I'll settle for you.

Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Warnings; Kind of a PWP, Language, Yaoi lemon, het (kind of ) lemon, angst.

Notes; Weirdness, humor (at least I think some of it's funny, anyway), some major OOC, sap and silliness in places, AU, and for Catherine, THIS IS BASED ON THE ANIME. I guess this takes place when Bra is like, 16, Gohan and Trunks are like, 27 and 28 respectively, and Pan is about 14.

Rating; NC-17.

Pairing; Piccolo X Vegeta, Vegeta X Piccolo.

Description; Vegeta and Piccolo confess a few interesting things to each other.

Disclaimer; Don't own 'em, not makin' any money.

Vegeta settled himself on the wide outcropping of rock on the side of the mountain, one of the few landmarks they hadn't destroyed in their sparring session, chuckling.

"Good one, Namek." he said, smirking as he wiped away the blood that ran down the side of his face from a cut just above his left eye, which came from a brutal headbutt the namakian warrior had delivered moments ago, which had made the Saiyan prince see stars, and not the ones in the evening sky, either.

"Good one yourself, Vegeta." Piccolo smirked back, his tongue flashing out to lick away the lavender blood congealing on his upper lip, the result of a solid right cross connecting with his face.

Piccolo sat on the outcropping beside Vegeta, crossing his arms, then his legs, assuming his usual meditative position. Vegeta glanced over at him, before crossing his own arms, leaving his legs dangling over the side of the rock.

"So how come you're sparring with me instead of Goku anyway?" Piccolo asked, then raised an eyebrow ridge in surprise as Vegeta suddenly blushed and looked away, fidgeting nervously.

"I'm bored of sparring with that third class half-wit." Vegeta snapped defensively, and Piccolo had to fight not to laugh out loud at the almost petulant look on the Saiyan's face.

"Really," Piccolo smirked, "then why are you blushing?" he ignored the angry glare Vegeta shot his way and continued, "Don't give me that third class bullshit Vegeta, what's going on? Did you two have a serious fight? What happened? Did Goku finally get tired of you calling him third class and rubbing your royal title in his face?"

"No!" Vegeta shouted, hunching his shoulders and turning away from the large Namek, before cocking his head to one side and whirling around, raising himself to his knees and getting up in Piccolo's face to yell, "And while we're playing twenty questions, why are YOU sparring with ME, instead of that half-breed son of Kakarott's? Hmm? What happened? You two have a lover's quarrel? Uhh!!"

Vegeta grunted as Piccolo backhanded him into the side of the mountain, knocking the wind out of him, and leaving a rather interestingly shaped indent in the rock.

"Shut up! Just shut the hell up Vegeta!!" Piccolo shouted, turning away from the stunned Saiyan, before burying his face in his hands, a forlorn sigh escaping him.

"Just what the fuck is your problem anyway you stu....." Vegeta paused, staring at the Namek, noticing the defeated slump to his shoulders. "What's the matter, why are you so upset? All I said was...." Vegeta facevaulted as he remembered the last thing he'd said to the now obviously distraught warrior. "No way," Vegeta whispered, stunned, "You, and....and....Gohan? You slept with Kakarott's brat?!"

"No dammit! I did not sleep with Gohan!" Piccolo shouted, " But....but I'm....attracted to him." he said softly, curling up into a ball, absolutely mortified that he had just admitted that, and to Vegeta of all people.

"Oh Kami! What a pair we are!" Vegeta choked out before falling flat on his back, dissolving into helpless giggles.

Piccolo jumped to his feet, and stalked over to stand above Vegeta, glaring down at him menacingly, but Vegeta paid him no mind, merely continued to giggle. Piccolo reached down and grabbed Vegeta by the arms, hoisting him to his feet, and then pulling him up off the ground, sliding the small Saiyan up his large, muscular body. Vegeta didn't resist, merely waited until they were eye to eye, staring at the Namek with his trademark smirk. Piccolo growled low in his throat, then abruptly halted trying to intimidate Vegeta when a thought struck him.

