I'll settle for you, chapter 13.

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Warnings; Language, Yaoi, lemon.

Notes; Weirdness, insanity, humor (at least I think some of it's funny, anyway), some MAJOR OOC, AU WAFF, sap and silliness in places,. I guess this takes place when Bra is around 16, Goten and Trunks are 27 and 28 respectively, and Pan is about 14.

Rating; NC-17.

Pairing; Piccolo + Vegeta, Goten + Trunks, Goku + Juunanigou, Gohan + Videl, and others.

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Description; Can Marron, Yamcha and Ookami come to terms with the time they've lost? And what the hell is Goten thinking?!! Suspicious minds, jealousy, and more Kawaii chibis!

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Piccolo and Vegeta, who had come to Capsule Corp. to try out Dr. Brief's improved gravity room, paused mid-flight. "Did you feel that?" Piccolo asked quietly, landing lightly and striding over to one of the circular windows.

"Yes," Vegeta growled, landing with a thud, before stalking over to the controls and shutting down the gravity simulator. "Something's got Kakarott's ex all fired up, and there's a new power level out there."

"It's familiar, that power, but I just can't put my finger on it right now," Piccolo mused. "You want to check it out, or check on the chibis?"

"You make sure the children are okay, I'll see what's up." Vegeta clenched his fists, hair flashing gold, eyes going teal before he streaked toward the door.

Piccolo yelped, and just barely managed to open the door, allowing his mate to sail through the doorway, rather than the door itself. "Baka," he murmured, chuckling and shaking his head, before setting off for the main house.


"Nice to meet you, Mirai Trunks said softly.

"Y..yeah..you too..." Ookami stuttered slightly, swallowing hard.

Yamcha watched them with interest, the corners of his lips twitching. *I always wondered about Mirai Trunks...* he thought to himself. *Now I guess we'll see if Ookami really is as straight as he says he is...*

Goten stared out the window, eyes wide. "So that's the Trunks from the future," he snickered. "Looks like a nasty, bad-ass version of Trunks." He smirked as he watched the interplay between Ookami and Mirai Trunks. "Hmm...that gives me an idea..."

Mr. Satan raised an eyebrow, gazing at Goten in confusion. *An idea about what?* he wondered, then shrugged and stared out the window at Mirai Trunks. "Hey, I remember that kid..." he murmured, thinking back to the Cell games. "Yeah, he was right there with the rest of the Z-fighters. Boy, he hasn't changed much." A scowl settled on his face as he eyed the machine Trunks had arrived in. "Hmph, pretty fancy-dancy entrance you made, isn't it? Always with the tricks, the smoke and mirrors to impress your audience."

Goten rubbed the back of his head and stared up at Mr. Satan, looking rather embarrassed as the other man continued his muttered rant. "Well, what say we go out and introduce ourselves? Then maybe we can talk mom into not killing that poor woman out there."

"Ah...sure! Right, that wouldn't be a very nice thing to do, would it?" he glanced over, noticing Marron was once again backed up against the car, Chi-Chi looming over her, still glaring daggers at the other woman. "We'd better get a move on then." Both men nodded and quickly made their way to the door.


Chi-Chi glanced back and forth between the new arrival and the cowering woman before her, growling softly as her hands clenched and unclenched, inches away from Marron's pale, slender throat.

"Chi-Chi," Mr. Satan ventured, approaching the enraged woman with a placating smile, hands held out in front of him. "What say we go and greet the new guy, and leave this one for Yamcha and his boy to deal with? We really should...GAH!!" He shrieked as he set his hand on Chi-Chi's shoulder, where it was immediately grabbed, and used to send him sailing through the air. The hapless man flailed his arms as he flew over Brad's car, hitting the asphalt on the other side with a pained grunt. "Oww..." he moaned, slowly sitting up and rubbing his sore rump. "I really, really have to learn to stop doing that..."

Goten winced, covering his eyes to keep from seeing the older man's landing. "Mom," he sighed, shaking his head slowly. "Come on, let's go say hello to Mirai Trunks, okay? Leave Marron for Yamcha and his son to deal with, it's none of our business."

Chi-Chi raised her head and gave Marron a final, imperious glare, before snorting and shaking her head. "You were a rude, sleazy ditz back then, and you haven't changed one bit," she snarled, before leaping over the car, reaching down and grabbing Mr. Satan by the scruff of his shirt and hauling him to his feet. "Let's go say hello, then."

