Pleasure so close to Pain

Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Rating; NC-17

Pairing; Goku/Vegeta

Notes; OOC, PWP, TWT.

Warnings; yaoi, lemon, language.

Goku and Vegeta discuss Saiyan mating habits, with explosive results.

This is for Zab Jade, who was my 1000th visitor, and really needs some cheering up right now. So if you no like, too bad *sticks out tongue* it's a request fic.

You might not want to read this if you don't like the idea of pain with sex.

"Oh Kami!" Goku exclaimed as he landed heavily on one knee at the top of a hill. "Wow that was intense!" He slumped to the ground and rolled over on his back, staring up at Vegeta and gasping for breath. He grinned and crossed his arms behind his head as the Saiyan Prince dropped to the ground beside him, also breathing heavily. After a few minutes of silence and labored breathing, Goku spoke again. "Hey Vegeta, why do we still spar so hard, and so often. I mean, we meet every three days rain or shine to beat the living shit out of each other. What's the point?" He asked, his brow furrowed in confusion.

Vegeta sighed. "Why, don't you want to do this anymore? Fine. I'll find someone else." He snapped, his tail thumping against the ground in agitation.

"No no Vegeta I just....what I mean is we can't go any further, we've pretty much reached our ultimate potential, so why do we still go so hard?" Goku asked softly.

"Because we need this. We're Saiyans Kakarott." He turned onto his side and gazed into Goku's dark eyes. "We love the battle, it's just instinct." He scooted over closer to the tall Saiyan, and Goku swallowed hard at the passion that shone in Vegeta's black eyes. "Kakarott." He leaned down until their noses were almost touching, something hot and slightly mad shining in his eyes as his breath fanned across Goku's lips. "Don't you feel the anticipation when you soar through the air, fists raised, toward your opponent? The satisfaction as your fist or foot connects with their body? Or the excitement as they scream in pain?" Vegeta's chest rose and fell rapidly as he talked, his tail weaving sensually up and down Goku's thigh.

Goku stared up at Vegeta, his groin tightening as he gazed into Vegeta's glazed eyes, watching in astonishment as the older Saiyan's cheeks flushed, and a light sheen of sweat covered his forehead. " ma..make it sound b..better than...than sex.." He stammered nervously.

"Ohh Kakarott." Vegeta breathed, placing a hand on either side of Goku's head and scuttling up to sit on the large Saiyan's chest. "Sex is boring when you have to hold back as much as I always had to with Bulma." Vegeta said softly. "She was so frail, so delicate. It's a wonder I ever reached completion with her." His reddish brown tail came up to gently stroke the side of Goku's face, making the younger man shiver. "No, sex between two Saiyans is much different than with a human. They don't get off on pain the way we do." He looked down at Goku, eyes narrowing dangerously. "A Saiyan never experiences true ecstasy unless they're with another Saiyan, because that's when you can really be yourself. You can let yourself go and use all your strength. Sex between two Saiyans seems more about violence that love. It's a study in pleasure and pain, the two often intermingling until each partner can no longer tell the difference between them, nor do they care." He purred, his tail tracing circles on Goku's stomach before sliding down to dance across his hips.

Goku growled low in his throat, Vegeta's words touching something inside him he'd never looked at too closely before. He rolled them over and pinned Vegeta beneath him. "Show me." He ground out, rocking his hips against the smaller Saiyan.

"Hnn...I don't think you'd like that Kakarott. Are you sure you can handle it?" Vegeta sneered at him.

Goku snarled and sat up, ripping off his shirts and discarding his sash before tearing away his pants and boxers as well. "Oh I can take it Vegeta." He purred, reaching down to strip off Vegeta's clothes with quick jerks. A loud rumbling sound came from beneath him, and Goku looked down in confusion for a second, before he realized Vegeta was making some sort of purring sound deep in his chest. He stared down at the prince blankly for a moment, until the sound awakened something in the younger Saiyan. With a growl Goku straddled Vegeta's hips and positioned himself over the tip of Vegeta's shaft.

"K...Kakarott!" Vegeta cried, eyes widening as he realized what his lover was about to do. "No...don't!" Both men arched, threw their heads back and screamed as Goku brutally impaled himself on Vegeta's cock without any kind of preparation.

"Oh Kami it hurts...." Goku whimpered, as he leaned down to nuzzle Vegeta's hair.

"That's your own fault Kakarott." Vegeta growled, "I would have gotten you ready for me had you given me the chance. But seeing how you like pain so much, here!" He yelled, snapping his tail up and whipping Goku's back with it, leaving long angry red welts on the smooth skin.

