Waking dreams 8, Asylum.

By Johnnyjosh aka Zoicyte Maxwell

This is a response to ran_chan's challenge.

Pairings; G/V, Gh/P.

Rating. R. Definitely an R.

Notes. Extreme OOC, sappy Vegeta, TWT, AU slightly.

Warnings; Yaoi. Lemon. Language. Violence. Bitch Chi-Chi. DEATH and ANGST.

Chi-Chi's lost it, Gohan loses it, who will come out the winner? Will Goten have safe haven at CC? What's going to happen to Chi-Chi? When are Goku Vegeta and Tsutanai coming home? Major Death and angst in this chapter, so watch it!! The faint of heart (or stomach) might want to skip it.

//indicates dreams//



Capsule Corp.

Goten sat in Bulma's lap, still crying softly. He had come into the room just in time to hear Chi-Chi call back a second time and berate Gohan for betraying her, and threaten to come over there and hurt anyone that tried to get between her and Goten. "I'm scared.." He whispered, small fingers clinging to the front of Bulma's shirt.

"Oh Goten.." Bulma said softly, her mother and father standing behind the couch, looking at Goten worriedly.

"Don't worry bro." Gohan said, dark eyes hard as he knelt in front of them. "She won't hurt you like that anymore. Piccolo, Bulma, Dr. and Mrs. Briefs and I, we won't let her." He stroked Gotens hair, and his heart lurched at the way his brother flinched from the unexpected touch. He looked up at Piccolo, his mind a whirling mix of anger, fear, and frustration.

*Don't worry Gohan. You're right, none of us are going anywhere. We're all going to be here for Goten. That witch won't get near him again.* The Nameks thoughts unfurled in the demi-Saiyans mind softly. Gohan nodded and smiled at his lover gratefully.

"Well, what say we go check out your room Goten?" Mrs. Briefs asked cheerfully, reaching for him. Goten resisted at first, whimpering as he clutched at Bulma's arms, then gave up with a small cry. He allowed the older woman to scoop him up in her arms and carry him upstairs. "Now then..." She said, setting the young demi-Saiyan on the bed. "We've got Transformers blankets, and toys...ooh lots of toys!" Mrs. Briefs squealed happily, pointing to the large chests standing against the opposite wall. "And snacks..." Gotens ears perked up and his eyes snapped up to hers at the mention of food. She giggled and hugged him gently. "That's right sweety, I've got some nice cookies and milk right over there.." She pointed to the two family size boxes of cookie sitting on the dresser, along with the pitcher of milk. "Would you like some?" Goten nodded.

Mrs. Briefs stood and poured the boy a large glass of milk, and handed him a plate of cookies. Unfortunately his small hand didn't quite have a solid grasp of the plate when she let it go, and it crashed to the floor, sending porcelain, and cookie crumbs everywhere.

Goten stared down in horror at the mess, then scooted back on the bed, pulling his knees up to his chest, wrapping his arms around them, and rocking back and forth frantically. "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to...." Goten whimpered, choking back sobs as tears coursed down his cheeks. "Please...I'm sorry..." He buried his face in his arms and cried, rocking back and forth. "Don't hurt me.." He whispered as he remembered what had driven him to run away to Capsule Corp. that morning.

Son house, about 6 AM.....//////

Goten sat at the table, cringing as he picked at his food. His mother was in a particularly foul mood this morning, cursing and screaming at him before he had even gotten out of bed. He moved his eggs and bacon around his plate, fingers idly playing with a corner of his toast.

"Goten!" Chi-Chi barked. "Eat your food!" Goten jumped, his elbow hitting his glass of milk. Both of them watched, wide eyed as the glass tumbled to the floor and smashed.

There was no warning, one second Goten was staring down at the shattered glass, the next pain lanced through his skull as his mother's fist connected with the side of his head, lifting him out of his chair and sending him crashing to the floor.

"You little monster!" Chi-Chi hissed. "Look what you did!" She threw some paper towels at him. "Don't just sit there, clean it up!" Goten hunched his shoulders and did what he was told, trying not to cry, for tears only seemed to enrage her further.

