Waking dreams 7, the return.

Pairings; G/V, Gh/P.

Rating. R. Definitely an R.

Notes. Extreme OOC, sappy Vegeta, TWT, AU slightly.

Warnings; Yaoi. Lemon.

Thanks to Kami Kaze for betaing for me.

The lovers debate coming home.

//indicates flashbacks//



Vegeta paced the cabin silently, but restlessly, wanting to do something. *Not that we haven't been doing anything these past two weeks....* He thought with a feral grin at his sleeping lover, sprawled out over the furs snoring softly. *But something's missing...* He frowned, then chuckled. *For one thing I miss the gravity room, and...* He flexed long slender fingers. *I wish I had brought my sketchpad and my journal. Times like this when I can just sit in silence, it would have been good to have something to do.* He sat down beside Goku, watching his lover with a smile. *Hmm...we've been eating nothing but fish for the last three days..* He grimaced. *I wonder if I could scrounge up something new. Not that I don't like fish mind you, just not for breakfast lunch and dinner every day.* He slowly rose to his feet and put on his boots and gloves.

"I'll be back soon koi." He whispered, dropping a light kiss on the slumbering Saiyan's forehead before stepping out into the brisk morning air. "Hmm....now.." He turned and scanned the forest surrounding them. "That looks promising." He muttered as he spotted several trees dotted with blue, yellow, green and red. Just as he was about to take off, he stepped back and growled. "Baka." He chuckled as he stepped back into the cabin and grabbed his duffel bag.

"Hmm...this does look interesting." Vegeta looked up at the huge trees, their branches laden with what looked like blue apples, each the size of Vegeta's head. "I'm going to need a bigger bag." He smirked down at his bag, and estimated it would hold eight, ten if he packed them carefully. He filled the bag, picked and extra one for himself and floated back down to the ground, sitting down cross legged.

*Wait a minute.* He thought, eyes narrowing. *I don't even know if these are safe to eat.* A rustling to his left caught his attention and he looked up.

Through the bushes limped what looked like a small deer, its right front leg bleeding profusely. Vegeta winced as he saw the sliver of bone protruding through the cream colored fur.

The animal tried to run and collapsed, letting out a high keening sound. Vegeta found himself on his feet and reaching for the animal without even thinking about it. He picked it up and held the animal as it struggled weakly. *Not very old...maybe a month or so..* Vegeta thought, looking down at it. Its fur was a light cream color, its eyes were blue, and rather than antlers, it had long twisting horns. "You're kind of cute." He said softly, then shook his head and chuckled. "You are making me soft Kakarott." He stroked the creature's head and sat down on a tree stump. "Where is your mother?" He wondered aloud, and was startled by another animal bursting through the bushes.

"You're definitely not it." Vegeta scowled as he found himself looking at what appeared to be a red velociraptor . This was different from the ones Gohan had shown him when he had become interested in carnivorous dinosaurs, for one thing it was much bigger than the six feet Gohan had said. It had to be twice that, with wicked looking claws and long canines.

Vegeta looked down as the deer started to struggle violently. "Hnn..." He sneered, pointing his finger at the raptor and vaporizing it. "Don't worry, it won't get you." Vegeta said softly as wide blue eyes blinked up at him.

"'Geta....?" Goku mumbled, turning over and reaching for his lover. His eyes popped open and he frowned. "Where is he now?" Goku asked, slightly miffed by his lover's annoying habit of not being around in the morning. He smiled as he remembered waking up that first morning after Vegeta had come for him.

//Goku woke up slowly, smiling at the tired soreness in his muscles from last night's activities. "'Geta...?" He asked, his hand sliding over the bed in search of the prince's warm skin. "Vegeta?" He sat up, looking around. "Where are you?" The Saiyan looked to the corner were the black duffel bag had been, and his heart skipped a beat as he saw all of Vegeta's things had been picked up and were now gone.

Goku scrambled to his feet and threw on his gi pants, a wave of cold dread washing over him. *I....I don't believe it...he's gone.* He thought, hands shaking as he tied a new sash around his waist. *He left.*

"VEGETA!!" The Saiyan shrieked as he tore out of the cabin and raced through the forest, grunting when he smashed into something and was sent sprawling.

"Kakarott..." A voice hissed. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Vegeta lay on his back, holding his head gingerly.

"Vegeta..." Goku breathed, sweeping the smaller man into his arms and carrying him back to the cabin.

"Kakarott!" Vegeta spat as he kicked and writhed in the larger man's grip. "Why are you carrying me like a child? Explain yourself!" The ouji demanded.

Goku cleared his throat and blushed. "Sorry 'Geta...I...guess I panicked."

