Waking dreams 6, repercussions.

This is a response to ran_chan's challenge.

Pairings; G/V, Gh/P.

Rating. R. Definitely an R.

Notes. Extreme OOC, sappy Vegeta, TWT, AU slightly.

Warnings; Yaoi. Lemon. Bitch Chi-Chi and angst in this chapter.

There's a secret at the Son residence, and we see how Chi-Chi is really handling all that's happened.

//indicates dreams//



Two weeks later at Vegeta's house in back of Capsule Corp.........

Gohan slowly opened his eyes, smiling when he felt large strong arms wrapped around him. "Mm.." He stretched, chuckling as a heavy weight settled on top of him.

"Morning." Piccolo smirked at him, leaning down to steal a kiss. He snickered as Gohan's stomach rumbled fiercely. "I was going to try for some early morning sex, but your stomach seems to have other ideas."

"Piccolo!" The demi-Saiyan laughed. "You are one naughty Namek!" He rolled them over and straddled Piccolo's waist.

"And that's what draws you to me right?" The Namek leered.

"Oh yes." Gohan chuckled, leaning down and nuzzling Piccolo's neck. "That's the whole reason I fell for you, your body and your sex drive." Both warriors laughed. "Ow!" The startled man yelped as a large hand smacked his rear end.

"Let's grab a shower and then go to the main house for breakfast." Piccolo said, eyes narrowing. "We can have a little good clean fun in the shower."

Gohan snorted and rolled his eyes at the bad pun. He giggled as he was swept up into the Namek's arms and carried to the bathroom.

"Trunks." Bulma sighed in exasperation. "Why don't you go play with Goten? He's not here to just sit in the corner like that." She looked into the living room, worry etched on her features as she observed the small boy, who was a carbon copy of his father.

Goten was curled up in an easy chair in the farthest corner of the room, knees pulled up to his chest, arms wrapped around his legs. He stared out the window forlornly, and had barely said two words all morning.

*He didn't even want to join us for breakfast.* The woman shuddered. *What's going on around here, he won't eat, Trunks doesn't play with him, and neither of them smile and laugh at all anymore.*

"Well?" She stood over her son, hands on her hips. "Do I get an answer?"

"I...um..." Trunks clasped his hands behind his back, shuffling his feet as he kept his eyes on the floor. "I want to play with Goten, but every time I do he says ouch, and he's always got lots of bruises. I don't want to hurt him anymore." The lavender haired boy looked up at her with tears in his eyes. "I didn't mean to give him bruises Mama, honest!" He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her, shoulders shaking.

"Oh honey.." Bulma looked down at him, draping an arm around the boy's shoulders. "I know you would never hurt your friend intentionally. Now what kind of bruises does he have?" She asked, curious as to what could have happened to cause injury to such a strong boy.

"All kinds." Trunks sniffled, turning to look at his best friend. "I saw one on his arm when he ripped his shirt by accident when we were playing hide and seek, but he didn't want me to see it, I could tell." The eight year old pulled away from his mother and went to the table for a piece of toast. "And when I slapped him on the back, he almost cried. I tried to lift up his shirt to see what happened and he ran away and wouldn't let me see."

Bulma shook her head, trying to clear away the awful thought that was forming in her head. "No...how could I even think something like that?" She berated herself quietly.

"Maybe because I'm thinking the same thing?" Mrs. Briefs' sudden appearance in the kitchen startled Bulma.

"You..you don't really think that.." Bulma breathed, eyes widening.

"Only one way to find out dear." She said, picking up a glass of grape juice from the table. "We need to get a good look at those bruises, and if he won't let us see them then we have to put him in a situation where he has no choice." The older woman sighed. Bulma eyed her mother suspiciously, wondering how the woman could be so intelligent sometimes, and manage to come off seeming so ditzy the rest of the time.

"No stay here Trunks." She said quietly, grabbing her son's arm gently and bringing him back to the table. "Sit down and have some more food." The demi-Saiyan grinned and didn't argue.

Mrs. Briefs walked into the living room, humming to herself as she squeezed behind Goten's chair. She cringed as she saw the boy moving to get up. *Now or never...* She thought as she dumped the contents of the glass in her hand over the young demi-Saiyan.

Goten shot to his feet with a startled cry, cold juice running down his back. He looked over his shoulder and his eyes widened in horror as he saw the large purple stain blooming on his white shirt. "Oh no.." He whispered. "Mama is going to be so mad." He bit his lip as his eyes filled with tears.

"Oh sweety I'm so sorry!" Mrs. Briefs cried, grabbing some kleenex and wiping at the liquid. "I am really sorry about that! Oh my and on a white shirt too! We'd better get you down to the laundry room fast so that doesn't stain." She grabbed Goten's hand and led him down the hall. "If we get these clothes in the machine now, no one will ever know!" She said as she led him into the room and grabbed the hem of his shirt.

"No!" Goten cried, trying to hang on to his clothing. "I...need a new one to wear." He turned away.

"Oh we can worry about that in a minute honey." The woman smiled at him. "Come on, let's get that shirt in there so it can get clean before your mom calls for you to come home." As Goten reluctantly let go of his shirt, Mrs. Briefs forced herself to keep humming as she threw the garment into the washer. She turned back for a better look as the boy turned away from her and crossed his arms over himself, trying to hide from her. "Oh honey...what happened?" She asked softly, kneeling on the floor beside him.

