing." Goku assured him.

"Baka! I'm telling you something's going on. I demand to know why their power levels are fluctuating so wildly." Vegeta growled.

"Trunks is 18 today Vegeta. He's a man now. I'm sure he and Piccolo can take care of themselves." Goku said, lifting Vegeta and gently pinning him to a large tree trunk. The sounds of moaning and panting reached their sensitive Saiyan ears, and Vegeta pushed Goku away with a snarl.

"Dammit!" He hissed. "They better not be doing what I think they're doing! If they are it's all your fault!" Vegeta glared at him.

"My fault?!" Goku yelped. "How is it my fault if Trunks and Piccolo are sleeping together?"

"Because. I told you last night to wait until the boy was in bed. But nooooo...you had to have it right then and there!" Vegeta sneered, walking away. He grunted as Goku grabbed his wrist and pulled him back roughly, crushing the small Saiyan to his chest and leaning down to kiss him.

"Nooo...I had to have you right then and there. What can I say Vegeta? You are one sexy little Saiyan." He smirked.

"Don't call me little." Vegeta said, trying to hide a smile.

They crept through the forest and neared the edge of the river. Both of them gasped at the scene playing itself out before them.

Trunks drove himself into his lover as the tall Namek thrashed and cried out in pleasure. His hand drifted down to wrap around Piccolo's straining erection and he stroked his lover in time with his thrusts, making the Namek's cries turn to screams as he climaxed, his seed shooting out and splashing onto Trunks' chest. Moments later, and answering scream was torn from Trunks' throat as he buried himself a last time in his lover, and collapsed on top of him.

Vegeta and Goku gaped for a moment, then the Saiyan prince turned away, shaking his head. "Well, at least he gets to be seme." He glared icily at Goku.

"Awww....come on Vegeta, don't be like that.." Goku whined, trying to wrap his arms around his lover, only to be shrugged off. Goku sighed, knowing there was only one fair way to settle this. "Okay Vegeta..." He said resignedly. "We'll take turns being seme, okay?"

"Fine. Let's go home...I want my turn now.." Vegeta whirled and gave him a wicked smirk, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Goku blushed, wrapping an arm around Vegeta's shoulders before placing two fingers to his forehead and transporting them back to Vegeta's room.

Piccolo smiled as he wrapped his arms around Trunks possessively. "I'm glad we got it right this time koi...ai shiteru.." He whispered, wrapping his cape around them before the they drifted off to sleep.

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