Mr. Satan followed her meekly, Goten smirking and shaking his head as he watched them. *I always thought that guy was a bit of a goofball, but I have to admit, he seems to really like mom, he's there for her, he actually listens,* the demi-Saiyan snickered softly. *I think maybe they'll be okay together.*

As they approached the crowd gathered around the new arrival, Goten narrowed his eyes, dark gaze raking quickly over Trunks. *He certainly is different, isn't he?* Goten scowled as Mirai Trunks spoke to Ookami, Yamcha's son blushing slightly at his words. "Hmph," he growled under his breath, not noticing the glance his mother shot him. "Seems you can't keep your hands off any version of him, can you?"

Chi-Chi stared at her son silently, brow furrowing as she listened to him talking to himself. Then she dismissed his words with a shake of her head, squeezing in between Bulma and Ookami. "You two certainly turned out different," she said, gazing into Mirai Trunks' eyes. "You remind me an awful lot of your father, where our Trunks puts me more in mind of his mother."

Goten blinked a few times as his mother spoke, nodding slowly. *She's right, the way he stands, crosses his arms, even the way he looks at you, that intense stare, it's Vegeta all over again.* The demi-Saiyan glanced over at Ookami, looking a little like the Saiyan prince himself, a vein throbbed in his temple as the other man smiled shyly at Trunks. "Don't you have some unfinished business?" With a growl, he jerked a thumb over his shoulder at Marron.

Yamcha, Bulma and Ookami turned and looked at Marron, who looked like she wasn't sure whether to be insulted at being ignored, or relieved. "Yeah, Goten's right. C'mon, kiddo," Yamcha set a hand on his son's shoulder, "Let's go say our piece to your mother, and leave Bulma to get Mirai Trunks settled in. How long you stayin', anyway?" He turned back to smile at the lavender-haired man.

"Ahm..." Trunks' smile faded then, gaze dropping to the ground as he slowly lifted one shoulder in a shrug. "I'm not exactly sure yet."

Bulma frowned at the man's sudden mood change, but sensed now was not a good time to press for details. "Well, did you bring any luggage? Bring it inside, and we'll set you up with a room!" She smiled, giving him a quick hug.

Trunks nodded, then leapt back up into the machine, grabbing up a worn, heavily patched, grey Capsule Corp. duffel bag, packed so full it was nearly bursting at the seams. "Thanks, mom," he said, offering up a grateful smile as Bulma grabbed him by the arm and steered him toward the house.

"Say, this is perfect timing, you know," Bulma chuckled, then gazed up into one of the windows on the upper floor. "Your father and Piccolo are here, with their kids. You can meet your half-sister and brother!"

"Yeah..." Trunks sweatdropped, a blush staining his cheeks as he tried to wrap his mind around the concept of half-Namek, half-Saiyan children.

Just as the two of them drew up in front of the door, there was a flash of bright, golden light, and a loud bang sounded, as a glowing figure appeared before them.

Bulma yelped and jumped back in surprise, scowling as she saw who it was. "Vegeta," she hollered, folding her arms and glaring at him. "Would you cut that out?! You nearly gave me a heart attack!"

Vegeta merely smirked at her, turning to the side to avoid the swat she aimed at his shoulder. "So, finally decided to pay us another visit, did you?" he said quietly, gazing at Trunks. His expression was guarded, but a small smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

"Well, yeah, things...I don't know..." the demi-Saiyan said softly, glancing at his mother, a flash of pain in his eyes before he turned his gaze back to Vegeta. "I just needed a vacation of sorts, and...I missed everyone here."

Vegeta's dark eyes narrowed as he witnessed the look Mirai Trunks gave Bulma. He wanted to push for more information, but almost on cue, his ex-mate shot him a warning look. He shrugged and scowled, folding his arms and pivoting on his heel. "There's been a lot of changes since you've been gone," the Saiyan prince smirked, heading for the stairs.

"So Yamcha was saying. I hear you and Piccolo hooked up, and I have two siblings," the demi-Saiyan said, blinking as a teenage girl suddenly stepped out into the hallway, blocking his path. Trunks stared at her in confusion, noting the blue hair and eyes, and the amazing resemblance to his mother. "Um...can I help you?" he asked.

"What in the world did you do to your hair?" The girl screeched, reaching out and tugging on a lock of it, making Mirai Trunks wince. "It wasn't that long this morning, what did you do, go buy yourself a wig? Hey..." Walking around him, she examined his clothes. "When did you get this stuff? It's certainly an improvement over your usual dorky clothes."

