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Warnings; Language, Yaoi, Yuri, lemon, light bondage, angst, references to NCS and child abuse. (Nothing too graphic though)

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Pairings; Almost everybody gets involved eventually.

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"Denotes speaking"

*denotes thoughts*

Son residence, after breakfast.....

As soon as the boys had helped their mothers clear the table, they were shooed outside to play. The younger boys immediately raced back up to the clearing where they had gone for the picnic the day before, as Gohan and Trunks smiled at each other and loped up the trail after them.

"Finally!" Chi-Chi growled as the boys disappeared up the hill. She pinned Bulma against the counter, seizing her lover's lips with her own.

Bulma groaned softly, reaching around to knead Chi-Chi's bottom through the light skirt she was wearing.

"Don't you two ever give up?" a harsh, deep voice bellowed from the doorway, causing the two women to shriek as they leapt apart, faces turning beet red.

"You'd think last night would have cooled your ardor somewhat, but I guess not."

Piccolo said as he filled the doorway.

"Uhhh....Hi Piccolo, how's things?" Bulma asked awkwardly.

"What do you mean by 'last night' ?" Chi-Chi demanded, Bulma jerked and stared at the huge Namek as what Chi-Chi said sank in.

"I mean, I saw it all. Everything you two did last night." He then recounted, in detail everything the two women had done to each other, right down to describing the colour of the fur lining in the handcuffs that had been fastened to Bulma's wrists.

"Oh my gosh..." Bulma moaned, covering her mouth with both hands, falling to her knees.

"Well, if you saw all that, you must have been standing there for quite some time enjoying the performance, you...you...hentai!" Chi-Chi spat the accusation at him, eyes blazing, hands fisted on her hips in a distinctly matronly fashion.

"Huh?!" Piccolo jumped, his face showing definite signs of guilt, mainly due to the fact that his normally green cheeks were turning a dark purple.

Bulma became enraged as she saw Piccolo blush. She jumped to her feet and yelled at him.

"How dare you!!" she screeched, stalking across the kitchen toward him. He raised himself to his full height, crossed his arms and glared down at her.

"Oh come on! You really think that after 6 years of living with Vegeta that I'm going to be intimidated by a look?" she sneered as she continued towards him.

"Hold on a minute honey," Chi-Chi grabbed Bulma's arm and pulled her into an embrace, causing Piccolo to blush even more at the open display of affection, "maybe instead of just watching, Piccolo would like to join us."

"WHAT!!!" Piccolo and Bulma shouted in unison and together turned wide, disbelieving eyes to Chi-Chi, who was slowly undressing the Namek with her eyes.

Bulma looked at her lover thoughtfully, wondering what she was up to.

"What the hell are you saying?! You're already cheating on your husbands with each other!" Piccolo sputtered, his entire face purple by this time.

"Well, I'm not exactly cheating on Goku," Chi-Chi began, "you see, we've slept together exactly once since Goten was born, 4 years ago. That was when Goku told me it was just better if we didn't have sex because you see, he had a hard time reaching completion with me because he had to hold back so much to keep from hurting me."

"Yeah, that's pretty much what's happened with me and Vegeta since Trunks was born too," Bulma said quietly, tightening her arms around Chi-Chi. "Except Vegeta didn't put it quite so nicely."

That doesn't surprise me." Chi-Chi nuzzled Bulma's hair, before continuing. "Anyway, Goku said I could find pleasure somewhere else, as long as it wasn't with another man. So to be fair, I told him he could do the same, just not with another woman."

"Hey, Vegeta said almost the same thing. Of course, he made some snide remarks about coming to see you." Bulma chuckled as she caressed Chi-Chi's back.

"Do you have a penis, Piccolo?" Chi-Chi asked abruptly.

Piccolo gaped, his whole head turning purple at that. Bulma giggled. Chi-Chi merely raised an eyebrow, waiting for an answer.

"Goku told me how Nameks reproduce, which means I know damn well you don't have one, however, you must have some way to obtain sexual gratification, so we can drag you upstairs and find out, with our husbands' full permission." She stated matter-of-factly.

Bulma and Chi-Chi locked eyes, nodding once, and then lunged for the tall, and now very frightened Namek.

"NOOOO!! AAAAmmpphhh!!!" Piccolo's terrified scream was cut short as a corner of his own cape was stuffed into his mouth.

He spit the fabric out of his mouth, cursing as he swatted roughly at the questing hands that were trying to find a way to undo the sash at his waist, until Chi-Chi knocked Piccolo's white and purple hat to the ground and gently grabbed his antennae. Piccolo froze, staring down, feeling the first tendrils of pain working their way through his head. Not many people knew that grabbing a Namek's antennae was the equivalent of grabbing a Saiyan's tail, it hurt like hell and therefore rendered them almost completely incapable of defending themselves.

"Now, you are going to come upstairs, and you are going to do exactly what we tell you to do, or I'm going to rip these off, got it?" Chi-Chi whispered menacingly.

"Yeah, I got it." Piccolo growled, as the two women led the burly Namek up the stairs.

"Now," Chi-Chi began, hopping up onto the bed, still firmly holding Piccolo's antennae, "let's get those off," she nodded her head to indicate the purple gi pants, "and see what's what, and take this cape off. Slowly." She tugged gently on the antennae, to show she meant business, eliciting a grunt of pain, as the huge Namek's legs gave out. The three of them fell to the bed in a tangle of arms and legs, and Chi-Chi took the opportunity to scramble onto Piccolo's chest, straddling the broad expanse.

