I'll settle for you, chapter 11.

Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Warnings; Language, Yaoi, lemon.

Notes; Weirdness, insanity, humor (at least I think some of it's funny, anyway), some MAJOR OOC, WAFFY, sap and silliness in places, AU, THIS IS BASED ON THE ANIME. I guess this takes place when Bra is like, 16, Goten and Trunks are like, 27 and 28 respectively, and Pan is about 14. You'll have to excuse me if I make a few mistakes with plot and characters, I've only seen DBZ up until the cell saga.

Rating; NC-17.

Pairing; Piccolo + Vegeta.

Archive; ff.net, my site. All others, please ask first.

Description; Goku's baby arrives! Videl's is on the way...and will Vegeta Jr. and Chella _ever_ get along? What's going to happen when Marron decides to make a reappearance in her son Ookami's life?

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Notes; Thanks to Lara, and all the pple that have threatened me with sporks and various other creative torture devices.

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Capsule Corp., family barbeque...

"This is a pretty wild crowd, lots of bizarre stuff happens around here." Yamcha laughed. "And now you're going to be subjected to our weirdness."

Ookami chuckled and looped an arm around his father's shoulders. "Wouldn't want it any other way..Dad.." He smiled at him, then jumped as arms encircled him from behind.

"You know, I hope you don't think being my stepson entitles you to any special privileges at work kid.." Bulma snickered. "Trunks is the next in line for company president, but even he has to work his butt off."

"Nope, just treat him like the rest of the family." Yamcha grinned.

Ookami blushed as Bulma kissed his cheek and hugged him tightly. "Will do." She chirped.

Three weeks later, Capsule Corp. compound......

Ookami smiled at his grandfather as the elderly man stood in the doorway.

"Are you sure you've got everything now, son?" Seki asked, a warm smile on his face.

"Yeah, grandpa, I'm sure." Ookami said, stepping forward and hugging him tightly.

"I... We'll miss you, please come and visit often..." Ayumi, Ookami's grandmother, said softly, reaching out a hand and cupping his cheek.

"I will grandma, don't worry." The young man reassured her, hugging her and kissing her cheek.

Seki cleared his throat softly. "What should we tell your mother, if she happens to stop by to see you?" He asked.

The teen sneered derisively. "If, _IF_, she decides to come back and try playing mommy dearest for an afternoon, just tell her I've moved in with my father."

"Ookami..." Seki set a hand on his grandson's shoulder. "Please, try not to be bitter toward your mother."

"Try not to be bitter?" Ookami snorted. "Easier said than done grandpa." He pulled away and stood in front of the window, eyes filling with tears of anger and frustration.

No one noticed the figure that stood in the doorway, watching silently.

"She knew grandpa. All the damn time, she knew." Ookami sat heavily on a chair and rested his arms on the windowsill. "I would watch the martial arts tournaments when I was younger, and I had t-shirts with the Z-fighters on them, I had the action figures, I had all the memorabilia. She knew I was into the earth's special forces, and she knew that one of them was my father!" He stood quickly, sending the chair toppling to the floor. "She knew!" He shouted. "And she never told me! What right did she have to keep that from me? Or from Dad for that matter? Why didn't she ever tell him he had a son?"

Seki and Ayumi stood silently, watching their grandson with sad eyes. "I don't know." Seki said. "You'll have to ask her when she comes back the next time."

"You're damn right I will!" Ookami hollered.

"Son." Yamcha said quietly. The teen jerked and stared at him. "Don't take this out on your grandparents. Seki's right. You need to be asking these questions of your mother the next time you see her."

Ookami walked over to his father and wrapped his arms around the man's waist, burying his face in the folds of Yamcha's white shirt. He let out a shuddering breath. "I know I should forget the past, and just enjoy being together now...but, it's not fair..."

Yamcha sighed, wrapping his arms around his son. "I know son, and you're right, it's not fair. But fair or not, it happened. And we need to move on, okay?" He said softly.

Ookami nodded mutely. *So many things I want to say...and do..I wish we could have had those eighteen years...* He thought once more.

Yamcha rested his cheek on the top of Ookami's head. *I know how you feel kid.* He thought, nuzzling the teen's hair. *I missed out on a lot of your life... But I'll be damned if I let bitterness and anger interfere with the time we have now.*

Seki and Ayumi stood in the doorway, watching father and son for a moment, before silently slipping out the door. "Do you think they'll be alright?" Ayumi looked back at the door as she got into the car.

"They'll be fine." Seki answered with a sigh. "But I fear the next time our daughter comes to see her son, may very well be the last."

Ayumi nodded. "She never could handle all his questions, and his anger at her refusal to answer them, once she finds out he knows the truth, and has found his father, she might run off again, and stay away for good this time."

Seki nodded, a lips set in a frown. "Might be the best thing, anyway..." He said quietly.

One hour later....

Ayumi removed her shoes and walked into the house, looking around. "It will be so...quiet here, without Ookami..." She said softly.

Seki drew up behind his wife, kissing her cheek. "He's not far away, we can always pick up the phone, or drive over to see him." He glanced over at the vidphone and noticed the blinking red light. "Speaking of which, there's a message." He walked over and pushed the playback button.

Both of them gasped as a familiar, high pitched, and rather annoying voice boomed from the speaker. "Hi mommy! Hi daddy!" Marron's smiling face appeared on the screen. "Guess what! I'm coming into town for a day or two, my boyfriend is taking me to Europe for a month or so, but I wanted to come see my little guy for an afternoon before I leave, I'll be over tomorrow, okay? Byyyeeee!" She waved her hand wildly, a huge grin on her face.

Seki grinned sheepishly and looked over at his wife, who stared at the now empty screen, eyes wide, a hand over her mouth. "Well, this should be interesting..." He chuckled.

Vegeta and Piccolo's house..........

