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Warnings; Language, Yaoi, Yuri, lemon, light bondage, angst, references to NCS and child abuse. (Nothing too graphic though)

Notes; humor, silliness, sap, OOC, TWT,, basically every warning or note.

Pairings; Almost everybody gets involved eventually.

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"Denotes speaking"

*denotes thoughts*

Just then, Bulma breezed into the kitchen and, using the ultra modern appliances her father had installed, made a breakfast the same size as Vegeta's so quickly that Goku's jaw dropped and he gaped at her in astonishment, "Wow Bulma, how'd you make all that food so fast?" he immediately sat down and dug in.

"Thank Dad!" She said with a grin, "I could never keep up with Vegeta and Trunks's eating habits, especially considering there's two of Trunks here now that future Trunks has decided to stay with us, without all this stuff!" she held her arm out to indicate the complex array of gadgets and machines that filled half of the kitchen.

"Yeah," Goku said with a sheepish grin, "I should talk to your dad about getting some of this stuff for Chi-Chi, she has a really hard time trying to keep up with me, Gohan and Goten."

"Well," Bulma began, he'll be up in about another half hour or so..."

"No, absolutely not!" Vegeta jumped up and yelled, startling the others, "we don't have time for this now! Kakarott and I are going out to train, and we're going now! He can see your dad later, and.." he added with a smirk, "bring some of these things home with him as a present. After all, we all know how pissed off Chi-Chi gets about his almost constant absences ." he crossed his arms and stared at Goku pointedly, his eyes gleaming maliciously.

Goku chose to ignore the comment and continued stuffing food into his face as he mumbled around mouthfuls, "Hey great idea Vegeta, thanks!"

"Hmph, bonehead," Vegeta muttered quietly, and Goku almost choked on his last sausage trying to stifle a laugh.

Half an hour later, the two Saiyans were finally ready to go, after much prodding, grumbling, complaining and threatening on Vegeta's part.

"Hey Bulma," Goku began, "do you think you could go over and see Chi-Chi and try to, you know, ..." he fidgeted nervously.

"Keep her company and try to keep her mind off your absence? Sure, no problem Goku." She said with a warm smile directed at her longtime friend, then glared at Vegeta, "I know just how she feels."

"What do you want from me?" Vegeta demanded, "Would you rather have a planet to live on, or me playing husband and father of the year?"

"Well," Bulma mused, seeming to consider it for a moment, as Vegeta crossed his arms, closed his eyes, and raised his head, "I guess that's a no-brainer, but you aren't exactly a great husband and father when there's NO threat to the planet either, like RIGHT NOW!" she shouted.

"Foolish woman! I HAVE to train to INCREASE my power and stay in top fighting form for when there IS a threat!" he shouted back. Just as the two began to take their positions for an all out war, Goku grabbed Vegeta by the arm and pulled him into the air.

"Well look at the time," he said with a nervous grin, "got your stuff Vegeta? Great let's go. Bye Bulma!" He waved as he quickly dragged Vegeta and the two rather large care packages off toward the island he and Vegeta had decided to train on.

They arrived on the island by noon, due to Goku's veering off to look at anything that caught his eye, and his almost merciless teasing of Vegeta which, on several occasions, had caused the irate Saiyan prince to chase after a hysterically laughing Goku and threatening to blast him into the next dimension, which had thrown them countless miles off course at least three times.

After landing and using one of Bulma's exploding capsule houses, Goku decided it was lunch time, and immediately headed toward the house to get something to eat.

"Oh no you don't! Time for you to pay for all those stupid remarks Kakarott!" Vegeta went Super Saiyan and fired a huge blast of energy at Goku.

"Wha..? Hey! No fair!" Goku shouted, going Super Saiyan and blocking the attack. "Alright then," he smirked, "if that's the way you want to play..."

And the fight was on! Meanwhile.....

Bulma decided perhaps she should go and see Chi-Chi and the boys this afternoon instead of putting it off. She grabbed Chibi and Mirai Trunks, packed them into the car, and sped off.

Chi-Chi was standing naked in front of the bathroom mirror as she prepared for a nice, hot bath. She glanced up and studied her reflection. *I hate this, being alone so much, dammit! Even when there's no big battles to be fought, I'm left alone for days on end, I.. I have needs!* she blushed at herself as she pictured how she'd like those needs met. *Vegeta's no better, I would love to know how Bulma handles it. She always seems happy, content, you never see her showing signs of frustration! How does she do it?* She grabbed her hair and piled it on top of her head, pouting slightly, cocking her hip to one side. She studied her body critically, her breasts, her flat and toned stomach, and tried to picture herself in some of the more risque outfits Bulma paraded around in. Chi-Chi found herself picturing Bulma's body, her breasts, which could be seen almost completely thanks to some of the skimpy bathing suits she wore, her hips, her high, round butt, her long slender legs...

"Hey, anybody home?!" Chi-Chi jumped three feet into the air and let out a loud squeal, her face turning several shades of red as the object of her rather hentai thoughts walked into the house.

"Hey, Chi-Chi where are you?" Bulma called as she made her way toward the bathroom.

"Uhhh, well, I'm just, ummm" Chi-Chi scrambled down the hall and into the bedroom, trying to find something to put on, when the door swung open to reveal Bulma leaning against the door frame with mischievous smile playing on her face. The short, tight electric blue dress she wore showed off all of the physical attributes Chi-Chi had just been thinking about. Every curve was played up to the hilt, and the dress stopped high up on her thighs, showing off Bulma's legs to maximum advantage. Chi-Chi couldn't seem to help herself as she stopped and stared, her eyes roaming every inch of Bulma's body in a way her hands would never dare.

When she looked up and saw Bulma staring back at her, she squawked and dove back into the bathroom, hiding behind the door, breathing heavily.

Bulma stood in the doorway, stunned. She had never seen Chi-Chi naked, although she had to admit she always wondered exactly what was hidden under those long bulky clothes she always wore. She also had to admit with smirk, that she had been pleasantly surprised by what she had seen, as had Chi-Chi, judging from the way the other woman had been undressing her with her eyes. She couldn't believe that there might actually be a possibility that her friend might share the attraction Bulma had been trying to hide for so long.

"Hey, Chi-Chi," Bulma called, "when you're ready to come down, I thought you, me and the boys could go for a walk in the woods, and have a picnic, what do you think? Let the boys get out and play for a few hours, and we could have a little time to ourselves." the last said with a sly smile playing on Bulma's lips, unseen by Chi-Chi who was still hiding behind the bathroom door trying to get her breathing and heartbeat back under control.

"Umm, sure." Chi-Chi said, her voice still unsteady, "I was just about to get into the bathtub, give me about half an hour O.K.?"

Bulma's eyes flashed, *Need an extra pair of hands in there?* she thought, but instead called out "O.K., I'll just make sure everything's packed up and we'll wait out in the yard." Images of a naked, soap slicked Chi-Chi filled her head as Bulma slowly slunk down the stairs.