"What exactly did you mean when you said what a pair we are?" Piccolo asked. Vegeta abruptly stopped smirking, red patches appearing on his cheeks. He began to struggle, trying to free himself from the large warrior's iron grip. "Tell me Vegeta." Piccolo demanded, tightening his grip on the small Saiyan.

"Alright, dammit! I....the reason I'm not sparring with Kakarott is that...I can't get near him lately without...umm..oh hell! I don't want him to find out that I'm attracted to him! There! Are you satisfied now Namek?!" Vegeta closed his eyes and turned his head away, his entire face red.

Piccolo smiled softly as he realized just how much pride this admission had cost the stubborn, arrogant, and as Piccolo had always known, surprisingly vulnerable prince. "No, Vegeta, I'm not even close to being satisfied." he whispered as he leaned forward to gently nibble the Saiyan's earlobe.

Vegeta froze, the color draining from his face, eyes widening in shock as he felt the warm, firm lips on his skin. His eyes slid closed and his head fell to the side, a soft moan escaping him as those lips began to trail fiery kisses down his throat. "Wait!" Vegeta cried. "I thought...I mean Kakarott told me that Nameks reproduced asexually, by releasing an egg, so how..." he moaned again as Piccolo cupped his bottom, pulling the Saiyan tightly against him, and Vegeta gasped as he felt the Namek's impressive arousal pressed against him, *Oh, Kami! He's huge!* Vegeta thought.

Piccolo chuckled as he heard Vegeta's errant thought. "Goku may be a great fighter, but when it comes to regular, everyday life, he's not exactly the brightest bulb in the bunch." he smiled at Vegeta's laughter. "As you can see," he began, as he rubbed his erection against Vegeta, "I have male genitalia, and, as you'll find out soon, I have female as well."

Vegeta gaped at him. "You mean...you're both?"

"That's right, the egg thing is something we do when there aren't any other Nameks around for us to mate with, or in an emergency like when we're near death." he said softly as he resumed exploring the sensitive skin of Vegeta's throat with his lips, enjoying the shivers and soft sounds he elicited from his lover.

"I'll tell you what Vegeta, I can't have Gohan, and you can't have Goku, but if you settle for me, I'll settle for you." Piccolo whispered.

"So be it." Vegeta growled before turning his head and capturing Piccolo's lips in a fierce kiss. Piccolo growled in response, parting Vegeta's lips with his own and sliding his tongue into the Saiyan's mouth.

Both of them groaned softly as Piccolo lowered himself to his knees, holding Vegeta against him.

Piccolo broke the kiss to pull back and look into Vegeta's eyes, "How do you wanna start?" he asked.

Vegeta stood up and stripped off his chest armor, pulled off his gloves, kicked off his boots and almost tore the blue outfit from his body, making soft, frustrated sounds. Piccolo immediately followed suit, shrugging off his hat and cape, and stripping off his purple gi.

The two warriors faced each other, naked, and obviously aroused.

Vegeta stared at the large Namek, admiring the contrasting textures and colors of his skin, then his eyes widened as he got his first look at Piccolo's erection. *He really is enormous.* Vegeta thought, his body tingling with desire, *There's no way I'll be able to take that thing!* he shivered.

Piccolo chuckled as he heard Vegeta's thoughts, "You like what you see?" he asked softly, advancing on the nervous looking Saiyan. "I have a question for you Vegeta," Piccolo gripped Vegeta's shoulder with one hand, the other slipping down brush against Vegeta's manhood, which, in Piccolo's opinion, was rather large considering his slight frame. "How the hell do you hide this thing in that skin tight outfit of yours?" Vegeta laughed at that, and Piccolo was glad as he felt the Saiyan starting to relax.

"So, you were worried about being able to take me, I assume that means you want to be uke?" Piccolo asked, smiling as Vegeta blushed. "You ever done this before?" Piccolo asked, concerned about hurting the smaller man.

"Not willingly." Vegeta said softly.

"WHAT?!" Piccolo jumped, staring at Vegeta, "What do you mean? Who...who would dare try to..."

"Frieza." Vegeta whispered, his expression haunted.