"Come on, Piccolo..." Vegeta purred, reaching down to fondle his lover through his gi. "We haven't had sex since Vegeta was born, I have waited long enough..." He growled, grasping the material and scowling up at him.

Piccolo growled back, baring his teeth slightly. "You know what Bulma said, after the first injection, we need to wait a minimum of four weeks before having sex, otherwise we will probably end up pregnant again." He grasped Vegeta's hand and pried it away. "We should wait an extra week, just to be safe." He said firmly.

Vegeta sighed, looking away and closing his eyes briefly, before a his lips twisted in a smirk. "Well fine then, we don't have to have sex, we can just...play around a little." He said, voice low and seductive.

Piccolo gasped as Vegeta reached up and began tearing away his gi. "What the.." His protest was cut short when Vegeta swept his feet out from under him, forcing him to the floor before pouncing on him, and capturing his lips in a bruising kiss. The Namek moaned as his mate's lips moved down his jaw, nipping lightly before sweeping down to lick and suck at the sensitive skin of his throat. "Vegeta..." He breathed, fingers sliding into the Saiyan's stiff spiky hair. A low growl was his answer as the prince's mouth moved lower, teeth nibbling gently at his collarbone as small fingers pinched and rubbed his nipples. Piccolo moaned softly when Vegeta's mouth moved lower still, tongue flicking out over a hard nipple, before sucking on it gently. He gasped, eyes rolling back as Vegeta's hand gripped his length and stroked him slowly. "Please koi..." He groaned, hips rocking.

Vegeta smirked as he slowly slid down his lover's body, licking and biting gently at the soft green skin as he moved down to his mate's straining erection. "Please what?" He purred, chuckling softly as the Namek grasped his head and tried to pull him down. "Say it..." He prompted, slowing his hand on Piccolo's arousal.

Piccolo whimpered, gripping Vegeta's shoulders. "I.." He turned his head to the side, blushing slightly. "Touch me...please? Do something..." He moaned.

Vegeta snickered softly, sliding his other hand down to stroke the slick folds between the other warrior's legs. "Still to shy to say it, huh?" He grinned, thumb finding Piccolo's clit and rubbing it gently. He shivered in response to the soft cry torn from his lover as he leaned forward, taking the head of Piccolo's cock into his mouth, tongue swirling around it before he began to suck gently.

A strangled moan tore itself from the Namek's throat, his back arching while his hands slammed onto the floor, sharp nails shredding the carpet as his mate's lips slid up and down his shaft. "Hnn....uhh...V..Vegeta.." He panted, trembling. He clamped a hand over his mouth to muffle his cry as he climaxed, hips jerking up off the floor.

Vegeta grunted in surprise as his mate's seed filled his mouth, doing his best to swallow it. "You lasted a long time." He chuckled. "It has been a while, hasn't it?" He said, using his fingers wipe his lover's essence off his chin, then slowly licking them clean. His eyes flashed as Piccolo suddenly flipped them over, and leaned down, capturing Vegeta's lips in a heated kiss.

"Mm hmm...too long..." Piccolo said softly, raining kisses down Vegeta's throat and chest, pausing to suck and lick each nipple in turn, before moving down to his stomach. "So, how come you didn't think of this a few weeks ago?" He whispered, tongue tracing warm, wet circles on the Saiyan's stomach.

"Hnn....too busy with chibis..." Vegeta moaned, one hand caressing Piccolo's ear, while the other toyed with an antenna. "Ahhnn! Piccolo!" The Saiyan cried, writhing slowly as the Namek's mouth closed over his arousal.

Piccolo moved his head up and down slowly, the fingers of one hand caressing Vegeta's balls, before sliding lower, teasing his entrance. He hummed around his mate's length, his other hand clamping onto his lover's hip to hold Vegeta down as the Saiyan started to buck beneath him.

Vegeta groaned, head tossing from side to side, as Piccolo gently slid a finger into him, and probed for his sweet spot. "Uh...nn...yes..." He rasped, hands sliding up over his head, fingers raking the floor. "Piccolo...more..." He panted, shuddering.

Piccolo ran his tongue up the underside of Vegeta's length quickly, teasing him for a moment before taking it back into his mouth, sliding a second finger into his mate at the same time.

Vegeta growled and arched his body, bright spots flashing in front of his eyes as Piccolo's fingers rubbed his prostate. "Pi...collo..." He gasped, hands cupping the back of his lover's head. He threw his head back and shouted as he came, muscles spasming as he moaned his mate's name. Vegeta sighed softly, muscles going limp, as Piccolo moved up and rested his head on his chest. "Maybe this week won't be so hard after all." He said, smirking at Piccolo's snicker.

Both men groaned as two wails sounded from down the hall.

"Now see what you did, Vegeta?" Piccolo stood, turning away to hide his grin. "All that noise woke up the kids." He darted down the hall, trying not to laugh out loud as an irate Vegeta followed him.

"What?!" The Saiyan barked indignantly, fastening his jeans and straightening his shirt. "I was not doing all this by myself you know, this is just as much your fault as it is mine!" He jerked back as Piccolo spun and leaned down into his face.

"Vegeta..." Piccolo whispered, tongue flicking out to taste Vegeta's bottom lip. "Take a joke." He finished, materializing himself a fresh gi, before striding into nursery.

The Prince scowled, then shrugged and followed him. "So who goes where this time?" He asked.

"Hmm...I believe Chella's with you, and V.J.'s with me this time." Piccolo smiled softly at his son, who had managed to pull himself to his feet using the bars of his crib, and was peering out at them with an angry pout. "Yeah, come here little guy..." Piccolo scooped him up, nuzzling the Samakian's hair as the boy's tail coiled around his arm. "You're hungry, aren't you?" He asked, chuckling at the angry bellow his son chose to answer him with.

Vegeta rolled his eyes. "Must you call him by that ridiculous nickname?" He growled. "V.J....honestly Piccolo!" He picked up Chella gently, cradling her to his chest. "You're mother is very silly sometimes, right?" He looked at his daughter, stroking her head.

