Waking dreams. Part 2.

This is a response to ran_chan's challenge.

Pairings; G/V, G/CC, G/Gh, Gh/P.

Rating. R. Definitely an R.

Notes. Extreme OOC, nasty Goku, sappy Vegeta, TWT, AU slightly.

Warnings; DARK. RAPE. Yaoi. Lemon.

Thanks to Hino and Lara for cheering me up! *glomps*

//indicates dreams//



Goku slowly followed Vegeta into the gravity room. He was disgusted at his own cowardice, for he had already decided he was not going to tell the Saiyan prince how he felt. *There's no way I can tell him that! If I do, he will hate me for sure, even more than he already does!* Goku thought. *Maybe if we meet and spar more often, it will go away.* He hoped. *If I told him I was attracted to him, he would probably cancel these sparring sessions altogether. If I don't tell him, at least I can still see him frequently. It'll have to do.*

He had already asked Vegeta if they could increase their training sessions, from twice a week to every other day. The other Saiyan had considered it carefully for a few moments, then nodded stating that he was unsatisfied with twice weekly chances to beat him to a pulp which had made both of them chuckle. They each took their positions and prepared to fight.

Finally, after two hours spent flying, kicking and punching at 400 times gravity, the two bruised, bloody and spent warriors agreed to call it quits.

"Whew! Now that was a workout eh Vegeta?" Goku asked as he smiled over at the prince. He frowned as he felt a strange tingle at the back of his neck.

"Ba! You call that a workout! You would, third class scum!" Vegeta growled, looking over his shoulder and scowling at Goku.

Goku's face paled as he felt the sudden flash of deja vu. He gasped and quickly made his way to the door. *Oh Kami no!! It...It's my dream! NO! I know where this is going...no I won't let it happen!* He thought frantically. "I...uh...I've got...to go home.. Vegeta. I'll see you in two days!" He cried as he ran out and streaked into the sky.

"What the hell was that all about?" Vegeta frowned, watching the panicked Saiyan fly away before shaking his head and walking back to the house.

Goku landed in the forest not far from his house, beside the stream that ran down into his favorite fishing spot. He quickly pulled of his clothing and dove into the frigid water. He gasped at the coldness, and quickly surfaced choking and sputtering. He groaned in frustration as the icy water did nothing to calm the heat and swelling in his groin.

"Fuck..." He said softly, swimming over to a large, flat rock on the shore. He hauled himself out of the water, smiling as he lay down on the sun warmed surface.

Goku dragged his hands down his face and started to pant softly as memories of his spar with Vegeta came flooding back. *Kami he's amazing...* Goku smiled, his fingers caressing his own throat softly. *That compact frame...those muscles..that amazing flexibility and speed...* He thought as he pictured Vegeta twisting and arching gracefully in the air as they had fought. He shivered as his fingers trailed down to toy with his nipples, and he moaned as he pictured Vegeta's hands sliding down his chest, running back and forth across his stomach....Goku growled as his fingers brushed his arousal, and he wrapped both hands around it and began to stroke himself rapidly. The tall Saiyan arched and groaned as his eyes clenched shut and images assailed him. //Vegeta straddling him as he digs his fingers into the prince's slender hips, slamming the small Saiyan down on his cock as Vegeta writhes and screams with pleasure. "Kakarott!!" The Saiyan's hoarse shout sends him over the edge....//

"Ahh.......hnn..uhh....YES!!" Goku's scream echoed through the forest as he came, panting and shuddering violently.

He lay still for several minutes, staring up at the sky. *Oh Kami what have I done?* Goku thought nervously. *I can't go one day without thinking about getting Vegeta into bed. Gohan's right. I am obsessed with him.* He frowned. *But I also know I can never have him. Even if Vegeta were attracted to guys, he wouldn't want me. The class difference will always keep us apart.* He sighed heavily and slipped back into the water to clean himself off.

// "You are nothing! You are a worthless, useless piece of dirt! Why the hell do I even waste my time with you?! You're an idiot!!" Vegeta screams at Goku. Goku stands before Vegeta, his head hanging down as his love insults him yet again. "Why do you do this to me Vegeta?" He whimpers, sinking to his knees in front of the angry prince. He cries out in pain as Vegeta's fingers tangle in his hair and wrench his head back. "Please Vegeta.......don't do this...don't make me do this again...." He begs.

The tip of Vegeta's boot catches Goku under the chin and sends him sprawling.

"Get the hell away from me. You're not nor will you ever be worthy of me." Vegeta hisses.

