Fusion. Chapter 19.

Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Warnings; Language, Yaoi, Yuri, lemon, bondage, angst, weirdness.

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Rating; NC-17.

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The next afternoon on the island.........

"Well, I guess that's everything!" Goku grinned as he pushed the button to collapse the house back into a capsule.

Vegeta frowned slightly as he watched Yamcha's downcast expression. "Don't worry koi." He said as he wrapped his arms around Yamcha's waist. "I'll take this house back to the onna, and have her fix it up again. After that I'll bring it back and set it up for this weekend, and we'll try to spend at least every other weekend here, just the three of us...." Vegeta purred, "if not every weekend." he ran his hands over Yamcha's chest and leaned up for a kiss.

"Yeah! The house can stay here permanently just for us!" Goku grinned as he snuggled up to Yamcha's back.

"Cool." Yamcha said, trying not to scream with the happiness he felt. *I finally got my wish, and boy what a wish! I didn't even have to use the dragonballs!* He chuckled at that thought.

"So what are you guys gonna do about all the shit that's been happening at home?" Yamcha asked, his brow furrowing as he remembered all the bizarre couplings he had been told of.

"Well," Goku began, looking at Vegeta solemnly. "We're all gonna go back to my place, and tell Chi-Chi, Bulma, Piccolo Trunks and Gohan what we've been doing here as well." Goku places a finger over Vegeta's lips as he saw the angry Saiyan was about to protest. "It's only fair Vegeta." He said quietly.

"Fine." Vegeta huffed as he crossed his arms and scowled, only to have the effect ruined as Yamcha swept him into his arms and kissed him hungrily.

"We'd better get going." Goku said, not looking forward to informing his family of his recent activities.

"Why don't we take the smaller brats to Capsule Corp for the evening first before we tell them." Vegeta said, a strange smile on his face.

"Yeah...I guess. The boys don't need to hear about this. Cause I know Chi-Chi," Goku frowned. "Even though she's been sleeping with Bulma and Piccolo, she'll be pissed to find out I've been sleeping with someone else too."

Son Residence.......

Chi-Chi, Bulma and Piccolo were out on the front porch, talking quietly.

"I wonder how they're going to react to this." Chi-Chi said quietly. Bulma chewed her lip nervously.

"Probably not as bad as you think." Piccolo said quietly. The two women turned to regard him quizzically.

"What do you mean? Why not?" Bulma asked.

"Because Goku and Vegeta have been sleeping together all weekend." Piccolo smirked. "And last night they added Yamcha to the mix too." He snickered as the two women gaped at him in disbelief.

"Goku..." Chi-Chi trailed off.

"Vegeta..." Bulma whispered.

"And Yamcha?" They collapsed against each other giggling.

"Weird..the father of my child is sleeping with my ex boyfriend!" Bulma smirked.

"You think that's weird..my husband is sleeping with my childhood crush. And your live in." Chi-Chi giggled.

"This is bizarre." Bulma smirked. "They'll be home soon, I suppose we should be ready for a battle royal." She sighed, getting up to go and get chibi Trunks. "Is it okay if we send Trunks and Gohan out together? I don't think they should be here right now. Vegeta's gonna be pissed."

"I think that's a good idea." Piccolo said, hovering up to Gohan's window. After a few seconds of whispered conversation, the two young demi-Saiyans packed a bag with blankets and a few other necessities and flew off.

Piccolo cocked his head to the side for a moment. "Bulma, call your parents."

"Wha..why?" She stared at him, brows furrowed.

"See if they'll take chibi Trunks and Goten for the night. If they have the two younger boys and Gohan and Trunks are gone, we'll face their reactions first. Take the brunt of it before the kids get wind of it. It'll take most of the heat off Gohan and Trunks too." Piccolo said softly.

The two women locked eyes and nodded. "Good idea." Chi-Chi said as Bulma turned to head inside. All three of them jumped as the two Saiyans and one human suddenly appeared on the front porch.

"Hey guys, we're home." Goku said quietly, having difficulty meeting his wife's eyes.

"So. We know what you've been doing and vice versa." Piccolo said without preamble.

"Hmph." Vegeta scowled and crossed his arms, looking steadfastly at Goku's back. Yamcha crossed his arms as well and turned away, chewing his lip nervously.

Chi-Chi opened her mouth to berate the three males in front of her when Trunk's earlier accusations of hypocrisy came back to her. She decided to keep her mouth shut.

A heavy silence descended between the six people.

"Well, what are we going to do?" Vegeta snapped after several moments, unable to stand the silence anymore.

"Uh...I was gonna go call Mom and Dad and see if they would take the kids for the night." Bulma said as she backed toward the door, wondering why Vegeta hadn't started yelling or blasting things yet.

"Yeah. You do that and I'll use instant transmission to take them to Capsule Corp. okay?" Goku said as he stepped back to stand between Vegeta and Yamcha.