Vegeta brushed Goku's hair off his forehead. "About what? Kakarott...." Vegeta put a finger under the other Saiyan's chin and forced the younger man to look at him. "What did you panic about?" He asked.

"Well..." Goku swallowed audibly. "See...I woke up..and you weren't there.." He paused.

"You panicked because I wasn't in bed with you?" Vegeta blinked at him.

"Well...no..not at first...but..see..your stuff was all gone..and..I didn't sense you.." He shook his head and grinned sheepishly. "Sorry Vegeta. I guess I was being pretty dumb huh?"

The Saiyan prince looked thoughtful for a moment, then pulled Goku down into a hug. "Baka." He whispered, then chuckled as he pushed Goku down onto the bed. "Hm...I guess you need another demonstration of how I feel ne?" Vegeta grinned at him before darting his head down to kiss him hungrily........//

"He's probably out training already." Goku shook his head, marveling at the other man's discipline. "Either that or he went out to get some food cause he doesn't want anymore fish." The Saiyan grinned as he remembered the prince's stream of curses and complaints when Goku had brought home yet another pile of fish to eat. "Fish is good for you." He said petulantly, getting up when his stomach began to rumble. "If he doesn't want it, that just means more for me."

Vegeta had found the pocket knife Trunks had insisted on giving him one fathers' day stashed in a side pocket of his duffel bag, and proceeded to cut up one of the apples, trying to feed small pieces of it to the deer. It resisted at first, but after the first taste eagerly nibbled at his fingers for more. Vegeta chuckled. "Well, if you like it I suppose it's safe to eat." He said as he looked around for a stick to brace the animal's broken leg with.

"That should hold you for a little while." Vegeta finished bandaging the deer's leg with scraps torn from his shirt and stood, cradling it in his arms. The animal blinked up at him, then leaned its head up and licked his cheek. "Now cut that out." He said sternly, chuckling at the strange sound coming from the creature, somewhere between a chortle and a purr. "You're welcome I suppose." He muttered, suppressing a grin. "How the hell did I become such a soft hearted baka?" He asked himself, though he already knew. He picked up his duffel bag with his free hand and headed back to the cabin, remembering the night he and Goku had bonded.

// "What's wrong Kakarott?" Vegeta scowled at his preoccupied lover, who was pacing like a caged tiger.

"I.. I just need to try to figure out how to make amends for this Vegeta." Goku looked at him sadly, and the prince saw the pain and regret in the other man's eyes.

"Kakarott.." Vegeta sighed and stood up, cupping the other man's cheek with his palm. "I told you about your friends that gave me what I needed to come and find you. Piccolo, Dende, King Kai...strange one he was." Vegeta raised his eyebrows, making Goku chuckle. "Besides, from what I understand, Gohan had already told you he'd forgiven you before you left...so..?" He looked up at him.

"I know." Goku sighed, wrapping his arms around his lover and pulling him close. "I just worry about the others.." He thought of his wife and winced. *Ex wife now.* He thought.

"Don't worry what the others think." Vegeta snapped, then his tone softened. "Let them have some time to..cool off." He turned his head and nipped at Goku's chest. "We'll take some time for ourselves, free of interruptions and distractions, and when you're ready we will go home and deal with them. Maybe then cool heads will prevail."

"You're right koi." Goku sighed, resting his chin on Vegeta's head. The smaller Saiyan growled in protest, making him smile. "Hey let's get out of here for a bit. Come for a walk with me." He looked down at Vegeta.

The smaller Saiyan frowned up at him for a moment, then shrugged nonchalantly. "If you wish."

Goku draped an arm around Vegeta's shoulders as they left the cabin.

"Naw, not that way koi..." Goku said, shaking his head as Vegeta made to go down to the lake. Vegeta scowled and changed direction, heading the opposite way toward the hills where they hunted. "Hm..nope not that way either." He said.

Vegeta heaved a sigh and turned toward him, annoyed. "Well then where do you want to go?"

"Um..." Goku thought about it for a moment, before deciding on the middle path. "This way!" He called over his shoulder, laughing as he sprinted off.

Vegeta shook his head, chuckling. "Baka." He whispered affectionately before running after him.

The two Saiyans laughed and chased each other through the trees, tackling each other and pausing to steal a kiss or grope every so often, until the trees thinned out.

"Hey..." Goku said, turning and looking behind him as he noticed he had a shadow. "Oh wow...." He breathed.

"Beautiful." Vegeta said quietly as he drew up beside Goku, wrapping an arm around his waist.

The two Saiyans stood at the edge of a high cliff, looking down at the same lake they fished and swam in. The thick forest that surrounded the lake stretched out as far as the eye could see, illuminated by the huge, pink-orange moon that hung low in the sky, looking large enough and close enough that you could reach out and touch it. That same moon was reflected in the lake, the water rippling with light and color as a cool night breeze stirred the surface.