"Yes mother.." He said quietly, wiping up all the glass and carrying the paper towels over to the wastebasket. He whimpered as Chi-Chi grabbed him by the hair and pulled him over to the corner.

"Now, you are going to stand there, and think about what you did, and when I think you've had enough time, and can appreciate everything your mother does for you, you can come out." She shook him roughly. "Don't you make a sound, understand? I have work to do!"

Goten swallowed and nodded, standing as still and quiet as he could.

Three hours later........

Chi-Chi hummed as she finally finished cleaning the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom, and quickly swept the stairs. She looked over at Goten. *No, he needs to learn to behave himself. I spend enough time trying to cook and clean for him...he is not going to be like his brother, just running off and abandoning me...* She clenched her fists and stalked into the kitchen, determined not to think of the eldest Son.

Goten shifted and squirmed uncomfortably. He needed to go to the bathroom, had for the last two and a half hours. He whimpered softly as cramps started to rip through his abdomen. "Mama..?" He called softly. "Can I come out now..?"

Chi-Chi growled and stomped out of the kitchen. "Who told you to speak?!" She demanded angrily.

"Mama..I need to go to the bathroom..." Goten said, hands on his stomach as he winced in pain.

"You will stop talking and do as your told!" She shrieked, looking over at the clock. "Just for being such a disobedient little boy, I think you should stay in there another hour. I was going to let you out, but not now!" She stomped off back into the kitchen.

Thirty minutes later, Goten gasped and collapsed to his knees, tears of humiliation and fear spilling down his cheeks as the seven year old lost control of his bladder. "Oh no..." He whispered as he felt the wetness spreading across the front of his pants.

"Goten! What's going on out there!?" Chi-Chi yelled, getting up and coming to investigate.

Goten panicked, getting to his feet and looking around wildly. He had no idea what he was doing, he only knew that he had to get away. He turned and raced up the stairs, streaking into his room and slamming the door, pushing his dresser in front of it to keep his mother out.

"Goten! Dammit you open this door right now!" Chi-Chi hammered her fists against it, then began kicking it.

Goten frantically searched around for a clean change of clothes and opened his window. "Nimbus!" He cried, jumping on the cloud and streaking off into the sky, deciding to come back after his mother had cooled off. He stopped in the forest several miles from the house, taking a quick dip in the river to clean off before putting on his clean clothes. "What am I gonna do?" He asked softly, tears in his eyes. The boy stared off into the trees for several minutes, before deciding he would go see his best friend. *Gohan's there too...no...I can't tell him..not yet..* Goten thought as he jumped back on the cloud and flew toward Capsule Corp. /////

"Please....I'm sorry..." Goten said, shoulders shaking as he continued to cry. "Don't punish me...I didn't mean it.."

Mrs. Briefs stared at the young demi-Saiyan, her eyes filling with tears. "Oh honey...no.." Her voice cracked as she reached for him, pulling the boy into her lap and rocking him gently, running her fingers through his hair. "It's okay sweety...nobody's going to hurt you..I promise.." She soothed him, sighing softly.

Goten blinked up at her. He had expected a lot of things when that platter had hit the floor, but this wasn't one of them. "You...you're not mad at me?" He asked uncertainly. "You're not going to hit me?"

"Oh no sweety...that was an accident." Mrs. Briefs assured him with a smile. "I'm not mad...and you're not going to get hit okay? We don't use hitting to punish.." She kissed his forehead gently. "Now what do you say I go get a cleaning bot while you just eat out of the box okay? Come on, you can sit in Trunks' room for a while until it's clean." Goten took her hand and followed obediently, making sure to snag a box of cookies on his way out.

"Gohan...what's wrong?" Bulma asked as she heard the sharp intake of breath.

"It's mom....she's coming...just like she said she would..." Gohan said softly, turning and heading outside. Piccolo growled and followed him.

