Alone Again.

Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh.

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language, some almost non-con.

Notes; AU, weird, TWT, OOC, maybe some mild angst.

Rating; NC-17.

Pairing; Vegeta X Gohan, ?x?.

Thanks to Larania for beta reading for me.

Synopses; Gohan and Vegeta are left to their own devices after Goku is dead yet again.

~Later that day on King Kai's planet~

King Kai hummed to himself as he prepared supper for himself, Bubbles and Gregory. "Bubbles! Get away from that pot! I told you, supper will be ready in ten minutes!" He smiled at the monkey's antics, carrying three plates over to the table.

He jumped and gasped, the plates falling to shatter on the floor as a voice shouted in his head, *King Kai, it's me! Can you hear me?*

*Yes, yes of course I can hear you. YOU DON'T HAVE TO SHOUT YOU KNOW!* he replied angrily, looking down at the mess at his feet. *Now what can I do for you?*

*It's time.* the voice replied.

"Alright." King Kai sighed, "You two get this cleaned up, and I'll be in to set dinner out in a minute, I've got a call to make." He said as he made his way outside.

Back on earth......

"Alright dammit! I'm coming!" Vegeta shouted as he moved to answer the insistent pounding on his front door. "Gohan.....Uhh, come in." he said, moving aside to allow him and his little brother in.

"TRUNKS!!!" Goten shouted, taking off into the hallway and up the stairs in search of his best friend.

Vegeta and Gohan winced at the earsplitting shrieks that erupted from the upstairs bedroom, as the two demi-Saiyans began to play. "OUTSIDE YOU TWO, NOW!!!" Vegeta bellowed, making Gohan cover his ears.

"Awwww, papa, why?" Trunks asked, pouting as he and Goten made their way back downstairs.

"Because I said so, that's why." Vegeta snapped. His expression softened as two sets of chibi eyes fixed on him. "Your grandfather is there somewhere, I'm sure he'll have something interesting for you to play with." He leaned over to stick his head out the doorway after the two boys. "This time stay out of your grandmother's flower garden!!" he shouted. He shut the door and glared at Gohan, who was leaning back against the wall, chuckling. "What are you laughing at?" he demanded.

"You've gotten downright maternal over the last couple of years Vegeta." he smirked.

Vegeta stalked over to him, a scowl on his face. He reached up and grabbed a handful of Gohan's shirt, pulling down until their faces were only an inch apart. "Let's see if I can't wipe that smile off your face." he growled.

Gohan let out a surprised yelp as he was flung over Vegeta's shoulder and carried up the stairs. "Vegeta! What are you uhh!" Gohan grunted as he was slammed down to the bed on his back.

Vegeta shut the bedroom door, locked it and pulled a dresser in front of it, just for good measure. Then he strode over to the balcony doors, locking them and pulling the curtains.

Gohan swallowed audibly, his body starting to tremble as Vegeta stared at him, a feral glint in the older man's eyes. His gaze was drawn to Vegeta's chiseled torso as the Saiyan prince slowly peeled off his black muscle shirt, sliding his hands up and down his smooth chest and stomach suggestively. A soft sound escaped the young man as Vegeta undid his jeans, pausing to rub his already partially hard member through the coarse fabric. "Vegeta...." Gohan whispered, his own arousal tenting the front of his shorts. He sat up and moved to the edge of the bed, eager to help his lover, but Vegeta disappeared in a blur, and reappeared on the other side of the bed with his trademark smirk in place.

Gohan moaned and shivered in anticipation as Vegeta hooked his fingers in the waistband of his jeans and slowly pulled them down, an inch at a time. He quickly discarded his own shorts, boxers and t-shirt.

Vegeta watched his young lover's reactions carefully as he pulled his jeans down his hips, enjoying the way his lover stared hungrily at him.

Gohan watched Vegeta's jeans sliding down, and gasped softly as the tip of his erection was freed. Vegeta moaned softly, his eyes closing as his head fell back. Gohan slid off the edge of the bed and made his way to Vegeta on his knees. He growled softly as Vegeta's arousal sprang free of the confining garment.

Vegeta's body jerked and he cried out softly in surprise as Gohan's mouth engulfed his rock hard length. "Aahh, oh yeah.......Gohan.." Vegeta whispered, his fingers tangling in Gohan's unruly dark hair. "That's it.....ohh....." Vegeta groaned as his hips rocked gently. His eyes snapped open as Gohan pulled away from him and smiled up at him evilly. He shouted as he found himself tossed onto the bed spreadeagle, and had just enough time to realize what his lover was up to and snap his legs together before Gohan pounced on him and pinned his arms down.

"Oh I don't think so!" Vegeta hissed, struggling.

Gohan chuckled. "I'm going to be on top today Vegeta." he purred, dropping light kisses along Vegeta's jaw. He trailed his lips down Vegeta's chest, nipping and licking the taut flesh. Gohan grinned as Vegeta began to squirm underneath him, panting softly. He moved further down, until his chin bumped Vegeta's straining arousal, earning a muffled groan from the prince. He once again took Vegeta's member into his mouth, coating him liberally with saliva as he thrust his hips forward, rubbing his own erection against the bed trying to ease some of the pressure. He nearly choked as Vegeta grabbed his head and began thrusting into his mouth. "Vegeta!" he cried raggedly as he wrenched his head away.