Piccolo gasped, remembering things that had struck him as strange on Namek, like Vegeta's single-minded determination to get Frieza, but at the same time his ill-hidden fear of the ice-jin, and when Goku had been in the regeneration tank, and Vegeta had realized that even he, Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin together didn't stand a chance against Frieza in his final form, Vegeta had simply given up, and stopped putting up any resistance whatsoever as Freiza had mercilessly tortured him, beating on him for what had seemed like forever to the rest of them, with Frieza already seeming to know where and how hard to hit Vegeta to cause the most pain, but not kill him. *I remember.* Piccolo thought to himself, a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. *He told us before he died how Frieza had taken him from his father when he was just a boy, then killed his father and destroyed his world, even after Vegeta had come with him, and obeyed him. Oh Kami! He was so strong! Frieza must have tortured and abused Vegeta for years before he managed to find a way to stay away from that monster.* Piccolo shuddered, closing his eyes to keep the pity he knew would enrage the Saiyan prince from showing.

"Vegeta...I..I" Piccolo stammered. He couldn't think of anything to say, so he merely walked over to Vegeta, and scooped the Saiyan up in his arms, holding him tightly. "Maybe I shouldn't ask this, but after...after that, why would you want to...you know...do that, with Goku, or with me?"

"Let me tell you something I've never told anyone," Vegeta said softly, as he curled his arms around Piccolo's neck. "when Bulma and I first began to really notice each other, I fought like hell to stay away and not touch her, not because I didn't like her, quite the contrary, I found her very attractive. But I was so afraid that I would hurt her, or worse, because you see, the only sexual experience I had was where one person tried to cause me as much pain as he could, as he took his own pleasure from me. And I was afraid that I would subconsciously do something to harm her." Vegeta buried his face in Piccolo's neck, and Piccolo's eyes widened as he felt Vegeta's tears on his skin. "But she kept after me, always pursuing me, and finally I gave in, or so I thought." Vegeta's voice was slightly hoarse. "She was the one who gave herself to me, she trusted me, and allowed herself to be at her most open and vulnerable with me." Piccolo looked down at Vegeta as he finished his confession. "She taught me a great deal about trust, and intimacy, even if it took me almost 35 years and us parting ways to realize it. She gave herself to me without reservation, or fear. The reason I can be here with you is that I want to know what that feels like. I need to know that I could give myself to someone, without fear." He sighed, looking up at Piccolo. "I think I need this, to finally put the past to rest once and for all."

Piccolo tried to swallow past the huge lump in his chest, as he looked down at the Saiyan in his arms. "I won't hurt you, I promise." he whispered.

"I know. I...I trust you." Vegeta whispered.

Slowly, Piccolo lowered himself to his knees, then carefully shifted Vegeta so the smaller man was sitting on his lap, facing away from him. He nuzzled Vegeta's neck gently, inhaling deeply, smelling the musky scent that was like Gohan's, male and distinctly Saiyan, but twice as strong. He gently draped an arm across Vegeta's shoulders, and gave his lover a gentle squeeze.

Vegeta copied Piccolo's action, nuzzling the Namek's muscular forearm, before breathing in the unique scent. *He smells so good,* Vegeta thought, smiling. *Kind of like a forest after a rainstorm.*

Vegeta inhaled sharply as Piccolo's fingers began tracing slow, sensual patterns over his chest and stomach, ghosting over the taut, smooth skin. His head fell back on a large, muscular shoulder as those fingers slid further down, stroking the thatch of black curly hair that surrounded his rapidly hardening length. He groaned in frustration as Piccolo ran his fingers through the triangle of hair, then slid down to caress the inside of Vegeta's thigh, then back up to his pubic hair, and down once more to his other thigh, ignoring his throbbing member.

"Don't be a tease, Namek." Vegeta growled, thrusting his hips forward as he reached back and splayed one hand against Piccolo's thick, hard waist, his other hand curling around the large forearm still draped across his shoulders.

"I refuse to be intimate like this with someone who won't even say my name." Piccolo said mildly, his finger coming up to rub the tip of Vegeta's arousal almost absently. He smirked as Vegeta cried out at the touch, his head rolling from side to side on Piccolo's shoulder.

"Uhhh....please!" Vegeta cried, his hand coming down to grasp at Piccolo's finger, eager for more contact.

