Waking dreams 5, dreams come true

This is a response to ran_chan's challenge.

Pairings; G/V, Gh/P.

Rating. R. Definitely an R.

Notes. Extreme OOC, sappy Vegeta, TWT, AU slightly.

Warnings; Yaoi. Lemon.

Thanks to Lara for betaing for me.

Finally, the happy ending.....well, sort of. Many things still need to be resolved, loose ends tied up.

//indicates dreams//



Gohan looked around carefully before stepping across the threshold into Vegeta's house. Piccolo discarded his cape and turban before following him in.

"What's wrong?" Piccolo asked softly. "It's just a house."

"Well, no. Not really. I always wished I could find out a little more about Vegeta." Gohan said as he took off his shoes and walked in. "When he lived with Bulma, she and her parent's personalities were reflected in the house, but with Vegeta having this place all to himself..."

"Hmm..." Piccolo would rather die than admit it, but he was curious to see what kinds of things they would find out as well. "What's that?" He asked as he noticed a carved piece of wood hanging on the wall in the living room, the only thing on the walls aside from a simple white clock. The wood was in the shape of a shield, and had an odd red symbol carved on it.

"Oh I know what this is, Dad asked Vegeta about that symbol once, it's the royal crest." Gohan said with a smile. "Hey, what's this?" He asked, noticing a large book on the coffee table. "Wow, it looks like a photo album! This should be interesting." He scrambled into Piccolo's lap as the Namek sat down.

Both of them gasped softly as Gohan opened the book. On the first page was a hand drawn sketch of a man who looked remarkably like Vegeta, sporting Saiyan armor, a cape, and a moustache and beard.

"Piccolo, do you think...this was Vegeta's dad?" Gohan whispered, stroking the clear plastic that covered the drawing.

"I think that's probably who it is. The resemblance is uncanny." The Namek said. "Let's see who else is in here."

"Oh wow!" Gohan said, his eyes widening as he looked down on another sketch, this time of a woman. She was definitely Saiyan, the armor and the tail made that quite clear. She had spiky black hair that tumbled over her shoulders and hung to her waist, and a wicked smirk on her face.

"I see now where Vegeta got his smile." Piccolo chuckled. "This must be his mother."

"She was probably a great fighter from the look of her." Gohan sighed. He leaned back against Piccolo's chest as the Namek's strong arms wound around him. "Piccolo.." He whispered, shifting around until he straddled the taller man's waist. "Do you think Vegeta will be able to bring Dad back?"

Piccolo hugged Gohan tightly. "Only if he can set aside his pride long enough to let your father in, and see how Vegeta really feels about him, class difference or no class difference."

Gohan sniffled, and pulled back from Piccolo reluctantly. "Let's see who else is in here." Both of them gasped and blushed at the next sketch. It was of Goku, standing in waist deep water, naked. A full moon hung heavy in the sky, startlingly large behind the trees on the shore. Goku was caressing his chest with one hand, while the other was hidden in the water. The way his head was flung back, his eyes closed, lips parted left no doubt as to what he was doing.

"Oh Kami! I..didn't know Vegeta thought about Dad this much!" Gohan whispered.

"I didn't know Vegeta could draw so well. That's pretty erotic actually." He smirked as Gohan swatted at him.

"Hentai! That's my Dad!" Gohan growled.

"Well, he's still pretty hot for an old guy ne?" Piccolo teased. He gasped and jerked back as Gohan's lips met his own. "What are you doing?" He whispered.

"Trying to convince you to stick with younger men." Gohan purred, leaning back and peeling off his shirt before darting forward and kissing him hungrily.

Piccolo tried to protest, but a low growl from Gohan silenced him as the demi-Saiyan impatiently tugged on the sash at his waist. He chuckled softly as he reached down to undo it himself. The Namek gasped as Gohan made short work of removing his gi shirt and pushing him down onto his back. "This looks familiar." He smirked up at Gohan. His eyes widened as something occurred to him. *Of course.* Piccolo gave himself a mental slap for not seeing it sooner. *He's okay as long as he's not being pinned on the bottom. He feels like he's in control when he's on top. Why didn't I think of that before?* He berated himself for his earlier actions. He trembled as Gohan began a slow, lazy exploration of his chest with his tongue, lapping at the smooth skin of Piccolo's chest, then moving to run his tongue over the Namek's stomach.

