Alone Again. Chapter 5, the hunt part two and conclusion.

Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh.

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language.

Notes; AU, weird, TWT, OOC, maybe some mild angst.

Rating; NC-17.

Pairing; Vegeta X Gohan, Vegeta X Goku, Gohan X Piccolo.

Thanks to Larania for chatting with me and sporking me to get this done.

Synopses; The hunt is finished, but the story is not quite over.

The next morning......

"Hey Piccolo." Gohan said, padding into the living room wearing nothing but a pair of loose track pants.

"Morning Gohan." Piccolo said quietly, turning his head away before Gohan could see the effect his bare chest was having on the stoic Namek. "How are the boys doing?"

"Oh they're fine. But I'm worried about Dad and Vegeta." The young man said, his brow furrowing with concern. "They've been gone all night, and a his room and mine were torn up quite a bit when we came home...." He trailed off, staring at Piccolo pleadingly. "I just hope they haven't hurt each other."

*Oh hell, I suppose I need an excuse to get out of here before I do something stupid anyway.* Piccolo thought ruefully. "Don't worry Gohan." He said gruffly. "I'll so see what's going on, alright?"

"Oh thank you Piccolo!" Gohan ran across the room and flung himself into Piccolo's arms, blissfully unaware of the dark flush that spread across the large warrior's face as his hands curled around Gohan's bare shoulders.

*Oh Kami! I've got to get out of here NOW!!* Piccolo thought frantically as he felt an almost painful tightening in his groin. He disentangled himself from Gohan's embrace and bolted out the door. He flew into the air, and searched for Vegeta and Goku's ki. *Over that way, hmm......I wonder what the hell they're doing! Their ki is way up. I'd better check this out.* He sped off in their direction.

"Uhh.......Kakarott...." Vegeta moaned as his fingers sank into his lover's unruly black hair. Goku growled softly as his mouth slid up and down Vegeta's shaft, making the small Saiyan writhe and gasp. Goku reached for the tube of lubricant, eager to be inside his lover after spending the better part of the morning teasing the Prince with his fingers and mouth.

"I want you Vegeta..." Goku whispered as he pulled his mouth away from Vegeta's arousal, grinning at his lover's groan of disappointment. He squeezed some lubricant on his fingers and began to tease his lover's entrance.

Vegeta stiffened slightly but forced himself to relax under his lover's gentle touch. He gritted his teeth as Goku pushed one finger into him.

Sensing his lover's discomfort, Goku wrapped his lips around Vegeta's erection, sliding up and down in smooth, sure strokes.

Vegeta let out a loud moan as Goku's lips and tongue caressed his member, and a thick finger slid in and out of him. He arched his back as a second finger entered him, and his lover began to gently probe for his prostate.

Goku raised his head and grinned as Vegeta jerked and let out a choked cry, his body beginning to tremble as Goku found his sweet spot. Goku slid up and swallowed Vegeta's cries in a heated kiss as he worked the smaller man's prostate, wondering if it were possible to make Vegeta orgasm just by touching him this way. Vegeta whimpered and shuddered beneath him. "K...Kakarott....nn...p...please!" The Saiyan begged. "I....I..want you..." Vegeta panted.

Goku stared down at his mate with hooded eyes, watching Vegeta carefully as he spread lubricant on to his throbbing member. *I'm going to remember this koibito...The first time I had you under me writhing in pleasure, begging for more.* He moaned softly as he positioned himself at Vegeta's entrance, enjoying the small sounds of need and impatience coming from his lover.

"Kakarott..." Vegeta ground out. "What are you waiting for?" He reached up and curled his hands around Goku's biceps, kneading the hard flesh.

"Just savoring the moment koi." He whispered, looking down at his lover. Vegeta's eyes were passion glazed, his lips swollen and slightly parted as he panted softly. Fine tremors wracked Goku's body as he gently traced Vegeta's face with his fingertips, moving down and caressing the tender skin of his throat, then further down to rub his chest and stomach. Vegeta growled as Goku's hand brushed his arousal, and Goku immediately grasped it, moving his hand up and down in slow firm strokes that made Vegeta gasp and shiver beneath him.

"Please.." Vegeta rasped, bucking his hips against the hot flesh pressing against his entrance. "Take me..."

Goku moaned at Vegeta's words, and reached down to grasp the back of Vegeta's knees, lifting his lover's legs to his shoulders. "I've always wanted to have you like this koi.."