"What's my name? Come on, how many years has it been, you should know by now." Piccolo teased as he pulled his hand away from Vegeta's length.

"Piccolo..." Vegeta groaned as Piccolo stopped touching him, "Please, touch me." he whispered.

"Again." Piccolo growled.

"Nnn! Piccolo!" Vegeta cried out, desperately needing to be touched.

"That's what I like to hear." Piccolo purred, his hand slipping down to grasp Vegeta's erection tightly and stroke up and down with agonizing slowness.

"Hnn! Ohh, K..Kami...p...please.." Vegeta stuttered as Piccolo grazed his sharp canines up and down the tender skin of Vegeta's throat, the arm that had been around Vegeta's shoulders dropping so that Piccolo could gently pinch the Saiyan's peaked nipples.

Piccolo reached his hand up, gently pressing two fingers against Vegeta's lips, until the smaller man opened his mouth.

"Suck." Piccolo commanded. Vegeta complied, knowing what was coming, and liberally coated the long, green fingers with saliva. "Mmm, good. That should do it."

He pulled his hand away from Vegeta's straining arousal, the Saiyan whimpering quietly at the loss, and slid his arm around Vegeta's chest, his hand coming to rest on Vegeta's shoulder. His other hand made it's way down until his fingers were at Vegeta's entrance. "Now relax Vegeta, I'll be gentle, I promise you." Piccolo whispered.

Vegeta tried to make himself relax, but nonetheless his body tensed, and air hissed between his teeth as Piccolo pushed a finger into him.

"Shh, it's okay Vegeta." Piccolo said softly, sliding the finger slowly in and out of Vegeta. He trailed his tongue up and down the side of Vegeta's throat, nipping gently at the sensitive skin, waiting until his lover had completely relaxed to push the second finger in. This time Vegeta didn't tense up, and Piccolo, encouraged, began gently pushing the two fingers in and out of Vegeta's body, stretching him. His eyes widened and he jumped a little as the Saiyan's body arched, a sharp cry escaping him as Piccolo inadvertently brushed against Vegeta's prostate.

"Are you alright?" Piccolo asked.

"Do that again..." Vegeta rasped.

"Do what again?" Piccolo looked at him, confusion plain on his face.

"Uhhh!! Dammit! Touch me like that again....ahhh... Piccolo!!" Vegeta shouted, as Piccolo tried desperately to figure out what he was supposed to do. He slowly wiggled his fingers inside Vegeta experimentally, and as he brushed against something, he was rewarded with a loud moan from his lover, as Vegeta began to writhe against him. An evil grin crossed his face as he began rubbing the spot relentlessly, with Vegeta trying to stifle his cries of pleasure.

"Uh-uh Vegeta, don't hold it in, I want to hear this." Piccolo murmured, his tongue flashing out to lick the sensitive spot just below Vegeta's ear, reveling in the pants, moans and gasps he wrenched from the Saiyan prince.

After making Vegeta nearly go out of his mind with pleasure, Piccolo decided it was time to move on. He removed his fingers from Vegeta's body, the smaller man moaning softly as the stimulation stopped, and Piccolo began to suck on his own fingers, coating them with saliva, and dropping his hand to coat his neglected erection. With one hand, he began to stroke Vegeta's arousal, while with the other, he positioned himself at Vegeta's entrance.

"I think I've prepared you enough." Piccolo said softly, "Just tell me if I'm hurting you, or if you want me to stop, alright?" He whispered as he planted a gentle kiss on Vegeta's cheek.

Vegeta nodded, his eyes half-closed, panting, as he waited for the Namek to enter him. "Just do it, I'll be fine." Vegeta said softly.

Piccolo cupped Vegeta's chin, tilting the Saiyan's face up toward him so he could claim his lips in a gentle kiss. He wrapped his hand around Vegeta's member, gently sliding up and down Vegeta's silken length to distract him from any discomfort as he pushed the tip of his erection into Vegeta's tight entrance.

Both of them grunted as Piccolo's cock slid past Vegeta's tight ring of muscle, Vegeta from the burning sensation as Piccolo's thick member stretched him further, and Piccolo from the painful tightness of Vegeta's body.