Chella gave her father a cheeky grin, reaching over and smacking her mother's arm. "Mama siwwy!" She chirped.

Piccolo gave Vegeta a wry grin, propping their son up in his arm and smirking. "It would get a little confusing around here calling both of you Vegeta, wouldn't it?" He nuzzled their son's cheek. "And I hate using the word Junior..." He grimaced.

"Gee, I can't imagine why..." Vegeta snickered, changing Chella's diaper, as Piccolo set Vegeta Jr. on the table beside her, doing the same.

The two men worked on cleaning and changing the children in companionable silence, pausing every so often to tickle or hug one of the babies, until both were dressed.

Vegeta sighed and held out his arms when Vegeta Jr. began to cry, sticking his fingers in his mouth and chewing on them with his gums. "Give him here, koi, he's starving. So am I for that matter..." He blushed slightly when his stomach let out a fierce growl.

Piccolo chuckled and nodded, taking Chella to the guest bedroom to get some water. As soon as Piccolo filled Chella's glass, the toddler sized girl grabbed it by both handles, and began drinking greedily from the spout at the top. Finally, after five refills, Chella relaxed in his arms, letting out a loud belch.

Vegeta's laughter came from the kitchen as the sound of it reached him. "Sheesh! She burps louder from a glass of water, than from a full plate of food!" He said, sitting down with Vegeta Jr. on his knee. The baby let out a loud wail, hands wringing in front of his mouth. "Yes, yes, I know you're hungry..." He soothed his son, picking up the spoon and giving him a scoop of baby cereal. Vegeta Jr. ceased his crying immediately, swallowing his food without even trying to chew it and opening his mouth for more.

Piccolo walked out to the dining room with Chella, and sat down. "You need a bigger spoon Vegeta." He said quietly, watching as V.J. became increasingly frustrated at how slowly he was being fed.

"No, if I use a bigger spoon, he'll choke." Vegeta muttered, trying to speed up a little. He blinked as he realized that his son had already polished off half the bowl. "Would you make another bowl of that for him, koi?"

Piccolo nodded, setting Chella in her high chair and going to the counter.

"Mama!" Chella chirped, banging her rattle gently on the tray in front of her.

"Hmm?" Piccolo mixed a large bowl of cereal, and turned, setting it in front of Vegeta.

"You know koi, it's strange, how fast they're developing. How is this possible?" Vegeta asked, looking back and forth between the children.

"It's not strange at all, when you remember that I was fully grown by age three." Piccolo stated.

Vegeta sweatdropped. "Oh yeah..." He said, not looking forward to the idea of having a two year old bigger than he was.

"Wan food too!" Chella pointed at her brother, pouting slightly.

Piccolo chuckled and quickly mixed yet another bowl, grabbing a spoon and sitting beside her.

"No, dadda!" She crossed her arms and scowled. "Dadda feed me."

Piccolo sighed. "Well, dadda fed you last time, it's my turn to feed you now. Can't let dadda have you all the time, I like feeding you too..." He smiled at her, reciting a speech Bulma had told him to try.

Chella's brow furrowed as she thought about this, chewing her lip. After a moment, she shrugged and beamed at her mother. "Otay! Aahhhh..." She opened her mouth wide, displaying sharp white teeth.

Piccolo slapped a hand over his face, shoulders shaking as he laughed silently. Vegeta snickered as he continued to feed V.J., who was already into his second bowl of cereal.

V.J. watches his parents with interest, noticing them laughing, and opened his mouth as wide as he could, letting out a soft squeak as he did so.

Piccolo lost it, throwing back his head and laughing, as Vegeta nearly doubled over. "You need to try that again when you get some teeth, V.J." Piccolo chuckled, reaching out and brushing his cheek with his fingers.

Vegeta grinned and continued feeding him. "He's getting some, I notice he's chewing on things more often these last couple of days." He fed V.J. the last of his cereal, and picked up him up, setting the infant against his chest and patting his back lightly.

V.J. cooed softly, head wavering as he looked around. His eyes widened, and his mouth opened in a small 'O' a split second before a long, loud belch escaped him.

"Piggy!" Chella chortled, and pointed at her brother.

"He's not old enough to say excuse me yet." Piccolo said, smirking.

V.J. smiled, laying his head on his mother's shoulder.

"So, what are we doing today koi?" Vegeta asked softly, stroking his son's back.

Piccolo tilted his head to the side as he dumped all the bowls and spoons into the sink. "I don't know, you wanna go see Goku and Juun? I know Goku's getting really antsy as his due date gets closer..."

Vegeta nodded. "I think that would be a good idea." He said, standing up and walking into the living room. "I'll get these two ready, you start the car."

"Fair enough." Piccolo said, disappearing down the hall.

Several minutes later, the two men finally managed to get both babies, two diaper bags, and several toys into the car.

Piccolo looked around as the phone rang inside the house. "Should I get that?" He asked.

Vegeta shrugged. "Up to you. I'll finish strapping the chibis in."

Piccolo nodded and striding back into the house and snatching up the receiver. "Hello?" He said softly.

"PICCOLO!!!" Juun's shriek made him hold the phone away, wincing. "COME QUICK! GOKU'S HAVING THE BABY! I NEED HELP!"

The Namek's eyes widened as he heard the Saiyan's pained cry in the background. "Okay, take it easy. Did you call Bulma to let her know?" He asked.

"Yes!" He cried, voice strained. "I called Gohan too, he and Videl will meet us there, he says Goten's moved into Capsule Corp. with Trunks so he's already there..." He started to babble nervously.

"Alright Juun, calm down. We'll be right there." Piccolo said, dropping the phone and running outside.

Vegeta's head shot up as Piccolo raced toward him, face set in a deep frown. "Kakarott?" He asked.

