A hazy shade of green, part 7.

By Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Piccolo goes into heat, throwing the entire Z gang into emotional and sexual chaos.

Pairings: Piccolo x everybody (almost *LOL*).

Notes: Het, yaoi, lemon, extreme OOC, AU, late DBZ, humor, weirdness. Just for those who seem to have a problem with inconsistencies with my fic and the anime, that's why I put AU on it. Hello? Does the phrase ALTERNATE UNIVERSE mean anything to you? *snickers*

Rating: R for really lemony. *LOL*

Thanks to Lara for the inspiration, constant sporking, and always being there to help. *glomps* I luv ya babe!!

This fic is a multi pairing gratuitous lemon request fic for Larania Drake, my 2000th visitor. Will be at least a 8 parter. (that's what I figure on so far, and does anyone see the running joke here yet? *grins* request one shot to the first person to figure it out.)

Mr. Popo sighed and slumped to the steps. "My goodness Dende, that went much better than I expected."

"Yes, I didn't expect them to take it so well either." He shivered, remembering how he had expected his healing powers to be called on when they had first been told of their offspring. "I thought for sure I would have to spend some time putting Piccolo back together."

Popo nodded. "Me too Dende. And who would have expected Vegeta to be the one to stick up for Piccolo?" The guardian's assistant and companion shook his head in wonder.

"Yes, I am still surprised myself. Perhaps Bulma was right, and three years with Goku has had a positive effect on Vegeta." Dende smiled. "Now, we'd best get ready for the family reunion of the century Mr. Popo." Dende said, looking up to the sky.

One Week Later, Neo Namek.

"YO! CHENBARO! KOKYUU! QUIT FIGHTIN AND GET OVER HERE!" Yamcha bellowed as Goku's daughter and Vegeta's son went tumbling end over end down a ravine, snickering and wrestling. He ran over and looked down at them, hands on his hips. "Oh yeah, that's just great. You two are goin to meet your parents today, for the first time ever, and you go rolling in the mud and get your new gis the elder gave to you filthy!"

Chenbaro's long unruly black hair, which looked a lot like her uncle Radditz, was sticking out all over, with leaves and a twig or two in it now. Her light blue gi was covered in mud, just as Yamcha had said. "Sorry Dad..." She said, doing an almost flawless imitation of her father's sheepish grin.

Kokyuu crossed his arms and scowled blackly, snarling as Chenbaro giggled and pulled a large twig from his reddish black hair. He shook his head, the movement making his hair glisten in the sun. His hair at the top was upswept in Vegeta's trademark black flame, while the rest hung down to the middle of his back. His royal blue gi was also covered in mud.

"Aw leave em alone Dad." Kyouto grinned. "They're just excited is all, we're all pretty psyched about this."

Yamcha sighed. "I know, but come on you two, I at least wanted them to see you for a few minutes, with clean gis with no tears in 'em from sparring."

Two sets of dark eyes peered up at him, and they stood slowly, looking appropriately chastised, tails hanging limply.

"We're sorry Dad, you're right." Chenbaro said softly, looking over at Kokyuu expectantly.

"Sorry." He muttered.

"Ah..never mind, it's okay. Just come on you two, I wanna get there sometime today." Yamcha sighed, shaking his head and chuckling. "Hey!" He grinned as he turned to find the village elder standing behind him.

"I see they are excited, and happy to be going home." He smiled indulgently, floating down to stand in front of them. "Don't worry Yamcha, it's just a little dirt, easily taken care of." He smiled indulgently at the kids, placing a hand on each of their heads. In a flash of light, both of their gis were clean again.

"Thanks!" Chenbaro threw her arms around him and hugged him, while Kokyuu nodded.

"You're welcome, now you had best get back up there and get ready to go." He said, floating up and landing beside the seven glowing Namek dragonballs.

Yamcha looked around and did a quick head count. "Let's see, Chenbaro, Kokyuu, Kyouto, Ma Jr., Baiorin, Sakkusu, Tategoto, Yobirin and Yokobue. Yup! All here and ready to go." He turned and watched eagerly as the Nameks prepared to summon the dragon.

Chikyuu, Dende's lookout.......