"Oh no...Mom..." Bulma turned and ran upstairs, closely followed by her father and son. "Mom..." She stopped at the doorway to Trunks' room and smiled, tears in her eyes.

Her mother lay on the bed, with Goten sleeping curled up beside her, the young Saiyan looking relaxed and innocent as he slept, hair tousled, thumb in his mouth. "Shh..." Mrs. Briefs put a finger to her lips, getting up slowly and carefully so as not to wake him. "What's wrong?" She asked softly as Trunks took her place, lying on the bed beside his best friend.

Bulma sighed and led her mother out into the hall, closing the door. "Chi-Chi is on her way over here. She's going to try to take Goten home, and she's prepared to hurt anyone that gets in her way." She said.

Mrs. Briefs gasped, a hand coming up over her mouth. "Oh my goodness! We've got to do something! We can't just let this happen! Honey, go down and call the police right now!!" She said to her husband, walking over and shooing him downstairs.

Chi-Chi snarled as she took a particularly sharp corner, the car almost turning on it's side. *I have to get him back! I won't let my Goten be corrupted! He has to be with me...I need to keep him from turning into a monster like his father....* The woman shuddered as memories of that night came back to her. She growled and shook her head violently, the car swerving back and forth across the road briefly. *No, Goten will not be like him! I won't let it happen! He needs to be raised properly, he needs to learn to be obedient, and respect his mother, if he doesn't respect me, he won't respect any woman...he...he might...* She bared her teeth and forced her thoughts elsewhere.

*I won't let Gohan teach him how to act either! Why that little brat! Who does he think he is! I give him all those years, trying to teach him, and cooking and cleaning for him, dedicating my life to him, and this is how he repays me!? By running off with that....that demon?! No...he's become like his father...he likes men....he does things that are wrong...* Chi-Chi shuddered violently. *Gohan...has become like his father...I have to get Goten away from them...if I don't..he'll become just like them!* She pushed the accelorater down as far as she could as Capsule Corp. became visible in the distance.

Just as Dr. Briefs finished talking to the police, the air car blasted up in front of the building and an enraged Chi-Chi hopped out. "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU HIDING MY SON, YOU BITCH?!!" She shrieked at Bulma, who had come out to stand on the step beside Gohan.

Bulma glared imperiously at the dark haired woman. "You've got a lot of fucking nerve calling me a bitch, you Kami-damned psycho!" She shrieked back, shaking her fist at Chi-Chi. "And as for your son, he's someplace safe, namely the hell away from you!"

"Wha....How dare you..." Chi-Chi seethed, a vein standing out on her forehead.

"Mother..calm down. Don't do anything foolish..." Gohan warned, putting himself between Bulma and his mother. "Goten is going to stay here with us for a little while, until we can get you the help you need to stop hurting Goten..."

Bulma blinked and looked at Gohan for a moment. "That's right Chi-Chi. You need help...."

"THE ONLY HELP I NEED IS FOR MY BACKSTABBING FIRSTBORN SON TO LET ME PASS SO I CAN RECLAIM MY OTHER SON!!!" Chi-Chi shouted, lunging at Gohan, fist slicing through the air.

Gohan's eyes slid shut against burning tears as his mother struck him. The blow caused him no real physical damage or pain, but he was crushed emotionally to see his mother reduced to such a state.

Piccolo growled and moved toward the enraged woman, who continued to lash out at her son, but stepped back behind the door as sirens approached.

Eight police cars pulled up in front of the house, two officers jumping out of each, standing behind the open doors of the cars, hands on their weapons, as the dispatcher had actually remembered Chi-Chi from her World Martial Arts Tournament days and had advised them she could be dangerous, even without a weapon.

"Mrs. Son, please, step away from that young man...are you listening?" The officer in charge yelled into his bullhorn. "Chi-Chi Son, you are under arrest for child abuse, AND IF YOU DON'T GET AWAY FROM THAT MAN AND STOP HITTING AND KICKING HIM RIGHT NOW, I'LL HAVE YOU PUT AWAY FOR AGGRAVATED ASSAULT, TOO!" The man shouted, veins popping out on his forehead as his cheeks flushed with anger.