After talking to her Dad, Bulma went upstairs to get the boys ready to go. The two demi-Saiyans bounced and giggled happily at the prospect of a continued sleep over, especially considering Trunk's grandparents were very lenient with them. As soon as the boys were packed up Goku took them Capsule Corp., reappearing in the living room moments later.

Goku sat on the couch, Vegeta in an uncharacteristic move immediately sitting beside him. Chi-Chi and Bulma took the love seat across from them, leaving Piccolo and Yamcha leaning against the wall side by side.

"So, where are the other brats?" Vegeta said irritably, referring to Gohan and Mirai Trunks.

"Um...they left, they'll be back sometime tomorrow." Bulma said, twirling her hair around her fingers.

Vegeta smirked. "Couldn't face my wrath hmm? Well good. But he'll still have to deal with me tomorrow." The Saiyan prince scowled. "I expect an heir from at least one of the brats." He growled, earning a sidelong grin from Goku and Yamcha.

"Everybody else is gone. It's just the six of us left to discuss what's been going on." Piccolo said quietly.

Chi-Chi took a deep breath and sat forward, her hand drifting over discreetly to hold Bulma's. "So...what happened with you three?"

"Why do we have to explain ourselves first?" Vegeta demanded indignantly, eyeing their hands suspiciously.

"Vegeta.." Goku shot him a warning glance. "Let's just get this over with." He sighed, then continued. "I...Well I guess it started a long time ago, I had an attraction to Yamcha back when I was a teenager." Goku said quietly. "I kind of forgot about it for a while when I married Chi-Chi, but then when Vegeta came, I felt an attraction to him too. It also brought back those earlier feelings I'd had for Yamcha." He looked at both of his lovers and smiled. "When Chi-Chi and I began having..um.." Goku blushed wildly. "When we started having...problems in..the bedroom, and decided to not have..relations anymore, I found myself thinking more and more about Vegeta. Yamcha too. But I never tried anything because Vegeta got hooked up with Bulma and Yamcha was never very long without a girlfriend. I just thought they wouldn't go for it." He finished quietly.

"I had similar feelings for Kakarott when we first fought." Vegeta said quietly, making everyone in the room stare at him in surprise. "What!?" He snapped, glaring at each of them in turn. "I mean after we fought, and I realized how strong he really was. I hated him for being so strong, but another part of me was fascinated with him. I could never quite stop thinking about his power, his attitude, his looks..." Vegeta trailed off, blushing slightly. "When Bulma and I had our problems with..relations," he glanced at Goku and chuckled "I began looking elsewhere. Hence the deals we made with the two of you. You wouldn't seek your satisfaction with another male, and we wouldn't seek it with another female."

"Well, I guess we've both managed to keep our ends of it." Chi-Chi chuckled.

Bulma Chi-Chi and Piccolo all turned to Yamcha expectantly, clearly waiting for his explanation. The human warrior blanched under the weighted stares that settled on him. "Well...I..I've always been attracted to guys I guess. I just hid it real well." He cleared his throat nervously. "I liked Goku for a long time, but I felt funny about it, he was just a teenager...and...you know." He shifted from one foot to the other. "I didn't see much of Vegeta when he first came here." He barely suppressed a shudder as he remembered the Saibaman that had killed him. "But after he came back from space and settled at Capsule Corp., I started to like him..." He flushed as the leaned back against the wall once more.

"Yeah...it was pretty much the same with Chi-Chi and I.." Bulma explained. "We liked each other, but neither of us had the nerve to act on it. But when Vegeta suggested I do it, I decided to take him up on his offer." She grinned slyly at her lover.

"How did Piccolo wind up getting involved?" Yamcha wondered, looking up at the Namek and cringing as Piccolo glared at him.

"It wasn't my idea. Somebody.." Piccolo glared pointedly at Goku. "Told his wife a little bit about Namek breeding. She assumed that what he said meant that I was not male in the earth sense of the word."

"Meaning she figured out you don't have human like genitalia." Vegeta smirked.

"Something like that." Piccolo sighed. "After that they ambushed me, grabbed my antennae and forced me upstairs and into their bed." He scowled as Vegeta and Yamcha burst out laughing, and Goku stared at his wife with open admiration.

"You forced Piccolo all the way upstairs and into bed? Wow....awesome." Goku chuckled.

"But how did you wind up in the middle of all this Yamcha? Was it planned, or did you just walk into it like Piccolo did?" Chi-Chi asked.

"Well...." Yamcha blushed again.

"We just explained the why of it!" Vegeta yelled. "Do you really need to know every little detail?" He jumped and growled when Yamcha sat beside him and stroked his cheek to quiet him. Vegeta grinned slyly as he threaded his fingers in Yamcha's hair and pulled his face close. He looked over and glared defiantly at the women before he claimed the human's lips in a bruising kiss.