"Then do it!" Vegeta cried, gripping Goku's forearms tight enough to bruise the tall Saiyan. "Kakarott!" He screamed, frustrated.

Both of them shouted as Goku thrust into Vegeta.

Goku froze, whimpering and shaking violently. "Unn.....uhh....Oh I...." He groaned. " hurts..." He whined, as Vegeta's muscles gripped him so tightly he couldn't decide where the pleasure ended and the pain began.

It was much the same for Vegeta as his body quivered, his eyes clenched shut and teeth bared in a snarl.

The two Saiyans stayed completely still for several minutes, until Vegeta's body finally adjusted to Goku's member. Vegeta began to rock his hips gently against Goku, silently asking for more. Goku raised his head and stared into Vegeta's eyes, passion etched on his handsome features.

"More." Vegeta whispered.

Goku growled low in his throat as he pulled his hips back, pulling himself most of the way out of his lover. Vegeta looked up at him, his eyes all but screaming need.

Both Saiyans cried out as Goku thrust back into Vegeta and paused.

"Kakarott! Damn you!" Vegeta hissed. "Don't tease me!" He began to buck his hips violently.

"Vegeta!!" Goku cried as his lover's movements drew him deeper. His head dropped, his body shaking. Goku groaned, and his groan turned into a vicious snarl as he reared up on his knees, sliding Vegeta's legs off his shoulders and wrapping them around his waist as he clutched the Prince against his chest. Vegeta growled softly as Goku's hands splayed possessively around his waist.

Both Saiyans cried out as Goku lifted Vegeta's hips and began forcefully slamming his lover down on his cock.

Vegeta's head dropped back as he panted and dug his fingers into Goku's shoulders hard enough to draw blood. Goku moaned as he drew Vegeta up and down his length, smiling slightly as Vegeta began to tremble in his grasp. He angled his lover's compact body so that his arousal would hit Vegeta's prostate with each thrust and picked up his pace.

Piccolo touched down far enough from Vegeta and Goku's location that he was confident they wouldn't sense him. He stood on a ridge, looking in their direction, and wondered what the hell was happening. *Kami! The power fluctuations, what the fuck are those two up to?* He wondered, scowling. *And do I really want to walk into the middle of it? Shit! There's no telling what's in their heads at any given time. Frankly I'm surprised Vegeta's still alive after Goku catching him in bed with Gohan. I thought he was going to kill him right there!* The tall Namek shivered as he remembered the look of rage that had been on Goku's face when he had walked into that room. His reverie ended as he felt both of them powering up again. *Damn, I guess I'd better check this out.*

Goku and Vegeta moaned and panted as they moved against each other, sweat trickling down their faces and chests as they drew nearer to completion. Goku gently lowered them until Vegeta lay beneath him on the mattress once again, legs firmly clamped around Goku's waist as his hands fisted in Goku's dark hair. He braced his weight on his arms, and leaned down to smother Vegeta's cries with his lips in a searing kiss, tongues touching and swirling around each other before fighting for control. Goku slid a hand down and wrapped it around Vegeta's erection. He swallowed Vegeta's choked scream as Vegeta began to thrash beneath him, the movements creating exquisite friction that almost drove Goku over the edge. Goku whimpered as he desperately tried to hold out until Vegeta came. He didn't have long to wait. With a hoarse scream, Vegeta came, his seed coating both their stomachs. Moments later, Goku's roar of pleasure bounced off the walls of the cave as Goku buried himself inside his lover one final time before collapsing on top of Vegeta with a contented sigh. Vegeta lay beneath Goku, pushing lightly at his chest, enjoying the feel of his lover's weight on top of him. He wrapped his arms around Goku's neck and chuckled quietly, beginning to doze off.

That was when Piccolo decided to use instant transmission to appear right outside the cave, recognizing it as one Goku would come to often to be alone. *What the hell happened?* The Namek wondered, getting a bad feeling. *Their power levels just dropped all of a sudden. This can't be good.*

He ran into the cave, and quickly turned away, his hands covering his face, which was turning purple as he blushed for the second time that day.

Goku lay naked and sprawled on top of an equally naked Vegeta, arms and legs entwined as they dozed on a mattress thrown on the floor of the cave.

Piccolo jumped and spun around at the sound of Vegeta's laughter.

"Wake up koi, we've got a visitor." Vegeta smirked.

"Mph...hmm...? Wha.?" Goku mumbled, opening his eyes and slowly raising his head and turning to look at Piccolo. "Oh hey! What are you doing here? Is something wrong?" Goku blinked at him innocently.

