Love's funny that way, or Gohan's birthday present.

By Johnnyjosh aka Zoicyte Maxwell.

This is a request fic for my 6000th visitor, Mara Jade. Enjoy chibi! *glomps*

Pairing: Piccolo/Gohan, very slightly hinted at V/G.

Warnings: Yaoi, Lime, slight language.

Notes: TWT, AU slightly, OOC, general insanity, SAAAAAPPPPP.......

A romantic comedy G/P get together, Gohan is divorced, and a little lonely on his birthday. Piccolo sees this as a perfect opportunity to express his feelings, but will it go as well as he hopes? Does it ever in love? *LOL*

"Bye Daddy!" Pan called as she raced out the door and into her convertible her grandfather had given her for her 21st birthday. "I'll call you when I get back to the dorm!" She started the car and raced down the driveway, leaving a cloud of smoke in her wake.

"Bye never mind..." He said, waving sadly as he stood on the doorstep and watched her fade into the distance. "Looks like it's just me again this year.." He sighed and turned, starting to close the door. He spun and stepped back out as he sensed a familiar ki in the forest. "Piccolo?" He called.

The large Namek stepped out of the shadows, arms folded. "Gohan." He nodded. His face, usually a stony mask around the others, showed concern. "What's wrong?" He asked softly, walking over to stand in front of the demi-Saiyan.

"Wrong? Er..ah.." He put his hand to the back of his head in a classic Son gesture. "Nothing...really..just.." He turned and sighed. "Looks like I'm alone again for my birthday tomorrow."

Piccolo looked at the ground sadly. He still felt terrible for not being there for his friend for last years birthday, after Videl had left him, and Pan had gone to her first year of university. Chi-Chi had died of a heart attack two years previous, and Goku was off who knew where on yet another adventure. Goten and Trunks had started families, gotten divorced, and finally admitted their feelings for each other and now traveled the world together under the guise of conducting Capsule Corp. business.

Gohan jerked as Piccolo's hand clasped his shoulder.

"You're not alone Gohan." The normally stoic Namek said softly, his features softened with what looked like..affection.

Gohan looked up and smiled at his longtime friend, sensei, and (secret) boyhood crush. Over the years his feelings had changed from fear, to respect for his teacher, to best friend, to crush, and finally back to best friend. For a brief period after Videl had left him, he had found himself wondering if the Namek felt anything for him beyond friendship, but he was too afraid to ask.

"So, what's on the agenda for tomorrow?" Piccolo asked, leaning against the doorframe.

"" Gohan dragged his fingers through his spiky hair. "Well, I have to go down to the school tomorrow, do a little paperwork, but I'll be free after lunch time..." He looked up at Piccolo hopefully.

"I'll be here." The Namek said, ruffling Gohan's hair much like he used to when the demi-Saiyan was a boy.

"Great." Gohan smiled at him, a wave of warmth and affection for his friend washing over him. They stood together on the step for a few moments in silence.

"So what are you doing now?" Piccolo asked, running a sharp nail up the edge of the door.

"Well..." Gohan scrunched his eyebrows together for a moment, then brightened. "Nothing, wanna spar of a while?"

"If you think you can handle it. Sure sitting behind that desk in the classroom all day hasn't softened you up?" Piccolo smirked.

Gohan sputtered. "Wha...soft? Oh I'll show you soft, Piccolo!" The man shouted, tearing up the stairs to struggle into his old orange gi. Piccolo snickered and walked out to the clearing behind the house. About ten seconds later an eagerly grinning Gohan exploded through the back door and launched himself at Piccolo. The two warriors smirked at each other and began to fight in earnest, neither of them holding anything back.

Four hours later........

Gohan lay on the grass, sprawled out beside the stream. "Oh man, I needed that." He smiled as he stared up at the slowly darkening sky. "I haven't had a decent sparring session since Vegeta took off to find Dad again."

Piccolo chuckled. "What the hell is it with those two anyway?" He asked, sitting down beside Gohan, crossing his legs and folding his arms, assuming his usual meditative position. "Goku takes off and Vegeta ends up going after him. What's that all about? When your dad's here, Vegeta usually just insults and ignores him anyway." Piccolo shook his head.

"I have no idea, but I teased Dad about it once..." Gohan snickered at the memory. "I said to him that he and Vegeta were like a couple of kids, teasing and tormenting each other because they liked each other, but they were both too stubborn to admit it."

"What did he say?" Piccolo turned at looked at him.

Gohan was on his side laughing by this time. "W..well..." He choked out between giggles. "He...he blushed....and bopped me...on the back of the head, told me to mind my own business.. and practically ran up the stairs,..." Gohan had tears running down his face from laughing so hard.

Piccolo stared down at his friend curiously. "You think it's funny that your dad and Vegeta have feelings for each other?" He asked, eyes narrowed.

"No...well, I think it's funny that they won't admit them." He grinned, then sobered quickly. "But I do hope they eventually get it together and tell each other though." He sighed, sitting up.

Piccolo stared up at the sky. "So you wouldn't have a problem with them having a relationship." He said softly.

"Well no. I is something special, race or gender shouldn't dictate who you give your heart to." Gohan said, eyelids growing heavy. He yawned and leaned over slightly, resting gently against Piccolos side. "If Dad and Vegeta started a relationship, and made each other happy, I wouldn't have a problem with it."

Piccolo nodded, mind whirling. "Well, I think we should get you home." He said suddenly, looking down in surprise when his friend didn't answer. "Gohan.." He said, a soft smile on his face as he realized the demi-Saiyan had fallen asleep leaning on him. Piccolo gently scooped up his friend and carried him into the house, floating up the stairs and depositing him on the bed.

Gohan stirred and moaned gently in his sleep, hand pawing the air as if reaching for something. "Piccolo...." He whispered.

The Namek froze, staring down at the demi-Saiyan. His eyes roamed the handsome features, which seemed to glow in the moonlight streaming in the window. He closed his eyes and sighed softly as he felt an almost overwhelming urge to join the man on the bed. He reached out one trembling green hand in a gesture he hadn't done since Gohan was a boy. He ran his fingers gently through the ebony spikes, looking down at him longingly. "Goodnight Gohan, I'll see you tomorrow." He whispered, leaning down to brush a kiss across his cheek.

Gohan chose that exact moment to move his head to the side, brushing his lips against Piccolo's. The Namek jumped back as if he'd been burned, hand clamping over his mouth. He quickly turned and silently made his way down the stairs, and out of the house.

A soft sound was heard upstairs as Gohan's eyes opened. The demi-Saiyan blinked, looking around blearily before absently running his fingers over his tingling lips, then quickly falling back to sleep.

To Be Continued.........

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