Mirai Trunks sweatdropped and gaped at the cheeky teenager, finally shaking his head and scowling. "Just who are you, anyway?"

Bulma stepped between them, shooting a glare at Vegeta as the Saiyan leaned up against the wall, snickering quietly, covering his face with one hand. "This is Bra, er...your sister, here. She was born about 8 years after you left." Turning to Bra, Bulma gave the girl a simplified version of the story concerning Mirai Trunks and the time machine.

"I see," Mirai Trunks nodded slowly. "What do you mean by dorky, anyway?" he growled, folding his arms.

Bra rubbed her hands together and gave an evil chuckle. "You'll see soon enough, trust me."

Mirai Trunks winced, one hand lifting to rub at the back of his head. *Geez, I hope my other self didn't turn into too much of a dweeb.* Just then another teenager stepped into the hallway, her dark eyes meeting his, then sweeping over his body with obvious interest. He blushed and stepped back as she made a beeline for him.

"Wow, did I hear right? Are you from like some alternate universe? Boy, you're much cuter than our Trunks," Pan stated, folding her arms and giving him another appraising look.

"This is Pan, Gohan and Videl's daughter." At Trunks' confused look, she continued. "Mr. Satan's daughter, Videl, and Gohan got married not long before Bra was born."

"Mr. Satan?!" Mirai Trunks sputtered. "His daughter, I wonder what she looks like..." The demi-Saiyan grimaced as he was assailed with several unpleasant possibilities.

Vegeta laughed at the looks crossing his son's face. "Don't worry, the girl obviously takes after her mother in the looks department. Mind you, I don't know where she got those impressive fighting skills she had, before she settled down. Those must have come from the mother too, as her father is nothing more than an overbearing, self-absorbed, fraudulent...."

"Vegeta!" Bulma hissed at him, jerking her head toward Pan.

Pan pursed her lips, folded her arms and scowled. "It's okay," she sighed, "I know Grandpa Satan doesn't have much in the way of real power, most of his fame was just good luck and a really skilled P.R. person." The girl looked downcast for a few moments, then brightened, latching onto Mirai Trunks' arm. "Hey, you haven't met your two newest siblings yet, have you? Come on!"

Trunks meeped as he was practically dragged down the hall by two giggling teenage girls, Bulma and Vegeta following behind. He blinked in surprise as he entered the nursery, spotting Piccolo sitting cross-legged on the floor, a bald, green-skinned toddler wriggling in his lap. "Hey, Piccolo..."

The Namek warrior nodded. "Long time, no see." The two men stood and gazed at each other silently for a few moments, before Chella broke free of her mother's grasp and toddled over, gazing up at the lavender-haired man with a confused expression on her face. "She doesn't recognize you." Piccolo said softly.

"I've been getting that a lot today," laughed the demi-Saiyan. "And who might you be?" he asked, kneeling down before the toddler, a soft laugh escaping him as the child put the tip of one finger into her mouth, sucking on it gently.

"Shella," she squeaked, taking a step closer to him, small hands darting out to touch his face, hair and clothing. "Twunks?" Chella asked, patting his cheek gently.

"Not exactly," Bulma chuckled, hunching down beside them. "He's Mirai Trunks. Not quite the same as the Trunks you're used to."

Chella tilted her head, silently studying the demi-Saiyan intently for a few seconds, soft features set in an expression of deep concentration. "Wai Twunks," she grinned at him, before toppling into him, pudgy arms trying to wrap around him in a hug. Everyone else in the room laughed at her antics.

"Wai Trunks, it fits, somehow," Pan snickered, bumping Bra's shoulder, the two girls exchanging a sly glance.

An angry bellow from the crib behind Piccolo drew everyone's attention. "Looks like your baby brother's awake," Bulma smiled, moving to stand beside the crib. "Well, hello there," she cooed, peering down at Vegeta Jr. as he slowly, awkwardly hauled himself to his feet, clutching the bars of the crib as he swayed slightly. "You wanna see your brother?" Bulma reached down, waiting until the baby wrapped his tail around her wrist before she gently picked him up. "There we go, come say hi to Mirai Trunks!"

"But..." Trunks gazed at his little brother, then glanced down at Chella as she snuggled up to his chest. "They're so...different... how?"