"Yeah." Piccolo nodded, looking at the car. "We don't have time to drive all the way out there..." He banged his fist on the roof of it, making V.J. and Chella squeal and giggle.

Vegeta's eyes narrowed, one hand coming up to stroke his chin. "Well, if we don't have time to drive..." He leaned down and hooked his hands under the passenger door. "Let's fly."

Piccolo gaped at him. "Vegeta! We can't just pick up the car and fly over there..."

"Why not?!" Vegeta demanded. "You got a better idea for getting us, and the kids, over there in a hurry?"

"You go, and I'll stay here with the kids." Piccolo said.

"No, we all have to go." Vegeta said firmly. "It'll take more than Juun and I to keep Kakarott calmed down, and besides, didn't we promise Kakarott we'd both be there when he gave birth?" He reminded his mate.

Piccolo sighed. "Yeah, we did. Okay Vegeta..." He hooked his own hands under the driver's side door. "Let's do this." The two men smirked and nodded, before taking to the air.

Ten minutes later, Son Goku's cabin......

A panicked Juunanigou tried to soothe his writhing mate, stroking his face with shaky hands as he waited anxiously for Vegeta and Piccolo to arrive. "Come on you guys..." He said softly. His head snapped up as he sensed two large power levels, and two smaller ones, rapidly approaching. "Finally!" He stood and took two small steps toward the window, turning back quickly as Goku whimpered.

Vegeta and Piccolo touched down gently in the driveway, setting down the car.

"So who's goin in?" Piccolo asked.

Vegeta frowned for a moment. "We both should go in, but one of us has to stay with the chibis..."

Piccolo smirked. "Not a problem...I can be in two places at once, remember?" He powered up, doing a split form.

Vegeta chuckled, wanting to smack his own forehead for his stupidity. "Of course, why didn't I think of that?" He shook his head before following Piccolo up the steps and into the house.

Juun met them at the door, eyes wide with worry as he quickly ushered them down the hall. "Thank you for getting here so fast...he's in so much pain..." Juun hung his head, closing his eyes briefly. "I don't know how to help him..." The jinzoningen jerked as Piccolo's hand clapped onto his shoulder.

"It's okay Juun. I know how you feel." Piccolo said softly.

Juun nodded, remembering Vegeta's sudden labor. "Thank you." He whispered, covering Piccolo's hand with his own.

"Now let's go take Goku to Bulma." Piccolo smiled. Juun nodded, and followed Vegeta and Piccolo into the living room.

Goku lay back on the couch, head tossing from side to side, sweat streaming down his face and throat. He clutched at his swollen stomach, upper body rocking up every few seconds as he let out a keening cry.

"Kakarott..." Vegeta winced in sympathy, moving quickly to the other Saiyan's side, and cradling his head. A low purr instinctively burst from his chest, as the prince started to stroke Goku's stomach.

Piccolo watched Vegeta, eyes widening slightly as Goku started to relax, a ragged purr rumbling up from the other Saiyan's chest in answer to Vegeta. *He's doing it... Quick thinking koi, that purring always calms the kids down.* He thought, smiling as Goku's body relaxed.

Juun stood in the doorway, a strange tightness in his chest. *What...What's he doing?* He thought to himself, watching in amazement as Goku's cries ceased. *What happened?* His body began to vibrate with anger and jealousy as Vegeta's hands slowly rubbed Goku's stomach, and he had to fight to keep from baring his teeth and shouting for the other Saiyan to stop touching his mate. *Now is not the time for this... If Vegeta can calm him down, then...I guess...it's alright.*

"Shh, it's alright Kakarott, it'll be over soon." Vegeta said, purring louder to soothe the still trembling Saiyan. He turned and glared at Piccolo and Juun. "Well, what are you waiting for? Let's get him to the car already!!" He snapped at them.

Piccolo and Juun snapped out of their trances, stepping forward quickly. Piccolo gently took Goku's legs, Juun took his hips from the other side, and Vegeta wound his arms around Goku's chest.

"One...two...three!" They all lifted together, and slowly made their way to the door.

Goku opened pain glazed eyes and looked around. "Piccolo...Vegeta...you came..." He moaned, one hand reaching up and gripping Vegeta's bicep.

"Course we did." Piccolo gave him a tight smile. "Wouldn't miss this for anything."

"Thanks guys..." Goku said softly, eyes slipping closed as Vegeta began purring again. He turned his head, nuzzling Vegeta's chest instinctively as the other Saiyan's purring made him feel safe. He breathed deeply and tried to purr back between contractions.

Piccolo smiled softly at the display, remembering two days ago when Vegeta Jr. had been particularly temperamental, and his mate had taken to carrying him around, purring softly to him. After a few minutes, V.J. began purring back, tail coiling around Vegeta's arm slowly as he nuzzled his mother's chest, falling asleep.

Juun looked over and watched his mate snuggling up to Vegeta's chest, pain lancing through him. *What's happening here?* He thought, throat feeling tight. *I am not seriously thinking Goku's going to dump me and go for Vegeta in the middle of giving birth to our child...* He gave himself a mental slap. *Come off it Juunanigou...* He scolded himself. *Vegeta's just trying to help, not steal your man away.*

They loaded Goku into the front seat, and Piccolo reformed himself into one being, waiting for Juun and Goku to get settled in the car. Vegeta stood in front of the car, while Juun paused, standing in by the open passenger door.

"Vegeta..." Juun said quietly, wincing slightly as his mate began to tense up and whimper again. "Perhaps you'd better stay in the car with Goku. You...you soothe him with your purring. If Goku starts to cry out again, he might upset your children as well." He said, biting his lip. *This logical and reasonable shit is going to kill me!* He thought angrily. *I just want to slam Vegeta into a wall right now, but, I can't...Goku needs to stay calm, and right now the only person that can calm him down...is Vegeta.*

The prince nodded curtly and climbed into the car, kneeling on the floor in front of Goku, and purring as he cradled the other man's head.