*Oh Kami!* Piccolo thought. *I walk in on him after he and Vegeta have obviously had sex, and he's asking me if something's wrong?*

"I thought you two were fighting! I see now I was wrong." Piccolo scowled at them. "What changed your mind?" He asked sarcastically.

"Well, I was pretty pissed off when I found out Vegeta and Gohan were sleeping together, but that was because except for Bulma, I considered Vegeta mine. I guess I felt a little betrayed by him sleeping with another male." Goku explained.

"What! You....he...yours?" Piccolo stammered. "Oh!" He walked over to the other side of the cave. "Would you two at least cover up or something? I can't stand here and ask for an explanation to give to Gohan with you two laying there like that!" He stalked over and grabbed a blanket, covering the lovers with it.

"Oh no, don't worry about that, we'll go to my place so I can explain it to him myself." Goku said quietly. "I owe my son that much after taking Vegeta from him."

Several minutes later, a fully dressed Goku Vegeta and Piccolo appeared in Goku's bedroom along with all the things Goku had taken to the cave.

Gohan sensed the three energy signals coming from upstairs and raced to the bedroom. He flung open the door, and knew instantly what had happened from the way his father's arm was draped across Vegeta's shoulders. "So. You two finally got together." He said, leaning on the doorframe and crossing his arms.

"Son..." Goku began, looking abashed. Even Vegeta had the grace to look embarrassed about what he'd done.

"No, stop Dad. Don't." I know you two always had feelings for each other, even though you never had the guts, or maybe the brains to admit it." Gohan chuckled as Vegeta glared at him. "But I'm glad you finally got together." He smiled as he turned and walked out of the room. "That leaves me free to pursue other things, or should I say other people." He tossed over his shoulder.

"Oh, you and Videl getting back together?" Goku grinned.

"Noo....." Gohan smirked. "Not quite."

"Huh?" Goku gaped at him, then turned to Vegeta, who was grinning slyly at Piccolo.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Or are you too chicken to face the challenge of hunting a Saiyan?" Vegeta sneered.

"What? Hunting? Goku what is he talking about?" Piccolo bellowed.

"What's going on?" Gohan poked his head back around the corner.

Goku sighed. "Okay you two, come on in and sit down, and I'll explain some things I learned over the past couple of years about Saiyan mating."

Twenty minutes later, Piccolo stood in the corner, staring at Goku in amazement. Gohan sat on the edge of the bed, staring at Piccolo with a strange gleam in his eyes.

"So.." Gohan said slowly. "Saiyans hunt each other to claim a mate? I never would have thought of something like that."

"Yes, and the hunter or the prey can initiate it. The prey can challenge someone they wish to be mated with to hunt them. The fighting element is more a matter of choice, if the one captured thinks it was unfair. Then the fight will decide things." Vegeta explained.

"Ohhhh, so if I wanted to be mated with someone, and challenged hi...them to hunt me, they would have to accept the challenge?" Gohan asked innocently.

"That or look like a coward who doesn't deserve a mate." Vegeta scoffed.

"Kay...Dad, come out here for a minute please." Gohan jumped up and ran down to his room. Goku stood up and followed his son.

"What's he up to?" Piccolo frowned.

"I think I have a pretty good idea." Vegeta smirked, remembering the scene that had taken place in his bedroom when Goku had found him and Gohan together. *The boy was shocked at his declaration of loyalty, and glad to have some inkling that the Namek felt something for him.* Vegeta thought, smiling as he wondered what Piccolo's reaction was going to be.

"You what?!" Goku's muffled yell came through the walls. "Oh wow! Well," Goku's voice traveled up the hallway, "I guess, if he accepts, then I'll accept the two of you together. Are you sure about this?" he asked as they re-entered the bedroom.

"Yeah I'm sure Dad. I've thought about it for a while, but never thought my feelings would be returned until yesterday." Gohan said as he grinned at Piccolo.

"What? Why are is everybody looking at me!" Piccolo yelled as all three Saiyans turned and smiled at him.

"Piccolo..." Gohan sidled up to him, running his hand across the broad expanse of the warrior's chest. "I challenge you to hunt me." He purred seductively.

"WHAT!?!" Piccolo shrieked, backing into the wall.

"You heard him Namek." Vegeta sneered. "He wants to be mated with you, do you accept his challenge, or are you a chicken? Or maybe he was wrong, and you don't want him after all." Vegeta spat at him, hoping to goad him into an answer. *Hopefully the right answer. Gohan will be crushed if he declines.* Vegeta winced.