Goku smirked as he looked over at the two women, watching in amusement as they began to get aroused. He looked over at Piccolo and grinned as he saw the Namek watching intently through hooded eyes. "That's enough Vegeta." He said quietly. When the Saiyan didn't respond he gripped the spiky black hair and gently but firmly pulled him back. "I said that's enough."

Vegeta glared at him, but complied, letting go of Yamcha's hair and sitting back. "Piccolo, Yamcha.." Goku began, looking at his two friends. "Could we have some time with Bulma and Chi-Chi to talk about this?" Yamcha nodded silently, and Piccolo grunted softly in response. As Piccolo stalked across the room toward the door he paused, grabbing Yamcha's arm and hoisting the human to his feet. Yamcha let out a startled yelp as he was lifted into the air.

"Can I borrow some of those toys?" Piccolo turned to Chi-Chi, a predatory gleam in his eyes. "It's my turn to experiment."

Chi-Chi and Bulma grinned and nodded. "They're upstairs in the same basket under the bed. I have spares, so just take the whole thing." Chi-Chi smirked at him.

"HOLD IT!" Vegeta hollered, trying to get up off the couch. "Let go!" He cried as Goku pushed the prince onto his back and pinned him. "That's mine!" He hissed.

"Relax Vegeta." Goku said as he held the squirming Saiyan down. "First of all, Yamcha is not yours. He can go where he wants, when he wants, with who he wants until the weekend. Then he belongs to us again." He smirked. "Second of all, Bulma and Chi-Chi are none the worse for wear after spending the weekend with him, so I'm sure we can trust him with Yamcha." He looked up at the human who was staring warily at Piccolo. "You want to go with him Yamcha?" Goku asked.

Yamcha's eyes widened and he gasped softly as Piccolo brought his head down and kissed Yamcha gently. Piccolo shifted his grip so he was cradling the human in his arms, and moved his lips down to trail kisses down Yamcha's jaw. He moaned softly and dropped his head back to give Piccolo better access as the Namek's lips moved down to his throat.

"I'll take that as a yes." Goku chuckled before claiming Vegeta's lips in a hungry kiss.

Yamcha snickered as he was flown up the stairs and into the bedroom. "So what kind of toys are they hiding in here?" He asked.

"All kinds." Piccolo leered at him. "And I'm going to enjoy trying them all out on you." Yamcha's eyes widened as Piccolo swept him up again and flew out the window.

"Ahem!" Bulma cleared her throat as the two Saiyans on the couch began to moan and arch against each other. "You guys..."

"No..wait." Chi-Chi whispered, sliding her hand up under Bulma's skirt. "Let them be. I want to watch."

"Well...okay. I kind of wanted to ask you something anyway." Bulma looked at her and blushed shyly.

"What is it?" Chi-Chi looked at her curiously. As Bulma leaned over and whispered in her ear, an evil smile spread across her face. "Yeah, I have to admit I've been rather curious myself." She chuckled. "Okay, let's do it." She smirked as they quietly got up and made their way over to the preoccupied Saiyans.

Goku jumped as fingers danced across his back, and Vegeta growled as a hand slid between their bodies and inside his pants to stroke his arousal. "What are you two up to?" Goku asked.

"We want some attention too." Chi-Chi mock pouted, and the men both gasped as they realized it was her hand wrapped around Vegeta's length, not Bulma's. "Come on you two." She purred as she pushed Goku back and leaned down to kiss Vegeta. The surprised Saiyan began to protest, his words muffled by the kiss, and he tried unsuccessfully to push the dark haired woman away. Chi-Chi chuckled as she wrapped her arms around his neck and held on tightly.

"Hey...what's goin Mmph!!" Goku's eyes bugged as Bulma leaned up and kissed him, taking advantage of his attempts to speak and thrusting her tongue into his mouth.

The two Saiyans gently but firmly broke away from the women and stared at them in shock. "What is this?" Vegeta demanded.

"Well," Chi-Chi said as her hand slid back into Vegeta's pants. "We've decided we want to try a swap. Just once. We know that sex hasn't been great since you two each went super Saiyan, because we're just not strong enough to give you what you need, but we just want to see what each other's mates are like."

"Come on you guys, just once." Bulma purred as her hand found it's way to Goku's erection, rubbing it through his gi.

Goku looked down at Vegeta, who quirked an eyebrow at him. Goku shrugged and gave him the classic Son grin, and Vegeta took that as his cue.

Chi-Chi giggled as Vegeta's arms snapped around her waist and the prince levitated them both over to the love seat. She gasped as Vegeta ripped away her shirt and bra, then moved down to tear away her skirt and panties. "Hey!" She cried, then groaned and shivered as Vegeta's mouth latched onto her nipple, sucking and nibbling gently. She arched her back and closed her eyes as Vegeta kneaded her breast with one hand, as the other slid down between her legs, the Saiyan chuckling as he felt the dampness there.

"All ready for me huh?" Vegeta smirked down at her as he thrust two fingers into her. He grinned across at Goku as he rubbed her clit with his thumb, making Chi-Chi shudder beneath him.