Gohan's eyes were glittering slits as he hooked his fingers in the waistband of Piccolo's pants and slowly pulled them off, his eyes drinking in the sight of his lover laid bare before him. "I want you Piccolo.." He whispered, head darting down to lick the tip of Piccolo's erection as his fingertips danced up and down Piccolo's sides, making the larger man shiver.

"Nn...Gohan.." Piccolo rasped, his back arching as he tangled his fingers in his lover's spiky hair. He gasped as Gohan moaned around his length, the vibrations almost sending him over the edge. "Please.." He whispered.

Gohan paused, sensing his lover was close to climax, and released Piccolo's arousal, scrambling up until he was straddling his lover's waist. He reached down and grasped Piccolo's hand, bringing it to his mouth and sucking on two long, thick fingers. "Touch me." He murmured as he guided Piccolo's hand down until the Namek's fingertips brushed his entrance. His head fell back and he groaned as Piccolo slid one finger into him. "Piccolo..." His eyes slid shut as he began rocking his hips slowly.

Piccolo watched with hooded eyes as the demi-Saiyan writhed above him, head thrown back as he panted softly. The Namek growled softly as he pushed a second finger in, scissoring the thick digits inside his lover's body to stretch him further. He froze as Gohan cried out sharply above him, splaying his hands against Piccolo's chest as he began to thrust his hips against Piccolo's hand wantonly.

"Please....don't stop.." Gohan begged as tremors wracked his body. He gasped and began to cry out repeatedly as Piccolo's fingers rubbed his prostate. "Piccolo!" He shouted, needing more. "I want you inside me.." He panted as he twisted away from Piccolo's hand. He shifted until Piccolo's arousal was positioned at his entrance, and clenched his eyes shut, forcing his muscles to relax.

"Gohan.." Piccolo's hands clamped on to the demi-Saiyan's hips, holding him still. "Are you sure you're ready?"

Gohan didn't answer, just pushed his hips down slowly, fighting Piccolo's grip. The Namek slowly released his hold, his eyes sliding shut as his cock pressed against Gohan's tight ring of muscle. Both men grunted as the head of Piccolo's shaft pushed in. Piccolo fought desperately to stay still, while Gohan panted harshly, trying not to cry out at the burning pain. Gohan moaned softly, lowering his hips and taking Piccolo's length inside him. A slight smile graced the demi-Saiyan's lips as Piccolo shuddered beneath him, Gohan's teasingly slow pace leaving the Namek gripping the cushions as he growled, baring sharp canines.

The two men groaned as finally Piccolo's shaft was buried in his lover's body. Gohan closed his eyes and savored the feeling of being stretched and filled by his lover as Piccolo trembled violently, the heat and tightness of the other's body leaving him struggling for self control.

"Mm...Piccolo.." The half Saiyan whispered as he rolled his hips gently, air hissing between his teeth as pleasure rippled through him. He braced his arms on Piccolo's chest, raising himself slowly, gently, until only the tip of Piccolo's erection remained inside him. "Say it.." Gohan purred, leaning down to lick Piccolo's chest.

Piccolo cracked his eyes open, staring up at his lover as confusion surfaced through the haze of desire that clouded his mind. "Say...say what?" He rasped, his fingers tightening on Gohan's hips.

"Say you want me." Gohan whispered. "Tell me how you feel."

Piccolo arched his back as Gohan's teeth grazed his stomach. "Gohan!" He cried, slowly raising his hips to push back into his lover.

"Ah ah ah....." Gohan admonished gently. "Say it."

"Nn...Alright!" The frustrated Namek cried. "I want you." He whispered.

"And....?" Gohan purred, wriggling his hips.

Piccolo gasped, his head rolling from side to side. He growled and pulled on the demi-Saiyan's hips, a long low groan wrenching itself from his throat as his length was plunged back into the tight heat. "I love you Gohan..." He rasped as he held his lover still.

Gohan's face softened at his former teacher's declaration. He grabbed the Namek's broad shoulders and coaxed him to sit up, shifting in his lap as Piccolo wrapped his arms around him and nuzzled his neck. "I love you too Piccolo." He smiled before leaning forward and claiming his lover's lips in a searing kiss.