Piccolo looked over, watching the warring emotions on the jinzoningen's face. *Poor guy...* He thought. *I remember when I had the postpartum depression, I thought Vegeta was gonna leave me for Goku. I knew in a part of my mind that it made absolutely no sense, but I just couldn't shake the idea. I know Juun's been insecure about Goku and Vegeta since the beginning, and it probably really irks him that he can't help Goku right now, but Vegeta can...* He sighed and shrugged, leaning down and hooking his hands under the door. "You ready?" He asked gruffly.

"Wha...huh? Oh, yeah!" Juun said, copying the Namek. They locked eyes and nodded, taking to the air and heading for Capsule Corp.

Capsule Corp., sixteen minutes later......

Bulma stood in the yard behind the medical lab, waiting for Juun and Goku to arrive. "Come on you guys..." She said softly, pacing back and forth. She turned, alarmed when Trunks burst through the door and ran up beside her.

"There they are!" He yelled, pointing to a small speck in the sky.

Bulma gaped. "Goku's flying, in LABOR?!" She shrieked. "What's wrong with him?!" She waved her fist in the air at the rapidly growing spot. "Juun, I swear, first chance I get I'm gonna reprogram you to be more considerate and...oh..." She trailed off as she saw the car, being carried by Piccolo and Juun. "Never mind..." She raced forward as the two men touched down, setting the car down gently.

"Come on, let's get him inside." Trunks said, helping Piccolo, Juun, and Vegeta transfer Goku from the car to a gurney.

"Hey, wait for us!" Bulma cried, trying to wrangle Chella and Vegeta Jr. out of their car seats.

She lifted her head and looked around as a second car pulled up.

"Bulma!" Gohan cried. "Where's dad?"

"Inside, they should be getting him ready for surgery." She responded, cursing as Chella's restrains refused to budge. "I'm a little out of practice with these things huh?" She smiled.

"Pwacdis!" Chella grinned, waving her rattle in the air.

"Here, let me help you with that." Videl said, sliding in from the other side and working on V.J.'s belt.

The infant blinked up at her with wide, dark eyes, tail sliding out to swat at her arm playfully as he gave her a wide, toothless grin.

"Aww...you're so cute!" Videl squealed, scooping him up and nuzzling him. "I can't wait until mine's born, I miss this..." She smiled, slowly backing out of the car and straightening, wincing as her back twinged.

"Only two more months until I see my baby brother or sister!" Pan grinned. "Here Bulma, can I hold Chella?" She asked, holding out her arms.

"Pan!" Chella squeaked, arms shooting out to the teen.

"Yeah, that's right, come here you..." Pan laughed, cuddling her.

Bulma stood and turned toward the doors. "I should be there, will you watch the kids for a while?" She asked. Videl and Pan nodded, each busy cooing and snuggling with a baby. "Great!" She took off running, catching up to them just as Gohan and Trunks were wheeling Goku into the lab. She headed over to the sink, washing her hands and arms, and donned light green scrubs. "Okay, everybody clean up, and get a set of these on!" She ordered, looking pointedly at Vegeta, Piccolo, Juun and Gohan. The four men exchanged looks and sighed, allowing Bulma and Trunks to help them.

"Okay, let's get this party started..." Said Dr. Maddock, the same doctor who delivered Vegeta Jr. "You said gas for this one, right?" He asked Bulma, who nodded quickly. "Alright, lets have it then!" He snapped at a blonde nurse, who raised her hand to show a transparent plastic mask. "Very good, come on then, let's get him out already." The doctor said, watching as the mask was put in place over Goku's mouth and nose. "Now just relax sir, this will all be over before you know it." He patted the Saiyan's shoulder gently. "Turn the gas on, open the valve a quarter turn, please."

The nurse complied, watching as the mist filled the mask.

Goku's eyes rolled around wildly. "Don't leave me..." He rasped, eyes drooping slightly. He reached out and grabbed Vegeta's arm with one hand, Juun's with the other.

"Shh...it's okay koi..." Juun soothed him, stroking his hair. "Just relax."

"Yes Kakarott, we're not leaving." Vegeta said quietly. "Just sleep, so we can get this over with." He said gruffly.

Goku nodded, trying to go to sleep.

After a few moments, the doctor frowned. "Are you sure that valve's open a quarter turn?" He asked, going over to check it. "Hmm...maybe he needs a bit more.." He said, inching it closer to a half turn.

Goku's head lolled from side to side. "Nn...this makes my head spin..." He whined. "I don't feel good, I think I'm gonna be sick..."

"Shit!" Dr. Maddock hissed, quickly stripping the mask off of Goku. "He must be allergic to something in the gas. Well, we'll just have to do this the old fashioned way." He said, peeling back the sheet of sterilized material on the table to reveal a....

"NEEDLE!!!" Goku shrieked, leaping off the gurney and scrambling away from them.

"Damn, I wish he hadn't have done that, now we'll have a bitch of a time getting him calmed down." Vegeta grumbled.

"Goku, it's okay, come on now, you have to be put under, so we can get the baby out. Okay?" Bulma said softly, approaching the panicked Saiyan.

"No..no you promised..." Goku whimpered. "No needles..."

"I'm sorry Goku, but you can't take the gas, it won't work for you. There's no other way." Bulma said, putting her hand on his arm.

"Mr. Son, please, calm down, just one little injection, and this will all be over, you'll be awake, and holding your baby in no time." The nurse crooned, taking his other arm.

"No....nononononono....NO!!!" Goku shouted, pulling away from the women, and running across the room. His hair flashed gold, eyes going teal, as he hit SSJ halfway toward the door.

Piccolo and Juun flew across the room, cutting him off and grabbing the struggling Saiyan by the arms.

Vegeta calmly stalked across the room, his own hair flashing gold. "I'm sorry, Kakarott." He whispered, just before bringing his doubled up fists down on the back of Goku's neck.