Piccolo glared daggers at Vegeta for a moment. "Very well." He growled. "I accept the challenge. I will hunt Gohan. What's the time limit and what are the rules?"

"Well," Goku began, looking at Vegeta for a second. "I had about 2 hours to find Vegeta, and I wasn't allowed to use instantaneous movement." Goku said.

"Piccolo doesn't know that technique, so that rule doesn't apply." Gohan said confidently, looking at the clock. "Okay, if Piccolo hasn't caught me by noon, the hunt is over." Gohan grinned at him. "But I can transform to help me get away." He smirked, going SSJ2 and streaking down the stairs and out the front door.

"You'd better hurry Piccolo!" Goku said, looking out the window and seeing Gohan shooting through the sky. "You'll never catch him if you don't get out there."

Vegeta threw back his head and laughed. "He doesn't need to chase after your overconfident son Kakarott." Goku stared at him, not understanding. "Piccolo knows instantaneous movement. You're son just made a major mistake and underestimated his hunter." Vegeta smirked. Goku stared wide-eyed at Piccolo. "Come on Kakarott! Didn't it occur to you when he just appeared outside the cave? He didn't approach us on foot or from the air, he just appeared."

"Piccolo, why didn't you tell us you could do that?" Goku asked.

"It never came up until now." Piccolo said quietly.

"Well Kakarott, let's see if Krillin and his wife will watch the kids for a few hours. Then we can have some privacy." Vegeta purred.

Goku's eyes grew hooded. "Sure, I'll phone."

Ten minutes later the kids were rounded up, packed up and transported to Krillin and Juuhachigou's place by Goku. Five minutes later, Goku reappeared in the bedroom standing beside Piccolo.

"I remembered that fifteen minute head start." Piccolo smirked. "For all the good it's going to do him."

Goku and Vegeta laughed. "So where are you going to take him?" Goku asked. "The waterfall." Piccolo answered.

"Yeah, he'll like that. He's always loved it there." Goku said, smiling. "Well, have fun!" He giggled as he tackled Vegeta and rolled the Saiyan on top of him.

Piccolo shook his head at the spectacle and placed two fingers to his forehead, searching for Gohan's ki. *There he is. He's flying toward Master Roshi's island, he'll be over it in five, four, three, two..* The tall Namek vanished.

Gohan chuckled as he flew over Master Roshi's island. *Heh, there's no way Piccolo's going to catch me. No way in hell.* He laughed out loud, imagining Piccolo trying to match his speed. *Can't be done.* Gohan thought, a touch of Vegeta-like arrogance showing on his handsome face. "Huh?!" Gohan reared back, eyes wide and face paling in shock as he almost smashed into a wide chest clad in purple and white. "Piccolo!" Gohan shouted as large arms snapped around him making escape impossible.

"Gotcha." Piccolo growled.

"Wha.....? You....but how?" Gohan stammered, staring up at the Namek unable to believe he had been caught so easily. "You didn't tell me you could use instantaneous movement." Gohan said, his eyes narrowing.

"You just assumed I couldn't. Didn't I teach you better than to underestimate someone like that?" Piccolo said softly.

Gohan's head dropped against Piccolo's chest. "Yeah, you did. I'm sorry Piccolo." He whispered. "So, you caught me. Now what do you intend to do to me?" He raised his head and smirked at his mentor.

Piccolo's face flushed and he stammered, "I...I..want...I was going to um...take you somewhere." Piccolo looked away. "I intended to take you to the waterfall."

"Well, let's go then." Gohan said quietly, his aquamarine eyes hooded with desire as he slid his arms from Piccolo's loosening embrace and wrapped them around his neck.

Piccolo gripped Gohan's waist with one arm as he raised two fingers to his forehead and they vanished. A moment later, they appeared at Piccolo's waterfall, the one place he felt at home, and where Gohan had many happy memories of time spent with the tall, usually reserved Namek.

Gohan giggled as he remembered the only time he had seen Piccolo naked, he'd been washing his gi and decided to immerse himself in the cool water when Gohan had decided to come looking for him. Gohan had wondered for the longest time about his mentor's sexuality, after hearing stories about eggs, but that one glimpse had been enough to tell Gohan that Piccolo was definitely male. *And a damn well built male at that!* Gohan thought, his excitement building.