"Ahh.....oh...Vegeta.." Goku moaned. He gasped and cried out with each snap of Vegeta's tail against his skin, and began raising himself and slamming back down on Vegeta's length in time with the blows. He shouted as Vegeta's cock hit his prostate, and sped up his movements, bucking his hips frantically as Vegeta growled and cursed beneath him. As soon as he felt a familiar pressure building between his legs he pulled up and away from Vegeta, the prince staring up at him through hooded eyes that glittered with crazed need. "Wait...Vegeta..I..AH! FUCK!" Goku shouted as Vegeta's tail snapped up and whipped his cheek, leaving a painful welt in it's wake. "Damn you..." Goku hissed, grabbing the Saiyan's slender legs and forcing them apart. "You're going to pay for that." He clenched his eyes shut and snarled as Vegeta's tail sliced through the air with blinding speed, catching the large Saiyan about the head and shoulders several times before Goku managed to catch hold of it in his fist. He stared at it for a moment trying to decide how to hold it, and grinned ferally as he brought the sensitive appendage to his mouth and bit down on it.

Vegeta shrieked as Goku's teeth broke the skin. He struggled and thrashed beneath Goku as his arms were pinned over his head and Goku's erection pressed against his entrance. Goku let go of Vegeta's tail, and the Saiyan prince immediately coiled it around Goku's wrist.

"You were wrong Vegeta..." Goku purred as he nibbled gently on Vegeta's earlobe. "I could tell the difference between the pleasure and the pain, but you see the pain just makes the pleasure that much sweeter." He wrapped Vegeta's legs around his waist and braced his weight on his arms. "Trust me." He whispered, before slamming his cock into Vegeta.

A keening wail was torn from the Saiyan's throat which trailed off into a loud moan as Goku wrapped a hand around the prince's arousal and stroked him rapidly. Vegeta snarled softly as his tail trailed down Goku's back, intent on using his tail to give as good as he was getting. He gasped and groaned his lover's name as Goku began to move inside him, trying to hit his sweet spot with each thrust. Vegeta's hips rocked up to meet Goku as his tail continued down the Saiyan's broad back, encountering the base of the other's tail........Vegeta's eyes widened in shock.

Goku paused, seeing the look in Vegeta's eyes. "What's wrong koi?" He asked.

Vegeta didn't answer, merely coiled his tail gently around Goku's, caressing and massaging it.

Goku moaned softly, his eyes slipping closed at the pleasant feeling. "Ohhh yeah.....Hey! Where'd that come from?" He craned his head around to look at his newly restored tail. Vegeta gripped his chin and forced the younger Saiyan's head back around and kissed him forcefully. Goku growled and began thrusting into Vegeta again, picking up speed as his hand continued to slide up and down the prince's shaft. He whimpered as Vegeta began to tremble beneath him, signaling he was close to climax and Goku slowed his hand, trying to keep up. *There's something I want, I need, but what?* He asked himself. He had his answer when Vegeta's tail slid down to tease his entrance. He wrapped his own tail around Vegeta's and clumsily motioned what he wanted. Vegeta chuckled as he caught on. Goku's cry was swallowed by Vegeta's lips as the prince's furry appendage plunged into him, curling, thrusting and instantly finding his pleasure spot, stroking it mercilessly. His eyes rolled back briefly before he sped up his movements yet again, wrenching a hoarse shout from Vegeta as the prince's seed spurted onto Goku's chest. Goku screamed and shuddered with his own climax a second later, burying himself one last time inside Vegeta before collapsing on top of him.

After several minutes, as well as several failed attempts at getting up, the two Saiyans finally managed to stand, and quietly picked up the torn remnants of their clothes.

"Hey 'geta?" Goku came up behind the prince and wrapped his tail around the smaller man's waist.

"What?" Vegeta said softly as he turned slowly and wrapped his arms around Goku.

"Well...I..was just wondering.." He paused and squeezed his eyes shut. "Do you think we could meet a little more often?" He asked shyly.

"Why do we need to keep meeting after this?" Vegeta asked, smirking up at him.

Goku looked down at Vegeta, trying to hide the hurt he felt at the words. "Well...I.." He looked away, his eyes glimmering.

"Kakarott don't be a simpleton!" Vegeta snapped.

"What? A simpleton?" Goku turned to him, voice quavering as a tear slid down his cheek. "Just because I thought that maybe what we did meant...." He stopped as Vegeta placed a finger on his lips.

"Kakarott, do you have any idea how long I've been waiting for that to happen? Of course it meant something to me! Baka!" He said as he swatted at Goku's chest. "Now come here." He said gruffly as he wrapped his arms around Goku's waist and pressed himself to the trembling Saiyan. "I only meant that we should stop with this meeting business and just move in together after today." He murmured.

Goku stared down at him in surprise. "You want to move in? So soon?" He gaped at his lover.

"Soon!" Vegeta cried. "Kakarott, I've known you since before Goten and Trunks were born, and they've got kids of their own! I think we've known each other long enough." The prince glared up at Goku as the tall Saiyan started laughing.

"I was kidding Vegeta. Now let's go get your stuff from Capsule Corp. You can move in with me at my place." He placed his fingers to his forehead, preparing to transport them to Vegeta's bedroom.

"Your house? What's wrong with living at Capsule Corp?" Vegeta demanded.

"Vegeta." Goku sighed. "We'll have no privacy there with Trunks and his wife and kids there, and...."

"Yes but who's going to cook for us at your house? You? Ha! I'd like to see....." The argument faded out as the two Saiyans vanished.