Alone Again. Part 3.

Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh.

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language, some almost non-con.

Notes; AU, weird, TWT, OOC, maybe some mild angst.

Rating; NC-17.

Pairing; Vegeta X Gohan, ?x?.

Thanks to Larania for beta reading for me.

Synopses; Gohan and Vegeta are left to their own devices after Goku is dead yet again.

Piccolo floated in mid-air beside what he had come to think of as his waterfall, trying to absord the things he had sensed happening this afternoon. *So, Gohan and Vegeta are lovers.* he thought, frowning. *I should have told Gohan how I felt when I had the chance.* Piccolo thought sadly, heaving a sigh and drifting down to the ground. His chances of actually getting any meditating done today were nonexistent. His thoughts were jumbled, his emotions varying between anger, jealousy, and sadness. *Dammit Son! This wouldn't have happened if you had just agreed to let us wish you back. But no. You said to leave you alone. You didn't even think about the emptiness that those two would feel with you gone. Vegeta cared for you, despite all the insults and threats. You were the last full blooded Saiyan left. He needed you. And what about Gohan? He needed your love. When you left him again, Vegeta stepped in, albeit more for his own reasons at first, but even he felt Gohan's needs. Now they're sleeping together, I wonder how you'll feel when you come down for a visit with your little halo and stumble in on the two of them fucking each other senseless.* Piccolo smiled at that, trying to imagine the looks that would cross Goku's face, not realizing just how far off he really was and that said visit had already happened.

Piccolo turned his face to the sky, reaching out with his mind and feeling for all the other Z fighters. Krillin, Yamcha and Tien were at Master Roshi's, and Vegeta and Gohan's ki signatures came from Capsule Corp. and were so close Piccolo knew they had to be at it again. He blushed slightly. *I hope those two aren't together anymore when Goku comes back.* He shook his head, deciding this train of thought wasn't getting him anywhere.

He turned and took to the sky, intent on going to Dende's lookout.

"What the hell......Oh Kami....NOOO!" Piccolo shouted as he felt a familiar ki flare back to life, not far from Capsule Corp., heading straight for Vegeta and Gohan. Piccolo put two fingers to his forehead, and used Goku's instantaneous movement technique, which no-one else knew he had learned, to transport himself to the front yard of the Briefs house. He quickly flew up to the balcony, feeling Gohan and Vegeta's familiar ki's just on the other side of the glass doors. *I'd better stay here out of sight, just in case.* he thought as he pushed his power level down as far as he could.

Piccolo's eyes widened as he felt Goku appear inside the house, just outside the bedroom door. He heard the crash, and felt the two men's ki's increase instantly.



Vegeta and Gohan stood on either side of the bed, stunned as they looked at Goku standing in the doorway.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Goku's voice was a low growl, nothing like his usual cheerful one.

Vegeta and Gohan glanced at each other briefly, and then looked back at Goku. Both of them noting for the first time the snarl that twisted his usually smiling lips, and the narrowed, glittering black eyes.

"Well? Is someone going to explain to me just what THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?!" Goku screamed, his face contorting with rage.

Piccolo chose that moment to make a smashing (literally) entrance, tearing away the balcony doors, and stepping into the room, the billowing white curtains combining with his cape to give him an ethereal quality, almost like he was stepping out of the clouds. "I think it's pretty obvious what's going on here Goku." Piccolo said quietly.

Goku eyes flashed as his eyes locked with Piccolo's, the tall Namek slowly making his way across the bedroom to stand in front of Gohan. Goku's eyes quickly slid to Vegeta, the force of the taller man's rage freezing the smaller Saiyan to the spot, speechless. "Why?" Goku growled softly.

"They needed you Goku, both of them in their own way." Piccolo began, trying to calm him down.

Goku threw back his head and laughed, and all three of them shivered at the maniacal quality of the large Saiyan's voice. "Oh that's good Piccolo," he sneered, a la Vegeta. "they needed me, so THEY FUCKED EACH OTHER?!" Goku began to laugh so hard he fell to his knees in the doorway, fists clenched, body shaking. He raised his head and pinned Vegeta with a look that went beyond anything he'd ever given anyone else, even on the battlefield.

Vegeta couldn't help but shiver at the intensity of Goku's gaze. *Well this is just great!* He looked over at Gohan and Piccolo. *Dammit! I am still not as strong as Kakarott, if he decides to come at me, I know where the Namek's loyalties lie. And I can't expect Gohan to go against his father. I need to figure out a way to get out of this.* He kneeled down and scooped up his jeans, taking a chance and sitting on the bed to put them on. *Well I do know one thing, I certainly don't want to have to fight for my life stark naked.* he held back a smirk, not wishing it to be seen by Goku and interpreted the wrong way.