"Ohhh...Kami.." Piccolo groaned. "You...your so damn tight.." as he wrapped his other arm around Vegeta's chest, pulling his lover tightly against him.

Vegeta leaned his head against Piccolo's shoulder, moaning softly as Piccolo's length slid further into him.

Piccolo panted as finally he was seated fully inside his lover's body, the hot flesh gripping him tightly. "Vegeta...." he breathed into the Saiyan's ear.

"Mmm....yesss.." Vegeta hissed, "You feel...soo..good...uhh..." Vegeta moaned, gripping Piccolo's forearm with both hands, his head thrown back, lips parted slightly. Piccolo's body throbbed in response to the look of intense desire on Vegeta's face.

"Piccolo..." Vegeta gasped, writhing in Piccolo's firm grasp, "Move, please, do it!" he groaned, beginning to buck his hips, wanting to feel his lover's length thrusting into him.

Piccolo moaned as he pulled himself out of his lover until only the head of his arousal remained inside, then gently, slowly pushed himself all the way back in.

Vegeta began to thrash wildly in Piccolo's arms, moaning and calling his lover's name, pleading for more, but Piccolo stubbornly kept the pace slow, gently filling his lover with long, smooth strokes until with a muffled cry, he came.

"Noo!!' Vegeta screamed in frustration as he felt the Namek's warm seed shooting into his body, twisting and struggling violently in the large warrior's grip.

"Hush Vegeta." Piccolo growled, "Don't you remember that I have other plans for you, or did the pleasure completely fry your brain?" he asked as he sat back, grabbing Vegeta's hand and sliding it between his parted thighs.

Vegeta gasped as his hand slid below the half-hard cock and testicles, and brushed against the warm, wet folds of soft flesh beneath. "Oh Kami...that's right." he said softly. He was instantly pressed tightly against the Namek, Piccolo's arms seizing him in an almost crushing grip as he leaned back, pulling Vegeta down to lay on top of him. Piccolo moaned, his body twitching and trembling as Vegeta's questing fingers unerringly found the small, sensitive nub of nerves that he knew from experience would have the usually stoic warrior begging him for more.

"Uhhh!! Vegeta...." Piccolo cried, shuddering violently as his second orgasm hit him.

"Hmm, that was fast.." Vegeta mused, "So, I've managed to make you cum with just my fingers, let's see if I can do as good a job like this.." He quickly moved down his lover's body, sliding down between Piccolo's legs, and gently pushing his lover's male genitalia out of the way. Piccolo gasped as Vegeta's tongue flicked over the sensitive nub, and two fingers thrust into his tight, wet entrance. Vegeta gently probed for Piccolo's G-spot, smirking when his lover let out a harsh cry. Vegeta rubbed both places mercilessly, his body trembling with need as Piccolo shouted out his pleasure.

"Vegeta...please..." Piccolo rasped, reaching down and grasping Vegeta's shoulders, trying to pull the Saiyan back on top of him. Vegeta growled as he raised himself to his knees and quickly positioned his aching need at Piccolo's entrance.

"Have you..." Vegeta trailed off.

"No." Piccolo said quietly.

"Alright," Vegeta sighed, "I'm sorry but this is going to hurt."

"Like you said, just do it, I'll be fine." Piccolo smiled at him.

Vegeta paused for a minute, cocking his head to one side, before reaching a hand down to stroke Piccolo's clit. As the large warrior began to moan and writhe beneath him, Vegeta quickly thrust into him, groaning as he felt the barrier inside Piccolo's body give way.