"Well, Piccolo gave birth to Chella, and Vegeta gave birth to this little sweety." Bulma leaned her head down and rubbed noses with Vegeta Jr., smiling as the infant chortled and gave her a wide, toothless grin.

Piccolo merely continued to gaze at Trunks, chest shaking with silent laughter at the stupefied expression on the man's face. "Vegeta, I think you'd better give your son the whole story, before he passes out from shock."

Vegeta sighed and rolled his eyes, launching an explanation of how Saiyan males had been genetically altered to allow them to bear children.

"Oh...my...god..." Mirai Trunks rasped, blinking his eyes rapidly, then shaking his head. "That...that's why the other Trunks is marrying Goku's younger son, isn't it? One of them can have kids, and Goku..." the demi-Saiyan dragged a hand down his face, still trying to process what his father had just told him.

"Yup, Goku's with Juunanigou, and they just had a baby too, her name's Karimaya, oh, you've got to see her, she's gorgeous!" Bulma said, tapping one finger against her lips. "I've got to phone them, tell them about you, and they can bring her over for a visit! Heck, I've got to phone everyone!" She darted out of the room, Pan and Bra running after her, offering to help with phone calls on the other lines.

"Hmph, women." Vegeta quirked a brow, watching his son being toted out of the room, waving his arms and grinning at the chattering going on around him.

Piccolo sweatdropped at the curious look Mirai Trunks shot him, the lavender-haired man obviously waiting for him to take offence. "I'm more male than female," he barked, cheeks turning purple as Trunks and Vegeta laughed.


After saying hello to Mirai Trunks, Chi-Chi declared it was time for her and Mr. Satan to be leaving, as she had shopping to do, and needed a ride. Goten had watched them leave with a smile, thinking on the meek way in which Mr. Satan catered to his mother's whims.

A scowl settled on the man's features as he glanced over at Ookami, who was being led to the porch swing along with his mother by a rather annoyed-looking Yamcha. *First I catch him flirting with my Trunks, and from the looks of them lately, it almost seems as if it's gone beyond that, then he's putting the moves on the new guy. Give me a break. Make up your mind, man. Either you're straight, or not. While you're at it, pick one version of Trunks already. You can't have 'em both.*

Goten turned away and headed back to the office building, stopping short when he noticed his fiancee exiting the building.

"Hey, Goten, what's up? I heard that big bang, sensed a new power out here too, what's going on?" Trunks smiled at him, but the smile faltered when the other demi-Saiyan glowered at him. "Hey, chibi, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, nothing at all." Goten snapped at him, striding past and heading to the office. "Seems some alternate universe version of you has come for a visit, and just like you he's got a certain admirer practically drooling all over him." The demi-Saiyan stomped past his lover, heading back into the building. *You want to know what's wrong, do you? Believe me, you'll find out soon enough. I'm going to give you a good piece of my mind later on!*

"What the hell...? What was that all about?" Trunks shook his head in confusion, then shrugged and stalked toward the house, an angry expression on his face.


Yamcha had witnessed the exchange between the two demi-Saiyans, frowning as he remembered the scene he'd walked in on earlier involving Trunks and his own son. "I really hope things aren't what they seem to be," he heaved a sigh and turned back to his son and Marron.


"Mom, you in here?" Trunks glanced around the living room, then strode down the hall, peering into the kitchen. "Hello, where is everybody?" The lavender-haired man glanced up as the faint sound of laughter drifted down through the ceiling. "Aha, now to see what all the fuss is about," he murmured, taking the steps two at a time. "Hey, what's up?" Trunks called, peering in each room as he made his way down the hall.

"Oh, hey! The other Trunks is here!" Bulma stepped out into the hallway and waved, grinning at her son. "Come on in and join the party! We've got someone you have to see, although the last time you two met, you were in diapers, so I doubt you'll remember him."

Trunks stared at her blankly, one eyebrow raised. "Other...Trunks? Mom, what are you talking about?" He walked into the room, stopping dead as he caught sight of the man kneeling on the floor beside Piccolo, Chella squirming in his arms and repeating 'Wai Trunks' over and over again. "What the..."

"I know you must be confused, but just let me explain. Years ago, when you were just a baby, this Trunks, Mirai Trunks we dubbed him, came back through time from a kind of alternate reality to warn us of a bunch of terrible things that were about to happen. He saved Goku's life by giving him medicine to stop a super-virus from killing him, and allowed everyone time to train and prepare for the threat."