Goku gets up slowly, his lips twisting into a snarl as his rage spirals out of control. His head snaps up and he pins Vegeta with a glare, the Saiyan prince's eyes widening as Goku powers up straight to SSJ2.

"You are going to learn Vegeta, that you are not better than me. WE ARE EQUALS!." Goku growls as he races forward and grabs Vegeta in a crushing grip falling to the ground and pinning the struggling prince under him.//

"Ah! Goku!" Chi-Chi cried as Goku suddenly flung himself on top of her, seizing her in a crushing grip. "Goku..." She rasped as the large muscular arms constricted like a snake, cutting off her air. She struggled weakly as she felt herself losing consciousness.

//Goku flips a cursing, screaming Vegeta onto his stomach, forcing the prince's face into the dirt as he bends the Saiyan's arms behind his back with a vicious pull.//

Chi-Chi gasped in surprise as Goku flipped her onto her stomach and pushed her face into the pillow. She screamed in agony as Goku bent her arms behind her back and pulled hard, wrenching her arms from their sockets, the sound muffled by the large, downy pillow.

She sobbed piteously and begged her husband to stop, but her cries fell on deaf ears.

//Goku leers down at his captive as he reaches down and tears away his pants. "Why Vegeta? Why do you always have to push me like this. Why do you make me do this to you?" He purrs into the now thoroughly terrified Vegeta's ear.

Vegeta whimpers softly as he feels the head of Goku's thick shaft pushing against his entrance. "Kakarott....please..." He whines, trembling. "I..I'm sorry....I..I won't do it again..Please..don't hurt me." He screams in pain as Goku forces his cock into the tight hole.//

Chi-Chi cried out in horror as Goku tore away her nightgown and panties, laying down on top of her. Her heart shattered at his whispered words....."Why Vegeta? Why do you always have to push me like this. Why do you make me do this to you?"

"Goku.." She sobbed, then screamed once more when blinding agony seared through her as Goku forced his manhood into her, in a way she had always been taught was wrong. "GOKU STOP!" She shrieked. She felt like she was being torn in half, like her husband was ripping her apart inside. "PLEASE GOKU IT HURTS!!! STOP It...stop.." She trailed off as she mercifully passed out from the pain.

//Goku pants as he begins to thrust into his captive prince, the heat and tightness exquisite. "Oh..Vegeta.." Goku purrs with pleasure.

Vegeta moans as Goku's movements become more urgent, his hips rocking back to meet Goku's thrusts, until at last Goku throws head back and screams as he empties his seed into the smaller Saiyan and collapses on top of him.//

"Ohh...wow....'Geta.." Goku murmured. "You were amazing." He wondered how dreams could be so intense as he nuzzled long strands of silky hair and stroked the smooth skin of the person beneath him. His eyes snapped open as he realized he was in fact awake, and on top of someone. "Oh Kami....I didn't..." He jumped up and snapped on the bedside lamp.

He scrambled back until his back was to the wall, screaming in horror at the site before him. Chi-Chi lay unconscious on her stomach, her bedclothes so much shredded rags around her. Goku could see the odd shape of her shoulders, and realized her arms had been torn out of the sockets. "Oh NO!!" He screamed, his face paling as he saw the pool of blood widening beneath her. He looked down and gave a horrified cry as he saw the blood that covered him as well. "No...no..Gohan...he was right..but..I didn't listen!" He ran to the corner where he had tossed his gi before climbing into bed, and found the small pouch of senzu beans attached to the sash. "Chi-Chi...honey..take this.." He pleaded quietly as he coaxed her into swallowing it.

As she began to heal, he got dressed before running over and pulling a suitcase from under the bed and packing it with his spare gi shirts, pants and boxers. He ran down the hall past his sons, and his heart lurched as he saw the disappointment in Gohan's eyes. *He knows what I've done.* Goku thought sadly as he raced downstairs to the kitchen and packed himself up some food.

A piercing scream from upstairs signaled that it was time for Goku to leave, so he slipped on his boots and ran out the front door, not even bothering to say goodbye.

He stopped in the front yard, and turned at Gohan's shout. He locked eyes with his son and waved briefly before disappearing. *I'm sorry Gohan, tell your mother I'm sorry too. I have to leave now. I'm going to go away so I can't hurt any of you ever again* He transmitted to his eldest son.

"Dad WAIT!!! NO!!" Gohan ran into the yard, but was too late. "Kami...no....... Dad don't go. It was just as much my fault as yours...I know now you didn't tell Vegeta...but I never told Mom what happed three days ago either." He whispered, blinded by his own tears. He sat down heavily on the lawn, and began to sob.

To Be Continued...........

I warned you! And still more to come yet! At least three more chapters!