"It's amazing.." Goku said, staring down. "I could look at this all night." He grinned. "It's perfect."

"Oh I don't know.." He jumped as Vegeta's hands slid across his bare chest, nimble fingers gently plucking at hardened nipples. "I can think of one thing that's missing."

"'Geta..." The Saiyan growled, eyes growing heavy lidded as the other man slid a hand down into his gi pants to caress his growing erection. "Ahnn..." Goku sank to his knees, keeping a tight grip on Vegeta's wrist and dragging the smaller Saiyan down with him. "Vegeta..." He growled, pulling the prince into his lap. "What's missing?" He murmured, nuzzling Vegeta's cheek.

"You writhing beneath me, screaming my name for one thing." The Saiyan chuckled, sliding his other hand into Goku's pants as well, eliciting a low moan from the larger man. "Yes..." Vegeta purred, pulling away Goku's sash and peeling his pants down off his hips. "Now that would be perfect." He grinned, pushing his lover down onto his back.

Goku gasped as Vegeta's head darted down, tongue flicking out to tease a nipple, while the prince's hands slid up and down his arousal. "Please koi.." He croaked, hips bucking.

Vegeta pulled back, tilting his head to one side and regarding his lover with a smirk. "Actually..." He scrambled up onto Goku's stomach and rolled the larger Saiyan on top of him. "I did all the work last night. It's your turn."

Goku laughed as he rolled over onto the smaller Saiyan. "Riiiight. You did all the work and got no pleasure out of it whatsoever." He grinned down at Vegeta.

"Well I didn't say that now did I?" Vegeta gave Goku a smoldering look, stretching and arching beneath him.

With a low growl Goku tore away Vegeta's muscle shirt, then peeled off his spandex shorts, slowly licking and kissing his way up the inside of Vegeta's thigh. He smiled wickedly as he brushed his cheek against Vegeta's silken length, eyeing it hungrily for a second before taking it into his mouth.

A rasping cry escaped Vegeta as Goku's mouth engulfed him, his hips rocking gently while he tangled his fingers in the other Saiyan's hair. "Kakarott..." He groaned, Goku's talented mouth quickly bringing him to the edge of completion.

Goku suddenly released Vegeta's arousal, leaning back to kneel between the prince's thighs, smirking at the low sound of disappointment that came from his lover.

"No.." Vegeta snarled, raising himself up on his elbows and glaring at Goku, baring his teeth at the lazy smile that settled on the other Saiyan's lips.

"What?" Goku grinned at him before moving up and straddling the prince's hips. Goku growled as he raked his teeth down Vegeta's throat. "Impatient aren't we my little ouji.."

"Don't call me little." Vegeta snapped, swatting at Goku's shoulders playfully as he tried to hide a smile. His eyes narrowed when Goku pressed two fingers to his lips, and he nipped at them gently before taking them into his mouth, sucking and licking them. "Kakarott..." He rasped, shifting restlessly beneath the larger man as fingers trailed down his stomach, raising goosebumps.

Goku moaned softly as he pushed two fingers into himself, stretching himself briefly before positioning himself over Vegeta's cock. He leaned down and captured the other man's lips in a bruising kiss a split second before thrusting down, his sharp cry muffled by the kiss.

Vegeta's eyes snapped open, fingers digging into Goku's shoulders as he resisted the urge to thrust up into the tight heat. He gasped and arched, growling low in his throat as the other Saiyan raised his hips and slammed them down again, setting a frantic pace. "K...Kakarott..." Vegeta stammered, breath coming in ragged gasps as he bucked his hips up to meet Goku's thrusts.

The two Saiyans growled and cried out softly, leaning toward each other and nipping at each other's lips, hands fisting in spiky hair while bodies arched and strained.

Vegeta stared up at Goku, eyes glazed with passion as sweat beaded on his forehead. "Kakarott.." He rasped as he began to tremble.

Goku's eyes were fixed onto Vegeta's, sweat running down the sides of his face. "Nnn....'Geta.." He purred as he let go of Vegeta's hair and reached up to clasp the prince's hands, gently removing them from his own sweat dampened locks and pinning them over Vegeta's head. "Ai...shiteru.." Goku whispered, moving his hips faster as he felt his climax approaching, Vegeta's trembling signaling the ouji was also near climax.

Vegeta pulled his hands away, reaching down and gripping Goku's cock tightly and stroking him. The taller Saiyan gasped, body jerking as he kept his ebony eyes locked onto Vegeta's.

Both Saiyans arched and thrust against each other, panting harshly as they approached completion together.

Vegeta was the first, a choked cry escaping him as he thrust up one last time and spilled his seed deep inside his lover, his eyes never leaving Goku's.