Piccolo looked over at Vegeta, relieved that the Saiyan had the presence of mind to get dressed as quickly as possible, and decided he had to find a way to get Goku out of the bedroom and away from most of the reminders of what he had just busted in on. "Let's all go downstairs and talk about this..." Piccolo began.

"No, I don't think so Piccolo." Goku snapped, jumping to his feet and stalking over to stand toe to toe with Vegeta, "I want you to take Gohan and Goten home. And take Trunks with you as well. Vegeta and I need to talk, now."

"Ooooh no! No way!" Gohan yelled, afraid for Vegeta. "I'm not leaving!" he leaped over the bed and flung his father away from Vegeta, dropping into a defensive crouch in front of him. "Don't take this out on Vegeta, it was just as much my doing as his!" he growled.

"You're protecting him?" Goku stared at his son incredulously, "Protecting him from me?!" he bellowed. Then he turned his head to the side and closed his eyes. After a few tense moments, he looked back up at his son, and saw Vegeta trying to shove him aside. He smirked. "So, now you're both trying to protect each other from me." He began to stalk towards them, only to bump into a wide, solid chest. He looked up in surprise at Piccolo. "What, so now you're gonna protect them from me?" Goku's eyes hardened with anger.

"If your intentions are to harm them, then yes I'll protect them both. My loyalties lie first with Gohan, but if he feels the need to protect Vegeta then I'll help him." Piccolo asserted quietly. "I can feel your anger Goku, and I have never seen you like this. It frightens me." The Namek admitted.

Goku reared back in shock at Piccolo's admission, the anger slowly draining from his eyes. He turned away suddenly and walked across the room. With a sigh he splayed his hands against the wall, hanging his head sadly. "I'm sorry." Goku said quietly. "I didn't mean to do this. My emotions got the better of me." He said as he walked over to the corner and slumped to the floor, leaning back and closing his eyes. "Please Piccolo, Gohan, take Goten and Trunks and go home. I'll be along eventually, but I need to talk to Vegeta." He looked up and pleaded with Gohan silently.

"Well, alright Dad, as long as you're not going to hurt him." Gohan said, looking his father in the eye.

"I'm O.K. now Gohan, I just need...." Goku pulled his knees to his chest and crossed his arms over them before lowering his head.

"Come on Gohan, let's get the kids and go to your house." Piccolo said quietly, looking away almost shyly as Gohan put his clothes back on.

Vegeta strode out to the balcony and watched Piccolo and Gohan grab a kid each and take off toward Goku's house. "Shit, this is just great! Dr. Briefs is going to be pissed about these doors." Vegeta said angrily.

"You won't have to worry about it Vegeta," Goku growled. "You won't be back until they have it fixed most likely."

Vegeta turned, alarmed at the tone of Goku's voice, and didn't have time to react before Goku's hand wrapped around his throat, lifting him off the floor and slamming him into the wall. Vegeta's vision went fuzzy around the edges, and all he could see were Goku's eyes, glittering with something Vegeta couldn't define, before Goku put two fingers to his forehead, and the bedroom disappeared.

The next thing Vegeta knew, he was flung to the floor coughing and gasping for breath as Goku walked across the room and pulled a large duffel bag from the closet. Goku grabbed two blankets, two pillows, a couple of changes of clothing for himself, and stuffed them into the bag. He rummaged through the bottom drawers, and gave a frustrated groan.

"Don't move." Goku snapped at him as he strode out of the room.

Vegeta sat up and rubbed his throat gently as he heard Goku searching for something in the next room. Goku walked back in, glaring down at Vegeta, but saying nothing as he strode into the bathroom. Vegeta heard the medicine cabinet opening, then slamming shut again before Goku dropped the bag in front of him.

Vegeta cried out in surprise as Goku grabbed him by the arms and lifted him up, once more slamming him into the wall. "You........oh you are ......" Goku growled as he released Vegeta and spun around, going back to the closet and pulling out a good sized cot.


"No Vegeta! Don't say anything." Goku said angrily. Vegeta wisely fell silent. Goku grabbed Vegeta's shoulder and pushed him down to sit on the bed. "Don't even get up." Goku hissed, before stalking out of the room. Vegeta heard him going downstairs, and rummaging through the kitchen, before running back up the stairs. "We've got to go." he said, tossing a couple of armfuls of food into the bag and tossing it at Vegeta.