"Yes, he wiped out Frieza and his father, as well." Vegeta glanced over at Mirai Trunks, a hint of a smile on his lips, pride showing in his dark eyes. "I can see you've kept up your training splendidly," he murmured.

"You bet! I never had time to stop, even years later. It's more just a habit now, though, I can't imagine spending a day without doing at least a few hours' training, that would be just...weird." Mirai Trunks shook his head and laughed softly.

"I think this Trunks is much cooler than you, I'd be proud to go hang out at the mall with him!" Bra squealed, dropping to her knees and glomping the startled demi-Saiyan.

Trunks scowled as he looked over the other man. *He just looks like a punk to me." The vice-president of Capsule Corp. straightened his tie, smoothed out the lapels on his jacket, and adjusted his thick-rimmed glasses, rising up to his full height and glaring at Mirai Trunks. *He's not so cool.*

*Oh....My...God...* Mirai Trunks tore his gaze away from his two sisters.

Hard blue eyes swept over the younger Trunks' form, noting the awful suit, and geeky glasses. *I turned into a total doofus!* he thought, staring at him in horror. Tilting his head, Mirai Trunks closed his eyes and tried to sense Trunks' power level. "Ahm, not to be rude, or anything, but when was the last time you trained? From the feel of your power level, I'd say it's been awhile."

"What do you mean by that?!" Trunks demanded, clenching his fists and snarling at the other man. "Are you implying that I've slacked off on training? What business is that of yours, anyway?!" The demi-Saiyan stepped forward, looming over the other man, staring down angrily at him. "Maybe you'd like to step outside and I can show you exactly what I've got!"

"I was just asking a question, no need to get all bent out of shape about it." Mirai Trunks handed Chella over to Piccolo, who in turn swept out of the room, getting his daughter out of range of the impending argument. The long-haired man stood up, lifting his head and pinning his 'twin' of sorts with a frosty glare. "Of course we can take this outside, anytime you're ready..."

Vegeta rolled his eyes, gesturing for Bulma to hand over Vegeta Jr. "When you two have finished deciding who's the dominant Trunks around here, I'll be in the kitchen getting something to eat."

Both lavender-haired Saiyans leaned forward, growling as their foreheads touched, blue eyes boring into blue eyes.


Ookami and Marron sat down on the bench, each of them taking opposite sides. Marron sighed as she glanced over at Brad, who was still sitting in the car and looking pointedly at his watch.

Ookami noticed the look, and tried, unsuccessfully, to hold back a sarcastic remark. "Someplace you need to be, mother?"

"Yes, actually, Brad and I need to get ready to fly to Europe tomorrow. So..." she turned and smiled, raising her eyebrows at him.

"So? What, you just expect me to say 'okay, have a nice trip', and be fine with everything that's happened this past while?" Ookami demanded, voice rising in anger. He jumped as Yamcha's hand clapped onto his shoulder, lowering his gaze and sighing heavily. "Well, it's not okay. You owe me, and my father, an explanation of why you kept us apart for so long!"

Marron sat back and folded her arms, pouting as she stared sullenly at her son. "I'll tell you the same thing I told your grandparents earlier. Your father and I hooked up for one lousy weekend. It was supposed to be no strings, neither of us was looking for anything more than a little fun." Marron shrugged lightly. "We both just needed someone to hold for a night or two." She gazed up at Yamcha, then over at Ookami. "When I found out I was pregnant, I was scared. I didn't know the first thing about being a mom. I wasn't sure I was capable, that's why I left you with your grandparents."

"That still doesn't explain why you never tried to tell me about him, Marron," growled Yamcha, who had started pacing back and forth before the bench.

"I was getting to that!" Marron said petulantly. "I didn't think you'd want to be saddled with both of us, considering how things were between us. We parted ways and never expected to see each other again."

Yamcha sighed, running a hand through his hair, before stalking over and dropping onto the bench between them. "I admit, I was pretty immature back then, I was a playboy, and wasn't ready to settle down. But still, it would have been nice to know I had a son. I can assure you I would have come around a lot sooner."

"I..." Marron sighed, arms crossed, shoulders slumped. "You're right, both of you," she admitted quietly. "I guess... I took the easy way out, leaving you with Mom and Dad, and just never bothering to dredge up the past. I figured you wouldn't press if I kept quiet about things, because I was afraid of what would happen if your dad knew. I didn't want to see you be rejected,"

"I wouldn't reject my own child!" Yamcha broke in, blinking in surprise as Ookami set a hand on his leg and slowly shook his head. He fell silent once more, glancing back and forth between Marron and his son.