Gohan paced nervously, closely followed by his brother and Trunks. Every so often the demi-Saiyans would turn the wrong way and collide, more often than not leaving Goten and Trunks sprawled on each other while Gohan paced around them. Videl sat on the steps, chewing fingernails already bitten down to the quick in the past week, some of them beginning to bleed anew.

"Oh Videl honey stop that...please?" Chi-Chi looked at her daughter-in-law's bleeding fingers, digging in the basket she had brought for some band aids. "You don't want to meet your child with blood all over your hands now do you?"

Dende sighed, seeing Chi-Chi's plight, and walked over. "Don't do that Videl, you don't have to be nervous. This is your child remember." He tried to reassure her as he healed her hands.

She turned wide blue eyes to him. "But..what if she..or he doesn't like me? Or what if Gohan's child doesn't like us, doesn't want to be part of our family...I mean..we've already told Pan about them..and she's all excited about being a big sister..." She stood and joined in her husbands frantic pacing.

Chi-Chi sighed, looking over at Pan. "It's okay sweety." She soothed the agitated seven year old, who scrambled into her lap.

"Do you think they'll like me?" She asked.

"Oh of course they will, honey!" Chi-Chi stroked her hair. "They will love you just as much as I do!"

Pan nodded and hugged her tight. "Yeah?" She asked in a small voice.

Goten had been listening to his niece and mother. "Sure they will!" He bounded over and swept her into his arms, giving her a sloppy kiss that made her giggle.

"Kay." She grinned, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Airplane!" She squealed, and Goten laughed, soaring into the air with Pan on his back.

Trunks grinned, watching his best friend playing with his niece. He turned and looked at his six year old sister. "So you're gonna be a big sister, and an aunt at the same time I guess."

Bra gave him a toothy grin. "Yeah!" She crowed, skipping around him, giggling. "Lots of kids younger than me and Pan to boss around!" She snickered.

Trunks sweatdropped, realizing at that moment that no-one had thought to tell the girls that these three year olds would already be as big as their parents. *Oh shit!* He thought, wincing as he imagined their reactions. *Not good..not good at all...oh man...* He turned and looked for his mother, but decided to wait until she was finished talking to Chi-Chi.

"So...not long now." Bulma said softly, sitting beside a very pensive Chi-Chi.

"You're not looking forward to this are you?" She reached out and took the dark haired woman's hand.

"What's to look forward to? Bulma...how can you be so calm about this?" She demanded. "For Kami's sake...we...we slept with Piccolo...and we don't even remember it, we were brainwashed, so we wouldn't remember having the eggs, and then these children were sent across the galaxy and raised on another planet! No I'm not looking forward to meeting a child that was conceived by what I consider to be a form of rape!" She hissed, looking around to make sure everyone else was out of earshot.

Dende winced as his sensitive Namek ears picked up the woman's angry words. *Hoo boy, this is going to be a problem!* He thought with a frown.

"Chi-Chi..." Bulma paused. "I feel the same way you do about how these children were conceived, and the pregnancy, such as it was..." She turned and faced Chi-Chi. "But my anger is directed at Piccolo...and Dende for helping him with it. Not the kids. They didn't ask for this to happen, for them to be born. None of this is their fault."

Chi-Chi weighed Bulma's words carefully for several long minutes. "You're right." She said finally. "This isn't their fault. I shouldn't judge them, or be angry at my child because of how he or she was conceived. Thanks Bulma." She leaned forward and hugged the other woman.

"Hey no problem!" Bulma chirped, a wide smile on her face.

Goku and Vegeta stood off to the side, watching their families.

"They've adjusted much better than I expected." Vegeta admitted grudgingly.

"Well except for the part where Goten and Trunks spent three days in their rooms almost in tears." Goku said, brow furrowed. "They must still be really upset about finding out that they're Dads already."

Vegeta heaved a sigh. "Kakarott...haven't you figured it out yet?" He looked up at his mate, smirking at the larger man's confused expression. "They're upset because they had their first sexual experience with someone other than each other, and they don't even remember it."

Goku sighed. "You still think that they're attracted to each other koi?"

"Kakarott!" Vegeta said, exasperated. "Come on! It's painfully obvious they want each other."