Piccolo gasped, his back arching at the blinding flash of pain, then he moaned softly as the pain began to fade, quickly being replaced by pleasure as Vegeta began to thrust into him, angling himself to hit Piccolo's G-spot with each thrust. Vegeta continued to stroke Piccolo's sensitive nub, and looked down as he felt something rubbing against his stomach. He grinned as he saw Piccolo's cock hardening again, and wrapped his other hand around it, stroking firmly in time with his own thrusts. Piccolo moaned and panted, unable to form a single coherent thought from the massive overstimulation he was receiving, and he began to buck his hips instinctively, begging Vegeta to thrust into his harder. Vegeta complied, slamming into his lover's tight wet heat. Gasps, curses, growls and moans filled the air as the two lovers bucked and writhed against each other. Vegeta threw back his head and screamed as he came, shooting his seed deep into his lover's body, and was only vaguely aware of the deafening roar that was torn from Piccolo's throat as the Namek reached his own climax, bucking and shuddering, his seed shooting out over his chest and stomach. Vegeta collapsed on top of his lover, gasping for breath, and smiled softly as Piccolo yanked him up until his head was tucked beneath his large lover's chin.

They lay together for several minutes, enjoying a companionable silence, until Piccolo gently sat up.

"I guess you have to get back to Capsule Corp., right?" Piccolo asked softly.

"Well, not really, I have a couple of things I'd like to do, but nothing that can't wait." Vegeta grinned, tackling the large Namek and doing his best to pin his lover to the ground. The sound of chuckling and playful wrestling was heard, then suddenly it changed to moans of pleasure.....

Two months later........

Vegeta back flipped across the ceiling of the gravity room, then landed with a solid thump on the floor, turning and quickly blasting one of Dr. Briefs' training bots to smithereens. He paused, reflecting on how much things had changed in the last couple of years. He and Bulma agreeing to give up any hopes of a real relationship between them, and just being friends, he had to admit, he liked her much better this way. And she had insisted he stay living at with her parents, so he could be with the kids. Kakarott leaving Chi-Chi, the ever grinning Saiyan had gone out and built himself a cabin in the woods, visiting his kids and granddaughter regularly, and basically ignoring his wife. Vegeta had gotten himself a small piece of land, and gathered most of the supplies to build his own cabin. Gohan and Videl split up, because Gohan had gotten back into training heavily, and Videl had gone the way of his mother, trying to stop him and keep him home, but Gohan had seen enough of it, and left immediately. Then there was him and Piccolo. The Namek and he had settled into a sort of sex-based, casual relationship, which was part of the reason for Vegeta wanting to get out of Capsule Corp., so he could meet with Piccolo somewhere private, and comfortable.

Almost on cue, Vegeta was brought out of his reverie by a sharp rapping on one of the windows of the gravity room. There was his lover, looking in at him, and Vegeta's eyes widened as he saw the panicked look in his koi's eyes. He quickly stepped to the controls, and shut down the gravity simulator, giving himself a moment to readjust to normal gravity before he opened the door. Immediately, Piccolo swept into the room, and began pacing frantically, wringing his hands as he did so.

"Vegeta...You..Oh man I don't believe this is happening...I didn't think we'd be able to cross-bree...Oh this is insane!!" Piccolo babbled.

"Stop it! Calm down." Vegeta said as he hovered in the air, pressing a quick kiss to Piccolo's lips, then landing on the ground once more.

"You've got to build that cabin now Vegeta!" Piccolo said urgently, "I need a safe place indoors to...Oh Kami..How could this happen?"

"Yes, yes of course, if it makes you feel better, I'll try to round up a couple of people and we'll work on it today, O.K.? If we work at it, we can probably have it up and habitable by the end of next week, alright? Now calm down koi." Vegeta tried to soothe the agitated Namek.

"Good, good, that'll be soon enough, I need a safe place to hide for the next, let's see.....about 6 months I guess." Piccolo said, his voice quavering.

"Why, what's wrong?" Vegeta demanded, getting frustrated.

"Vegeta," Piccolo whirled, leaning down into the Saiyan's face. "I'm pregnant."

A bloodcurdling scream echoed throughout the Capsule Corp. compound.

Bulma dropped the gadget she had been working on and ran for the backyard.

Bra hung up on Pan, who she had been talking to on the phone as she heard her Papa's scream.

Trunks bolted from the meeting he had been in, running into the stairwell and flying down to the first floor, going Super Saiyan as he wrenched a steel fire door off its hinges and flew across the compound, trying to reach his father. They stopped at the door to the gravity chamber, staring at Piccolo, who was holding an unconscious Vegeta cradled in his lap, worry etched on his face.

THE END???????