"Well," Bulma giggled as she whisked Piccolo's gi pants away, "how are we going to refer to him..er...it from now on, when we are talking about hi..he...i..umm?"

"With that voice, this face and those muscles, I can't help thinking of him as anything other than a he." Chi-Chi said, her expression thoughtful.

"Yeah, you're right, except for the fact that...erm...he? doesn't have a penis, everything about him just screams male."

"Wha..excuse me!" Piccolo stammered, outraged at the two women talking about him like he was some kind of animal that couldn't understand what they were saying.

"Hey Piccolo, what are these?" Bulma asked.

"What?" Chi-Chi turned to look at what Bulma meant, and as she looked down the length of Piccolo's body, she was struck by the contrasting patches of red and pink skin. *That really is quite beautiful* Chi-Chi thought, and told Piccolo to take off his shirt.

"Wha...What the hell for?" Piccolo bellowed.

"You know perfectly well by now what for, now do it." Chi-Chi commanded as she squeezed his antennae, hard.

Piccolo shouted as white-hot pain seared through his brain, his eyes rolling back in his head as he passed out.

"Oh shit!" Chi-Chi cursed.

"Well," Bulma said as she watched the Namek's eyes slide closed, "at least now we can get his cape and shirt off without anymore trouble."

"True." Chi-Chi smirked. After several minutes of struggling, the two women finally managed to divest Piccolo of all his clothes. Both women took some time to thoroughly explore the Namek's body, admiring the muscular frame, lovingly running their fingers over the smooth, green skin, utterly entranced by the contrasts in color and texture.

"Hey, you've got to look at these." Bulma said, remembering what she had been looking at just before Chi-Chi had inadvertently knocked him out. The two women scrambled down and knelt down between the large, muscular thighs.

"What are they?" Chi-Chi asked softly as she saw what Bulma had meant.

Piccolo's torso was a study in contrasts, his chest was smooth and green, his stomach was adorned with a large half-circle of pink skin outlined with red, with defined ridges. Chi-Chi's eyes drifted down to his pelvis, which was again smooth and green, with one exception. Where on a human, there would have been a thatch of pubic hair, Piccolo had highly defined ridges of violet flesh, joining together in V's, running down the front of his pelvis.

Piccolo began to regain consciousness just as Bulma reached out a finger to touch one of the ridges.

"Don't touch thuuuhhh!" Piccolo's shout became a loud moan as Bulma's finger traced one of the v's.

"Well, that answers that question." Chi-Chi smiled slyly as one of her own fingers joined Bulma's to trace the sensitive ridges.

Piccolo gasped, his back arching off the bed as four hands stroked him. He groaned as his hands fisted in the sheets, his hips arching off the bed, eager for more contact.

He felt someone grab his hand so he raised his head to look down. Chi-Chi was turning Bulma around to lay sideways on the bed, her upper torso stretched down one side of Piccolo's stomach, her face level with his hips. Chi-Chi pulled on his hand, bringing it between Bulma's parted thighs, and placed his finger between her partner's labia, moving his finger up and down the slick flesh, before coaxing him to push the finger inside. Bulma moaned as the long, thick digit slid into her, Chi-Chi showed Piccolo how to stroke her, and she gasped as the finger found her G-spot.

"You're a quick study." Chi-Chi smirked at him, "Now, do the same for me." as she mirrored Bulma's position. Chi-Chi moaned as Piccolo repeated his actions, and lowered her head to gently lick Piccolo's own pleasure spots. Bulma joined Chi-Chi, Piccolo's body jerking violently as the two women began licking and sucking the sensitive flesh. Moans and pants filled the room as the trio undulated on the bed.

Pleasure seared through Piccolo as the two women steadily worked his flesh with their mouths and fingers, and he inserted a second finger into each of them. Both women gasped, then moaned in unison as they were filled, and Piccolo began thrusting his fingers in and out of them. They resumed their ministrations in earnest, nibbling and licking Piccolo's flesh, each reveling in the moans and growls they wrenched from the usually stoic warrior. Three bodies began to tremble violently as their pleasure reached it's peak, and their voices mingled as all three cried out their release. Piccolo took a deep, shuddering breath, and lay still, enjoying the tingling feeling that was now running through his entire body, as the two women lay slumped on top of him, breathing heavily.

Suddenly Piccolo's eyes widened.

"Hey, get up, quick!" he gently pushed the women off of him and got up, pulling his clothing back on with a speed that amazed Bulma and Chi-Chi.

"What's wrong?" Bulma asked, although she had a feeling she already knew the answer.

"Chibi Trunks and Goten are coming." Piccolo confirmed her suspicions.

"O.k., you go down and stall them, and we'll get dressed." Bulma said as she and Chi-Chi began scrambling back into their own clothes.

Piccolo raced downstairs, almost tripping on his hat in his haste, and flung open the door to glare at the two boys, who jumped and gaped at him.

"Piccolo, what are you doin' here?" Chibi Trunks asked.

"Never mind that, I thought you two were up there with Gohan and Mirai Trunks." he said.

"They won' play with us." Goten whined, "they just sit up on that stupid rock and talk."

"We're hungry." Chibi Trunks demanded.

"Well, your mothers are....busy." Piccolo said, "why don't you stay out here and play for a few minutes, I'm sure they'll make you something when they're finshed...uhh....straightening things up."

"Only if you play with us." Goten looked up at him hopefully.

Piccolo sighed. "Fine, but you have to promise to leave me alone after you have your snack." he growled.

"Yayyy!" both boys yelled as they dragged him into the back yard, Piccolo muttering something about 'damn nosy kids' all the way.