"Well...I guess there's some signs there...but still. I think they're more upset about finding out they've got kids than that." Goku said, leaning down and capturing Vegeta's lips in a kiss to forestall any more argument. His arms slid around Vegeta's waist, pulling the prince to his chest and lifting him off his feet in the process.

"Kakarott.." The ouji rasped, breaking the kiss and burying his face in the crook of Goku's neck. "How many times to I have to say it?"

"I know I know, no mushy stuff in public." Goku grinned, an idea forming in his head. "Why don't we go borrow one of Dende's rooms...." Goku smirked.

"Kakarott...no..listen to me.." Vegeta looked up at him apprehensively. "Stop it! They will be arriving from Neo Namek any time now. We don't have time for this!" He began to struggle.

"Hm..I think we do. How about a bet koi? I bet we can be done before they get here." Goku grinned at his lover ferally. "If I win, I get a week on top. I lose, you're seme for a week."

Vegeta narrowed his eyes at Goku. "Hnn...seme, for an entire week..alright Kakarott." He smirked as Goku put two fingers to his forehead.

"I sense something..." Dende turned and looked to his right.

Bra craned her head around, blue eyes wide. "They're heeeere...."

A bright golden ball of light appeared in the center of the floor, beams of light shooting out in all directions. Everyone released a collective gasp as the familiar form of Yamcha appeared, bathed in the light. Behind him, nine other forms took shape. Some of them were around his height, two were slightly shorter, one was much taller, and all of them wore capes and gis.

Moments later the light faded enough for everyone to get a good look at the ten people that had appeared on the lookout.

"Oh..wow..Yamcha.." Bulma breathed. "You look...like you did before...when you were like, twenty five..but how?"

Yamcha chuckled. "The Nameks were kind enough to let me use their dragonballs to wish myself back to my physical prime. I also wished to have the life span of the average Namek as well." He grinned. "I figure I got a few hundred good years left."

"You're a lot stronger too.." Piccolo said quietly, stepping out of the shadows.

"Yeah. The eldest Namek unlocked my hidden powers, sorta what Guru did for Gohan and Krillin years ago on the old Namek." Yamcha explained. He turned and smiled at the children. "Well kids, this is one of the people you came to meet. This is Piccolo." He pointed at him.

"MOM!!" Sakkusu, Chenbaro, Kyouto, Yokobue and Yobirin shouted.

"FATHER!!" Tategoto and Baiorin shrieked.

Piccolo screamed as seven bodies came sailing through the air toward him, sending him crashing to the floor. Yamcha threw back his head and laughed so hard he lost his balance, almost ending up on the floor as well. Kokyuu and Ma Jr. caught and righted him.

Everyone laughed at the antics, until yowls, screams and shrieks from the hallway to Dende's private rooms reached them. Then everyone blushed and sweatdropped.

"How rude!" Chi-Chi snapped, turning to glare at the hallway. Piccolo growled from beneath the pile of bodies on top of him and shot a glare in the same general direction.

"Ah..ahem....well!" Bulma cleared her throat and stepped forward. "For the rest of us..that have some sense of tact and decorum..Yamcha...why don't you start the introductions."

"Well, okay. Bulma, we'll start with you I guess." Yamcha grinned at her. "This is your son. Ma Jr. Uh..the third." He turned and smiled at the tallest of the group. Piccolo stepped forward and looked down at his mother, his face unreadable.

"Hey.." Bulma gave him a nervous smile as she craned her neck to look up at him. "Boy do you ever look like your father."

The half Nameks eyes flicked briefly to his father, still crushed beneath his siblings, before his gaze turned back to his mother.

"Well... I..guess you'll be staying with me..if you want." Bulma laughed nervously. "It's...it's nice to meet you..finally..ah..son.." She stretched out her hand awkwardly, looking up at him. Her eyes widened when Piccolos face softened for just a split second, and she smiled. "I think we'll get along just fine." She leaned forward and hugged him.

Piccolo Jr.'s eyes widened as his mothers arms went around his waist. He looked over at Yamcha, sending a silent plea for help. He raised an eyebrow ridge when Yamcha gestured for him to return the hug. Slowly, cautiously, he moved his arm up and around her shoulders. Then the other arm came up, and he hugged her gently, remembering Yamcha's warning that his human mother would be much more fragile than him or his siblings.