Goku watched their display through hooded eyes, his body tingling with need. He looked down at Bulma and gave her a hentai smile that made her giggle and wrap her legs around his waist.

"Come on big guy, show me whatcha got." She purred.

Goku kissed and licked his way down Bulma's body, laving attention on each of her pebbled nipples, and dipping his tongue into her navel on his way down. Vegeta's eyes snapped over to Bulma and Goku as Bulma let out a sharp cry. He smirked as he saw Goku's head between his mate's parted thighs. Vegeta's eyes slid shut, his body throbbing with desire as Bulma groaned and panted softly.

*Tell you what Kakarott,* Vegeta transmitted to Goku. *The first one to make their woman scream gets to be on top later. How about it?* Vegeta smirked over at him, and shivered at the hungry look he received from the other Saiyan.

*You got it koi.* Goku sent right back at him before leaning back down between Bulma's legs. As she began to moan Vegeta grinned and copied Goku's pose, making Chi-Chi cry out and fist her hands in his ebony hair.

"Goku..." Bulma whimpered, bucking her hips and panting.

Chi-Chi growled and tugged on Vegeta's hair roughly, wanting the slender Saiyan inside her. "Vegeta..." She snarled as she pulled him up her body. She clamped her legs around his waist. "I want it...now!" She demanded.

"Hmm...yes, you've always been a demanding wench haven't you?" He smirked as she swatted at him. "You should be careful what you wish for my dear. You just might get it." He purred before he buried himself inside her. Chi-Chi jerked and cried out as Vegeta lifted her hips and began to thrust into her, his pace quick, but not fast enough or hard enough to hurt her. He angled his hips so his cock would hit her g-spot, and rubbed her clit with his thumb as he moved.

Bulma moaned and gripped Goku's shoulders tightly as the large Saiyan entered her and began a series of slow, deep thrusts. Goku panted softly as he tried to reign in his power to keep from hurting her. He groaned softly as he sped up a little, trying to hit her pleasure spot and bring her to release. He chuckled as he heard Chi-Chi's voice go up an octave, and her cries begin to come more frequently. *Shit, she's close. Looks like I'm gonna lose this one.* Goku grinned to himself as he continued to gently thrust into Bulma. He jumped as Bulma suddenly let out a bloodcurdling shriek and snapped her legs tightly around him as she clawed at his back. He smirked over at Vegeta as Bulma groaned and went limp beneath him, panting. *You lose Vegeta.* Goku shot at the prince, who was trying to restrain himself as he moved in and out of Goku's wife. A few seconds later, Chi-Chi threw back her head and screamed as she wrapped her arms and legs around Vegeta in a crushing grip.

"What did you say your wife's power level was?" Vegeta growled, and Goku recognized the frustration in the prince's voice.

"1500." Goku grinned.

"No offense woman, but it's not enough." Vegeta rasped, rolling off her.

Chi-Chi and Bulma looked at each other and nodded. "Hey you two, can we try one more thing? Seeing how you're both up for experimenting tonight." Bulma purred.

Vegeta eyed her suspiciously and looked at Goku. "Sure, what did you have in mind?" Goku asked with a nervous laugh.

"Come upstairs and we'll show you." Chi-Chi said seductively as she took Vegeta's hand and led him up the stairs. The two Saiyans glanced at each other, shrugged and allowed themselves to be led into the master bedroom.

"You got enough left for this?" Bulma asked as she pushed Goku and Vegeta down on the bed and knelt beside Chi-Chi on the floor and helped her pull out a small box.

"Yes, Piccolo just took the ones we'd been using over the weekend. I have just enough to see us through tonight." She leered at Bulma then kissed her hungrily. "These two are for them..." She held up two strap on dildos. "And this is for us." She grinned as she held up a double ended one.

"Wow. And I thought I had an impressive collection of toys. Mine can't even touch yours!" Bulma shook her head and did a quick mental count of how many vibrators and various dildos her lover possessed. "You really are a hentai." She chuckled.

"You bet!" Chi-Chi smirked.

They stood up and giggled as they saw Goku had pinned Vegeta to the bed and was now kissing him passionately as he snaked his arms around the smaller Saiyan and ground their erections together.

"Okay you two, save it for after our next request." Chi-Chi growled, stalking over to the night stand for a tube of lubricant. "After I've had my fun, you two can have each other however you want." She grabbed Goku by the hair and pulled. Goku gaped at her in surprise, then grinned and rolled over on his back obligingly. His eyes widened slightly as he saw the strap on his wife was now wearing. He glanced over at Vegeta who was staring at Bulma, eyes glittering dangerously.

"Hmm...no..." Chi-Chi smiled evilly. "I think I want you on your knees Goku dear."

"You too Vegeta." Bulma purred. "Come on honey. Just this once. I wanna do it to you, then you can watch me do it to Chi-Chi."

"If I go uke for you, Vegeta has to go uke for Goku." Chi-Chi said petulantly.