Piccolo moaned as Gohan's tongue darted into his mouth, teasing, tasting before their tongues met and dueled for supremacy. His eyes opened slightly as Gohan's hands clasped his shoulders tightly and he raised himself up until Piccolo was barely inside him. They both threw their heads back and cried out as Gohan dropped himself back down on Piccolo's arousal.

Gohan leaned forward and locked his lips to Piccolo's as he rapidly moved himself up and down, moaning into the kiss as he angled himself so Piccolo's shaft brushed his prostate with each thrust.

Piccolo growled softly against Gohan's lips as he slid in and out of his lover's tight passage. He gripped Gohan's sides and began slamming the demi-Saiyan up and down, a strangled groan escaping him as colored spots swam before his eyes. He reached one hand down to wrap it around Gohan's neglected erection and stroke him in time with their movements.

Gohan whimpered as bright streaks flashed across his vision, waves of pleasure rippling through him. His cry of release was swallowed by Piccolo as his seed shot out onto Piccolo's chest.

Piccolo moaned against Gohan's lips as he bucked his hips and climaxed inside his lover, holding the demi-Saiyan close as he trembled. They stayed locked in a tight embrace for several minutes, heads resting on each other's shoulders as each stroked the other's back.

"Thanks Piccolo." Gohan finally broke the companionable silence.

"For what?" Piccolo asked softly.

"I...for being here for me..and loving me." He smiled as he hugged the Namek a little tighter.

Goku's cabin far from Chikyuu......

"Vegeta!" Goku fell backwards onto his bed and scrambled away from him. "What..how did you get here without me sensing you?" Goku asked, voice quavering as a leftover tear from his dream slid down his cheek. His breath hitched in his chest as Vegeta slowly, seductively crossed the room.

"Oh no Kakarott." The Saiyan purred. "You're the one that's been hiding things, not to mention running away from everyone and everything. You answer my questions first, and I'll answer yours." Vegeta stepped onto Goku's crude bed of furs, and stood with a foot on either side of Goku's thighs, his crotch almost in Goku's face. "Agreed?" He whispered. "You answer three simple questions for me and I'll tell you all about how I got here."

"Okay..I guess.." Goku said, looking up at Vegeta uncertainly. He gasped, eyes widening in alarm as Vegeta suddenly dropped down and sat straddling Goku's hips. "Vegeta...please.." He whimpered as his member stirred instantly. "Don't...stop it...you don't know what you're doing!"

"Be quiet." Vegeta hissed, smirking as Goku's mouth snapped shut and he turned wary eyes to him. "First question. Why didn't you ever tell me about these dreams you were having, or let me know how you felt about me?" He reached out and wiped away the tear on Goku's cheek, then ran his fingers through Goku's unruly black hair.

"I..I just couldn't." Goku whispered, turning away. He blushed furiously as Vegeta placed a finger under his chin and gently but firmly turned him back until they stared into each other's eyes. "Vegeta...I..what was I supposed to say?" Goku's voice rose an octave as he tried not to drown in the prince's obsidian eyes. "Oh hey Vegeta, guess what? I've started having dreams about throwing you to the ground and fucking you senseless..and every time I spend too much time around you I get a hard on and I'm finding it harder and harder to keep from acting those dreams out! You would never have come near me again!" Goku was nearly shouting now.

"Shh..calm down." Vegeta said quietly.

"I...don't think I would have been able to stand you turning away from me, seeing the disgust in your eyes. I didn't think you were into guys, and even if you were, you would have been enraged that a dumb, third class Saiyan would dare to try and have his way with you...try to love you.." Goku trailed off, hanging his head. He flinched as Vegeta gripped his chin and forced his head back up.

"I can see how you would think that." The prince said quietly. "I never gave you any reason to think otherwise." He gently ran his knuckles down the side of Goku's face, the younger Saiyan looking at him, surprised.

"Now. Second question. Why did you run away? It's not like you to run from anything. We could have found a way to deal with this. You're friends are all up in arms. You know it was your son that had to sit there and tell us all about what had been happening to you."

Goku cringed. "I guess I didn't think that anyone would be interested in hearing my side."