"I also didn't want to have you come around out of a sense of obligation, or even see you try to be more than just a part-time father. I actually thought at times that you might want to take him away, being your firstborn son and all." She leaned forward and gazed intently at their son. "I'm sorry I kept it from you for so long, honey," she looked at the ground, then back up at Yamcha. "I'm sorry for never telling you about him."

"Well, I'm not going to just say it's okay, Mom, because frankly, it's not." Ookami spoke quietly, rising from his seat and moving to stand in front of her. "However, what's done is done, and all we can do now is just move on, and I'm going to enjoy the time I have with Dad."

"So, we're cool?" Marron smiled sweetly at him.

"Sort of," Ookami sighed, nodding.

"Great! Okay, I'd better get going before Brad decides to leave without me, have fun you two, and stay out of mischief!" Marron jumped up and grabbed her son into a crushing embrace, then leaned down and did the same to Yamcha, giggling as the man blushed wildly and tried to pull away from her. She straightened up, and sashayed down the driveway, waving and blowing a kiss before she climbed into the convertible. Brad gave them an annoyed glance, then waved quickly before pulling away, tires squealing as they sped off.

"I just knew that was going to happen," sighed Ookami, shaking his head, one hand coming up to run through his long, dark hair.

"Hey, I'm proud of you, kiddo. You handled that pretty well." Yamcha smiled, standing up and reaching out to embrace him.

Ookami stepped into the embrace gratefully, head resting on his father's shoulder. "I handled it, but I wouldn't say I did it that well."

"Listen, we both knew there was nothing she could say to excuse what happened, but I think what you were really lookin' for was to hear her say she was sorry. And when you got it, you let things go and looked toward moving on." Yamcha smiled, tousling Ookami's hair.

"There really isn't a lot of choice, is there?"

"Not really," Yamcha sighed, tightening the arm around Ookami, "like you said, we just enjoy the here and now, rather than being angry about what's already been missed." He looked around, and chuckled. "I think everyone's inside fussing over Mirai Trunks, what say we go join them?" Yamcha held back the knowing smile that tried to settle on his lips at the expression that crossed Ookami's face at the mention of the other man.

"Yeah, sure, sounds like a plan to me," Ookami nodded slowly, brow furrowed as he remembered the reactions the other man had drawn from him. *Man, the guy just looked at me and I could feel my face getting warm, not to mention the fact that I suddenly lost my ability to form coherent sentences.* His eyes widened in dismay as he wondered if all the things he'd seen and heard around his father's friends had influenced him, and perhaps drawn out things in him that he'd never cared to examine.

The two men entered the house, glancing around curiously at the silent rooms and hallways. "Where is everyone," Ookami asked.

Both men gasped and toppled over as a horde of people suddenly materialized directly in front of them.

"Hey! Yamcha! Ookami!" Goku grinned, waving happily with one hand, the other arm wrapped firmly around Juunanigou, who was holding a sleeping Karimaya cradled in his arms.

"Goku, you've really got to learn to use the door, man," Yamcha chuckled softly, sitting up and shaking his head. He rose to his feet, then helped Ookami up off the floor.

"So where's this surprise?" Juuhachigou asked, one hand on her hip, a bored expression on her face.

Krillin and his daughter sweatdropped as they shared a glance and a smile.

"Hey guys, wow, looks like the gang's all here!" Yamcha grinned, shaking hands with first Juunanigou and Krillin, then Gohan, greeting Juuhachigou, Marron and Videl as well.

"Surprise?" Ookami tilted his head, staring at her curiously.

"Yeah, Dad just started rounding us all up using instant transmission, saying we all had to come to Capsule Corp. right away, because Bulma had a surprise for us." Gohan smiled indulgently at his father, who was nearly dancing with excitement.

Ookami glanced at his father, realization dawning in his blue eyes. "Ah, right, that surprise," he turned and smirked as Bulma burst into the room, Pan and Bra at her heels.

"I thought I heard voices!" She grinned and waved everyone toward the stairs. "It was nice of you to go around picking everybody up and bringing them over so quickly, Goku, thanks!"

"No problem!" Goku grinned, quickly making his way up the stairs. "Hey, Trunks, where are you?" he called, pausing as he found himself standing in front of an impatient-looking Saiyan prince. "Hey, Vegeta, what's up?"