Goku held out mere seconds more, a hoarse shout torn from his throat as his essence coated Vegeta's hands, the Saiyan's eyes boring into Vegeta's.

Both men froze as a wave of awareness washed over them, each man suddenly finding himself privy to the other's feelings, and thoughts.

"V...Vegeta?" Goku whispered uncertainly, confusion written all over his face.

The prince lay staring up at the other man with a sly smile on his face. "I knew it. That's what was missing all that time." He said quietly. "It was there, it was just incomplete." He said as he shifted beneath the larger man, coaxing him off to lay beside him.

"What.." He looked at Vegeta intently. "What was missing Vegeta?" Goku asked.

"A mental bond Kakarott...at least a full mental bond." He chuckled. "I felt a strange connection to you decades ago, when I first came to Chikyuu. That's why I wanted you to join me, because that type of instant connection usually will eventually result in the two Saiyans taking each other as mates."

"So that's what I felt back then.." Goku breathed, reaching up and stroking Vegeta's face, seeing that fateful day's events from the ouji's perspective.

Vegeta lay in silence, slowly sifting through Goku's memories of the years they had spent fighting together, and he saw the budding feelings the other Saiyan had kept hidden for so long. "Well.." He said softly. "Better late than never I suppose."

Goku smiled and pulled Vegeta on top of him, one hand cupping the back of the prince's head as they lay together in silence watching the moon. //

"Kakarott!" Vegeta called as he approached the cabin still cradling the injured animal.

"Yeah?" Goku answered, grunting as he dragged a large fish behind him.

"Baka." Vegeta snorted, smirking as he set down his bag. "Leave that thing there and give me a hand with this." He pointed at the deer.

"Aww..." Goku slowly approached, a wide grin on his face as he saw the creature. "It's so cute! Where'd you find it?" He reached out and petted it, and the creature immediately nipped his finger. "OW! HEY!" The Saiyan cried, shaking his finger and cradling his hand to his chest. "That hurt!" He whined.

"It's still frightened after being attacked, I suppose." Vegeta said, trying to hold back a smile as Goku continued to whimper.

"Attacked...? Hey, what happened to its leg?" Goku asked, noticing the bandages and splint.

"I just told you, Kakarott." Vegeta looked at him with mild annoyance. "One of this planets carnivorous reptiles, it looked like an oversized raptor, tried to take a chunk out of him."

"Poor thing." Goku said, then darted into the cabin. He emerged moments later with a senzu bean.

"Oh you're not serious!" Vegeta said, gaping at him.

"Well, he can't be left to run around with that leg Vegeta." Goku said, holding it out to the creature, who resisted for a moment, then finally complied as Vegeta took the bean and pressed it into the animal's mouth.

They quickly stripped off the makeshift bandages, to reveal a fully healed leg beneath. Both men grinned at each other briefly, before Vegeta set the animal down.

"So, are you going to keep it?" Goku asked.

"No, why would I? It belongs here." Vegeta said, watching as the creature bounded back and forth across the small clearing in front of the cabin. He snickered as the small animal lost its footing and wound up falling on its face. He chuckled, watching as the deer regained its footing and resumed running, only to trip over a root and wind up on its face, again.

Both men were trying desperately to hold back laughter as the deer fell a fourth, then a fifth time.

"Perhaps I should keep it for a while, at least until it learns how to stay on its feet for more than five seconds." Vegeta snickered, walking over and scooping it into his arms. The creature blinked up at him, then leaned up and licked his chin, the bizarre chortle purr starting up again.

"Wow.." Goku said, watching his lover with a soft smile. "He really likes you, Vegeta." He sat down beside his lover and tentatively reached for the animal once more. This time it didn't lash out, just leaned its head into Goku's hand.

"So." Goku smiled at Vegeta. "I take it you didn't want fish again this morning?"

Vegeta scowled. "No, I most certainly did not!" He told Goku about the fruit trees he had found, and the Saiyan immediately took off in the indicated direction to get some.

Some two hours later, the two Saiyans and one deer lay sprawled on the grass, full and happy as they basked in the warm midmorning sun.

"By the way Vegeta..." Goku turned to look at his lover. "What are you going to call him?" He nodded his head at the deer.

"Tsutanai." Vegeta chuckled.

"Huh? What's that?" Goku asked.

"Means clumsy." He answered, as both of them burst out laughing.

"Yeah, it fits." Goku snickered, reaching out to pat the animal. He suddenly fell silent, his smile fading slightly.

"What's wrong Kakarott?" Vegeta sat up, concerned.

"I don't know." He said quietly. "But I've had the strange feeling all morning that something's wrong. Something at home" He sat up as well and stared up at the sky. "I think..." He frowned slightly. "I think I'm ready to go back."

To Be Continued........

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