Gohan walked over and sat at the base of a large tree, looking up at Piccolo expectantly. His eyes widened as realization struck him. *Of course, how could I be so stupid? I probably know more about sex than he does, so I should take the lead.* He thought, grinning evilly. "Come sit beside me." He purred, patting the ground beside him. Piccolo hesitated, staring down at him warily. "Piccolo...." Gohan growled, his blue-green eyes narrowing in annoyance. "Come here."

"No, wait....I...I don't know if this...hey! Wh...what are you doing?" Piccolo stammered as Gohan suddenly jumped to his feet and stalked over to the apprehensive Namek. Piccolo fell into a defensive crouch as Gohan circled him, purring and sizing him up like a hungry animal.

Piccolo gasped as Gohan jumped up and tore his hat and cape away, flinging the cape to the ground behind them with a snarl. The aroused demi-Saiyan began to purr again as he launched himself at Piccolo, hitting him square in the chest and sending him to the ground.

"Gohan! What the hell.." His angry protest was cut off as Gohan kissed him hungrily, his purr turning into a fierce growl as he began pulling at the sash at Piccolo's waist. Piccolo moaned softly as the sash was removed, enjoying the feel and taste of his lover as Gohan's tongue eagerly explored his mouth.

Gohan's body trembled with need as he removed Piccolo's clothing, taking a few seconds to run his hands over the exposed skin. He broke their kiss to pull off Piccolo's gi shirt, then moved down to his pants.

"You're gorgeous Piccolo." Gohan said softly as he paused to admire Piccolo's multi-colored, multi-textured skin. "And you're really well hung too." Gohan leered at him as he reached down to brush his fingers against the Namek's straining erection.

Piccolo arched and moaned as his lover trailed fiery kisses down his throat and across his chest. He buried his fingers in Gohan's spiky golden hair as the young Super Saiyan flicked his tongue over Piccolo's pebbled nipples and ran his fingertips across his stomach teasingly, painstakingly memorizing the feel of his lover's body, as well as noting which places gave him the most pleasure. Piccolo began to pant softly as Gohan's mouth slowly made it's way down his stomach, tracing ridges and lines before Gohan dipped his tongue into his navel, eliciting a soft gasp from the stoic warrior. Piccolo cried out, his eyes clenching shut and his fingers tightening almost painfully in his young lover's hair as Gohan's tongue flicked out to touch the head of his throbbing member.

"Gohan......" Piccolo rasped as he felt Gohan's hands sliding behind his knees, lifting his legs. "Uhh........more Gohan.." He groaned. Piccolo's hands shot up over his head and clutched handfuls of his cape as Gohan's mouth enveloped him. The large Namek began to buck and shudder as his lover's mouth slid up and down his shaft, sucking hard. "Gohan...please....I..hnn!" Piccolo cried as his muscles began to spasm. "No! Gohan!! Don't stop!" He shouted as the young half Saiyan suddenly pulled away.

"Shh koi, don't worry. I'm nowhere near done yet." Gohan soothed, stroking Piccolo's cheek. "I just want to watch you cum while I'm inside you." He whispered, staring down at Piccolo through slitted eyes that glittered with passion. He sucked on two of his fingers coating them with saliva and reached down, teasing Piccolo's entrance.

Piccolo tensed slightly as Gohan pushed a finger into him, stretching and probing gently.

"Relax...just relax." Gohan whispered as he added a second finger, scissoring the digits inside his lover's body to prepare him.

Piccolo moaned softly as he began to undulate beneath his Saiyan lover. "Gohan.." He panted softly. "I...I...ahh...Hnn!" Piccolo cried out as Gohan's questing fingers found his prostate. He writhed and gasped as his young lover exploited his sweet spot mercilessly. Gohan hissed as Piccolo's hands clamped onto his shoulders, long nails pressing against his skin.

The Namek groaned in frustration as Gohan removed his fingers, then shivered in anticipation as Gohan hooked his arms under Piccolo's knees and raised his long legs, positioning himself at Piccolo's entrance.

"Gohan...." Piccolo whispered, nails pressing against his lover's back. "I want you inside me.." He rocked his hips for emphasis, pushing himself against Gohan's throbbing member.

Gohan growled and buried himself inside Piccolo with one quick thrust. He paused, head resting on Piccolo's chest giving his lover time to adjust. "Are you alright?" He rasped.

"Move Gohan...." Piccolo growled softly.