"You'll be up in the stratosphere if you don't get out of my way, Kakarott," the prince barked, "I'm hungry, now move." He nodded to the others behind the larger Saiyan, taking to the air over their heads and floating down to the bottom of the stairs.

Mirai Trunks peeked out into the hall, his face brightening when he saw them. "Goku!" he cried, running out to greet the Saiyan. "Hey, Krillin, Gohan! Juunanigou and Juuhachigou," he nodded to the jinzoningens, admiring the lovely infant cradled in Juun's arm, "and you would be...?" He looked at Videl and Marron uncertainly.

"Juuhachi and my daughter, Marron, and this is Gohan's wife, Videl." Krillin shook hands with the demi-Saiyan, marveling at the changes in him since he'd last visited.

"I remember you," Juuhachigou said, blue eyes narrowing. "You were the one that came from the future. I saw her," she pointed to Bulma, "holding baby Trunks, and there you were, fully grown, doing battle."

"Well," said Juunanigou, tilting his head and smirking, "this should be interesting, when you run into your counterpart. I wonder, what each will think of how the other turned out?"

Mirai Trunks winced, glancing over his shoulder at the nursery, drawing a laugh from Krillin and Gohan.

"Well, guess that answers that question," quipped Gohan.

"Hey, I think Vegeta's got the right idea," Bulma smiled, gesturing toward the stairs once more. "Now that you've seen the surprise, why don't you all stay for dinner, and we can get re-acquainted?"

"And some of us can just get acquainted," Videl laughed softly, glancing up as Trunks stepped into the hallway, scowling at his counterpart.

Everyone slowly made their way down the stairs, Pan and Bra settling on the floor with Chella and Vegeta Jr., while the adults took seats on the couches and chairs. Bulma darted into the kitchen to see what could be done about dinner.

"So how long are you staying...gosh, we're going to have to find something different to call you, otherwise this could get really confusing!" Goku said, as he raised one hand and scratched the back of his head.

"Just call me what you did earlier, Mirai Trunks," the demi-Saiyan shrugged, smiling softly. "As for how long I'm staying, I'm not quite sure yet, depends on how long I'm welcome."

"Hey, what do you mean? You know you're always welcome around here, but don't you want to get back to your mom in that universe, your friends and stuff?" Krillin stared at him, confused.

"Well, no, actually. I'm not...needed there anymore. I don't really have a reason to go back." Mirai Trunks answered softly. The room fell silent, as everyone considered what those words meant.

"How?" Vegeta was the one to break the silence, finally.

"After...the threats to my world had been eliminated," Mirai Trunks said, deciding not to actually say the jinzoningen's names, "Mom started rebuilding and re-staffing Capsule Corp. They went around and helped the surrounding cities recover from the years of damage that had been done, putting up everything from hospitals to schools to apartment buildings." He sighed heavily. "Two years ago, she was in a partially rebuilt hospital, helping to set up some computer equipment, when an unnoticed flaw in one of the supporting walls gave way. Nearly a third of the building collapsed, and..." The demi-Saiyan trailed off, taking a deep, shaky breath as Gohan leaned over and clasped his shoulder.

"Wow, you mean...I'm dead?" Bulma gasped, standing in the doorway. "Well, what a way to go, rebuilding a world, right?" She gave her son a tight smile, then moved to sit beside him. "You don't want to stay and run the corporation?"

"No," Mirai Trunks shook his head. "I was never that way inclined, I'm a fighter, not a businessman," he chuckled. "Mother made provisions before it happened, to leave C.C. to some child prodigy she'd discovered. This kid is amazing, he even corrected one of her designs that she couldn't get to work, when he was like, ten. He's more than capable of continuing the traditions and standards set by Capsule Corp., believe me."

"That reminds me, how many years have passed in your time? I know it's been over twenty-five years here," Krillin said, looking over at him curiously, "but you don't look much older than this Trunks. You were what, eighteen years old when you left? Now you barely look two years older than him."

"Eleven years have passed in my time," Mirai Trunks said, nodding slowly. "So, yeah, I am about a year older. Guess that makes me the big brother." He smirked at Trunks, chuckling at the annoyed look on the other man's face.

"Hey, Trunks," Gohan looked around, noticing someone was missing from their gathering, "where's Goten?"

"I don't know, I think he went back to work, he was angry about something, no clue what, though..." the demi-Saiyan shrugged, frowning as he toyed with his glasses.