Goku cried out sharply, his eyes rolling back in his head as he slumped in Piccolo and Juun's grasp.

"Vegeta!" Bulma cried. "How could you?" She ran over and checked on Goku.

"I had no choice. It was that, or chasing down a spooked super Saiyan, in labor, and hoping to hell we got to him in time before the baby was injured." Vegeta snapped, snarling and crossing his arms.

Juunanigou swallowed thickly, tears in his eyes as he and Piccolo carried Goku back and set him on the bed. "He's right Bulma, Goku's not thinking clearly right now. Vegeta had to do it, if Goku had gotten out of here, or gathered his wits enough to think of using instant transmission, we could have been chasing him for hours. Who knows what that would have done to the baby." He said, brushing sweaty bangs back from Goku's face.

Bulma sighed. "You're right." She looked at Vegeta. "I guess...just the thought of hitting him, while he's in labor...it just turns my stomach." She shuddered.

"What?! You think I enjoyed doing it?!" Vegeta growled, watching the nurse and Trunks strip away Goku's shirt, cover the Saiyan's torso with a sheet, and swab his abdomen with disinfectant.

"No, I know you didn't." Bulma walked over and hugged him. "I'm sorry." She whispered.

"Hmph!" Vegeta scowled, then looked at the doctor. "Well, give him the blasted needle already, and let's do this!"

Dr. Maddock blinked, still trying to clear his mind of the images of a blonde haired Goku, running across the room, surrounded by a golden aura, sending metal tables and beds flying. "Yes, of course...let's get started." He said, pushing an IV needle into place and taping it to Goku's hand. The nurse quickly set up the bag of fluid on the IV stand, and after a few moments, the doctor nodded. "That should do it." He said with a tight smile. "Now..." He picked up a scalpel.

Juun and Piccolo turned away, covering their eyes, while Vegeta stepped closer, watching intently. "What is that?" He asked, as the doctor cut through several layers of skin and muscle.

"That is the ah..." He looked to Bulma.

"Saiyan." She supplied helpfully.

"Yes, the Saiyan equivalent to a uterus. It is really quite fascinating..." He trailed off, cutting gently through the wall. There we go..." He smiled as a foot shot out through the hole. "Unfortunately, they don't seem to be very large, which leaves you open to the uterine wall splitting open before, or during birth. Extremely dangerous to both mother and baby..." Dr. Maddock said, gently reaching in and grasping the baby. "Here we are!" He said, grinning as he held up a large baby. "It's a girl!"

Bulma laughed and clapped her hands, as Juun spun around and walked over, reaching for his daughter. He recoiled at the blood and other fluids that covered her.

Doctor Maddock laughed as he handed the baby to the nurse. "Ah..yeah...you might want to wait for her to be cleaned up a bit, before you hold her. Now, for the mother, you wouldn't happen to be able to heal him as quickly as you healed my last patient up, would you?"

Vegeta stared at Piccolo wide-eyed. "Shit!" He hissed, slamming his fist down on the bedside table. "I didn't think to bring any senzu beans!"

"Fuuuuck..." Piccolo dragged a hand down his face. "In all the excitement, neither did I." He looked to Gohan, who shook his head and shrugged.

Juun looked around, eyes wide. "You mean nobody's got one? But...I thought you guys always kept them around...what are we gonna do? He's all..." He turned and looked at the incision running across his mate's abdomen. "We've got to go get some! We can't just...OW!!" He cried, as Trunks thwapped him in the back of the head.

"Baka." The demi-Saiyan muttered, smirking. "You brought a senzu over for this, three weeks ago!" He walked over to the desk, and pulled out a black velvet box. "You put the bean in the same box Goku's ring came in, and left it here for the birth, the day of the family barbeque. What's wrong with you?" He chuckled, handing the bean to Gohan.

Juunanigou swayed on his feet, eyes closing briefly. Vegeta and Piccolo each grabbed an arm to steady him. "You know, I forgot all about that..." He shook his head, a wry grin on his lips.

Everyone chuckled softly, watching as Gohan coaxed the bean down his father's throat. "So what's her name?" Gohan asked, gesturing to the wailing baby, who was now being wrapped in a warm blanket by the nurse.

"Um..." Juun reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. "Let's see, for a boy, Goku wanted Bardock..."

Gohan smiled. "That's his dad's name." He said softly.

"For a girl..." Juun continued. "Karimaya."

"That's really pretty!" Bulma smiled, walking over to get a better look at her.

Karimaya slowly opened her eyes, which were a startling sky blue, with what had to be the longest, thickest eyelashes Bulma had ever seen. She had a thick mop of spiky, blue-black hair that hung to her shoulders, and a blue-black, furry tail that worked it's way out from under the sheet, twitching in agitation. Her skin was smooth and pale, like fine porcelain, and she has rosy lips, currently set in a pout.

"Oh my gosh..." Bulma said softly. "She's so beautiful..." She held out her arms and carefully took the baby from the nurse, slowly walking over to Juun.

The jinzoningen stared in awe at his child, reaching out carefully to stroke the tiny hand that waved in the air.

"She's gorgeous." Trunks said softly, chuckling as the soft tail draped itself over her father's arm. Everyone else nodded in agreement.

"Hey, guys!" Gohan called, as his father began to stir. Everyone rushed to Goku's side, Juun sitting beside him with Karimaya held to his chest.

"Mm...wha?" Goku moaned, head turning from side to side as he blinked rapidly. "What happened?" His eyes opened wide as he noticed all the people crowded around him. "Hey guys...what's up?" He asked, giving them a weak grin before yawning.

"You're still a little groggy I guess from the anaesthetic huh?" The nurse asked. Her eyes widened as she noticed the IV still in his hand. *Oh shit! If he sees that, he's gonna freak!* She thought. "Look Mr. Son!" She beamed at him. "Here's your little girl!" She pulled the blanket back a bit more, so Goku could see better. She scooted around and quickly pulled the needle from his hand while he stared at the infant, entranced.