Vegeta dropped his hands to his sides, breathing heavily. "Got carried away." he rasped as he trembled with need. "Come on Gohan, don't tease me." he growled.

Gohan moved up until he was straddling Vegeta's thighs. "But I like teasing you." he pouted.

Vegeta tried to glare up at him, but failed miserably and instead looked up at him with lust and need clearly etched on his rugged features. "Gohan..." he rasped. "don't."

Gohan smirked down at his lover, before pulling Vegeta's hand to his face, and taking two fingers into his mouth. Vegeta's eyes widened as Gohan began to suck and nibble gently. When they were well coated with saliva, Gohan shifted his hips up, and pulled Vegeta's hand between his legs.

Vegeta quickly took the hint and slowly pushed a finger into Gohan's body, his body shuddering at the soft moan that escaped him. He quickly inserted the second finger and probed for his koi's pleasure spot, but looked up in surprise as Gohan moves his hips up and away from his seeking fingers.

"Just stretch me Vegeta." Gohan's voice was low, and almost angry.

Vegeta complied, gently stretching his lover's tight hole, and couldn't resist another attempt at Gohan's sweet spot.

"Noo, I don't think so." Gohan grinned as he pulled out of Vegeta's reach altogether. He moved up until Vegeta's cock was pushing gently against his entrance, and quickly thrust himself down, impaling himself on Vegeta's length.

Both men cried out at the sudden move, Gohan squeezing his eyes shut at the burning pain, Vegeta's eyes rolling back in his head as his back arched and his hands dug into Gohan's hips. They both stayed perfectly still for several moments, until Vegeta gently thrust his hips upward, seeking more friction.

Gohan put his hands on Vegeta's stomach. "No Vegeta, I'm on top, so I'm running the show this time." He said quietly. Vegeta seemed to ignore him, and began thrusting harder. "I said stop!" he shouted, leaning down into the older Saiyan's face shocked face. "I am in control! You are going to lay there, and let me do this my way, got it?" He yelled, before lacing his fingers with Vegeta's and holding his hands tightly.

Vegeta looked up and nodded mutely, surprised and pleased at his lover's aggressiveness. He stifled a moan and tried to keep from bucking his hips as Gohan began to move up and down in slow, torturous strokes. Vegeta shuddered, beginning to pant as Gohan's tight heat slid up and down his length. He gripped his lover's hips tightly, grunting from the effort of staying still.

"Uh....Gohan....dammit! I....I can't.....Ahh!" Vegeta cried in frustration as he tried desperately to hold himself back. He groaned, his head thrashing from side to side as he began to tremble violently .

Gohan looked down at Vegeta through hooded eyes, and knew his lover couldn't hold back much longer. *That's it Vegeta, just a little more. I want to have you totally out of control. I want it all. All that passion that you hide so well, all the need you won't admit to feeling.* Gohan gasped as Vegeta's eyes snapped open and locked with his.

"I don't think you really want that." Vegeta croaked.

Gohan's eyes widened as he realized Vegeta could read his thoughts. "Yes I do." he rasped, slowing his strokes even more to drive his lover further over the brink. He smirked as Vegeta shivered, his body taut as a bowstring with barely suppressed need. "Come on Vegeta, show me what you've got." he purred.

"So be it." Vegeta panted. "Just remember, you asked for it."

"Uhh!" Gohan cried out as Vegeta raised him and slammed him back down with enough force to break any ordinary human's bones.

"Aahh, hnn!" Vegeta bucked his hips wildly, letting his instincts take over and at last losing control.

Gohan writhed in Vegeta's grip as Vegeta's cock pistoned in and out of him, hitting his prostate with each thrust. A scream built in the back of his throat as spots began to dance before his eyes.

Vegeta bared his teeth, a harsh cry tearing itself from his throat as he felt his climax approaching. He slid one hand away from Gohan's hip, and wrapped it around Gohan's length, slowing his pace a little as he began stroking his lover's arousal. He growled as his hand was roughly slapped away.

"Just keep fucking me!" Gohan snarled, wrapping both hands around his erection and pumping himself in time with Vegeta's thrusts.

Vegeta redoubled his efforts, crying out with each thrust as he felt his climax building.

"Oh Kami.....Vegeta....uhh.." Gohan panted, trembling.

Vegeta thrust into Gohan one last time as both of them arched their backs and screamed out each other's names. Gohan's seed shot into the air, landing on Vegeta's chest, before the young man collapsed bonelessly on top of him. Vegeta gasped for breath as he rolled them over and clutched his lover tightly, nuzzling Gohan's hair. They lay together, arms and legs entwined, hearts slowing, breathing returning to normal, and started to doze off.

With a loud crash the dresser that had been in front of the door flew across the room. A half second later what was left of the bedroom door followed it. Gohan and Vegeta jumped off the bed, each crouched in a fighting stance on either side of the bed. Both of their faces went deathly pale, their eyes widening as they took in the figure that stood in the doorway, lips twisted in a vicious snarl as his eyes glinted murderously.



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