"Yeah?" Chi-Chi snarled and turned toward the police. "Put THIS away!" She shouted, picking up a rock and hurling it at the lead car, shattering both the front and back windshield, and smashing the grill of the car behind. She then turned and resumed beating on Gohan, who just stood there, tears coursing down his cheeks.

"Oh, that's it lady!" The officer yelled, motioning his men to surround her, guns drawn. "You got yourself in some deep shit now! Child abuse, aggravated assault, resisting arrest, attempted assault of a police officer, and destroying two squad cars. Boy you're just battin' a thousand today aren't you?"

On another planet deep in space.......

Goku stood in the center of the room, eyes wide as he stared out the window. "Vegeta.." He said quietly. "We have to go...now.."

The Saiyan prince finished packing up his things and reached for Tsutanai. "What's wrong, Kakarott?" He asked, hearing the urgency in the other's voice.

Goku turned and wrapped an arm around Vegeta's waist, touching their foreheads together and allowing the other Saiyan to see what he was sensing. Tsutanai bleated as he was squished between the two of them.

Vegeta gasped as he saw the potential disaster unfolding on Chikyuu. "Oh shit..." He rasped.

Officer Midorikawa shuddered, sweat running down his face as images flashed through his mind. The 25 year old officer had only been on the beat for 2 months, and he had already witnessed an officer killed in the line of duty.


Officer Midorikawa slowly got out of the squad car, following his partner, 7 year veteran Hamasaki up the back alley. They were going to investigate a domestic violence call, in which the neighbors had reported shots fired.

"Hey...shouldn't we wait for backup?" Officer Midorikawa asked nervously, pulling at his shirt collar.

"We don't have time." Officer Hamasaki turned and glared at him. "His wife and two little kids are in there with him...we have to try to make sure they're okay." "Alright..."

They slowly made their way up the back stairs, peering in a dirty window.

Both men gasped as the husband smashed what looked like a five year old boy in the face with the butt of his rifle, the boy hitting the floor like a sack of potatoes. Officer Hamasaki growled as blood began to pool on the floor beneath the child. "Fuck backup." He spat. "We've got to get in there fast. But how..?" His question was answered as the man pointed the rifle at the little boys head. The boys mother screamed and rushed her husband, fighting desperately for the gun. "Now's our chance!" Officer Hamasaki said, raising his foot to kick the door in.

"POLICE! FREEZE!" They yelled in unison, both taking aim at the struggling pair.

The husband snarled as he turned to look at them, then smirked as the shock of the officer's appearance made his wife loosen her hold on the gun. He wrenched it out of her grasp, pushed the barrel into her stomach and pulled the trigger.

Officer Midorikawa screamed, his knees giving out at the sight of the blood and gore that splattered the wall behind the woman, who was staring at them, mouth opening and closing as she tried to speak. She coughed up blood and slumped to the floor beside her son.

Officer Hamasaki and the man took aim at each other and fired at the same time. The officer's shot was true, leaving a bloody hole in the middle of the man's forehead, but..unfortunately the husband's shot was also true. It struck the officer in the center of his chest, leaving a small entry wound, and tearing up major organs and severing his spine on it's way through. Officer Hamasaki and the husband were both dead before they hit the floor. //////

Officer Midorikawa slowly approached Chi-Chi from his position slightly behind and to her left. *Oh man...dispatch said she should be considered extremely dangerous even without any weapons...and from the way she threw that rock..* He glanced over his shoulder and the broken glass. *I believe it! I hope she doesn't do anything stupid..* He shivered, trying to hold his gun steady. His hopes were dashed as Chi-Chi noticed the men surrounding her and scooped up a large jagged rock. "NO!" He cried, voice quavering as memories of that horrible night crashed through his head. *I....I won't let it happen again...I won't just stand by as another officer's hurt or killed!* He thought frantically, pointing his gun at Chi-Chi. His hand trembled violently for a split second, before going completely still.