Gohan groaned as he began to thrust slowly in and out of his lover. Piccolo's nails sank into Gohan's pale skin, small pools of blood welling up around the long nails and rolling down Gohan's back in thin lines. Gohan gasped softly at the small, stinging pain, and began to speed up his thrusts, making his tall lover shudder beneath him as his arousal repeatedly brushed Piccolo's prostate.

Piccolo cried out his lover's name, pleading for more as he arched and squirmed beneath Gohan.

Gohan growled softly as he released Piccolo's legs, which immediately wrapped around the demi-Saiyan's waist. Gohan gripped Piccolo's hips tightly and pulled nearly all the way out of his lover, staring into the Namek's dark eyes as he slammed back into him. Piccolo's eyes rolled back in his head as he let out a ragged cry, his back arching and his nails dug deeper into Gohan's flesh as the young man began ramming his length into Piccolo, setting a frantic pace.

"Ahh......hnn.......P..Piccolo.." Gohan whimpered in pleasure/pain, as the sharp pain radiating from his back combined with the delicious friction inside Piccolo, sending Gohan hurtling toward his climax. "Piccolo....I..I'm gonna...." He whimpered.

Piccolo pulled one hand away from Gohan's back and wrapped it around his own quivering member, groaning as he slid his hand up and down in time with his lover's thrusts. Spots danced in front of Piccolo's eyes as Gohan's thrusts grew frenzied, his cries hoarse and loud as the two lovers bucked and writhed against each other, pleasured moans and panting filling the air.

Piccolo's roar echoed through the forest, scaring birds from the trees as the Namek's seed shot out to splash against Gohan's chest. Gohan's body arched wildly as he threw his head back and let out a scream of ecstasy as he emptied his essence into Piccolo's trembling body. Gohan collapsed on top of Piccolo, and they lay like that for several minutes, panting and sweating. Finally Gohan slid off Piccolo and curled up beside him, one of Piccolo's huge arms wrapping around him possessively.

"Mine." Piccolo whispered.

"Yup, and you're mine." Gohan smiled.

Back home, Goku and Vegeta had found their way into the shower together.

"You think they're alright?" Goku asked between groans as Vegeta's lips moved down his chest.

"They're fine Kakarott. Now pay attention to me!" Vegeta pouted.

Goku chuckled, and wrapped his arms around the smaller Saiyan. "So who gets to be seme in here?" He asked.

"Me first, then you. I have always had two fantasies that dealt with having sex with you in a shower. In the first one, I bend you over like so..." He shoved Goku until the tall Saiyan's hands were splayed against the wall. "Then I enter you like so..." Vegeta grunted as he pushed his soap slicked member into Goku's tight entrance. Goku gasped, then growled as Vegeta set up a rhythm of fast, deep strokes, rendering Goku incapable of doing anything else but leaning against the wall moaning as Vegeta's arousal hit his prostate repeatedly.

"You belong to me Kakarott." Vegeta growled.

"Y..yes....Nn.....Vegeta...I'm gonna cum...." Goku whimpered. He cried out as Vegeta suddenly pulled out of him and spun him around.

"This was my second fantasy." Vegeta purred as he levitated until he could easily wrap his legs around Goku. "Do me."

Goku gaped at him. "Gosh Vegeta, I never knew you had such hentai thoughts about me!" He grinned and pushed Vegeta against the wall, gripping his lover tightly as he began rocking against him, rubbing their erections together and making them both pant with need. Goku reached over and lathered his hand with soap, coating his shaft and copying Vegeta's earlier move, plunging into Vegeta's exquisitely tight hole. "Uhnn......Oh Kami....Vegeta!" Goku cried as the tight heat enveloped him.

Vegeta was beyond speech as Goku's thick member filled him and began to piston in and out. Guttural cries, curses and panting, the slapping of wet flesh and the sound of falling water were heard as the bathroom rattled with the force of the two warriors' coupling.

"Vegeta..." Goku gasped. "''re my mate.. mine." He whispered.

Vegeta nodded as he clutched his lover tightly, small whimpers escaping him as his vision grew hazy. He shuddered and let out a ragged scream as his seed shot between them, quickly washed away by the water, and Goku's answering shout came a second later, the large Saiyan's legs giving out as he spilled himself into Vegeta. They collapsed to the bottom of the tub, Vegeta curled up in Goku's arms, as Goku reached over to turn the water off.

He managed, after several tries, to hoist himself and Vegeta out of the tub. He staggered to the bedroom with his koi still clasped tightly to him and collapsed on the bed, still clutching Vegeta as he instantly fell asleep sated, and happy.


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