"Well, Vegeta's not here right now, but this is his son Kokyuu." He turned and clapped an hand onto the boys shoulder.

"Wow...you're my...my brother.." Trunks breathed, stepping forward and regarding the half Namek/half Saiyan with open curiosity. "Man..you're pretty strong too." He grinned.

Kokyuu nodded in greeting. "I look forward to a match with you to test your strength and mine." He smirked.

"You got it." Trunks smirked back, reaching out his hand. The two sons of Vegeta clasped hands, and moved over to sit on the steps. "This is your big sister, Bra."

Kokyuu looked down at the girl with disdain. "Big sister? I think not." He sneered, reaching down and picking her up with one hand. He set her between Trunks and himself, crossed his arms and smirked at her. "You will always be my little sister, regardless of age."

Bra giggled. "You act like Daddy sometimes." Kokyuu's eyebrows raised at the comment. Trunks chuckled and nodded in agreement.

Yamcha looked around, to find Videl, Gohan, Goten and Chi-Chi staring at him anxiously. "Okay come on kids, leave Piccolo alone for a sec and come meet your other parents!" He bellowed. The kids all groaned in complaint but did as they were told. "Tategoto, Yokobue, come here please." He led the two boys over to Videl and Gohan. "Videl, this is your son Tategoto."

Videl looked up at her son. Except for his bright blue eyes, he looked completely Namek. "Um...hi.." She smiled at him, moving forward slightly.

"Hi..mom.." Tategoto said shyly.

"This is your boy Yokobue." Yamcha smiled at Gohan.

Gohan looked at his son, amazed to see yet another Namek with black hair and eyebrows. "Hi there." He reached out his hand.

Yokobue gave his father a tight-lipped smile, shaking the demi-Saiyans hand. "Hi."

"Oooohhh! It's not fair!" Pan stamped her feet, pouting angrily. "You said I had two little brothers. They're not little!" She cried, tears shimmering in her eyes. "I wanted someone to play with!" Her chin trembled slightly.

Tategoto knelt down in front of her, his brother hunching down as well. "What do you want to play?" He asked softly.

"Airplane?" She asked hopefully.

"How do you play that?" Yokobue asked, having no idea what the word meant.

He lurched as Pan vaulted onto his back, calling for Bra. Tategoto grunted as the other girl landed square on his back, and smacked his shoulder.

"Now fly airplane!" Both girls shouted, giggling. Yamcha quickly explained to the boys how to play, and in moments they were swooping back and forth over the lookout, the girls squeals of delight filling the air.

"This is Chenbaro, Goku's daughter." He said, standing beside her. Everyone gasped and looked back and forth from her to Kokyuu, marveling at their long unruly Saiyan hair, and their tails. He clapped a hand on Kyouto's shoulder. "And this is my son." He said proudly.

Goten and Chi-Chi stood, anxiously looking over the other three children, two girls and a boy. Yamcha noticed, and quickly motioned for Sakkusu, Baiorin and Yobirin to follow him.

"Goten, this is your son Yobirin." He presented the tall, lanky boy with close cropped spiky black hair and wide brown eyes to his father.

Goten swallowed audibly and looked at his son. His three year old son. His three year old son who stood six inches taller than him. "Eh...heh heh...Hi?" Goten put his left hand behind his head, grinning sheepishly as he held his right out for a handshake. "I guess...I'd be your...ah.."

"My Dad?" Yobirin said quietly, regarding the demi-Saiyan somberly.

"Yeah. I would be..your Dad." Goten looked up at him for a moment, before spreading his arms wide. Yobirin blinked at him, before leaning down and hugging his father.

"That a boy Goten." Yamcha whispered, grinning. He meeped when Chi-Chi's fist connected with the back of his head.

"Yamcha!" Chi-Chi cried. "What about me?" She stopped and composed herself, looking up at the two girls with unease. "Which...which one of you..is my daughter?" She asked quietly.

A tall, willowy girl with big dark eyes, and long, shiny black hair stepped forward. "I am." She said, raising her eyes to stare at her mother.