Goten's left arm was sporting several bruises around it, bruises that looked suspiciously like a hand had grasped his arm much too tightly. His other arm had a bruise on the bicep as well, and his shoulders had four bruises on the back, one on the front, each about the size of a fingertip as if someone had dug their fingers into his flesh. His back was worse. It was a riot of purple, blue, green yellow and red.

"Oh Kami..." Bulma rasped as she covered her heart with one hand, the other coming up over her mouth. "Goten..?" She slumped to her knees beside him as well.

"Hey!" Trunks stalked into the room, scowling. "Who beat you up?" He demanded, spinning his best friend around to face him.

Goten turned away. "I....I can't tell..." He whispered, eyes squeezed shut. "I'm not supposed to tell anybody." He choked back a sob as a tear forced it's way out from each eye and trailed down his cheeks.

"Goten..please." Bulma whispered. "Tell us the truth, did...did your mother do this to you?" She pulled the demi-Saiyan into a hug as he started to sob. Her own eyes filled with tears as Goten nodded. "Mom, go get Gohan." She said, her eyes hardening with anger. The older woman nodded and ran off.

Trunks looked at his mother and his best friend, trying to make sense of what he'd heard. *His mama did this? But why?* He asked himself. *My mama never does more than get a little angry and take away my TV or ground me for a couple of days when I do something wrong....* He walked over and hugged his mother and his friend.

Gohan laughed as he wrestled with Piccolo for his clothes. "Piccolo! Aren't you satisfied yet?"

"Not even close." The Namek snickered, pinning him to the bed.

Both warriors jumped as someone began banging on the front door. Piccolo stood and in a flash of light was fully dressed and heading for the door.

"Man I've got to learn how to do that." Gohan muttered, fighting to get his jeans on. He strained to make out what was being said as he buttoned up his shirt, and looked up in surprise as Piccolo barged into the room and all but carried him out the door. "Hey..what's wrong?"

"There's problems at home with your mother and brother." Piccolo said, frowning.

"Problems? What...."

"You need to come and talk to Goten." Mrs. Briefs said quietly, leading them into the main house and down the hall to the laundry room.

"What's going....Oh Kami Goten!" Gohan gasped, falling to his knees beside Bulma who still had a hiccuping sniffling Goten in her arms. "What...what happened?" He whispered, gently running a finger down the solid sheet of bruises on the young boy's back.

"Your mother did this to him." Bulma said quietly.

Gohan's head shot up. "No." He shook his head. "It...it's not possible...Goten..you...she didn't, did she?"

"Yeah..." The boy whimpered, tightening his grip on Bulma's sweatshirt.

Gohan looked away, his face white with shock. "I can't believe this." He whispered. "Mom was always strict, and she would yell, but hit? No. She never did that to me. Why the hell would she do this?" He slowly rose to his feet and swayed. He looked up as Piccolo gripped his shoulders. "First Dad has his obsession with Vegeta which leads him to.." He shuddered. "Then he runs away and leads Vegeta on a galaxy wide chase, and now Mom is beating my little brother...." He buried his face in the Namek's chest. "What do I do?" He asked plaintively, his arms winding around Piccolo's waist.

"Well..." Bulma began, picking Goten up. "The first thing I'm going to do is make sure Trunks' room has an extra bed, Goten's going to be staying with us for a while."

"I'll go to the supermarket to make sure we have enough food to support another half Saiyan." Mrs. Briefs chimed in.

All three turned when Dr. Briefs appeared in the doorway. "Bulma, Chi-Chi just called, she says she'd like Goten to come home now, seems he wasn't supposed to leave in the first place." He stopped and stared at the bruises on Goten. "Oh my, perhaps I should tell her we'll be taking him to the doctor instead." He turned to go.

"No, that's alright, I'll talk to her." Gohan turned and stormed up the hallway. "Mother." He said, his voice icy as he snatched up the phone.

"Gohan is that you?" Chi-Chi screeched into the phone. "Where is your brother? He left without my permission! And you've been gone far too long as well young man! I know you've been staying at Vegeta's with Piccolo and it's about time you came home and resumed your studies...oh Gohan! You...you left, your father...he.." Her voice quavered. "All I ever wanted to do was be a good wife and mother, and this is the thanks I get, raped and abandoned by my own husband, abandoned by both my sons...."

"Does being a good mother include beating a seven year old boy black and blue mother?" Gohan snapped. Silence on the other end of the phone.

"How dare you speak to me like that..you..." Chi-Chi hissed. "I expect you to bring your brother home this instant!"

"No I don't think so." Gohan said, voice rising with anger. "Goten is staying here at Capsule Corp. until Dad comes back. Maybe after you vent your anger at him, you won't want to hurt my brother anymore. But this misplaced anger of yours stops now."

"Gohan!" She shouted in his ear. "You will do as I say or I will come over there and get your brother, and give you what you deserve too!"

"Try it." He shouted back. "I won't like it, but I'll do whatever it takes to keep you from hurting him again!" He slammed down the receiver then jumped and spun around as a hand grasped his shoulder. "Oh Piccolo.." He whispered, leaning into the Namek's embrace. "Why?"

"I don't know Gohan." Piccolo replied, leaning his cheek on Gohan's head. "But I'm here if you need me."

"Thanks." Gohan said, his arms tightening around his lover as his eyes welled with tears.

*Dammit Vegeta quit playin around.* Piccolo thought, scowling. *You have to have caught up with Goku by now, so why haven't you brought him home yet?*

To Be Continued...........

Oh dear. Chi-Chi abusing Goten? Who would have thought? And when will our two lovebirds finally make it home, and how will Goku feel when he finds out his now ex wife has been taking her anger at him out on their 7 year old son?

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