"OwOW!! Hey! What was that?!" Goku whined, pulling his hand back and noticing the tape still there. "Why is there tape on my hand?" He asked, looking around. Everyone sweatdropped.

"Uh...never mind, dad. It's all over now, nothing more to worry about." Gohan patted his shoulder reassuringly. "Come on now, why don't you say hello?" He grinned.

Goku smiled, reaching out for their child. "Wow, she's beautiful!" He exclaimed, face breaking into a sunny smile. "You haven't named her yet, have you?" He looked at Juun hopefully.

Juun shrugged, looking away for a second. "I remembered the names you were thinking of, is Karimaya alright?" He asked shyly.

Goku laughed and pulled Juun close. "Perfect." He said softly, kissing his mate's cheek.

"What's the big deal with names? Didn't you two discuss that before now?" Juuhachigou said, leaning up against the doorway. Krillin grinned and waved to everyone, apologizing for being late.

"Well, yes, we did sis, but Goku never had much say in naming his first two children, and..." He waved a hand. "I have a number for a name, I didn't think I'd be much help in that department, so I left the decision up to him."

"Karimaya, a beautiful name, for a beautiful girl." Krillin said, gently stroking the baby's spiky hair.

"Well, how about we all go inside, and leave Goku and Juun to have some time to get acquainted with the new addition to the family?" Bulma said, waving everyone out of the room.

"We'll be in soon." Juun said, giving Bulma a grateful smile.

"Take your time!" Bulma grinned, turning and leaving the room.

Juun sighed and held Goku's hand tightly. "I was really scared today, I've never seen you like that, in so much pain, so..." He drew Goku's hand to his lips, kissing his palm.

"I know." Goku said softly. "I've been in a lot of bad situations in my life, but that...was unlike anything I've ever experienced." The Saiyan shuddered. "It was just pain, and uncertainty, I was scared, because there was nothing I could do about it. It wasn't like there was an enemy that was causing it, someone for me to fight, this was something happening inside me..." He sighed. "You know, I don't think pregnancy and childbirth agree with me."

Juunanigou snickered, covering his mouth with his hand. "Um...no. I think not." They both laughed softly, then fell silent, watching the sleeping baby resting against Goku's chest. "She won't really be an only child." He pointed out. "Vegeta Jr. is only a month older than her, and Chella's a little over 5 months older, Videl and Gohan's child is due in two more months as well, and if Goten and Trunks stick to their plans of getting married on the lookout in two weeks, she'll have another little friend to play with soon enough." They both smirked at that, before Juun leaned forward and kissed his mate gently. "I think I'll talk to Bulma about the same kind of birth control Vegeta's on for you when we go to the house." He said.

Goku nodded. "Good idea, speaking of which, do you wanna go in now?"

"No." Juun chuckled. "I kind of like having you both to myself right now. We'll go in a little while." He said, stretching his slender frame out on the bed beside the Saiyan, cuddling up to him.

Goku smiled, kissing Juun on the forehead before settling back on the bed, one arm wrapped around his mate, while he stroked their daughter's back. *This was one of the scariest days of my life, but it was definitely worth it* He thought with a grin.

Inside the house......

"Mom!" Trunks admonished Bulma, who sat at a computer console, taping feed from a surveillance camera in the lab. "You shouldn't be spying!"

"Oh Trunks!" She waved him off. "I'm just going to use it to make some nice first pictures of the happy family! Believe me, they'll thank me later when they realize nobody else remembered to take pictures!"

"She's probably right." Goten smiled, nuzzling V.J. "I know I want some!" He tilted his head, regarding his mate thoughtfully. "I'm not so scared about having a baby now." He said.

"You're not?" Trunks regarded him skeptically.

"No." Goten shook his head. "Dad's was pretty straightforward, the only problems he had, were that he lives so far from here, and that fear of needles." He chuckled. "I don't have either of those problems, so mine should be a piece of cake." He said confidently.

"Yeah, you'll be okay." Ookami said, bouncing Chella on his knee. "You know, you could always be put under and have the baby removed before you actually go into labor, to make things even easier." He shrugged. "I think that's what I'd want to do."

"Actually, that's what I was planning to do." Trunks smirked, draping an arm around Goten's shoulders. "If he doesn't have to lie around for hours in pain, or worry about serious injuries.." He looked at Vegeta. "Or needles..." He chuckled, looking at the computer screen. "He might be willing to have more than just one." He grinned slyly at his mate, then yelped as he was swatted upside the head.

"Don't even start, I already told you..." Goten growled, dragging him out of the room amid much laughter from everyone else. "Who is going to be uke the majority of the time." He finished, pushing Trunks against the wall, and darting his head forward, nipping at the other man's neck.

"G...Goten.." Trunks stuttered, head falling back, eyes closed, lips parted. *Kami..he's so hot when he gets aggressive...* Trunks thought, shivering as Goten's hand slipped down to massage his quickly growing erection.

"Hey!" Bulma's cry reached them in the kitchen, through the closed door. "Look who's here!"

"Looks like Dad and Juun decided to come in after all..." Goten breathed in Trunks' ear. "Good. Now they won't notice our absence..." He gave his lover a wicked grin, before taking his hand and dragging him down the hall to the back stairway.

"Goten, wait, shouldn't we... I mean..." Trunks protested half heartedly, pointing back the way we came.

Goten spun and kissed him hungrily. "No. We shouldn't. We should go upstairs, lock the door, and then you should lay back, and let me..." He trailed light kisses down Trunks' jaw. "Screw you silly." He purred, sweeping his mate into his arms and running lightly up the stairs.

"Goten!" Trunks laughed, clinging to the other demi-Saiyan's neck as a blush spread over his cheeks.