Chi-Chi stared in amazement. The girl looked a lot like her, if you took away the green skin, the antennae, and the large, pointed ears. She took a small step forward and peered into her daughter's face. "W..what's your name?" She asked softly.

"Baiorin." The girl whispered, barely audible. They stood there, awkwardly, both having difficultly meeting each other's eyes.

*I knew it...she hates me..* Baiorin thought sadly.

*I...don't know how to act..I don't...can't..* Chi-Chi slumped to the steps once more, a hand covering her mouth as she tried to work through her own emotions, and her still present hang ups about how this child had been conceived. *I'm not sure I can deal with this..* She thought.

*I think we're going to have a serious problem getting those two to form any kind of mother daughter bond.* Yamcha jumped as Piccolo's mind touched his, he thought their bond had disappeared after the years of separation. *Don't worry about it..* He thought back. *They'll come to terms with each other soon enough. Just give 'em a little space.* He turned and gave his former mate a smile, chuckling as the Namek blushed. *What's that blush all about, hm koi?*

*Koi..?* Piccolo stared at the human, eyes wide.

Yamcha smirked. He hadn't even realized he'd used the endearment. "So much for making you sweat for a bit huh?" He muttered under his breath. "Here I was, gonna spend a few days leaving you hanging, wondering how I felt about you, and I wrecked it by letting the cat out of the bag." He grinned as Piccolo folded his arms and scowled blackly at him. "Oh don't be like that!" He laughed as the Namek stalked over to him, glowering down at him. "I was kidding...hey..what..Piccolo..PUT ME DOWN!" He shrieked as he found himself flung over his mate's broad shoulder. "I still have one more kid to introduce...oh never mind.." He trailed off as he saw Sakkusu sitting beside Trunks, smiling shyly as her father fussed over her.

"Where are you going?" Dende asked, hiding a grin behind his hand as Piccolo stormed past.

"We need to go and have a talk." Piccolo growled, powering up and taking off.

"Okay..what do you say we all go to Capsule Corp. and get settled in?" Bulma asked, clutching her son's hand. Piccolo Jr. regarded her with a small smile, secretly immensely pleased she had accepted him so readily. Everyone else murmured in agreement, standing and crowding around.

Kokyuu and Chenbaro stood off to the side, arms folded, frowning.

"What's taking them so long?" Chenbaro whined, shifting impatiently. Kokyuu smirked and leaned over, whispering something in her ear. Chenbaro blushed furiously and swatted at him. "Hentai!" She hissed.

"Well it's true!" He dodged the swat and snickered. "Didn't you hear all the noise they were making earlier?" He cackled as his sister blushed again and turned away from him. Both of them paused and stared as two rumpled figures emerged from the hallway.

"Looks like you lost Kakarott." Vegeta smirked as he looked at all the obviously part Namek people milling around. "So...between getting to know our kids, you'll be spending a lot of time on your back.." He purred, reaching up and pinching Goku's butt.

The taller Saiyan yelped and blushed. "Man..yeah...I thought I would win." He grinned down at his lover and leaned down to brush a kiss across his cheek. "You get me so turned on I can't last very long most of the time." He chuckled.

"Hmph. That's because unlike you, I have some self control." Vegeta said haughtily. "Now let's go meet these brats of ours." He walked out into the sunshine. "Wha...?" He stopped dead when he spotted the two kids standing off from the rest of the group. "Which one...is mine?" He asked.

"Hey..cool! Look Vegeta, those two must be ours, they've got Saiyan hair, and tails!" Goku said, grinning as he strode over to them. "Hi. I'm Goku." He held out his hand, and nearly fell over when Chenbaro launched herself into his arms. "I take it.." He choked out as her powerful arms squeezed his neck. "That you're my daughter?"

Vegeta stood with his arms folded, scowling at the boy, who scowled right back, tail lashing the air behind him. "Oh yeah.." Vegeta smirked. "With an attitude like that, you're definitely my kid." Both of them snickered and relaxed slightly. "Decent power level, and you at least got to keep your tail..." Vegeta pondered. "We'll have to set aside some time to train together." He said, making sure nobody else was listening. *Damn onna!* He thought to himself. *Kakarott is not making me all soft and sappy!* His own tail, which had been restored along with his mate's in the last year, twitched and twirled slowly. "I am very interested in seeing how you do in both forms." He grinned.