"That can be arranged." Goku grinned. "Right Vegeta?"

Vegeta growled softly, then nodded.

"Good. It's all settled then." Bulma said brightly.

"Yes. Now on your knees." Chi-Chi commanded.

The two Saiyans complied, and Goku gasped as Chi-Chi pushed a slick finger into him before tossing the tube to Bulma. Chi-Chi's eyes narrowed as Goku groaned softly and rocked against her hand. She stretched him gently and then inserted a second finger, scissoring the digits inside him.

Vegeta watched Goku and Chi-Chi, closing his eyes and moaning softly as Bulma began to prepare him as well.

The two women positioned themselves at the men's entrances, smirked at each other and thrust into their mates, drawing startled cries from both men. They gave their mates no reprieve, instead immediately setting what was a blistering pace for themselves as their mates arched and gently pushed back against them.

Goku whimpered in frustration, Vegeta uttering an answering groan. Goku reached out his hand and laced his fingers with Vegeta's, locking eyes with the growling Saiyan prince.

"Let's try something..." Chi-Chi whispered, pulling out of Goku. Bulma did the same, looking at her quizzically. Chi-Chi guided Goku to turn sideways, and Bulma turned Vegeta until the two Saiyans were on their hands and knees face to face. The two women slammed back into their mates with the strap ons, pushing them forward. Goku moaned and leaned down to capture Vegeta's lips in a searing kiss, drawing a loud groan from the Saiyan.

Goku's eyes snapped open as an idea struck him. He raised himself up a little, encouraging Vegeta to do the same, and reclaimed Vegeta's lips, his hand snaking down to wrap around Vegeta's now painful erection. Vegeta shuddered as Goku stroked him, and his own hand shot out and gripped Goku's length. The two Saiyans cried out against each other's lips, shuddering as they rocked their hips back and forth. Suddenly Vegeta stiffened, a rasping cry escaping him as his seed covered Goku's hand. Seconds later, Goku shouted as he climaxed as well. The two Saiyans fell onto their sides, arms and legs entwined, as their wives slowly crawled toward each other, predatory smiles on their faces.

"We've got to do this more often." Goku chuckled as he pulled Vegeta closer.

"We will." Bulma purred, as she and Chi-Chi discarded their 'toys' and Chi-Chi picked up the one she had set aside. "Now remember.." Bulma said as she grabbed her lover's shoulders and pinned the other woman down. "The deal was you go uke for me, Vegeta goes uke for Goku." She reminded her.

Chi-Chi sighed dramatically and mock pouted. She giggled as Bulma leaned down and nibbled gently on the stuck out lower lip.

Vegeta and Goku sat up and watched the display with interest as Chi-Chi's giggles turned to moans. The two men began to caress each other as they watched Bulma kissing and licking her way down Chi-Chi's throat, her hands kneading the other woman's breasts gently. Goku growled as Bulma's mouth worked it's way to Chi-Chi's breasts with a knowing touch, laving attention on each nipple. He raised himself to his knees, his member stirring as he watched the two women. He suddenly grabbed Vegeta and pulled the smaller Saiyan into his lap facing away from him so they could continue to watch as Goku reached around and stroked Vegeta's semi hard cock. The Saiyan prince shifted restlessly in Goku's lap and uttered a barely audible moan as Bulma moved down between Chi-Chi's thighs, and licked at her labia. Chi-Chi gasped and bucked her hips as Bulma flicked her tongue over her lover's clit, her tongue moving in deft strokes that brought the dark haired woman to the brink of climax quickly. Chi-Chi whimpered as Bulma pulled away from her, her hands reaching up to grip the blue haired woman's shoulders as she silently begged her to continue.

The two Saiyans were painfully aroused as they watched the two women.

Bulma bit her lip and looked down at her lover coyly before glancing over at the two men. She grinned as she saw the state they were in, and decided to take their performance to the next level.

Goku and Vegeta growled and rocked their hips against each other as Goku's hands slid over Vegeta's body. When they saw Bulma pick up the double ended dildo and prepare to use it, Goku gripped Vegeta's hips and lifted the prince up and positioned his lover's entrance over his aching need. Bulma positioned the dildo at Chi-Chi's entrance, and slowly entered her. Goku copied her, slowly lowering Vegeta until he was all the way inside the prince's tight passage.

Bulma began to thrust slowly and gently into her lover, the dildo hitting her lover's pleasure spot as she kept up her gentle pace.

Vegeta growled. "Kakarott...." He bucked his hips and snarled as Goku mirrored Bulma's moves, right down to the agonizingly slow pace. "Please.." The frustrated prince whispered.

Goku kissed and nipped at his neck. "Not yet koi. I want to enjoy the show."

Bulma continued to thrust into Chi-Chi with the same maddeningly slow pace, her fingers drifting down to rub her lover's clit as well. She leaned down and kissed Chi-Chi as she felt her muscles tensing beneath her, and picked up the pace slightly to bring both of them to completion.