Vegeta raised his hand, wanting to slap some sense into the other Saiyan, but stopped short as he saw the tears in the other man's eyes. "Kakarott..." He said, instead cupping Goku's cheek. "You know sooner or later I would have hunted you down and demanded an explanation." They both chuckled quietly. "So would the Namek. Neither of us is prone to jumping to rash conclusions like the humans.." Vegeta paused as Goku stiffened at the mention of Piccolo. "Hmm..I take it back. Maybe the Namek jumped to conclusions as well when you almost attacked Gohan." He surmised, his suspicions confirmed when Goku nodded jerkily, his shoulders shaking. Vegeta sighed and pulled Goku into an awkward embrace, eyes widening as Goku silently cried, his head resting on Vegeta's shoulder. The prince gently ran his hands up and down Goku's back, thinking about this ironic turn of events. *Years ago it was me who lay at his feet, balling my eyes out on Namek, and after that I cried in front of him again for a similar reason. Mainly because he was again the stronger of us, and was capable of doing things I could not. Now it's him that sits crying in my arms, but am I the stronger one here?* He wondered, brows furrowed. They sat together in silence for several minutes as Goku spilled out all his guilt and sorrow in silent sobs, large arms wrapped tightly around Vegeta's slender frame.

Finally he pulled away and looked blearily into Vegeta's eyes. "That was two. What was the third question?" He asked, voice raw. His eyes widened and he gasped softly as Vegeta's eyes snapped with heat, and the Saiyan grinned wolfishly. "How far would this dumb, third class Saiyan go to please his prince?" Vegeta purred, leaning forward to nip Goku's chin.

Goku stared at Vegeta in shock for several seconds. "Are you serious?" He asked quietly.

"Dead serious." Vegeta murmured.

Goku licked his lips, staring down at Vegeta through hooded eyes. "What would my prince like me to do?" He whispered, leaning down to lick Vegeta's lower lip and growled as he felt the heat radiating from the smaller Saiyan. He tightened his arms as Vegeta tried to wriggle out of his lap, and the smaller Saiyan snarled as he pulled free of the embrace.

The prince rolled onto his back beside Goku, crossing his arms behind his head and crossing his legs at the ankles. "Surprise me." He smirked. "But it'd better be good, or else."

"Don't worry Vegeta." Goku leered down at him, hair flashing gold as he went SSJ. "I promise you'll enjoy this."

Vegeta growled softly and tried to lean up and capture the other Saiyan's lips in a kiss as Goku's face came within an inch of his own. "Kakarott..." The prince's voice was rough with desire.

"Now Vegeta.." Goku said, his voice taunting. "You said I was to surprise you, and I intend to do just that." He said as he pulled away from Vegeta's face, moving down until he knelt at Vegeta's feet. "Just relax." He soothed as he gently pulled off Vegeta's boots. He ran his fingers over the tops of the small feet, then lightly stroked the bottom of the high arches. His eyebrows shot up in surprise as Vegeta stifled a laugh and pulled his feet away quickly. "You're ticklish?" Goku asked incredulously.

"No Kakarott." Vegeta snapped, his eyes widening in apprehension. "DON'T YOU EVEN THINK AHH!!!" The Saiyan prince dissolved into hysterical laughter as Goku grabbed his legs with one arm and tickled the bottoms of his feet with his other hand. "LET ME...LET GO! KAKAROTT..." Vegeta was laughing so hard he couldn't even fight back.

Goku grinned down at the still chuckling prince and decided it was time to shift gears. He grabbed Vegeta's ankles and spread his legs wide before ducking his head down to run his lips over the prince's spandex clad member.

Vegeta gasped and arched, crying out in pleasure as Goku rubbed his cheek against the prince's growing arousal. "Ka...Kakarott.." He panted, fisting his hands in Goku's still golden hair.

"Yes Vegeta?" Goku looked up for a moment before nibbling gently on the now rock hard erection clearly showing through Vegeta's spandex suit. "What would you like?" He smirked up at him.

Vegeta's head whipped from side to side as he muttered incoherently.

Goku slid up Vegeta's body, leaning down to run his tongue up the side of Vegeta's neck, delighting in the soft moan he tore from his lover's throat.

"More..." Vegeta whispered.

Goku grinned. "As you wish my prince." He purred as he stripped off Vegeta's chest armor and slowly pulled down his body suit.