"Aw come on Trunks..." Goten teased, slipping into the bedroom and quietly pushing the door shut behind them, locking it awkwardly as he tried to keep his hold on his mate. "You and I both know, you love it when I take charge." He smirked, dropping the other man on the bed, then pouncing on him, lips and hands eagerly exploring.

"Hn....Goten..." Trunks moaned as Goten quickly undid his slacks, sliding them down and tossing them across the room. He gasped as Goten slid up his legs, kissing and licking his inner thighs, before giving his straining arousal a teasing lick. "Please..." He groaned, lacing his fingers around the back of Goten's neck and pulling him down for a heated kiss.

Goten growled into the kiss, coaxing his lover to sit up, before stripping away his lover's jacket, and turtleneck, sending them across the room to join the discarded slacks. He pushed Trunks down onto his back, looming over him, holding himself up on his knees, and one arm.

Trunks swallowed hard, staring up at his lover through hooded eyes, swollen lips parted as he panted softly. "Please Goten..." He whispered, reaching up to stroke his lover's chest. "Touch me..."

Goten stared down at his mate for a moment. *I love you like this...* He thought, body throbbing with desire. *So vulnerable, so submissive...such a change from what everyone else sees.* He reached out, caressing his lover's face with his fingertips. *This side of you is for me, and me alone...*

Trunks shivered as Goten's fingers slid over his chin, then down his throat. He moaned softly as those soft fingertips slid across his collarbone, before moving to his chest, tracing the muscles. His hands fisted in the sheets, a whimper escaping him as Goten rubbed a hard nipple with his thumb, quickly switching to the other one, teasing, stroking him. "Please koi...more..." He groaned, hands sliding up Goten's arms, to rest on his shoulders.

Goten smirked, fingers lazily sliding down to trace Trunks' abs.

Trunks gasped, arching up off the bed as Goten's hand shot down, wrapping around his cock and squeezing him. He let out a loud cry, eyes rolling back, as Goten's hand slid up and down his length. "G...Goten!" He rasped, hips rocking into the touch.

Goten grinned, slowly moving down Trunks' body until his chin touched the head of Trunks' arousal. He leaned forward, gently nibbling on the tip of his mate's cock.

Trunks panted softly, writhing, hands clawing at the sheets. "Please..." He moaned. Air hissed between his teeth as Goten's mouth moved lower, the demi-Saiyan licking and sucking on his balls gently. "Ahhnnn...yes..." He breathed, hands sliding into his lover's thick black hair. His eyes popped open, and his body tensed slightly as Goten spread his legs wider, propping his hips up. "Wha...what are you doing?" Trunks asked softly.

"Just relax, you'll see." Goten whispered, his hot breath fanning against his skin making Trunks shiver.

"Oh...okay..." Trunks laid back, trying to relax. He tensed slightly, as something warm, and wet brushed against his entrance. "Goten...?" He asked uncertainly. He bit his lip, squirming slightly as his mate's tongue traced his entrance, then pushed against the tight ring of muscle. "Nn...yes, Goten..." He shuddered, as Goten's hand began to move up and down his length again. Trunks arched, panting, as his lover's hand and tongue drove him closer to the edge. "Goten please..." He cried hoarsely. "I want you in me..."

Goten growled softly, pulling his head away and sliding up his lover's body. He slid the fingers of one hand into Trunks' soft lavender hair, and positioned himself at his mate's entrance.

Trunks whimpered softly as he was filled, legs sliding up to wrap firmly around Goten's waist. He leaned his head up, capturing his lover's lips in a fiery kiss as he bucked his hips, asking for more.

Goten took the hint, pulling his hips back and gently thrusting into his mate.

Soft cries rang out as the two men moved against each other, hands groping, lips meeting in gentle kisses.

Goten shivered, burying his face in Trunks' neck as he tried to keep from climaxing before his mate. "Trunks..." He whispered, wrapping a hand around the other man's length and stroking quickly. "Cum for me..."

The older demi-Saiyan gasped, back arching, hands clawing at Goten's back as he came with a howl of pleasure. Goten buried his face in the pillow, climaxing with a muffled shout.

The two men lay still, arms and legs entwined for several minutes, kissing and nuzzling each other.

"So much for waiting until we're married, huh?" Trunks chuckled, yelping when Goten's hand came down firmly on his bottom.

"You started that, you hentai!" Goten protested, looking down at him, eyebrows raised. "You were the one that insisted I move in with you, then started leaving the illustrated Kama Sutra laying around!"

Trunks threw back his head and laughed, pulling Goten into a hug. "Mm hmm...." He purred, nibbling on Goten's ear. "I couldn't stand not having you here, and you didn't honestly think we'd be able to live together, and still go a whole month without touching each other, did you?" Both of them snickered.

After a few moments of silence, Goten stirred. "Hey, we gonna go down and see Dad and Juun and the baby?" He asked.

Trunks yawned and stretched. "Sure chibi, let's go. I think everyone else will have done most of the immediate cooing and fussing over her, we might actually be able to get within ten feet of her, without having to fight through the crowd." He smiled up at his mate before they scrambled off the bed, looking for their clothes.

"What the hell was that?" Ookami asked, looking up at the ceiling as he held the coffee pot, ready to pour himself a cup.

Yamcha smirked. "That howl? Don't even ask, son. Don't even ask."

Ookami blushed as he finally figured out who had been missing from their impromptu get together. "Goten and Trunks." He said, slanting a look at his dad.

"Yeah, Goten and Trunks alright. You've been lucky, you're at work most of the time when they're goin at it." He chuckled.

Ookami shuddered. "Ew..."

Yamcha blinked. "What? You still having problems with them bein guys?"

"No, that's not it, just...thinking about the fact that they're trying to conceive, I guess the concept of a guy getting pregnant still creeps me out, that's all." The young man grimaced.

"Well, just be glad it's not something you have to worry about." Yamcha grinned. "Come on, let's get back out there."

Ookami nodded, and followed his father back out into the roomful of cooing, giggling women, and babies.


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