Vegeta shouted in frustration as Goku kept up his torturous pace, his hands digging into Vegeta's hips to keep the Saiyan from bucking. "Kakarott!" He cried.

"Shhh...soon Vegeta. As soon as they're ready to watch, I'll give you what you want." Goku murmured.

Moments later, both women cried out and arched against each other, trembling.

Bulma collapsed on top of Chi-Chi and closed her eyes as the other woman's arms wrapped around her neck. They lay still for several moments, until Bulma's eyes snapped open and she regarded Goku and Vegeta with interest. "Okay.." She said, rolling off Chi-Chi and cuddling up beside her. "We showed you ours, now you show us yours." The two women smirked at their mates.

The two Saiyans needed no further prompting. Goku pulled out of Vegeta and threw him down on his back, growling as he pinned him down roughly. The smaller Saiyan snarled and fisted his hands in Goku's unruly hair, wrenching his head down for a fiery kiss as his legs snapped around Goku's waist. Both Saiyans shouted as Goku buried himself inside Vegeta with one brutal thrust.

Chi-Chi and Bulma gaped as the bed lurched violently with the force of Goku's move. "My God..." Chi-Chi breathed. "If Goku ever did that to me he'd pulverize my pelvis and rip me wide open."

"I know." Bulma whispered, watching Vegeta carefully. "They did this all weekend?" Bulma and Chi-Chi stared at the two Saiyans as the bed tilted and rocked violently with Goku's thrusts. "Hey guys you're going to demolish the bed!" Bulma cried.

Goku lurched to his feet, grabbing a blanket from the foot of the bed and quickly spreading it out on the floor before grabbing Vegeta and setting him down. He grabbed a pillow and put it under his koi's head before settling himself on top of the Saiyan prince, bracing his weight on his arms.

Bulma and Chi-Chi peered over the edge of the bed at their mates as Goku began to thrust into Vegeta once more.

Vegeta writhed and groaned as Goku slammed into him. "Kakarott...hnn..nnahh!" He cried as Goku's length rubbed his prostate. He clawed at Goku's shoulders and slammed his heels into Goku's lower back, spurring his lover on as the large Saiyan's power spiked. Vegeta shouted as Goku's hair flashed gold.

Goku gazed down at the prince with hooded green eyes. "Change Vegeta." He muttered. "I'll hurt you if you don't."

Vegeta nodded and focused his power. He roared as his own hair went gold, and he smirked up at his lover. "This is something we've never done." He murmured.

"Yeah...I just hope I don't put us through the floor or something." He chuckled.

Vegeta's eyes widened in alarm. "Be careful then!" He snapped.

"I was kidding Vegeta. I do have a little more control than that. Unlike some people I know." Goku smirked.

"What?!" Vegeta bellowed. "What do you mean by that?" He demanded.

"Well, I didn't break the bed or warp the bathtub cause I didn't know how to restrain myself." Goku snickered as Vegeta blushed. He leaned down and kissed him. "That's O.K. koi." He whispered. "I enjoyed all of it."

Chi-Chi and Bulma watched with a mixture of awe and fear as Goku slammed into Vegeta hard enough to rattle the pictures on the walls.

Vegeta moaned and bucked his hips, meeting Goku's strokes as the large Saiyan pistoned in and out of him. "K...Kakarott..." He panted. Vegeta cried out as Goku hit his sweet spot with each thrust.

Goku growled as he felt the pressure building, and gripped Vegeta's cock and pumped him in time with his own thrusts. He groaned as Vegeta's body arched almost painfully beneath him and the prince's seed shot out onto his chest and stomach, the slight Saiyan's scream making Bulma and Chi-Chi cringe and cover their ears. Seconds later, Goku threw back his head and shouted as he thrust into Vegeta one last time, spilling his seed deep inside his lover before collapsing on top of him. The two men lay still for several minutes, trembling and panting.

"Get off me. You're heavy." Vegeta said weakly, making Goku and Bulma burst out laughing.

"It's not funny." Chi-Chi eyed her husband. "He is damn heavy!"

"Hey.." Goku whined, lifting his head to stare at his wife with puppy dog eyes.

"Get off!" Vegeta demanded.

"O.K. O.K....' Goku sighed as he reluctantly climbed to his feet, pulling Vegeta up and collapsing on the bed and cuddling with his lover. He rolled onto his back and pulled Chi-Chi against his other side, wrapping an arm around her tightly. Vegeta also rolled onto his back, staying firmly plastered to Goku's side as he wrapped an arm around Bulma.

The four of them began to doze off, then the silence was broken by Goku wondering aloud how Piccolo and Yamcha made out, drawing several snickers and lewd suggestions.

Out in the forest several miles from the house......

Piccolo grunted as Yamcha gripped one of his antennae and squeezed gently, making him see stars. The smaller warrior pushed the large Namek onto his back and knelt beside him.