"Both..forms?" Kokyuu raised an eyebrow.

Vegeta gaped. "Don't tell me you've never gone Oozaru!" He demanded.

Kokyuu remained silent, loathe to admit he had no idea what his father was talking about. He blinked when Vegeta threw back his head and laughed.

"Oh this should be fun." Vegeta chuckled, eyeing both Goku and Chenbaro with an evil gleam in his eyes. "I can't wait until the next full moon."

"Piccolo!" Yamcha squirmed in his lover's grasp as the Namek carried him into his house. "Hey...my house..how'd it stay so clean?" He looked around.

"Tien Krillin and I have been keeping it up." Piccolo answered quickly, tossing Yamcha onto the couch. "Now, we need to get things straight between us, clear the air." Piccolo sat on the chair and glared at Yamcha. "Why did you leave me three years ago!?"

"Wha...me! Leave you? How dare...Piccolo!" Yamcha leapt off the couch and darted forward, right in Piccolo's face. "I never left you! You were trying to send my kid away, to be raised by strangers, and I'd never see him again! How the hell could you just expect me to sit by and watch that happen?!" He paced the living room in agitation, hands fisted in his hair. "I...you and me..we had something. I thought that we were really mates..I cared for you Piccolo.." He turned and sighed. "But when you said you were sending my child away..okay I could see the others, you were upset about the heat and all that came after, but still. My child was not part of that. His conception was different." Yamcha spun and walked into the bedroom. "Right there, that's where I set Kyouto's egg just after he was born. I took this marker..." He walked over to the dresser and picked it up. "To put a big red dot on it so I'd know which one was mine. These were the markers I used to mark everyone else's eggs." He tossed them back on the dresser. "I didn't leave you Piccolo, I went with my kid."

"I kept hoping you would come back afterward, I went to Dende all the time to ask him to contact the elder..see how you were doing.." The Namek sighed and leaned against the doorframe. "All of you.."

"Piccolo?" Yamcha walked over and stood in front of him. "Why didn't you ever come to Namek?"

Piccolo sighed and looked away. "I...the elder told us how you had adjusted to the planet, and the people. He also told us about how you were doing with the kids." He slammed his fist into the doorframe, splintering wood. "I felt so stupid. Guilty..." He growled softly. "You were on a planet with people you'd had no experience with, trying to learn their language, their customs...and raise nine kids, eight of which weren't even yours. I felt so bad for taking the easy way out..when you hung in there and did what you felt was right." He dragged a hand down his face. "You stayed there and raised those kids as your own, after I abandoned them. I felt...unworthy..of you..of the love we could have had. I couldn't even think of going there...facing you..I thought you would reject me for copping out." He finished quietly.

Yamcha stared at his mate with wide eyes. "Piccolo..." He breathed. "No.." He rushed forward and wrapped his arms around the Nameks waist. "Stop it. Don't talk like that." He said as he led Piccolo to the bed, sitting them down.

"I couldn't help it." The Namek said softly, reaching up and running a hand through Yamcha's waist length hair.

"Hey..look at Chi-Chi." Yamcha said, peering up at him. "She doesn't even remember any of the stuff that happened, and she's overwhelmed by one kid. You did remember all of it, and you had not one, but nine! No wonder you were having such a hard time with it. It's okay Piccolo. I understand." He leaned up and kissed Piccolo's jaw.

Piccolo blinked and looked down at Yamcha, surprised. "What was that for?" He asked softly.

"Just testing the waters." Yamcha purred with a smirk.

Piccolo gasped as he was pushed down on his back, Yamcha straddling his chest. "Hey Piccolo..." Yamcha drawled, one hand idly reaching down to rub the Nameks groin, eliciting a gasp. "You can still do that thing where you make clothes appear out of thin air, right?" Piccolo swallowed and nodded. "Good.." He grinned, reaching up and tearing away Piccolo's gi, sash and all, with one quick jerk, snickering at his mate's startled cry. "Then we don't have to worry about these." Yamcha quickly tore away his own clothing.