Yamcha winced, shooting a quick glance at Ookami as he remembered the embrace he'd witnessed earlier. *I wonder if Goten caught sight of that too, that would explain a lot.*

"Well, I'd better call him and tell him supper's on the way, that should coax him into being social again." Bulma rose and picked up the phone, calling the switchboard and asking to be put through to Goten's office.

"Promise a Saiyan a decent meal and you'd be surprised at what you can coax them into doing," Juuhachigou said dryly, smirking as everyone burst out laughing.

"Okay, Goten's on his way," Bulma smiled, glancing over at Trunks. She sighed softly as she noticed the demi-Saiyan scowling at Mirai Trunks, the older man glaring right back, before turning his attention to Vegeta. *Oh man, here we go again, another case of sibling rivalry...*

"Is Master Roshi still around?" Mirai Trunks asked quietly.

"Yes, that doddering old pervert is still alive and kicking, staring at his hentai magazines on that island of his," snickered Vegeta. "Is he still alive in your time?"

"He's definitely alive and kicking," Mirai Trunks laughed, nodding his head. "I think I'll wait to tell you the rest of what's happened in my world until after we're all together, including him."

"Well," Bulma said, rising to her feet. "I ordered take-out, it should be here any time now. I'll go call Master Roshi, and tell him to come over right away."

"Hey, don't worry about it, I'll have him back in a jiffy," Goku said, jumping up off the couch, waving to everyone before disappearing in a flash of light. Moments later, he reappeared with an extremely startled Master Roshi and Turtle in tow.

"Goku!" Roshi hollered, smacking the Saiyan on the head with his staff. "Don't you know it's not nice to sneak up on a defenseless old man like that? You could have given me a heart attack!"

"Ow," the Saiyan whined, rubbing his temple. "All things considered, I wouldn't exactly call you defenseless..." Everyone in the room laughed at that.

"Hi there, Trunks, and Trunks, and....Eh?!" The old sensei glanced back and forth between the two lavender-haired men. "Wait a minute, what's this all about now?" He reached up and stroked his beard, sunlight glinting off his dark glasses as he gazed at each man in turn. "Of course, I remember you," he nodded to Mirai Trunks with a smile. "It's been awhile, hasn't it? But I have to say, it seems traveling through space and dimensions agrees with you."

Mirai Trunks blinked up at Master Roshi, eyes wide. "You hardly look any different now than you did when I left... How do you do that?"

"Oh...Hahaha!!" Roshi laughed, one hand coming up and rubbing the back of his head. "Come on now, son, surely you know I can't give away all my precious secrets!"

"It's just that he's looked like he was a hundred and fifty years old, since he was about thirty," Krillin muttered to Gohan, yelping when the thick end of Roshi's staff came crashing down on his head.

"I heard that!" Everyone roared with laughter, as Roshi loomed over Krillin, veins bulging under the shiny skin of the old man's scalp.

Goten slipped into the room, perching on the arm of the couch, glancing over at his fiancee, then looking away quickly, dark eyes settling on Mirai Trunks. Once again he found himself cataloguing the differences between them. *Well, he's nice-looking, I suppose, but he's just not...my Trunks. But with a little help from him, I can get my Trunks away from that backstabbing Ookami...*

"So, how long will you be staying?" Roshi asked Mirai Trunks as he slowly settled himself onto the carpet, chuckling as Chella toddled over and tried to take his staff. Vegeta Jr. had been ignoring most of the chatter around him, instead spending a good deal of his time staring at Karimaya.

"He's going to be living here," Bulma piped up, striding into the room with four grunting, straining delivery men at her heels, carrying large stacks of white boxes. "Hope everyone's hungry, I ordered pizza!"

"Did you ever..." Videl sweatdropped, staring as they were piled on the table.

"Here you go," Bulma handed one box to Mirai Trunks, smiling as the demi-Saiyan read the slip taped to the top.

"You remembered my favorite toppings?" Mirai Trunks gaped at her, then blushed as she hugged him.

"Of course I did, silly!" She picked up another box, walking around the table and handing it to Trunks, ruffling his hair as she did so. "A mother never forgets important stuff like that about her boys."

Trunks and Mirai Trunks stared at each other, oblivious to the others around them scrambling to get a share of the pizza. After a few moments, they smiled and nodded, silently agreeing to a cease-fire.

To Be Continued....

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