"Stay!" Yamcha hissed. "I'm going to be in control tonight." He tightened his grip slightly for emphasis. "Do you have any idea what it's like to spend twenty four hours being dominated by two horny Saiyans?" The human growled as he reached down and pulled off Piccolo's sash. "I'll tell you what it was like." He purred as he pulled down the Namek's gi pants. "Vegeta took me three times, Goku took me three times, and I got to take each of them exactly...once."

He leered down at the nervous warrior beside him. "Not that I'm complaining. Both of them are amazing lovers." He whispered. "Now let's get these clothes off and I can experiment with you..." He breathed as he leaned down and licked Piccolo's lower lip.

The Namek groaned softly and opened his mouth, his tongue flicking out to meet the human's. Yamcha growled and locked his lips to Piccolo's his hand skimmed over Piccolo's broad muscular chest.

"You gonna behave?" Yamcha smirked at him as he pulled away.

"Yeah...." Piccolo moaned as Yamcha's hand strayed between his legs, rubbing gently.

"That's better." Yamcha murmured as he let go of Piccolo's antenna and removed the Namek's pants and shirt. Piccolo shifted his body obligingly to make it easier, and gasped as the cool night air hit his heated skin.

Yamcha cocked his head to the side as his eyes roamed over Piccolo's skin. He skimmed his fingertips over Piccolo's smooth chest, then grazed the half circle of pink skin on his stomach smirking as he tore a loud groan from the Namek. "I like this..." Yamcha purred softly as he leaned down to kiss and lick the multi textured skin. Piccolo arched his back, his hands cupping the back of Yamcha's head as the human moved further down his body.

Yamcha pulled back a bit and studied the ridged V's that ran down Piccolo's pelvis. "These are different." He murmured, slowly moving his head forward and flicking his tongue out to lick the lines of violet skin.

Piccolo bucked his hips and threw his head back, air hissing between his teeth as his hands dropped down to grab fistfuls of the blanket beneath them. "Nn..Yamcha.." The Namek whimpered as he began to tremble.

Yamcha's hand snaked over to the pile of things he had dumped out of the basket, and he grinned as his hand closed over the vibrator. "I wanna hear you scream Piccolo..." Yamcha whispered as he turned on the vibrator and gently rubbed it against the ridges.

As Yamcha slowly moved up and down each line of violet skin, the pressure built inside the Namek and he did scream as he climaxed, shuddering, writhing and crying out his lover's name.

Yamcha turned his head, snarling as he felt eyes on his back.

"It's just us...take it easy." Trunks said quietly as he held Gohan in front of him, running his hands up and down the young demi-Saiyan's smooth bare chest. "We sensed you guys leave the house and wanted to know how things went..obviously they went pretty well." He smirked.

Piccolo sat up and clutched Yamcha to him, his eyes narrowing as he saw the way Gohan was staring at them. He chuckled softly as he saw the tent in the front of the teen's khaki shorts. "Gohan.." He murmured. "I didn't know you got off on watching."

Gohan's eyes widened and he blushed furiously. "I....I.." He stammered, unsure of what to say.

"I think what Gohan's trying to say is do you mind if we join you?" Trunks said looking at them coyly over his lover's shoulder.

"Uh..?" Yamcha looked down at Piccolo, unsure of himself, but any doubts he might have had were erased by the glazed look in the Namek's eyes. *Yeah...I always wondered about Piccolo and Gohan.* Yamcha thought as he broke out into a hentai grin. "Yeah...sure. Come here you two." Yamcha purred as he rolled off Piccolo.

The two demi-Saiyans lunged at them, Gohan tackling Piccolo and Trunks pinning down Yamcha.

*Man, as much as I think Trunks is hot and all, I am going to be sleeping with Vegeta on a regular basis, I don't think it would be a good idea to start sleeping with his son too.* Yamcha thought to himself before gently rolling the young man off him. He guided Trunks' hand down between Piccolo's legs as Gohan ravaged the Namek's mouth, moaning softly.

"What about you?" Trunks frowned as Yamcha pulled back and sat beside him.

Yamcha shrugged. "I'll watch." He smiled.

"Like hell you will! I said I was gonna use those toys on you and by God I'm going to do it!" Piccolo growled as he pushed the two young men off him and jumped to his feet. The three men gaped at Piccolo as he powered up, snarling and trembling as he focused his energy. They cried out in surprise as Piccolo split himself into not two, but three. One emerged from his back, and the other pulled away from his front.

"Now...." The Namek glared down at them. "We're going to do this MY way. Got it?" He smirked as the three startled men nodded mutely, staring up at him in shock. The three copies of Piccolo lunged forward, one pinning Yamcha down on his back, the other sweeping Gohan into his arms and kissing him hungrily, as the third clawed at Trunks' shorts.

