Fusion. An interlude.

Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Warnings; Language, Yaoi, Yuri, lemon, bondage, angst, weirdness, possibly squicky in places for some.

Notes; humor, silliness, sap, OOC, TWT,, basically every warning or note shy of NCS.

Pairings; Changes by chapter, almost everyone gets involved eventually.

Disclaimer; Don't own 'em, not makin' any money off 'em.

"Denotes speaking"

*denotes thoughts*

This part was inspired purely by Morgaine, who cried because I didn't write about Mirai no Trunks getting to be on top too.

Five minutes later.....

"Uhhh...Gohan..please.." Trunks moaned, as Gohan trailed fiery kisses down his throat, nipping gently at his collarbone before moving down to trace hot, wet swirls over his lover's muscular chest with his tongue.

Trunks' hands fisted in Gohan's hair as the teen latched onto a hard nipple, alternating between sucking and raking his teeth over it, reaching over to pinch the other gently. The teen slowly slid his hand down his lover's washboard stomach and gently grasped Trunks' hardening member, stroking it slowly and firmly, delighting in the noises he wrenched from the older man with his touch.

"What was that you were saying about not being ready?" Gohan smirked, chuckling as Trunks bucked his hips, silently asking for more.

When Trunks was fully hard, trembling beneath him and whimpering with need, Gohan reached for the lubricant. He raised himself up, and sat straddling Trunks' hips, groaning softly as their erections brushed together.

"Please Gohan....I..I want you. I want to be inside you." Trunks begged, breathing raggedly.

Gohan grinned wolfishly at him, squeezing some lubricant onto his fingers.

"Just a sec," he said. "I think maybe...." he moaned softly, his eyes sliding closed as his head fell back.

"Huh? Gohan, what..." Trunks froze as he took in the sight before him.

Gohan was on his knees, poised directly over Trunks' aching need, one hand sliding up and down his own member, the other hand behind his back. Trunks' entire body throbbed with lust, as he realized what the teen was doing. Trunks picked up the lubricant and coated three fingers with it, before he reached his own hand between Gohan's legs, finding Gohan's hand and feeling the teen's fingers thrusting in and out of his own entrance.

"Here, let me." Trunks said softly, as Gohan moved his hand away, allowing Trunks to slide a finger into his tight entrance. Gohan moaned, then began to pant and buck his hips wildly as Trunks slid the second and third fingers inside him, thrusting them in and out several times, stretching his young lover, before probing for the same spot inside Gohan that had driven Trunks himself so crazy earlier. A sharp cry from Gohan let him know he had found what he was seeking. Trunks mercilessly rubbed Gohan's prostate, grabbing the teen's other hand and forcing it away from his quivering arousal, smirking as the teen cried out at the loss. He pulled Gohan down on top of him, moaning as the teen's lips claimed his is a searing kiss.

"Are you ready?" Trunks purred.

"Yes!" Gohan gasped, rocking his hips against Trunks eagerly.

With one fluid motion, Trunks rolled them over, hooking his arms under the back of Gohan's knees and spreading his legs wide open, staring down at his lover for a moment, enjoying his partner's vulnerable position. Gohan looked up at Trunks, and groaned softly at the smoldering intensity of Trunks' gaze.

"Please." Gohan whispered.

Trunks positioned the tip of his erection at Gohan's entrance, and slowly pushed it inside of him. Both of them gasped as Trunks' length was pushed through the tight ring of muscle, a strangled moan coming from Trunks as he tried to go slowly.

Finally, he was fully sheathed inside his lover, Gohan moaning at the sensation of being filled. Trunks leaned down until he was laying on top of his lover.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Trunks purred in his ear, rocking his hips very slightly, teasing the teen.

"Uhhh...Trunks....Please!" Gohan cried.

Trunks tried to stay still for a few more moments, then as Gohan began to buck beneath him, remembered the desire and need that had raged within him when Gohan had been inside of him.

"O.K., you ready Gohan?" Trunks asked, his voice hoarse with passion.

"Yeah." Gohan growled, bucking his hips again.

Trunks pulled out until just the tip of his erection was inside his lover, and began a series of slow, deep thrusts, aiming for his lover's prostate with each thrust. Gohan trembled beneath him, moaning his name, crying out when Trunks hit his sweet spot. He gripped his lover's shoulders tightly, as Trunks felt his control rapidly slipping away.

"Trunks please! Faster!" Gohan cried, seemingly reading his lovers thoughts.

Trunks growled, then began slamming himself into Gohan's tight heat, the pleasure obscuring all rational thought. Gohan's eyes rolled back in his head, as he began to thrash wildly beneath his lover. Trunks gripped Gohan's waist tightly, as he continued to piston in and out of his lover's body. Gohan fisted one hand in Trunks' long lavender hair as the other gripped his own shaft tightly, stroking himself in time with Trunks' thrusts.

Trunks threw back his head and howled as he emptied his seed into his lover's body, a keening wail coming from Gohan as his seed shot out to cover their chests and stomachs. Trunks collapsed on top of Gohan, and they lay like that for several minutes, chests heaving as they gasped for breath, hearts pounding, shivering slightly as the cool night air caressed their sweat-slicked skin.

Both of them jumped when a few minutes later as they heard Chi-Chi's voice calling for them.

"Oh man! We better get cleaned up, and quick!" Gohan said, chuckling as Trunks tried to stand, his legs still wobbly.

"We'll be there in a few minutes mom!" Gohan hollered, Trunks wincing at the sheer volume of the teen's voice. *And I thought my father and mother were bad!* he thought, then chuckled to himself.

"Well, you can stay out for a little while longer, just be home within the hour, O.K.?" Chi-Chi hollered back.

"Alright, thanks mom!" Gohan bellowed.

"So, how much time do we have?" Trunks asked.

Gohan reached into the duffel bag and pulled out his watch. "About 20 minutes." he said, disappointed.

"I guess we'd better go get cleaned up then." Trunks said, then noticed the downcast expression on his lover's face. "Hey, what's wrong?" Trunks asked, wrapping his arms around the teen.

"I just want to spend more time with you alone, that's all." Gohan said softly.

"Hey, don't worry about it, we've got time."

"Kind of, but between your mom and mine, we don't get a lot of time, and when our dads come back, we'll have to train with them, and then we'll have even less time." Gohan said quietly.

"Hey, our dads aren't coming home until the day after tomorrow, relax, even when they do come back, we'll find a way to sneak off alone." Trunks reassured him.

"Yeah, that's right, we will." Gohan said, wrapping his arms tightly around his lover, before they made their way back to the creek for the second time that day.