Vegeta growled and undulated beneath the larger Saiyan as Goku took care to explore every inch of Vegeta's skin as it was revealed. The Saiyan prince shifted restlessly beneath him needing more. "Kakarott.." He groaned softly as Goku's tongue ran along his collarbone, then moved over to skim across a now bare shoulder.

Goku chuckled softly as he dipped his tongue into the hollow of Vegeta's throat, then trailed kisses up and down the prince's soft neck. "How do you like it so far my prince?" He whispered before raking his teeth down Vegeta's jaw.

Vegeta answered by growling and bucking his hips sharply. "Kakarott.." He rasped. "Don't be a tease."

Goku nuzzled Vegeta's cheek softly, smirking as the Saiyan raised his hips and rubbed against him, eager for more stimulation. "Oh no..." Goku breathed into his ear, making Vegeta tremble beneath him. "Not yet." He gave a sharp tug and pulled Vegeta's blue spandex down to his waist, effectively pinning the prince's arms to his sides in the process.

Vegeta inhaled sharply as he felt the material constricting around his arms, and leaned up to kiss Goku hungrily.

Goosebumps covered his arms as Goku's hands ghosted over his chest and stomach, the other man's nails raking his skin.

The Saiyan prince groaned against Goku's lips as the larger man settled between his legs and began rocking his hips, grinding their erections together. Vegeta whipped his head to the side, breaking the kiss as a strangled cry escaped him. He turned back to glare up at the other Saiyan, and snarled as his power level shot up.

Goku's eyes widened, and he raised himself to kneel between Vegeta's legs as the other Saiyan's hair flashed gold, his eyes turning green as he powered up to level one. Goku smirked as he leaned down to kiss the smaller man. He gasped as Vegeta yanked his arms free of his suit, pushed Goku away then leapt to his feet.

Vegeta growled as he stared down at the other Saiyan. "You're not moving fast enough for my liking Kakarott." He said, his voice taking on a dangerous edge. "I don't like to be teased. What are you going to do the rectify the situation?"

Goku stared up at him for a moment, then darted forward. "This is what I'll do." He purred as he pulled Vegeta's suit down off his hips, wrapping his lips around the prince's straining arousal and sucking fervently.

Vegeta flung his head back and cried out at Goku's unexpected move, burying his hands in Goku's spiky blond hair. Vegeta's legs trembled as his chest heaved, breath coming in ragged gasps as he neared release. "Kakarott..stop." He whispered. "I..don't want to cum yet.."

Goku didn't seem to hear the prince. Instead he moved his head faster and sucked a little harder. He whimpered as Vegeta tugged viciously on his hair and pulled away from him.

"I said stop." Vegeta snarled, leaning over him and staring down with cold green eyes. The Saiyan's lips curled in an evil smile. "Perhaps you should be punished for your insolence...." He purred. He chuckled as he stalked over to the corner and picked up the blue sash from Goku's gi. "This will do." He said softly. "Now..where's my bag?" The prince asked himself as he reached down and picked up the black duffel bag he had brought along. Goku laid back, powering down as he braced himself on his arms, staring at Vegeta quizzically as the smaller Saiyan rummaged around in his bag, muttering under his breath as he powered down.

"There." Vegeta held up a tube of lubricant. "I thought this might come in handy." He smirked. Vegeta's eyes widened in surprise as Goku stared at the sash in the prince's hands, blushing wildly. "Kakarott..." Vegeta chuckled, slowly walking toward the bed. "Why are you blushing?" He snapped the long blue sash taut between his hands. "You've kissed me, teased the hell out of me and went down on me, what possible reason could you have for blushing like that now?" He asked as he sat straddling the larger Saiyan's waist once more. "You're not getting all coy on me now that we're getting down to the real thing are you?" Vegeta smirked.

"No.." Goku smiled shyly, turning his head to the side. "It's just...just that tying you up has always been one of my favorite fantasies." He said, swallowing thickly as he reached for the sash.

Vegeta pulled it out of reach with a harsh laugh. "And just who the hell said you were tying me up?" He smirked as he grabbed Goku by the throat and slammed him down on his back. The Saiyan quickly tied the end of the sash around Goku's right wrist. "Now..." He mused. "Where to secure this." A nasty smile settled on his lips. "Get up." Vegeta snapped, jumping to his feet and pulling on the sash.