After he disrobed all three of his lovers, the Piccolo on top of Yamcha reached for a vibrator, leering down at the human and thoroughly enjoying the nervousness in his wide dark eyes. "Don't worry koi." He whispered as he ran his fingers along Yamcha's lower lip. Piccolo growled softly as Yamcha parted his lips and sucked eagerly on Piccolo's large fingers, coating them with saliva. He pulled his hand away and leaned down to claim the human's lips in a demanding kiss, thrusting his tongue into Yamcha's mouth, desire making him tremble as Yamcha growled and began to buck his hips impatiently. "Hmm...aren't we eager to get started." Piccolo chuckled as he pushed a finger into Yamcha, stretching him briefly before probing for his pleasure spot.

The second Piccolo clutched Gohan to him tightly as he sank to his knees, his lips trailing fiery kisses down the demi-Saiyan's throat. Gohan cried out and gripped Piccolo's shoulders tightly as the Namek grazed his sharp canines over the sensitive skin. Gohan threw back his head and gasped as Piccolo's hand wrapped around his rock hard member and began stroking him.

"Pi...Piccolo!" Gohan cried as he felt his release nearing. "Stop...please.." He whimpered. "Not yet!" Piccolo sighed, and slowed his hand just enough to drive the young demi-Saiyan half mad as he was torn between his need for release, and the desire to watch the others. Piccolo spun him around and pulled the young man into his lap, smirking as he watched his counterparts pleasuring the other men. He grinned as Gohan began to writhe and moan in his grip as they watched the other two couples.

The third Piccolo pushed Trunks onto his back and grabbed his legs, hooking one over each shoulder before darting his head down between the demi-Saiyan's thighs. Trunks jerked and shouted as Piccolo's mouth engulfed his erection, the Namek taking his length down his throat. Trunks growled and thrust his hips wantonly as Piccolo's mouth slid up and down his arousal, making colored spots appear before his eyes.

"Hnn....Piccolo...." Trunks panted as he arched and grabbed at Piccolo's shoulders.

Piccolo splayed a hand over Trunks' hip, forcing him to lie still as he tasted and teased his lover.

"Piccolo.." The lavender haired Saiyan moaned as he began to tremble, his release fast approaching under Piccolo's expert ministrations.

The first Piccolo thrust the vibrator into Yamcha, smirking and aiming for the man's prostate. A sharp cry and violent bucking of his hips told Piccolo he'd hit it dead on. He grinned and wrapped a hand around Yamcha's cock and pumped his hand up and down rapidly. "Come on Yamcha..." He purred before leaning down to capture his lips in a scorching kiss. Yamcha's hands shot up and gripped the back of Piccolo's head as he kissed back aggressively. Piccolo growled softly as Yamcha stiffened beneath him, a choked scream escaping him as his seed shot out and covered Piccolo's hand.

"Oh...oh wow..." Yamcha rasped as he slumped beneath Piccolo, a satisfied smile on his face. "That was amazing.." He wrapped his arms around Piccolo's neck and pulled the large Namek down on top of him.

Gohan whimpered, sweat beading on his upper lip as he watched Yamcha climax and he gasped as he found himself forced to his hands and knees. He cried out in pain and pleasure as Piccolo quickly thrust two saliva coated fingers into him and found his prostate. He groaned and rocked his hips urgently as a third finger was added, and Piccolo's other hand reached around to stroke his member. "Yes...Piccolo...please.." Gohan begged as he arched and twisted in the Namek's firm grip. He shuddered violently, then snapped his head back and shouted as Piccolo's hands sent him over the edge. His arms and legs trembled for a moment then gave out. He groaned softly as he lay sprawled on the blanket, Piccolo leaning down to kiss his back and shoulders. "I've always wondered about that..." Gohan said softly before yawning kittenishly.

"Hmm?" Piccolo raked his teeth over the back of Gohan's throat, eliciting a shiver.

"What it would be like to be touched by you like this...." He rolled over and kissed his former teacher.

Trunks snarled and thrashed, shaking his head from side to side violently, sending lavender hair whipping through the air. He cried out hoarsely as Piccolo's mouth rapidly slid up and down his length.

"I...I'm...oh God..." He rasped as his body tensed. His body bowed and a ragged cry tore itself from his throat as he came, Piccolo swallowing his essence with a pleasured moan. His body went limp as he panted heavily, sweat rolling down the side of his face. "I...you..you were great." Trunks whispered as he rolled onto his side and snuggled up to Piccolo. "Thank you."

"Pleasure was all mine." Piccolo grinned.

After several moments of silence, Yamcha spoke up. "You should go back into one person Piccolo. Let us have a go at you. How would you like having three mouths and six hands all over you?" He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Trunks and Gohan grinned evilly and grabbed their own version of Piccolo and dragged them over to the one still laying on top of Yamcha. They pushed them all together, and he was forcibly put back into one body.

"Hey..wait! Aren't you satisfied yet!" Piccolo bellowed as the three warriors converged on him. "DAMN HORNY SAIYANS!!!" He roared. He cocked his head and thought for a moment. "DAMN HORNY HUMANS TOO!"


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