Vegeta grunted as he caught the bag, and winced as Goku grabbed his hand roughly. Goku grabbed the cot under his arm, and then Goku's bedroom disappeared. Vegeta gasped as they reappeared in almost pitch blackness. "Where are we?" He asked. Goku didn't answer, merely let go of his hand and stepped away. Light poured from an energy ball that suddenly appeared in Goku's cupped hands, and Vegeta realized they were in a cave.

"I used to come here a lot to think, to be alone." Goku said quietly, his voice echoing eerily. "It seemed like as good a place as any to bring you, since it was you I was thinking about most of the time."

Vegeta's head snapped up, and he jumped as Goku flung the energy ball into a corner of the cave, where it hit a pile of old wood, igniting it instantly. Vegeta's eyes followed the smoke up, and watched it escaping through a hole that looked like it had been blasted in the roof of the cave.

"What do you mean?" Vegeta asked quietly.

"I mean I thought of you." Goku said simply, setting the cot up. He decided not to extend the legs, merely lay it flat on the floor. He spread the blankets out on top of it, and began pulling out the food. "This should hold us for tonight, but we'll have to hunt tomorrow." He said.

"Tomorrow!" Vegeta yelled, "How long to you intend to keep me here!" he thought about trying to escape, but realized that it probably wouldn't work. As long as Goku wanted him to be here, he was stuck.

"As long as it takes." Goku said cryptically, making Vegeta tremble.

"Kakarott, what the hell is going on here? Why did you bring me here. We could have stayed at Capsule Corp. and had our talk." Vegeta said, eyeing the cot suspiciously.

"Yeah," Goku said, standing up and slowly walking toward Vegeta, a strange smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. "But that's about all we could have done with the Briefs' there. I intend to do much more than just talk." He vanished, and Vegeta quickly backed against the wall, gasping as Goku appeared in front of him.

"! Stop it!" Vegeta cried as Goku lifted him up and pressed him against the stone wall. He shivered and moaned softly as Goku began to rock his hips, his arousal obvious under his gi.

Just as suddenly as Goku had pushed him against the wall, the younger Saiyan released him, turning away and stalking to the other side of the cave. "I learned a lot of things while I was gone Vegeta," Goku said, turning to look at him, his eyes hungry. "Things about myself, and about my race. Specifically I learned about our mating habits." he smirked as he saw Vegeta's eyes widening. "I think you know those habits. For instance, at one time we had a complex ritual for claiming a mate. One Saiyan would hunt the other, and when they caught them, they would battle for supremacy. Whoever won was the dominant partner. If the one who was chased and caught won the battle, they could even refuse to mate with that person." he paused, watching Vegeta as the prince cocked his head to the side, remembering. "I also found out that males taking males for mates was commonplace, given the lack of females on Vegeta-sei." Goku snickered as Vegeta blushed wildly. He sobered quickly as he spoke again. "I never made any advances toward you because I thought you would be disgusted by the thought of mating with a man. Why didn't you ever tell me about any of that?" Goku approached Vegeta slowly, almost warily. "Kakarott! Wha...Fuck! You think that I could just walk up to you and say 'So Kakarott, just thought you'd like to know that homosexuality was no big deal among Saiyan warriors' or something stupid like that?! It wasn't something that showed up on your list of questions about our race before you died. Again! Baka!" Vegeta snapped, turning his back on the tall Saiyan.

Goku walked over to Vegeta, placing his hands on the prince's shoulders and giving them a gentle squeeze. "Yeah, I know. I guess Piccolo was right, you guys kind of fell into each other's arms while I was gone, huh?" he asked softly. His eyes widened as Vegeta whirled and wrapped his arms around Goku's waist, clutching him tightly. "Hey, I'm back now, and I'm not going anywhere." he whispered. "I'm glad to know that you and I feel the same way about each other." he smiled. "It makes what I have to say next that much easier." He pushed Vegeta away from him and dropped his arms to the sides. Vegeta looked up at him quizzically. "I'll give you a fifteen minute head start." Goku smirked.

"What are you talking about?" Vegeta asked, his brow furrowing.

"Just to be fair I won't even use my instantaneous movement." Goku said.

"Kakarott!" Vegeta yelled. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"I'm hunting you Vegeta. Run."

"OH SHIT!!" Vegeta screamed, turning and fleeing the cave.

To be continued............

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