Goku slowly got to his feet, eyeing the other Saiyan warily as Vegeta grabbed one of the furs from the bed and pulled him to the center of the room. "What are we doing?" Goku asked apprehensively.

Vegeta didn't answer. He eyed the support beam Goku had erected in the center of the room and chuckled before throwing the fur down in front of it. "This will do fine." He murmured.

"Do fine for what Vege..HEY!" Goku cried as Vegeta swept his feet out from under him. Goku snarled as he managed to get one leg back under himself, and landed on one knee with his hand splayed on the floor. "Vegeta what's the big.." His question was cut off as Vegeta tore away his boxers and flipped him onto his back. Goku gasped as Vegeta straddled his chest and wrapped the sash around the support beam, pulling sharply until Goku's right wrist was drawn tight against it. Goku's eyes widened as Vegeta quickly pinned his left wrist against it as well.

"Yes, this will be perfect." Vegeta purred as he began winding the sash around Goku's wrists and the beam tightly. "Not too tight is it Kakarott?" He leaned down to run his tongue over Goku's lip briefly before moving back to kneel between the larger Saiyan's legs.

A shudder ran through Vegeta's body as he stared down at his lover. "Kakarott..." The prince whispered as he ran his hands up and down the insides of Goku's thighs, drawing soft sounds from the other Saiyan. Vegeta growled softly as he stripped away his outfit and reached for the tube of lubricant. He lunged forward and sat on Goku's waist, grinning as the other Saiyan gasped and bucked his hips.

"Here's the deal Kakarott." Vegeta said softly, leaning down to nip at Goku's collarbone. "You be a good boy and lay here without breaking the beam, or tearing the sash while I take my pleasure from you...." He reached down and stroked Goku's erection slowly, wrenching a low groan from the larger man, "and I'll stay here with you until you're ready to return." Vegeta ran his tongue along the side of Goku's neck, making him tremble. "But...." He pulled away and stopped touching his lover, grinning wickedly as the other man whimpered and arched beneath him. "If you can't even show that much restraint, then I'll be out of here before you can blink."

Goku's eyes snapped open as he realized at last how Vegeta had caught up to him. "Instant transmission.." He croaked.

"Mmm hmm.." Vegeta smiled at him before wrapping both hands around Goku's arousal once more. "Like I said Kakarott, you rip the sash, or break the beam, and I'm gone. So watch yourself." He purred before darting down to dip his tongue into Goku's navel, eliciting a startled gasp from his lover.

Goku growled and forced himself to remain perfectly still as Vegeta's lips and tongue blazed a trail of fire across his abdomen while his fingers danced over his chest, pausing to pinch and rub his nipples. The Saiyan moaned as Vegeta shifted further up his body, lips moving across his chest as his stomach rubbed against his erection, creating delicious friction. "Vegeta..." Goku moaned, rocking his hips and thrusting his arousal against Vegeta's washboard stomach.

"Yes Kakarott..." Vegeta soothed as he surreptitiously opened the tube and squeezed some gel onto his fingertips. "Just hold on koi..." He leaned over and took one of Goku's pebbled nipples into his mouth.

Goku moaned and arched his back as Vegeta raked his teeth over his nipple, then suckled gently. "Kami! Vegeta...I..please!" He begged, bucking his hips for more friction against Vegeta's stomach.

"Kakarott!" Vegeta cried. "Lie still!" Goku whimpered, but did as he was told.

Vegeta sighed as Goku began to tremble beneath him. "Very well, I'll stop teasing.." He breathed as he moved up and claimed Goku's lips in a heated kiss, reaching down and sliding a finger into himself. The prince moaned and shivered as he pushed in a second finger and began thrusting them in and out, gently stretching himself. He growled as Goku broke the kiss and groaned softly.

"Please ...Vegeta..I can't stand it..do something...please.." Goku pleaded, writhing beneath him.

"Yes.." Vegeta whispered as he raised his hips and positioned himself over the tip of Goku's shaft and pushed down, eyes rolling back in his head as he was filled.

Goku snarled at the slow pace, bending his legs and bracing his feet against the floor for leverage. He bucked his hips and buried himself inside his lover, wrenching a strangled cry from the other Saiyan. Goku smirked as he watched his lover through hooded eyes, enjoying the loud cries he tore from the smaller man as they thrust against each other.

