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Warnings; Language, Yaoi, Yuri, lemon, light bondage, angst, references to NCS and child abuse. (Nothing too graphic though)

Notes; humor, silliness, sap, OOC, TWT,, basically every warning or note.

Pairings; Almost everybody gets involved eventually.

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"Denotes speaking"

*denotes thoughts*

By the time Goku hung up his clothes to dry and came inside, Vegeta was eagerly rummaging through both of their care packages and placing whatever struck his fancy on the table, which was starting to creak in protest of the rapidly accumulating weight on top of it. As he heard him come in, Vegeta looked up, and was totally unprepared for the sight of Goku dressed in nothing but a pair of white boxer shorts. His eyes quickly but thoroughly took in every inch of his body, then he cursed his outfit, trying to figure out how he was going to hide his rampant erection in the skin tight material. *Wait a minute,* he thought, *why bother? Isn't this the whole reason I suggested this little 'training getaway' in the first place?*

"Hey," Goku said, eyeing the table suspiciously before stepping closer to Vegeta in case it decided to give under the weight, "save some for me would ya?".

As Vegeta pulled out an enormous roast, and set it on the table, he snapped

"Of course, what do you think, I'm going to eat all this by myself?" He pulled out a chair for Goku, then placed his hands on his shoulders and pushed him down onto it. "Sit down while I get the utensils."

As Vegeta turned away, an ominous groaning sound was all the warning to be had as the table suddenly collapsed with a crash. Goku leapt out of his chair and away from the disintegrating table, slamming into Vegeta, knocking him to the floor, and winding up on top of him.

Vegeta lay on the floor, his expression a mix of surprise and pain. *Good lord, Kakarott is heavy!* he winced as his ribs began to throb. Suddenly the fact that he was laying spreadeagle on the floor, with a nearly naked Kakarott on top of him registered in his brain. With a positively evil grin, he hitched one leg over Goku's hip, and wrapped his arms around the other Saiyan's neck. Now it was Goku's turn to be surprised. He gaped down at Vegeta as he felt the other's arms snake around his neck, his face coming closer, closer... Goku's lips parted and his eyes slid shut in anticipation. With one fluid motion, Vegeta reversed their positions, straddling Goku's hips and pinning his arms to the floor. His eyes widened and he moaned softly as Vegeta thrust against him. His cock was straining against his boxers, he was so hard it hurt, and he groaned as he felt that Vegeta was in much the same state.

Vegeta looked down into the other Saiyan's face, noting the flushed skin, the heavy-lidded eyes, and had to use all his willpower to keep from tearing those flimsy boxers off and taking him right here on the kitchen floor. *I'll just tease him a little, see how far he lets it go before he tries to do something about it.* He grunted and thrust his pelvis hard against Goku, grinding their erections together which caused Goku to cry out, his hands coming up to grasp Vegeta's hips as he thrust back. The two men continued bucking against each other, Goku's back arching off the floor, his head rolling from side to side, moaning Vegeta's name, and Vegeta let out a strangled groan as his head dropped down to Goku's chest. They strained against each other, their thrusts getting faster and more intense, their cries getting louder, until a frustrated Goku reached up and began trying to remove Vegeta's clothing.

Vegeta took Goku's hands, their fingers intertwining, and gently pinned them back against the floor. *That didn't take long at all* He thought and smiled.

"Vegeta, please I.." Goku whispered.

"Shh, not yet." He brought his head down and pressed his lips to Goku's softly before pulling away and getting off him. He reached down and pulled a dazed and trembling Goku off the floor before turning back to the mess where the table had been, "What do you say we salvage lunch, and then go take a bath?" he looked over his shoulder at Goku, smirking, and raised one eyebrow suggestively. Confusion, disappointment and frustration were evident on Goku's face.

"Huh? Food, now? But I thought...." he began.

Vegeta's hands shot up fisted in Goku's hair, and he was pulled down into a soul-searing kiss, bruising in its intensity. The kiss left no room for compromise. It was pure domination. Vegeta's lips moved possessively over Goku's, prying his mouth open and invading the warm, wet recess with his tongue. Goku shivered as Vegeta began sucking and nibbling on his lower lip, and a hand dropped down to fondle him through his boxers. He moaned as he found himself backed against the counter, with Vegeta pressed up against him.

"Better eat now Kakarott," Vegeta purred, " you're going to need all the energy you can get to handle the things I intend to do to you, got it?"

"Uh, sure!" Goku felt a tingling in his loins at the thought of taking a hot bath with his sparring partner and soon-to-be lover. His mind was filled with naughty images of all the things you could do in those big, deep, tubs that came with the capsule houses.

Meanwhile, at the picnic sight, Bulma and Chi-Chi thought it was about time to pack it in for the day.

"Awww, mommmm!" Goten and Chibi Trunks whined in unison, "Come on! Just a little while longer, pleeeeaaassse?"

*Sometimes I swear those boys have a psychic connection.* Chi-Chi thought, getting a little annoyed, but then suddenly a sly, hungry look flashed across her features before she wheeled around and gave Mirai Trunks and Gohan the sweetest smile she could manage, while batting her eyelashes furiously.

Trunks took an involuntary step back, recognizing that look from his mom's face whenever she wanted something.

"Oh Trunks, Gohan, would you two mind keeping an eye on little Trunks and Goten for a while?"

All four boys turned to stare at each other.

"Sure!" Gohan agreed, "they look like they would enjoy a couple more hours of playtime, and Trunks and I could get in some training." He realized his mistake and suddenly looked around for a place to hide as both women crossed their arms, their expressions turning hard and angry.

"Is that all guys can think about?" Bulma snapped "Stupid training! Why can't you men ever give it a rest!"

"That's right!" Chi-Chi chimed in, "You'd think men would be able to find something to do besides fighting!"

They stopped yelling when they looked over and saw Goten hiding behind Gohan's leg, and Chibi Trunks doing the same with his older self. Both women turned to each other and sweatdropped,

"Oh well," Bulma said, "let's just forget about that for now, and go have some coffee."

"You're right." Chi-Chi sighed, "Don't forget to bring the boys back by dark Gohan, O.K.?"

"You got it mom!" Gohan smiled, relieved.

"Have fun boys!" Bulma called over her shoulder before checking her watch. They had three to three and a half hours before dark. *Perfect, that should give us more than enough time to take care of our most pressing needs, and we'll have all night once they're all in bed! I've waited years for this, I'm not wasting any more time.*as they turned a bend in the trail, Bulma reached over and slid her hand up Chi-Chi's dress, caressing the back of her thigh, before reaching a little higher and pinching her butt. She squealed, giggled, and then spun and grabbed Bulma's shoulders, planting a firm, noisy kiss on her lips.

"Come on, let's go, we don't have all night." She tried to wriggle free, but Bulma gripped her waist tightly.

"Not yet anyway." she murmured into Chi-Chi's ear before pulling the lobe into her mouth and nibbling gently before they broke free, laughed and ran down the trail. The four boys stood staring at each other as they listened to their mothers laughing as they made their way home, they were still shocked that they had told them they could stay out here until dark.

Suddenly Goten whooped with joy and ran up and smacked Chibi Trunks on the back, "Tag! You're it!" and flew off. Chibi Trunks then punched Mirai Trunks in the gut, a little too close to the groin for the other's comfort, then laughed and flew off as his older self crumpled to his knees, gasping in pain. Gohan chuckled quietly, then jumped in surprise as Trunks suddenly lunged at him, catching his wrist and flinging him to the ground.

"Now you're it." He smirked and flew off.

"I'll get you, you dirty faker!" Gohan yelled as he flew off after his friends.