"Ahh...Kami, I've missed you koi.." Piccolo whispered as Yamcha's hair tickled his chest, raising goose bumps. He reached up and tangled his hands in the long thick tresses, pulling his mate down for a searing kiss.

"Mmm...I can see that.." Yamcha smirked as he wrapped both hands around Piccolo's already glistening erection and stroked him. He closed his eyes and moaned softly at the loud growl that burst from his lovers throat. He yelped as Piccolo suddenly flipped them over, settling between Yamcha's thighs and rubbing their erections together, tearing a loud groan from the human. "P..Piccolo..." He panted, body tingling with need.

Piccolo chuckled as he pulled back and grasped Yamcha's shoulders, flipping him quickly onto his stomach. "Time to re-stake my claim perhaps?" He smirked before brushing Yamcha's hair aside, opening his jaws wide and sinking his teeth into the back of Yamcha's neck, teeth breaking the skin were the four circular scars had been. *Mine.* He thought as he sucked gently on Yamcha's neck, the coppery tasting blood making his body quiver with desire.

"AHHNN! PICCOLO!" Yamcha howled at the pain, then went limp as the Namek's thought echoed in his mind. "Yes..." He whimpered.

Piccolo licked at the wounds, trembling with the effort of holding himself back, and reached for the tube of lubricant he knew was still in the nightstand. He cried out in surprise as Yamcha suddenly twisted under him and flipped them over once more, spreading Piccolo's legs forcefully and rubbing the head of his cock against Piccolo's already wet entrance.

"Yamcha..." He moaned, hands clutching at the human's shoulders as he wrapped his legs around Yamcha's waist and bucked his hips. "I...please..?" He whispered, eyes narrowed to glittering slits as he arched and twisted beneath his mate.

Yamcha growled softly, leaning down and kissing and nipping at Piccolo's chest, one hand grasping the Namek's erection and stroking quickly. "Not quite yet...." He smirked.

"YAMCHA! NOW!!" Piccolo shouted in frustration, bucking his hips so hard he lifted his lover off the bed.

"As you wish." Yamcha purred, burying himself in Piccolo's velvet heat, a wave of pleasure washing over him at the hoarse scream that tore through the air. "Piccolo..." He croaked as he slid his hand rapidly up and down Piccolo's arousal, his other hand sliding down and seeking the Namek's clit. He smirked as Piccolo began to thrash beneath him, screaming mindlessly as he went into sensory overload. He fought to control his own body, his lovers movements making it exceedingly difficult. "Not yet..." Yamcha whispered, waiting for his lover to finish his climax. "Now..." He breathed, pulling out of Piccolo quickly. He moved up and reached for the tube of lubricant himself. "Piccolo!" He laughed as the Namek suddenly moved and grabbed him from behind, bending over him.

"I seem to remember you taking a liking to this position koi..." The Namek purred as he grabbed the lube from Yamcha. He slid a slick finger into the humans entrance, chuckling as Yamcha arched and pushed back against his hand.

"Piccolo....hurry...can't hang on much longer..." He pleaded, panting softly. He threw his head back and shouted as Piccolo slammed into him from behind, large hands gripping his hips as the Namek set a blistering pace, angling himself to hit Yamcha's prostate.

"Hnnnaaaaaahhhh! Kami....P..Pi..col.ooohh..." Yamcha writhed in his mates grip, shuddering violently as spots appeared before his eyes.

Piccolo panted raggedly, sweat running down his face as he moved inside his lover. "Ai shiteru Yamcha..." He whispered before closing his eyes and whimpering, hips jerking as he emptied himself inside his mate. He held his lover tightly as Yamcha thrashed in his grip, emitting a hoarse scream as his seed shot into the air.

As the two lovers collapsed on the bed, exhausted, a certain half Namek half human grinned, sneaking back out of the house the way he had come and sprinting through the woods, an ear to ear grin on his face. "Yes!" Kyouto grinned. "I knew it!"

To Be Continued..................

What's up with Vegeta's sudden interest in Goku and their kids...will Chi-Chi ever be able to accept Baiorin? Find out next time!!!

C&C craved and appreciated.