Suddenly Goku froze, eyes widening as the beam he was secured to gave an ominous cread. He stared up at the beam, and the sash still holding his wrists against it. *Shit! I'm gonna break one or both if I keep this up...what do I do?* He wondered silently.

"What's the matter?" Vegeta rasped, eyeing the beam suspiciously.

"Can I have my hands back?" Goku asked softly.

"Not yet." Vegeta smirked at him and pulled away.

"No!" Goku cried, staring up at him, dark eyes pleading. "Don't stop now..please?"

"Now who said anything about stopping?" Vegeta purred as he slid down between Goku's legs and pushed them farther apart. "I'm not done with you yet Kakarott." He chuckled as he squeezed more lubricant onto his fingers and began to prepare his lover.

Goku groaned and rocked his hips as Vegeta slid a second, and a third finger into him. He grunted and jerked as Vegeta's questing fingers found his prostate, and the Saiyan prince exploited his sweet spot mercilessly. "Vegeta..." He whispered, head shaking from side to side. "Please...now?"

"Yes Kakarott....now." Vegeta growled, burying his arousal inside Goku in one hard thrust, forcing a ragged cry from his lover. He pulled back and began to slam into Goku ruthlessly.

Goku tilted his head up and focused his eyes on the beam above his head, determined to keep still and not break it. He bared his teeth in a snarl as he tried not to lose control. *I won't lose. No damn way! Just keep it together, and Vegeta's all mine for at least a couple of weeks.* He groaned and shuddered as pleasure rippled through him, his body's responses intensified by his own 'helplessness'.

*So koibito..* Vegeta thought as he panted harshly, sweat rolling down his chiseled face. *You think you can win this do you? Think you can keep me from making you go crazy? We'll just see about that!* The Saiyan prince redoubled his efforts, his thrusts coming faster as he changed his angle to hit Goku's prostate as he gripped his lover's length and ran his hand up and down rapidly. "You...are..mine.." Vegeta growled as Goku let out a hoarse scream, arching and twisting beneath him as his seed shot into the air and landed on his own chest and stomach. A split second later Vegeta cried out and emptied himself inside his lover as Goku's legs snapped around his waist and gripped him tightly.

They lay still for several moments, Goku with his eyes closed, body still trembling with little aftershocks, as Vegeta held himself up between Goku's legs on trembling arms.

"Hey Vegeta..." Goku said weakly, a grin on his face. "Looks like I won. Now you're stuck with me." Both Saiyans chuckled, then Goku gasped and moaned softly as Vegeta bent his head and lapped at the stickiness covering his chest and stomach. "V...Vegeta.." Goku whispered.

Vegeta snickered and scooted up until he sat on Goku's chest. "You surprise me Kakarott." He looked down at the other Saiyan thoughtfully. "I didn't think you'd hold out as well as you did." He lay down on top of Goku and nuzzled his cheek.

"Can I have my hands back now?" Goku whined.

"Oh I suppose." Vegeta growled, both of them knowing there was no real anger behind it.

Goku snapped the sash and wrapped his arms around Vegeta, smiling as the other Saiyan yawned. "Good idea Vegeta. I'm wiped out." He said softly, yawning himself.

"When do you think you'll be ready to go back?" Vegeta asked abruptly.

"Uh..I don't know..I.." Goku said nervously.

"I'm in no hurry Kakarott. The further I am from those bakas the better." He said irritably. "Whenever you feel the others have calmed down enough for you to go and deal with this, fine." He smirked suddenly. "I don't mind if you take a little while getting ready to go back. That just gives me more time to test your...stamina." Vegeta chuckled.

Goku raised his head and gave Vegeta a tired smile. "G'night koi.." He murmured, cupping the back of Vegeta's head and pulling him forward for a goodnight kiss before leaning back and closing his eyes. A few seconds later his breathing turned deep and even, signaling he dropped off to sleep.

Vegeta crossed his arms over Goku's chest and observed him for several minutes, enjoying the silence and the innocent peaceful look on his lover's face. "Goodnight Kakarott." He whispered before sliding off the other Saiyan's chest and curling up beside Goku with his head resting on the larger man's broad shoulder.

To Be Continued.....

I need to write an epilogue. But is anyone really interested in seeing how this all goes? Tell me what you think!!