Then....Officer Midorikawa aimed right between the woman's eyes, and pulled the trigger.

The enormity of the situation finally sank in to Chi-Chi's irrational mind, just as the bullet left the barrel. She opened her mouth to scream as she realized she was about to die.

Two familiar figures, one large and dressed in orange, the other shorter and slighter, dressed in blue spandex and cradling a strange, tan colored deer like animal, appeared in front of the shocked woman, each shooting out a hand.

Goku and Vegeta caught the bullet together, giving each other an affectionate look before turning to the officers.

"Explain yourself!" Vegeta demanded, scowling blackly.

"Chi-Chi...are you okay?" Goku asked softly, taking a step toward his wife, or soon to be ex-wife.

Chi-Chi stared up at him in shock. "You...you saved my life....you...no..why did you do that...I.." She collapsed to her knees, crying softly. "I...oh Goten....it wasn't you..." She moaned and covered her face with her hands, rocking back and forth gently.

"Mrs. Son..." A woman wearing a white nurses uniform gently touched her shoulder. "Will you please come with me? We would like you to stay with us for a few days...talk to us about what's been happening to you lately." She gave the dark haired woman a reassuring smile. "It'll probably be better than what these policemen have in mind.. Come with me.." She held out her hand and waited.

Chi-Chi looked up at her, then at Goku, who knelt in front of her, the Saiyan's face a mixture of guilt, sorrow and concern.

"I...I'm sorry Chi-Chi." Goku said softly.

Chi-Chi shrank away from him, her eyes flicking back and forth from him to the nurse as she clasped the other woman's hand and allowed herself to be led into a large unmarked white van.

An older man in a long white coat was talking with Dr. Briefs and Bulma, and after a few minutes, Dr. Briefs wrote the man a check. He smiled, bid them good day, and got into the van, slowly driving away.

"Hey....where are they taking her?" Goku asked worriedly.

"To the Gingertown mental hospital Goku, if she goes there, they can evaluate her, and maybe we can avoid a trial and jail time for Chi-Chi." Bulma said, wincing as Goku's face went pale.

"That bad, huh?" Goku whispered.

"Oh yeah." Bulma nodded.

"If someone doesn't tell me what's going on right now, I am going to final flash your asses straight to HELL!" Vegeta screamed.

The officer in charge walked up, as several others crowded around a shaking officer Midorikawa, giving reassurances and support. Bulma rushed over as well, and between the two of them they explained it all to a very shocked Vegeta, who had been left to take in the story because Goku had first checked on Gohan, then vanished as soon as he heard about Goten.

Goku appeared in Trunks' bedroom, having pinpointed his sons ki, and smiled as he saw Goten and Trunks sprawled out on the bed, each with an arm flung across the others chest, legs touching. Goten murmured softly, and smiled in his sleep, turning onto his side and snuggling into Trunks' shoulder. Goku had to suppress a laugh as Trunks wrapped an arm around Gotens shoulders and squeezed gently, a scowl appearing on his face. The protectiveness of the gesture touched Goku deeply. He leaned down and gently kissed each boy on the forehead before quietly leaving the room and heading downstairs. He chuckled as Tsutanai ran around the room, stumbling over everything, and even a few things that weren't there, before he sat down beside Vegeta. "So what happens now?" He asked, leaning forward and dragging his hands through his hair.

"Now, we wait. You and Vegeta can either live here, Gohan and Piccolo could have a house of their own on the compound, or go back to the Son house, whatever you guys want. But Goten stays here." Bulma said firmly.

"Yeah....that would be best I think.." Goku sighed. "I'm sorry I caused all these problems you guys...really I am.." He leaned his chin on the top of Vegeta's head as the Saiyan prince put on an uncharacteristic display of affection, climbing into Goku's lap and hugging him tightly.

"It will be...alright." Vegeta said quietly. Everyone else in the room nodded or grunted softly in response.

To Be Continued............

*shudders* I don't know where all this angst and darkness came from, really I don't. This chapter was hard to write, don't be to hard on it, kay? *chibi eyes*